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I love my 2007 Lexus es350.

My 2007 es350 has 170,000 and performs perfectly in all well weather conditions. Even though repairs are needed once or twice a year (avg. Cost $400), the vehicle remains economical and reliable. I recently hit a snowbank and needed to replace the driver side mirror and the front bumper, I was surprised that I could have all the work done, including custom paint for $600, eliminating the need to file an insurance claim. I found it surprising that luxury car parts are available at a reasonable price (on line) and can be perfectly installed by any mechanic or body shop. Meaning, there was no need to pay dealership prices!

- Maureen D

Very comfortable interior (leather seats, spaciousness, smooth driving).

My car was bought pre-owned in pretty decent condition. The interior is black leather and very nice, extremely spacious and luxurious-looking. There are several added features that I now know I cannot live without (automatic windows, seat heater/cooler, etc. ). Moderate reliability as the front axle has issues causing the front tires' pressures to be low and constantly have to be refilled. Also there was a recall on the dashboard as it "melts" in the sun and becomes a sticky, hard-to-clean surface. Other than that, great performance and maintainable problems.

- Luna S

Very good vehicle, 10/10 would recommend.

The dashboard overheats very often but other than that there is not much of a problem. apparently there is a recall on this item, however, Lexus has turned it down. I really like the steering wheel, because it makes it much easier to drive the car, and of course I enjoy the heated seating option that they provide because in the winter I do not like to have the heat blowing in my face all the time, nor do I like to be cold so this is the perfect option.

- Raven W

Lexus is the car for our family!

No major problems. It is a model that had a recall but the dealership took care of the repairs. I was allowed to drive a rental at no cost to me during the repairs. I am well pleased with the assistance given by alley Lexus during this situation and would recommend Lexus and alley for their customer service. We take both cars to them and love the service they give even for minor repairs. I'll drive a Lexus from now on.

- Joseph R

It is slick, fast, comfortable, & it is Lexus!

Overall the car is fine. It has been with me for over 11 years and it runs super smooth still of course with good care and maintenance. The car is very comfortable and drives very smooth. The Audio in the car is great but overall owning a luxury car or any for the matter can be very expensive. Long term the parts and maintenance of the car become a burden and not enjoyable. Overall it is a great car.

- Aaron P

You cannot lock the keys in the car.

It is very good on gas. Usually last 2-2 1/2 weeks. The windows do have issues with getting off track. The air conditioner does not work. It currently is out and has been out for a while which sucks because it is summer right now and I have no tints. Overall it runs very smooth and is a nice car. The headlights seem to go out a lot though. It is pretty expensive to fix different parts of the car.

- Kiara F

How do you solve a problem.

There are not a lot of miles on my car but I have been having problems with a warning vsr. It said it could be the gas cap and that was changed. After driving the car the light went off. The last time I drove the car the vsc light came back on and now I do not know what the problem is. This is so frustrating, I do not feel comfortable driving the car with that light on.

- Mary Ann M

Lexus creates their vehicles to last and is well worth every penny.

The Lexus brand is top of the line. My ride is smooth, the security system is great and easy to use. I don't have to remember to lock or unlock my doors. It's spacious inside and has all the features I need while driving. I have an aux cord, a dedicated charging space that's separate from the ashtray. I love everything about my car except it doesn't have a rain sensor.

- Sheba W

Luxury vehicle that last many years without any major problems.

Airbag is coming out of passenger side console for unknown reason. It is very comfortable and has all features for luxury to situate seat. It has a sunroof but does use due to placement of sunroof. Top of roof is too close to head unable to extend arms up at all when seated. It has a big trunk for groceries and other personal luggage. Seats are comfortable.

- Wanda R

Great gas mileage and smooth ride!!

My Lexus es is amazing. It runs smooth. I have not had any issues with it, but I do keep it properly maintain. Staying on time with the service is key to keeping it running right. It has really good gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive. The a/c is cold, it has Bluetooth capabilities, which is great since I love my music.

- Re W

My reliable 2007 Lexus is still going strong!

My Lexus looks like a quality car, handles easily on the road, has great power for quick pickup when needed, and has been extremely reliable over the years. It is held up well over the 12 years since it is been manufactured. My next vehicle (some day, but not anytime soon because this one still runs well) will also be a Lexus.

- Karl G

Lexus es 350 has a very smooth ride

The vehicle is a very smooth ride and very easy to operate. It has a push start button and seems pretty technologically updated for being a 2007 model as it has Bluetooth. The only downsides to this vehicle is that it is super wide for being a sedan which is sometimes hard to maneuver. Also there are a lot of blind spots.

- madison S

Why Lexus is a great buy it has whistles and gadgets for everything.

I have had only one major problem when the a phase fuse went out. The only other cost was the oil tires and scheduled car maintained by the mfg. It is a great car and well worth the money I spent. I would recommend a Lexus to anyone yes the are costly up front but with little cost over the years it is worth every dime.

- Michael L

Very quick for a luxury car.

My Lexus is a very stable and well built vehicle. I drive it every day for hours due to my job and it has not failed me yet. One problem I have noticed is my check tires light stays on, even when I got all new tires. I think this is just a faulty sensor, but all around my Lexus is a fantastic vehicle.

- James P

Recall on mechanism the opens or closes the sliding doors.

I like the back up camera, that it accelerates quickly, gets good gas mileage and the heated and air conditioned seats. My only dislike is that it looks very similar to most other cars on the road. I liked when all the car makes and models were unique and didn't look like each other.

- J C

My car will get you where you want to be with low gas usage and maximum comfort.

Despite being an old car, it is reliable, bluetooth-enabled, has an aux adapter, and has good mileage. In my family of 5, all of us prefer to use the Lexus over other vehicles for long trips. It is a practical vehicle that feels as comfortable and advanced as a luxury model might.

- Alli G

Lexus ES 350 Pros outway the Cons

Right now my car is having issue when I'm going 40-60 car shakes during the drive. But beside that car drive smooth very easy to handle very comfortable and luxurious. The cool seat are coming in hand during this hot start to the summer. Built in Navigation also comes in hand too

- Dave B

Luxury and comfort, all in one car.

Comfort, luxury, smooth drive. Very little maintenance needed. Not sick of it, still like driving this car. Feel it is worth the money I paid for it. Would recommend a Lexus to anyone looking for a luxury car that really goes the distance. May buy another one in the near future.

- Kim D

Luxury spacious smooth driven beast!

Takes premium gas, has lots of power, rides very smooth, very spacious, you can buy cheaper parts through Toyota for it, has navigation, automatic windshield wipers, heated and cooling seats, manual driven also, sunroof, back window manual shade, truck lot in the dash.

- Carlie L

It is a very reliable luxurious car and worth every penny!

Love the car. The ride is wonderful and very smooth. I would buy another just like it. I have hardly had any issues in the past 12 years. It is very reliable and comfortable and great for traveling. There is plenty of room for 4 people.

- Lucy P

Always a Lexus: for speed and safety.

I love the car. However, I wish it was compatible with my iPhone. I wish my car had a screen for reversing the car. I like the pick up and smooth ride when driving on the highway. The car has plenty of legroom for my very tall family.

- Lisa R

It gets great gas mileage and runs like a dream! No problems ever!

Even though my vehicle is 11 years old now, it runs like a dream. I never have problems with it. I am only the second owner, and I bought the car in 2012. The first owner was my mother in law, so I know everywhere the car has been.

- Rhonda K

Lexus car of comfort: detail- headlights turns in direction of a turn which helps tremendously when driving at night

Performance 100, reliability 100, comfort 100+, features great, I had the premium package added which made my car special- automatic shade on back window, heated/cooling seats, extra speakers, 5 way adjustable seats, etc

- Valarie Q

A very comfortable and dependable car.

My Lexus is very comfortable and reliable. I have had very little problems in the time that I have owned it and it is over ten years old. I will be looking for a newer model soon. I have enjoyed driving it.

- Melanie S

Gas mileage is decent for a SUV.

Mechanical issues I dislike but I like the fact that I have one. A lot of money is involved when it comes to fixing a non american vehicle. I do not owe a lot of money for my car and it looks very nice.

- Ken G

You should know that this car is a well running machine that is comfortable both to sit in and to drive.

It is very comfortable both to sit in and to drive. The car makes me feel secure with all of the air bags. I don't like that it's old and it looks dated. It is also scratched up from years of use.

- Tammy S

It has a good resale value despite its age.

I enjoy the comfort and accessories. I appreciate the speed available when necessary for a six cylinder engine. I like the dependability and styling. The gas mileage is not so great however!

- Nicholas F

i have had it for 11 years and the dependability is superb limited amount of repairs



Love my Lexus I really do.

Computer has to be rebooted- no warning, just shuts off, this happened on a road trip and we lost the GPS. Fortunately had another one in the car. Very disconcerting.

- Donna W

Enjoy driving this luxury sedan!

Drives smoothly. Like the bells and whistles (e.g.automatic windows, adjustments sets for drivers, roll up window screen for rear window) Wish it got better mileage.

- Sarah J

Sets your seat to the right setting, when you get in the car.

My vehicle drives smoothly. It is very spacious, and it works well for how old it is. I do dislike that it is an older vehicle and does not have Bluetooth.

- Lillian P

It drives great it drives smooth & radio works great.

Love to drive it. Like how it looks. Do not like the cost of repairs. Do not like that they make it difficult for non dealer repair shops to repair it.

- Nicole M

This car is a smooth ride but does have air pressure issues in the tire.

I love how my Lexus drives. It is a smooth ride and I do not feel the bumps in the road. Air pressure light goes on a lot, but that is manageable.

- Elise J

This vehicle has great gas mileage and once you get accustomed, it is great.

I like the style and body of the car. It runs good and has very nice seating features. The air conditioner is also a plus, it blows really good.

- China B

It had great gas mileage and it is comfortable.

Nice ride. Roomy. Although older model still has nice exterior. Driver seating is comfortable and have not has too many issues with the vehicle.

- Cheryl G

It has non padded seats but a strong engine

The seats are not as cushioned as other cars so it is not ideal for long hours of driving. The engine is powerful and accelerated quickly.

- Cecilia Y

Pricey to begin with but a great long term value

I have loved the durability and longevity. The dealer service is fantastic. The ride is enjoyable. The handling is a little soft though

- John T

The reliability of Lexus vehicles.

It is very reliable, very comfortable seating, nice finishing touches, and requires very little maintenance so it is a quality car.

- Lisa P

I feel safe in it due to the size and quality of vehicle.

It has a very clean and sleek design. It is easy to use, and easy to navigate the dashboard. No significant dislikes or complaints.

- Vivian N

It is well worth the cost.

. The quality of vehicle and quality of service is excellent the only complaint I have is cost for service and repair are to high.

- Mary M

Quiet and amazing sound system.

No problems nothing but comfortable and performance nice looking and the entire roof is glass therefore there are two sunroofs.

- John E

Beautiful car, long lasting, luxury at an affordable price

This the fourth Lexus ES that I have owned. Great reliability, very comfortable. I will never buy a car other than a Lexus.

- Amy B

Lexus's keep going. Very few problems ever.

I have never had any trouble with this car. I keep up with routine maintenance. I could not ask for a better performing car.

- Cathy G

Was high end when it was made.

Smooth ride, bad paint, bad interior peeling, tie rods fused, leather seats tear easily, does not seem luxurious anymore.

- Cara W

It is a Lexus and is quality.

It is responsive and has been extremely durable. It has been very reliable on the road and handles well on the highway.

- Brian W

It is the best quality car on the market because there are hardly ever any repairs necessary.

The car has great quality and style. They also offer excellent customer service. And, the resale value is excellent.

- Mark K

I've had virtually no problems, just routine maintenance for 10 years.

It drives well, mostly comfortable & reliable but a little low to the ground to get in & out of with my bad back.


Overall, I wouldn't say it's the most exciting car I've ever owned, but does the job and then some and is extremely dependable.

The 2007 Lexus ES 350 isn't the flashiest car, but it looks good. It's not the fast car, but it's fairly quick.

- Alex B

Lexus is a great value for a luxury car

Lexus is a great value. The quality is superior to other cars. The service i receive from them is top notch.

- mark M

It looks good, drives great and has never had any issues.

Perfect vehicle, no problems, extremely comfortable and has everything. Have never had a problem with it.

- Gaye S

It is worth the higher price.

Comfortable ride, easy to handle in traffic or on freeway, respectable mileage, few mechanical problems.

- Bill K

Great car, love it!! Minus the blue smoke,

I love BMW except with this vehicle and many like it, there is an issue with a blue smoke will idling.

- Billie K

Very pleased with it love it,

I like everything about it! Smooth riding comfortable and quiet. Great gas mileage sleek and pretty!

- Sandy E

that it is reliable and if you take care of it you will be able to drive it for along time

i love how smoothly it drives. i love the interior furnishing. i wish it had a better sound system

- kay b

Very reliable, durable, and makes you feel good about your driving

I like me the luxury feel. It is very reliable. Requires very little maintenance and repair

- Alisha P

Offers hands free communication with speed dialing

Luxury sedan. Has navigation system. Repair costs as vehicle ages

- Nancy D

Extremely reliable. Always starts. Never a problem.

Good handling. Very reliable. Very quiet cabin. Pleasant design.

- Ellen O

Lexus es 350 is dependable, gives good mileage very comfortable ride.

- Gary S