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Reliable and dependable luxury SUV.

I bought my Lexus rx330 2005 used in 2012. The only problem I had with it that was non accident related was the radiator. Summer of 2014, it just died and I had to replace it, and it wasn't cheap, but other than that I have had absolutely no problems with this car. I live in Colorado, so I am on top of oil, tire, and basic vehicle maintenance because of what the extreme weather can do to a car. Even with our pothole and crappy roads, this car rides do nice and it gets about 18 miles to the gallon. I have had a lot of cats on my life, and this by far is my favorite. And I am planning on selling it soon to upgrade to a new Lexus SUV.

- Kimberly B

Lexus rx 330 owners review.

Only 1 problem is that the dash shows signs of heavy cracking. The seats are ergonomically adjustable with a heating option. You will enjoy driving the highway with this vehicle. It is an all wheel drive model that actually gets 26 mpg with it is generous output 3.3 liter engine. The vehicle is well built and I keep maintenance up. I drive this one as it is more comfortable to drive than the Chevy.

- Melvin B

At over 135,000 miles it has been in the shop once for a major fix when the gearbox broke.

My Lexus fits perfectly and I am always comfortable. The hatchback has come in handy on a daily basis and I am always hauling something. The style is sleek and appealing. The amenities are useful and comfortable. I rarely have mechanical issues and It has over 135,000 miles. The only downfall is a stutter/jerk when going from first to second gear and it has done that since I bought it. Annoying.

- Geralyn P

Reliable, comfortable, stable.

Only problems I ever have is if a filter needs to be changed and the check engine light will come on. So reliable and stable. I love this car because I know it works well and drives nicely. I have one with the bells and whistles. I love the push button trunk and I do not have to try to shut it, instead it is the automatic door and I absolutely love the sunroof. One of the best cars I have had!

- Katherine T

If you want a luxury, reliable vehicle the Lexus rx 330 is the ride for you!

The Lexus rx 330 is a very reliable ride and it drives very smoothly. We bought ours used and we have only had to replace minor things (brakes, tires, timing belt) over the course of six years that we've owned it. It is very roomy for a family of four. It has a luxury feel but is also practical for kids with lots of room in the back for groceries, sports equipment, the family dog, etc..

- April W

Dependable and reliable vehicle to drive.

Always reliable; I have never had even the slightest of concern or issue. Safe to drive in every way. The Lexus rx 350 has always been a comfortable vehicle. This vehicle has always been good in the snow, when we lived in Illinois. The only thing we ever had to change on the vehicle in all the years we have owned it is tires and oil. .

- Nice M

Features of the Lexus rx: automatic windshield wipers.

My vehicle is really comfortable and luxurious. The car has a very smooth drive and nice extra features such as navigation, heated seats, leather seats, automatic rear door, and my favorite is automated windshield wipers. A unique feature that this car has is wipers on the headlights which I do not know is totally necessary.

- Katie M

Comfortable, smooth, and quiet ride.

My Lexus has never had any kind of mechanical problems. It always works exactly how I need it to. The seats, space, lighting and controls are all comfortable and intuitive. I love the space heater and GPS. The heater and ac always work quickly and effectively no matter the weather. It is a smooth and quiet drive.

- Rachel M

This is a safeworthy car with appropriate safety belts. Crashworthy vehicle.

I love the reliability of my 12 year old Lexus RX 330 which was purchased new. Other than routine maintenance & new tires every few years, it has suffered no problems. It is sturdy and smooth with a popular body style that has changed little through the years. Takes regular gasoline and gets good mileage.

- Paula C

The vehicle seems brand new and drives wonderfully.

I enjoy driving my Lexus very much. I love how it is an SUV. The car drives very smoothly and it has very nice interior. The seats are very comfy I could sit in them for hours. My favorite feature of the car is the buttons on the wheel to change the volume of the music or the station you are listening to.

- Madison S

Off-roading With A Luxurious Lexus Rx330

My vehicle is great. It's not only a luxury vehicle but also lives up to its name being a 4 wheel drive SUV. I drove it recreationally off-road in the canyon areas of Utah without any problems, allowing me to experience awesome vistas that I wouldn't have otherwise not had the opportunity to to see.

- Theresa C

Most dependable classy all around versatile transportation.

Always runs without problems, I bought it used, I found I had to replace all the front end parts. I love the leather seats and the seat warmers in the winter. Great car. It great in the snow. Gets about 24 highway and 17 around town. I really like the feature where the back seats lye down.

- Don H

Love the comfy seats, I have leather seats

The Lexus IS so smooth riding and it is a very comfy SUV. I feel very safe in this SUV. My car has a sunroof that is cool and the back seats go down to give you lots of suitcase storage but personally my dogs ride back there and love it. The car is so great I would purchase another one.

- Dawn R

Great car excellent value.

Very reliable automobile, comfortable and easy to drive. High resale value. Car handles well and seats 5 comfortably with lots of storage room. It is economical and very low in maintenance needs with low costs for repairs. This is my favorite of all the cars I have owned.

- Susan B

Lexus rx 330: runs like it is brand new!

My Lexus is a very reliable vehicle; it has had to be serviced over the years, but it runs perfectly and has over 200,000 miles and many more to go! Some of the special features in this vehicle include running boards and a DVD player for my daughter on long trips.

- Olivia S

Lexus rx - you will not regret your purchase.

The Lexus rx vehicle is safe, extremely reliable and drives like a car. You will get your money worth out of the vehicle. Your normal maintenance is needed to ensure a long life of the car. The interior has plenty of space whether you are single or have a family.

- Rene J

Me and my Lexus is detail summary of my opinion of my truck.

The dashboard is cracking and peeling other than that it is a smooth riding vehicle. I love the amount of space it has in the cab and the trunk. I like the sunroof but often wish it was a panoramic roof. Also the technology could use an upgrade in the dash.

- Danielle B

The adjustable seat is priceless . You can adjust your seat in many ways.

The 2005 Lexus is awesome. Wonderful features... Full of luxury at an affordable price..It. Is great in the winter and other than maintenance, it has given me little trouble. The one item that has occurred is a leak in a transmission hose..But was replaced.

- Tammy C

Very Reliable This vehicle is reliable and still holds its own on the road

No issues I maintenance regularly doesn't burn a lot of oil, it does make a whining noise at times, however it doesn't bother me at all,. The interior is very nice, however it does have wear and tear on the dashboard and it's hard to maintain that too much

- Rhonda J

Lexus has high quality car life.

This car has had no mechanical problems besides regular maintenance and brake rotor replacement. It still rides like a dream with no hesitation in acceleration or transmission. It is the best buy ever in my history of car purchases.

- Dianne T

It has an audio tape player!

This vehicle serves me for over 10 years now. It is a great family vehicle and drives smooth. Just serve the vehicle by changing tires, oil, filters, breaks, and etc. And this vehicle will serve you well for a very long time.

- Mikhail Y

Great car, driving or riding, good on fuel.

This car has everything you need in a car. All power, sunroof, leather seats, heated seats. Very good on gas and very dependable. Drove from Texas to Kentucky no problem, very comfortable riding and driving.

- Cindy D

Lexus band is a great car investment

this car has been in the family since the year it came out. i have never had any issues with this car. It has never broken down on me. and after ten years people that ride with me say how smooth it drives.

- adriana m

It runs great and is dependable.

It's very reliable, I feel there are transmission issues. Lexus is comfortable and has good features in the car. Such as heated seats, navigation, TV screens in the backseat. I like it.

- Lauren B

Extremely comfortable and safe car. We will keep it as long as it continues to run well!

Car is extremely comfortable, drives well, has 100k miles but still drives as it did new. Great touchscreen navigation. Only complaint is no Bluetooth but that is because it is old!

- Seth G

My car is really dependable. It you take care of it, it will take care of you.

My Lexus has been really dependable since I got it. There is very little maintenance knock on wood. It never needs any major repairs. I love how it drives and it is really smooth.

- Liz E

it is safe. It is comfortable. I love sitting "up high" so I can see traffic

i love the service I receive at the lexus location. I believe the staff is honest and try to help me keep costs low when making expensive repairs. I love the quality of my car

- mary A

It's an 05' but it runs great. No problems. Awesome for friends and family.

Love the roominess. Nice for road trips and coaching sports. Easy ride. Unfortunately the alarm system is tripped up and not sure how to fix it as no longer under warranty.

- Nina S

It is been reliable. Still looks good.

Time to replace it with newer model.. This lexus does not have newer features I would like. I do like the way it handles and offers enough space for luggage, etc..

- Mary N

It drives like a car. Smooth ride.

I like that it drives like a car... I wish the car had a usb port to listen to music on my phone.. I like that the car is dependable and has most features I want..

- Stacie J

It is in great condition after 6 years.

I like the comfort of my car and dependability. I like the sporty look it has but also how it is child safe. I dislike the city mpg but it gets great highway mpg.

- Cherokee M

It is a very safe car and has a lot of room for children and friends.

Its reliable and has a lot of extras. I like the power back door. I do not like that the CD player keeps getting stuck I like that it is lasted me so long.

- Bernice S

That it's not so much a SUV, it's a look between a car and SUV

When I bought my RX330, it had 64,000 miles on it, it was in beautiful condition, like brand new, it now has 254,424 miles on it, still looking good!!!!

- Desdemona W

It's in fair conditions just needs a lil things done to it.

I love my vehicle because it so easy to drive and so easy to park due to the size. The engine is so soft and I just love everything about it.

- Karen M

Low maintenance on vehicle.

Low maintenance, costs are very low, other than regular routine maintenance. In 10+ years owned, only major work was a radiator replacement.

- John F

Keep tires balanced and regular oil changes.

It has a smooth ride. Must keep tires balanced or you get shaking about 60-65 mph. Other than that I would recommend a Lexus to everyone.

- Judi G

It's comfortable and it has a lot of nice features on it.

I love the features in my car; especially the mileage calculator. It automatically starts after you start the car for a new destination.

- Carol R

The color is a thunderbird special edition. It is a beautiful navy colored car, and in the sun you can see sparkles shining bright on my car. I take it as, I am a unique individual & specially made!!!

I drive a 2005 "luxury" Lexus SUV. It is an amazing car but now that I have 2 little kids, a Tahoe would suffice SO much better

- Jacqueline W

It is a hybrid and very fuel efficient. I like that it gets good gas mileage

I like that it sits higher up than other cars. It has a lot of head space. There is enough room in the car for our family of five

- Erica L

It is luxurious, and roomy.

Maintenance/repairs are a little higher than other vehicles. I love all the bells and whistles it has, especially heated seats.

- Al B

it's a very dependable car

I had own this suv for going on 10 years, it's a very good car, its very dependable, lots of space and it had 4 wheel drive


It is Reliable and as I have said there are many good characters.

It is Reliable. It is comfortable. RX is higher in body, and therefore is easier to enter or exit. I have no complains.

- Judy P

This car is one of the most comfortable cars I have ever owned.

It is a very comfortable it has good gas mileage it's also safe.It is easy to enter and exit and still has low mileage.

- Richard S

It is 13 years old. But it still runs great!

I like that it is sporty and comfortable. But most of all it is reliable. It never breaks down. Gas mileage is decent.

- D W

It's dependable and reliable

I love the size. I like that it's not too tall for some parking garages. It's roomy & comfortable. The power is great

- Stacie C

Rides very comfortably, spacious interior newer models interior not as spacious. In the newer models do not like the new front grills they are to big.

It is a very reliable, body style is nice and looks smooth. This vehicle has a lot of automatic features.

- Beth G

It is very reliable and safe

I love the size and body style. I like the leather seats and it has held up amazingly.

- Michaela C

Turning Lights. Lights turn as the vehicle turns, which gives great visibility in the night or stormy weather

It is fully Loaded. Drives great even after 130K miles. Very comfortable and posh

- Abhay R

That it is AWD and works great! The sound system is awesome

I love the smooth ride comfort of the seats and the size of the car itself.

- Dawn P

The roominess of the interior.

Nice comfortable ride. Very dependable. Roomy and Luxurious. Love it.

- Brad W

I have to use mid grade gas at all times to keep it running well.

I love how smooth it drives, it's very modern and nice looking.

- Valerie F

It's reliable however I wish the transmission wouldn't have as many issues as its had. I like our Infiniti better for this reason.

That maintaining the vehicle is your best option of longevity.

- Natalie B

Buy this reliable car from a local dealer.

It is reliable. It is easy to maintain. It is easy to drive.

- P I

there is nothing other needs to know

family car automatic fun car great car mileage

- pei Z

Bending Lights and Auto wipers

Amazing, way ahead of Its time and powerful

- Abhay W