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High vision and a pretty, pearly ride.

My car was a great buy. We bought it used. Gets decent mileage, and it is not expensive to repair. It is the first car I have had with leather seats and I think it is awesome. They are very easy to take care of! Visibility is great, which is key for me, because I am kind of short. It also has a sun/moon roof, which I treasure for air circulation. The cruise control is a must because I have a long commute to and from work. The cup holder mechanism needs some work, and because of the age of the vehicle, it has no admit to plug my phone into the audio. But the 6-CD changer is great!

- Pamela S

My car is safe and comfortable.

My car is reliable. In each accident I have been in, my car and I have remained intact. It drives smoothly, runs well, and is comfortable. I feel safe driving my car long distances and I like being able to have room for passengers and storage. I like that my car is big and sturdy, but not as big as a suburban.

- Kayla L

I will drive my Lexus for a long time.

I like my car because it has a comfortable ride. The interior has leather seats which sometimes causes a problem when items slide off the seat when you stop suddenly. I also like that it sits up a little higher than a sedan type car which makes it easy to get in and out of the car. It has plenty of room.

- Delores A

Lexus RX is a top of the line car that will last a long time; if you don't abuse it.

When it was brand new I was in love with the style, the ride and he color, it was beautiful. Now that it's older I Love that it's paid, it still rides smoothly and it's dependable. I won't be trading it in although many have asked me to sell it after they've seen the low miles. No way!

- Candace D

Lexus rx 300 has been the most reliable SUV in 20 years of driving.

The only problem is small. The warning lights have come on with no response indications of the problems indicated by the lights. Rather that than the actual problems. I am very lucky with the vehicle. One last thing, the gas mileage, I feel, is less than could be for a smaller SUV.

- Ben V

Life owning a Lexus. Parts are expensive but there are deals.

It is comfortable to ride in and driving is very easy and not tense. This car has the perfect amount of room for my family. Spacious back and the seats go down. I really haven't had any major issues. I am at 195,000 miles. If you keep your car maintain there should be no problems.

- Marcella C

I am keeping her as long as I can. And it is. What's on the inside that counts.

Extremely reliable. It is an old car, but being a Toyota luxury line, it runs forever. No engine or transmission problems, over 150k miles, and still kicking. Beautiful finishing on the inside as well are still intact, as well as (primitive) touchscreen display.

- Ethan B

A beautiful, reliable vehicle.

It is reliable, attractive and comfortable. The size is perfect. It handles very well. It is gas efficient. It is very comfortable to drive for both me and my husband. It has enough leg room in the back for passengers to be comfortable as well. I love it.

- Wendy B

My 15 year old good old Lexus rx.

It has good comfort and smooth acceleration. Over the years, it has become a little wonky but still provides a good driving experience. The shape of the car is alright, the interior is nice looking, the leather has held up quite well for 15 years. A-ok.

- John N

My luxury car that I hope to have for a long time.

This vehicle is comfortable and has been a good reliable car. It has more than 155, 000 miles on it and many trips. It had some major work done last year. It has plenty room for five people and plenty of room in the back for packages and other things.

- Delores A

Very safe Car with a luxury feel.

It's a great car to use for local driving. I've never driven outside my state with this car. It still has a luxury feel because it is a Lexus with leather seats and great heating. The air conditioning isn't the best. It has great miles per gallon.

- Leela M

Only put brakes pads/rotors on this vehicle. It is never had mechanical issues.

Reliability, luxury and smooth ride makes this Lexus a great choice compared to newer cars. I love that its small like a car with storage in hatchback. I dislike gas mileage, and with over 200,000 miles its age has started becoming an issue.

- Callie H

It's a smooth ride on the highway.

I like my car because it was always a dream car of mine. I worked really hard and saved my money until I was able to afford it. My dislikes are I wish it were newer with better perks. And also it is hard on gas miles.

- takesha U

This car is very dependable.

I like that my car is a small SUV and has enough space for my needs. I do not like that my car is not the best on gas and the internal leather is not the prettiest.

- Gooding B

If you take care of the car it will last a very long time. Great gas mileage.

My rx300 is very reliable. The air conditioning is the only thing in the car that is lacking and stops working sometimes. I love everything else about the car.

- Fontaine W

My Lexus is very reliable. Drives great in summer and winter.

It is the perfect size. Has AWD, so does well in winter, and drives amazing. We haven't had any issues with it in the 5 years we've had it.

- Bryanne B

The mpg.. The ride.. The space.

Reliability. The vehicle has never failed to perform. I have managed to put 300,000 miles on the car, and it still runs.

- Reggie F

Great Car but has one major issue

I love my car. It has reliable performance. However, the steering wheel gets stuck when it gets cold outside.

- Rachel W

It's very comfortable and reliable , I have put a lot of miles on it it's been great.

I love my car because it's comfortable . My car has been reliable . My car has had no big issues.

- Margaret D

It's a silver SUV. I like that I feel safe driving it. The sound system is ok.

It's a silver SUV with automatic trunk. It has an ok sound system.

- Samantha T

It is a reliable vehicle despite the fact that it is 15 years old.

It is comfortable, and despite being 15 years old it is reliable.

- Michelle P

It is very dependable. It hasn't had any major problems.

It is very comfortable and is safe. It gets decent gas mileage.

- LuAnn E