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Loving my 2002 Lexus rx300.

2002 Lexus rx300, purchased it because is was #1 most reliable car on market in 2002. I have never had a problem with the car. Outside of the standard scheduled maintenance I have not had to throw additional funds into keeping this car running. It handles smoothly and quiet on the road, has a great Bose stereo system, is very comfortable and I have clients in the car constantly everyone loves riding in this car, it has plenty of legroom in back, electric window opening buttons and locks, 5 drinks holders, lots of extra storage in the back, moonroof opens/props up, adjustable steering wheel positions, it does take premium fuel and I tend to average about 19. 9 miles per gallon much of which is in city driving. Never had a recall or the need to have the car worked on beyond servicing or scheduled maintenance, a first for me! I feel safe in this car, fortunately I have also never been in any kind of an accident with the car either. I cannot think of anything that I would complain about. 2002 was the last year without the GPS as standard included equipment, outside of that not a complaint. Did I mention, the stereo rocks!!

- Daniel P

2002 Lexus rx300: a comfortable cruiser.

Reliable yet a tripped o2 sensor turns on check engine light. Comfortable drive though sluggish when attempting to accelerate hard. Red line of about 6000-6100 rpm. 4 speed automatic (4th gear being o/d). Interior is leather and very comfortable seating. Front seats have heating options. A/c vents in the front and back seats with adjustable climate control dial which allows manipulation of temperature (to your choosing). On screen display can show current fuel mileage and average mileage. Average fuel mileage is approximately 17-21 mpg. Has a cassette player with a mounted CD player located in glove box. Steering is very smooth. Brakes are responsive.

- Vincent N

Love and trust our Lexus rx.

We purchased our Lexus used in 2004 (it is a 2002) and it has been the best car we've ever owned. We have had no problems at all except the things that seem to quit on any car. . . Electrical. Antenna stopped going up and down, but we replaced it; door locks seem to be problematic, but we will have those replaced as well. I wish auto manufacturers would go back to glass headlights. All the headlights seem to get that scratched yellow look which we will have cleaned. Over all this car is awesome and we intend to keep for a few more years then replace with another Lexus rx!

- Kim L

It may be old (in years), but it still drives like it was practically brand new.

I like the RSx reliability and duration of service, provided maintenance is performed on a regular schedule. One can easily drive 200,000+ miles if that is followed. Second, the relatively short wheelbase of the vehicle allows for easier parking in areas with more compact parking spaces (such as airport or train station parking lots). The one big drawback to the RX is the higher cost of routine maintenance if performed at the dealership. However, given the general overall reliability otherwise, it's a reasonable trade-off.

- Andrew L

Just the best car I have ever owned!

My car is a Lexus rx 300. Although it is older it has so many comfort features. Heated seats, CD, am/FM radio, 8 speakers, leather seats, . Floor weather protectors in front, back and cargo area, front and back windshield wipers, trailer hitch, luggage rack on top, sun roof, cruise control, and all wheel drive. The all wheel drive is the best because I live where there is a lot of snow and ice. I have had very few problems with this car.

- Deb B

Great car if you have kids.

Hatchback makes for easy loading and many windows add to safety. Very good on gas. Great car for kids with room for joyful trips. Many well placed vents a/c and heat controls are easy to find. Locking and child safe windows make it a mom dream. Lots of room for camping gear and roof can carry small boats with tie down rails.

- Joseph A

It is very reliable and relatively easy to work on for home mechanics.

I like my RX300 because it does basically everything I need a vehicle to do. It is comfortable, reliable, can tow small amounts, has plenty of cargo space, has AWD, and gets acceptable gas mileage. My only complaint is that the styling is boring, but I'm willing to overlook that as it is a very cost effective vehicle.

- Mark A

Vehicle has lived up to expectations of what I had when first purchasing.

I have put 20,000 miles or so on it since I have purchased it and have had no issues so it is been a great car so far and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a dependable vehicle. Even during the polar vortex Michigan and Indiana just went through I never had an issue with it starting which was great.

- Dylan A

No bells or whistles, but a solid car nonetheless.

The car is comfortable, but it lacks many amenities enjoyed by drivers of cars made in the last decade. There are no seat warmers, no aux or Bluetooth capabilities, and no rear view camera or blind spot warnings, etc. That said though, the car is well built, comfortable, roomy, and gets decent gas mileage.

- Courtney P

Seat warmers for winter are a plus.

None. I am very satisfied with my vehicle. I have had zero problems and I have owned it for years. A very good vehicle. Mechanical sound and have had no issues with it. I would highly recommend this vehicle because it performs well and will run forever. As long as you get maintenance done.

- Jennifer K

High quality! Good running luxury ride!

It's a really good running vehicle, never had a major problem with it. Just normal maintenance is all it ever needs, its over sixteen years old and still looks great as well, I couldn't be more happy with the Lexus rx 300. I would recommend this vehicle to anybody, new or used.

- Daniel T

Best car ever! Very comfortable yet strong solid car.

It has been the best car I have ever owned which is evidenced by the fact I have owned it for over 16 years. Love it. I feel safe and comfortable, easy on gasoline locally, terrific on the highway. Have maintained it well and thankfully, it has not required major repair.

- Michele F

It's just very dependable and reliable.

I love this car very reliable and dependable gets you where you need to go. I don't like that it takes so much gas but maybe my commute is far. The parts are kind of expensive but last super long. So you should invest in a newer model I would get a least a 2015.

- Jewel G

Great value for the money.

Had this car for 16 years and although it has a lot of miles it drives smoother than newer models. Easy maintenance that only includes oil change and tire rotation, resulting in low cost of ownership. Comfortable and reliable, a pleasure to own. Great value!

- Geneva D

Easy to own and operate. Really like this car.

It is very comfortable, gets great gas mileage, and is relatively low cost to maintain. It has leather seat which get hot in summer and cold in winter. Love the sunroof. It has lots of cargo space for groceries, chairs for watching soccer games, and dogs.

- Ted A

That it is very dependable and reliable to get were you need to go.

I love my SUV it sit up off the ground. And It's very easy to drive and it roomy for my riders. And It's not bad on gas. It is very in pretty color. I enjoy driving it. It's easy for me to get in and out of.

- Judy S

It's extremely reliable and a great lower tier luxury car.

I like how smooth & easy to handle the car is. I also like the size of the car overall (esp trunk) + spacious back seats. I dislike that it's not that fuel efficient and that there is no navigation system.

- Vres A

It is very reliable and drives well.

for an old vehicle, this rides as good or better than any standard 2008 car. It has leather seats which I like and an excellent speaker system. The only thing I do not like is the gas mileage.

- bernetta m

The stereo system is fabulous.

Owned vehicle over 13 yrs., I have put over 91k miles on it. Oil maintenance & tire rotation every 5k miles keep engine & gets the best tire life. Still a comfortable and dependable vehicle.

- Peggy W

Best vehicle decision I could have made - 261k miles and counting ...

I love my vehicle, it is very reliable. I did have one issue where the transmission went at 100,000 miles, however that issue aside, the vehicle has been wonderful, safe, and held up well.

- Melanie G

It's a smooth ride, with great visibility.

It's great! Easy to see out of. It has held up very well over the years, the only problem I have had has been with the electronics. It is 16 years old but still drives like a new car.

- Andrew M

I just turned 239;485 miles and it is still going strong.

I like everything about my car. It drives and rides easily, has ample seating and great cargo room. The sound system is great. The only complaints are based on the age of the car.

- Christie C

It's not worth stealing. No seriously, why would you steal it?

This car was a gift. It is not something I would pick out for myself. I prefer an SUV that I can take out into the woods, like a Subaru. That being said, it is very comfortable.

- Sarah W

Most important thing others should know about my car is keeping good tires.

What I dislike in the Lexus rx 300 year 2002 is no GPS on the older models in the screen. I also wish it had a detector on it to show how many miles I have left to the gallon.

- Maia A

How comfortable it is. I also like how easy it is to handle and turn.

Very reliable and comfortable. I use it as “grandma’s taxi’ to take the grandkids wherever they need to go. There is plenty of room for all the gear the kids need. .

- Katherine C

Lexus may be a little more costly to by but it far surpasses any other brand I have had in the past.

Lexus makes a very sturdy car. The interior is very comfortable and roomy. It is very dependable and I only need normal repairs, or when service updates are needed

- Charlotte F

Lexus RX300 cars have been very durable and nice for years even card from the early 2000's

Very reliable and nice car. It has almost 300,000 miles on it and still going strong. They are made very well. Considered a luxury small SUV.

- Tasha G

It is so reliable. It never need repairs. Only occasionally maintenance.

Nothing to dislike. It is reliable and still looks new. It is comfortable and drives well in the mountains and city. I always feel very safe.

- Sharon R

Interior still looks great and body shows no sign of age.

Drives well after all these years. No recent repairs required. Reliable and comfortable, good on gas and looks quite good for it is age.

- Ronald R

That its very reliable and dependable. Not very expensive.

It's a great car I bought it used and I'm very pleased with it. It does drink a little more gas than expected but overall very solid

- Jewel G

If you take care of it, it will last for a very long time.

I love the quality and style of my vehicle. It is worth what I paid for it. 16 years and still rolling, and it looks like new.

- Denise S

That it is reliable one of best cars that I have ever driven.

I love my vehicle I do not have any complaints. I like the color and the ride it's smooth and handles nice on the road.

- Iris S

My car is always Reliable. dependable. Efficient

My car is dependable. Repairs can be costly. But I feel like I can rely on it to get me around for many years to come.

- Britt C

It is comfortable, reliable and just the right size.

It is an overall good car. Comfortable reliable and not a whole lot of stuff you don't need in it. We like it alot.

- Jennifer L

Reliable, although older it still drives well on highways and long trips and reacts well with traffic situations.

Drives very well, high up, good vision and handling. Although replaced transmission, and again, it has worked well.

- ronald r

If you are looking for a reliable car that will last a long time it is great.

I like that it is reliable and that I will be able to drive it for many more years. I do not like how old it is.

- Britt C

It is one of the best-selling cars of the SUV class.

This car is a durable need to suit the long-term usage of a car, and is highly recommended for families of 3-5.

- Aaron L

It is old but still works perfectly.

I like the amount of space the vehicle has. I like the mileage of the vehicle. I also like the large trunk.

- Virginia V

It is very dependable. We bought it used and have had no trouble with it.

I like the sunroof. I like the sound system. I like the power of the engine. The seats are comfortable.

- Steve W

Reliability for 16 years. Continues to look good even with newer models.

Very reliable and looks good. Great ride, very smooth for an suv. Service is expensive yet done well.

- Teri W

Repairs and oil changes are high.

The repairs are expensive it drives like a dream, nice inside, has a CD player. It does well on gas.

- Sheila B

That it is a very comfortable and fun to drive Lexus SUV.

My Lexus is: Comfortable, dependable and a joy to drive. My Lexxus looks Classy! My Lexxus ROCKS!!!!

- Callie L

I love my Lexus. It is very comfortable and has a lot of features. I have never had mechanical problems with it. I would definitely buy another one.

I have never had mechanical problems with my car and I've had it since it was new.

- Mary C

The most reliable, comfortable and quiet car.

I like my my vehicle because it is comfortable, reliable and quiet.

- Shirley F