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I like my Lexus. I like the fact that it is easy to drive and it is reliable.

I’ have never had a major problem with my car although maintenance can be costly. I find it reliable, easy to drive. I am not sure if it is efficient because I do not drive far. I don't really know much about cars all I know is that this car has not had any major problems. I like most of the interior features but it lacks GPS and a camera.

- Mary Felicity A

A Lexus provides safety and comfort in one elegant package.

The cabin comforts are extensive including a back-up camera, heated sand cooling seats, excellent surround sound, tons of options for listening to music, news or podcasts, easy to configure your technology to work in the car. The ride is smooth and very quiet. The Lexus has an excellent turning radius and a responsive engine.

- Vanessa B

Is 250 c hardtop convertible.

Having the is250c is a nice option to a convertible, I like having the hardtop option. Lexus is a very reliable maker so I knew I would be able to drive my car for a long time. I like all the options I have as well. I have ac and heated seats and even though I live in FL the heated seats come in handy.

- Tanya B

Why I believe everyone should try a Lexus.

Very little problems. Needs oil change every 6000 miles. And needs tires every 20000 miles but that is normal wear and tear. It is more expensive but worth it as it s a most dependable car. Warnings are shown if air needs to be checked and disc players allows for 5 discs at a time..I love it.

- Linda N

Get it with the AWD if you live in areas that have snow or ice.

I got the is 250 AWD with all wheel drive as we live in the pacific northwest and get some snow and ice in the winter. Having the AWD on it makes it the best vehicle I have ever driven in the snow (over SUVs such as grand Jeep Cherokees and Isuzu rodeos). Highly impressed with it.

- Conny C

Lexus is 250 review of performance and features.

The Lexus is 250 sedan has a high quality interior. It also has high tech features, performance, and reliability. The small size and interior is comfortable. Also easy to handle and a reliable brand and company. It has reasonably priced maintenance requirement for a luxury car.

- Tech Y

Review of is 250 year 2012.

There is a strip alongside the front windshield on the drivers side which dislodges during travel, especially during higher speeds, and flaps in the wind. Services want to charge $400 for replacement. This is apparently an issue with this model. Otherwise, it is a great car.

- Judith M

Luxury car. Fun to car to drive. Best car I have own.

I own a Lexus is 250 and it is real cool to drive. I love the luxury of this model. It has an adjustable seat; but I need to put a small pillow to support my back. It drives very smooth. It gets good gas mileage in town. It cleans up nice. My model has automatic AWD.

- Julie D

Reliable and comfortable sport car for small family.

Very reliable and comfortable. Give good gas mileage. It is a sport, with bucket seats. Great car for small family. The only problem with the car is that the dashboard is melting and we are waiting for a recall for this model,. Have had no other problems with car,

- Charmaine P

My vehicle is a Lexus is 250.

My vehicle always has been reliable and has a steady performance. The size is perfect for what I need and has black leather interior, heated seats, and other features.

- Ley A

It is not a family car. It is way too small.

It is too small. I do like the gas mileage. I do not like having to put premium gasoline in it. It is been very reliable. It has 106,000 miles.

- Rebecca A

Great car not great gas mileage

It is amazing in terms for look and color and reliability. I love driving it and all the features. My only regret is the horrible gas mileage

- Samantha T

It is a 2. 5 liter, but has a very good turbo conversion.

The car is very smooth and quick. The featured technology is varies for its age. Seats crack easily when it is exposed to prolonged heat.

- Cameron N

The car is a very good luxury car to drive

The car is very well and drives smoothly. There is early any problems with driving the car. At times the car takes long to speed up

- Amy N

Great car! Not many maintenance problems. Smooth ride and spacious.

It is a smooth ride and plus it is a convertible. By far the best convertible I have ever owned when it comes to luxury vehicles.

- Kelly W

It's nice looking but doesn't corner that well. A solid, reliable vehicle.

My vehicle has nice features. A built in Navigation System that I never use. It is nice looking. Four doors and drives OK.

- mimi m

Don't leave trash in my car; whatever you bring in, you should take out.

It's functional and doesn't give me any trouble. It's fairly fuel efficient. It doesn't have a lot of cargo space though.

- Jen z

My compact luxury car is perfect for a single person.

It is a nice driving car but it is compact. Not much room. It runs nice and is fully loaded just not big enough for me.

- Connie V

It is runs just as perfect as the day I bought it.

I have never had any issues with my car. I love it and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new vehicle.

- Lacy F

The transmission is not good.

Love the color, model, leather seats, cool and warm seats, look.. Do not like how low it is for parking.

- Gwen O

It is safe and well performed quality car.

It performs very well, smooth, looks good and I feel safe driving this car.

- kay w

Maintenance is easy since it's a highly reliable car

Luxurious, heated and cooled seats, lumbar support, moon/sunroof

- Jane J

Extremely reliable, never broke. Great design, looks professional.

Runs pretty well, never had a trouble! Highly recommended!