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Lexus es 330 - 2006. Reliable and smooth driving.

We have owned this car for the past thirteen years. During that time I have not had any major problems with this car. It is very reliable, just the minimal oil change and tire change. It is very comfortable since it is larger than most small to midsize cars so you do not feel cramped. Its is rather long especially in the front/ hood area so you have to be a bit car driving into a parking or parking in a space with a wall in front so you do not hit anything. Gas mileage is ok but since it is an older car and not a energy efficient one you will have to fill the gas tank every week or every other week depending on how frequently you drive.

- Cristina S

Lexus luxury comes with a price even after you buy it.

The comfort and reliability are great on this car. Push leather seats are very comfortable with lumbar support. However, the mini ventilated leather is easier to rip. The radio and speaker, CD system is fantastic! The clarity of sound is great. The cost of parts is expensive though. Vet expensive to keep up with the maintenance if the vehicle.

- Maureen L

Wonderful, dependable car for a young adult.

My car is a very dependable car. I have been driving it for over two years and expect to drive it until I get a car for my family one day. It has several really nice features like its tan leather interior and heated/cooled seats. However, it is not without its issues. Having bought it used, it has several scratches and damage to the interior.

- Emily P

We live that were about to turn on the front seat warmers.

The Lexus is one of the most reliable vehicles you could ever buy we gave had it since 2006 it has gotten us through the worst winters ever and planned on upgrading to a Lexus SUV to accommodate our big family we hope to pass it on to one of our kids when we upgrade hopefully in the next few months.

- Marcella G

A quiet comfortable vehicle I have been driving for 200,00 miles.

It is a very comfortable vehicle. I like how the car is very quiet, but the main feature that I love is that the passenger to the right of the driver seat can change his/her own temperature. This way, there are no conflicts when one person feels really hot and another person feels cold.

- Isaac C

The Lexus is comfortable and easy to drive.

Very few repairs needed. It is both comfortable to drive and ride in. Quiet and smooth ride. Paint has lasted very well it does not show its age at all. Instruments are laid out in a comfortable way for the driver so you are not fumbling to find buttons or levers while you drive.

- Mel L

Great car. I would recommend this vehicle make and model.

Very comfortable and reliable car. Has held up well for its age. Handles and drives great. Very smooth ride. Gas mileage is pretty good as well. Very roomy on the inside. The leather is still in great shape. The overall condition of the vehicle is good.

- Rebecca S

The Lexus ES330, is a great vehicle for everyone!

I love my car, it has heated seats, which are great in the winter,nice leather seats,that recline all the way back,I have a 6 disc CD player in it with, BOSE speakers, the sound is great.My car also get great mileage,which saves me money!

- shelly n

I do not have any plans on selling the car.

It is in good shape. It looks like a new car. Why buy a new car when my car looks new. I have a good mechanic, I have him service the car when it needs to be done. He told me why buy another car when the car is in good condition.

- Daniel S

Comfortable car, but some underlying issues

The vehicle is very comfortable, but I frequently have small issues that come up, including multiple problems with the air conditioning and a current issue with the transmission, which does not shift gears smoothly.

- Mandy H

It's reliable, I've never had mechanical issues and it's 12 years old

It has a comfortable solid ride. I feel safe in it and it is reliable. Because of its age I miss some of the more recent additions like keyless entry, better sound and navigation systems.

- Monica P

The vehicle has been very reliable and trouble-free.

Our average usage is generally under 4000 miles per year. The car has served us well. It never had any significant mechanical problems. We had it serviced on a regular basis.

- Bea M

Smooth riding safe car. We felt very safe in it.

We love our Lexus. . . And feel very safe in it. . It is great in all weather and worked well in the winter when we lived in the mountains of Colorado.

- Nancy M

That I personally selected this car and I have never regretted it.

Well, I love my car! The only thing I would change is to have the blinkers on the side mirrors. We both absolutely love the car!

- Donna H

That they are good traveling vehicles.

I really like my Lexus. It is my first SUV. I like the color, interior and leather seats. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Chandra R

It's the best ride you'll get in a mid size vehicle.

I like the smooth ride my car provides, compared some smaller economical vehicles. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Angela B

It does not get great gas mileage, but it's roomy and looks nice.

It's a bit larger than I like. (I like compact cars.) But it looks nice. I like the electric seats and seat warmers.

- Chris C

Dependable and comfortable.

Drives well has plenty room. Built strong. Dependable. Old car. Needs paint job all over. Needs some new parts.

- Elizabeth M

The best car for inexperienced and experienced drivers alike

Love my 2006 Lexus Es 330! Would always love to drive this car. Very reliable. Easy to maintain. Good on gas.

- Sinai B

It has a great engine, awesome radio, and drives beautifully.

I love the smooth ride and the many features. The only complaint I have is sometimes the windows do not work.

- Hina M

The gas sucks. But it was a gift.

It rides well. It is lasting forever. Rough in gas. Hard to clean. Only uses expensive gas. Pretty color.

- Shawn C

It could use a bit more luxury items in the inside.

I love how smooth my vehicle drives. Its gives me no problems. The maintenance is cheap. No complaints

- Chrinecia B

It is safe, stable, comfortable, non-descript, reliable, gets ok mileage, large enough for our dog to lie in comfortably.

I like the stability of it. I like the size. I feel safe in it. No complaints

- vicki W

engine last long but body rust easily so need to take care

used but drives well and much more comfortable than a mercedes

- Andreia L

quality of vehicle workmanship and dependability

comfort of seat, ease of handling, safety

- barbara R