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My Lexus is my one true constant in a world of what ifs.

My Lexus is wonderful. I love how easy it is to learn and use all of the extras, like the seat position memory as well as the fact that it can remember more than one. The warning icons in the das are easy to recognize and clearly states what your problem is. I have read the manual. The manual is very thorough and easily understood. I enjoy the fact that it is an automatic with a sport mode all though I do not believe it is necessary. The extra hidden compartments are great for storing extra phone accessories, pens and cash. It is very comfortable, being able to change the seat position to suit me exactly. The seats can be adjusted and moved with such ease and to positions that make it so easy to clean those normally difficult to reach areas. Driving is a pleasure, such a quiet, smooth ride. With regular maintenance, I have not had any major problems with my Lexus. If I were able to at this moment, I would buy a second one.

- Tanya P

This car is so satisfying.

I absolutely love the sleekness and reliability of my Lexus es 350. The engine runs quiet. It is so quiet that you can hardly hear the sound of the engine when you are in the car. But, at the same time the engine is powerful. When I have to pass a car or gather speed the Lexus really performs above and beyond. It has true get up and go. At the same time it is luxurious. The seats are always comfortable and the leather is soft and not sticky in the summer. The car is aging at the 10 year mark, however, still runs with such reliability that I don't even think of replacing it yet. The Lexus is the most satisfying car I have ever owned.

- Stacy G

My reliably wonderful Lexus es.

I love my Lexus. I have rarely had any problems and I keep up with routine maintenance. The only problem I have is with the backup camera. It works 50% of the time and is too expensive to fix. Everything else works but I never figured out how to use the GPS. The car didn't come with a manual when I bought it used and the manual I found on amazon does not include instructions for the GPS.

- Cathy G

Such a great well designed, smooth driving vehicle.

It drives so smooth and gets up very well. The seats are comfortable and the inside is roomy. One thing about the es is that even though it is a 2009 I always get a lot of people telling me it looks younger. If you are looking into this car I really would suggest it just because it is such a great car inside and outside.

- Juice J

Get a history report before you buy.

I bought it used. Unfortunately the car had overheated in the past causing engine damage so I had to replace the engine this year. Other than that it is a very nice car. Drives well in all road conditions, very nice interior and extras. Power everything, backup camera, heat/cooling seats.

- Pamela M

Comfortable and reliable.

My vehicle had to have 3 tires replaced all within a short 3 month span. It started over heating long before I could remember and eventually I got a crack in my radiator. Finding a used radiator was pretty easy and cheaper than what I originally planned it to cost.

- Heather T

The ES350 has great features and the Lexus service compares to none.

My vehicle has a very smooth ride, gets decent gas mileage and is very roomy. I love the look and comfort, and the wooden steering wheel has an amazing feel. The trunk is very spacious and this car is great for driving trips as well as every day transport.

- Karon M

A superior vehicle with both style and dependability.

This car is wonderful. The interior is leather and is still in perfect condition. In nine years it has needed no major repairs. The heated seats, the backup camera and hands free phone are all great features. The sun roof is very enjoyable in the summer.

- Martha B

Broke but still loved. 2009 Lexus es 350.

I recently had to replace the engine due to warped heads. About a year ago my water pump went out causing my vehicle to overheat. I do not know that this is common with this make. Other than that my car has performed well.

- Pamela M

reliability of the engine, dealer service is impeccable

I love the SMOOTH ride, the looks, and the inside room. I do not like a "rattle" that is created by the passenger front seat belt against the door frame when no one sitting in that seat.

- Ira K

reliability. i cannot emphasize enough

this has been very reliable car. since my purchase in 2009, I really did not have any major issues with the car. yes i did take care of routine check ups and oil change of course

- Jae L

I feel it is very safe to drive and dependable.

I like the touch screen in the front and the heated/cooled seat feature. I however, do not like the wood interior. It rides very smoothly and is good on gas.

- Skyler S

Very interesting detail my car is it has back out camera, it's helpful at night.

Great vehicle to own, luxury, comfortable, high performance, easy to maintain. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for affordable luxury car.

- Irma K

The safety rating it has.

What I like about my Lexus is the comfort while driving, especially on long hauls. The size of it is perfect for my needs. The gas miles is great.

- Darya C

My car may be a smooth ride, but she is considered a luxury vehicle. So, you will pay luxury prices for insurance.

My pearl white Lexus is runs quietly. She starts and brakes smoothly, yet efficiently. There is nothing about this car that I dislike.

- Heather W

It is reliable. The brand is well known. I will buy another one of this.

I like the brand. I like the reliability aspect. I don't like the high maintenance cost though. I don't know what else except those.

- Lucr T

My dark blue Lexus ES350!

Performance is hot! Handles like a dream. the interior is luxurious. And it's totally reliable. Very few service issues.

- Bruce S

Good, silver ride that takes me wherever I want to go in comfort and style.

Visibility out back and side back windows is poor; other than that I like it a lot. Good ride, stylish body, decent mileage.

- Barb H

The gas required is only premium gas only. Which can be a bit expensive.

I dislike that my car don't have blinkers on the side mirrors. I dislike the navigation system. I love the smooth ride.

- Antoine C

never let me down. This car again was alway on the go!

very reliable vehicle.. during summer days to winter colds, this car has carried me and other passengers. I love Lexus!

- Sarah S

Easy to drive and maneuver.

Love the style; the dependability; the accessories. It is a luxury vehicle and there is nothing I do not like about it.

- Yvonne F

It is reliable and durable.

Excellent car; drives smoothly; very comfortable. Sleek look and very reliable. Great gas mileage and nice features.

- Nancy D

It is a great family car good on the road.

It is quiet, runs well and looks nice. It has good gas mileage. It is comfortable. It is safety rating is high.

- Cynthia R

It is a luxury vehicle and should be taken care as such.

I like the design, it is sleek and white. I love the gas mileage. I do not think I have any dislikes.... yet

- nicole b

It is super dependable and lasts forever.

The cabin is spacious. The ride is quiet. The car itself is very stable. It has not been to the shop ever.

- Darren D

It has great control on the road and the drive is smooth.

It is the best car I've ever owned. It is safe, sleek and comfortable. Lexus is worth the money!

- Joe R

It has a very smooth ride and is great for traveling.

The car drives nice. It has a nice sound system. It is safe and will protect me in an accident.

- Richard s

That its reliable and comfortable. No safety issues.

I like my car because its comfortable, very reliable and dependable.

- Vanessa W

i am impressed about how well this car is made. runs like a new still now.

i love this vehicle.. has been very reliable car for last 10 years.

- JJ L

It's dependable. I hope it lasts me for several more years.

My car is dependable. I like the way it drives. It's a great car.

- Nikos T

It's well designed, we'll appointed, handles well and comfortable.

Love the comfort & performance. I dislike the spare tire sensor

- Wm L

never selling, why should I get rid of a quality car

Dependable, smooth riding car--good radio.Never a problem

- Paula L

it's a very easy to drive car that is extremely smooth

I like how smoothly it drives no matter where you are.

- sophia s