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Amazingly still moving, would be a play on words with Mazda in first word.

I'd describe my vehicle as essentially as a box on wheels with minimal comfort that does the basic job of getting me from place to place. It has nearly 200, 000 miles on it and the engine wear and tear is noticeable. I fear every mile I drive I am one mile closer to the next break down. The check engine light is constantly one, currently an o2 sensor needs to be replaced but I do not have the money. Intermittently the car will not start if it is in park and will only start in neutral, but there auto technicians have no explanation for the problem. The back brakes were recently replaced but the front need to be done soon. A year ago, the former driver was in an accident and the hood appears to be slightly open, the damage was never repaired. The body also has rust which is not worth repairing. Comfort wise, there are no special features, but the air conditioning and heat work. Yeah!

- Rebecca W

Blue/Green color, with a low wing spoiler on it. Tinted windows,

My Mazda 6 is a 5-speed manual transmission, 4-cylinder engine. The air conditioning is very cold and the automatic driver seat has been a very handy feature when trying to show someone how to drive my car. The automatic windows have never been a problem. My car has about 100,000 miles on it and has been very reliable. Of course, with the good comes the bad. It has also had its share of times at the mechanic, I have had the water pump, radiator, and clutch go bad in my car. All at different times within my tenure with this car. All in all I would recommend this car.

- Jeremy K

The Mazda 6! The most reliable, comfortable, powerful car in it's class

The Mazda 6 has really impressed me by being a smooth ride, reliable, and definitely having a lot of power to perform! With its leather interior, heated seats, and sunroof it can make any daily drive or long trip more comfortable. To make the trip better, it also has plenty of power to really get you there fast when needed. Plus it has plenty of room for the family unlike most cars in its class. The Mazda 6 is also one of the most reliable vehicles I've never had the pleasure of owning!

- Jeff H

The ups and downs of driving a older Mazda. Get the 411 on the good and the bad.

My car runs and drives great. I'm having problems with the door locks sometimes they will lock sometimes it will unlock. Also the digital display for the radio works when it want two. Also the gas gauge works great till it hits a quart tank then it will run out of gas before the gas light comes on. But overall it has been a great car. I want to trade it in but it runs so great I just can't yet. I will probably drive it for another year or two then trade it in on a new Mazda 6.

- Mike C

My opinion on my mazda6. It�s awesome.

It runs great. I just need a hood, radiator, and a new windshield. I'm going to get it painted black as soon as I come up with the money. Performance is great. The seats aren't that comfortable. The radio don't work. In it. I bought a Bluetooth speaker to put in the back and it's loud and has awesome bass. Well that's all I have to say about that.

- David Q

Mazda great mile per gas, parts on the higher side but worth the investment.

Vehicle Mazda 6 is a great car small interior however but runs great, it's well maintain parts are somewhat on the higher side but great run, gas per miles is great 4 cylinder. Would like more space but great run. Needs to warm up for great performance before driving it. Has a grey leather interior black exterior no tinted windows

- Marlin J

My Mazda 6 is awesome. Anyone and everyone should have one.

My car is amazing. It has a sunroof, and heated seats. It gains speed quickly and is very reliable. The leather seats are a little problematic when I wear shorts but other than that it's amazing. It features a radio, CD player, tape player, and a hand brake. It is great on gas and weaves in and out of busy traffic easily.

- Trisha H

Mazda still zooming, my Mazda 6 has wear & tear but gets me where I need to go.

My car is nearing 200,000 miles and as such I am concerned about breakdowns constantly. For the age of the car, it is in decent working condition. I just had to fix the computer so that should keep the car going for a long time. It is a fairly comfortable car, no special features, but does the job I need it to.

- Rebecca J

My vehicle is a Mazda 6 it's good on gas mileage and was smooth when driving.

It is old and has normal wear and tear, after this many years there just normal issues. Replacing parts (transmissions, etc). It is reliable and day to day driving is good other than that. The style/design is sleek and drives smooth. The cruise control is convenient and makes driving easier for commuting.

- Bianca G

Mazda 6- nice cheap sports car.

The vehicle is very reliable. It's a fast car and it's fun to drive. It also runs very smoothly. Its nice and spacious for a sports car and its child -friendly. I have had to change the ac compressor but since then no other problems. Overall for the price it's worth the buy.

- Sarah H

Great car to drive in any weather.

The Mazda 6 is a very nice reliable car. We bought ours used so it needed a little work at first just the normal upkeep that you would have to do to any car. It gets great gas mileage and the car is smooth riding. It handles the road well and is a great car for all weather.

- Ann W

A sleek reliable model that fits the whole family

I love this vehicle! I've had it for four years now. It is very reliable and I haven't had any issues with it. The sleek style of it makes it a very appealing vehicle to drive. It fits my entire family as it has five seats to it. I couldn't ask for a better first car.

- Lily W

2003 Mazda 6 I honest review

Make sure you get the airbags changed from the recalled from the Takata airbags otherwise the car is good. Car handles well. No issues that you wouldn't expect from something this age. Brakes, catalytic converter, lights, headliner deteriorated, and tires

- Kimberly J

Has a magnaflow muffler dual exhaust

Great running car and great on gas has a 5 speed manual transmission magnaflow mufflers a ,3.0 v6 new tires great sounding radio, has a cold air intake aftermarket coil pack, leather interior,it's a very spotty fast 4 door car I would recommend to anyone

- James K

Its white I love the radio.

It's great. I drive it everywhere. Always a smooth ride. ITS WHITE AND MY HUSBAND JUST TINTED MY WINDOWS. I love my gear shift and the radio and the ac. It has a black spoiler on the back, and drives good, and goes really fast. I really love my Mazda 6.


Good car, would recommend

The car drives pretty well. The only problem that I have with it is the check engine light. It stays on constantly even after taking it to be checked out. Other than that everything is fantastic. It is very reliable and a good first car for a student.

- Aaron M

Car is great on gas whether short or long trips.

My car is IN. Excellent condition. I am second owner had since January. I have replaced the alternator and radiator. . It vets excellent gas. Mileage and easy to drive. Very comfortable and roomy. Has a very late trunk. Radio and CD player work great.

- Melissa C

2003 Mazda 6 with a V6 engine installed

It's a bit of an older vehicle, so there are obviously downsides as compared to newer models, but I've been really happy with the gas mileage so far. I drive quite a bit and it's been a reliable and fuel-friendly vehicle for trips and daily commutes.

- Madison S

The most important thing about my car is that it's reliable and has been with me for many years and still works good.

I like my vehicle because it gives me the freedom to go anywhere I want. My only complaint is that because it's kind of old, it doesn't feel like I'm driving a new car anymore. It also doesn't have any modern technology that a new car would have.

- Hannah L

I feel the most important thing is reliability. I don't want to be stranded somewhere without transportation. Also the car is long lasting, about 260,000 miles.

My car has been very reliable over the years. We have about 260,000 miles on her and have had minimal problems. She even had a small fender bender but she still looks great too. I am definitely a repeat Mazda customer.

- Debra W

Sometimes you have to smack the headlights on the outside to get them to turn on.

I like that it has been working strong and well after all these years. The engine is great and has been doing well. However, The fabric that lines the ceiling is weak and has started to fall off the roof on the inside,

- Katie T

I named her Lyric and she is always filled with music as we drive!

I love the look of it! It has great speakers. The doors won't stay open tho they slam on you which is annoying. The AC is broken but other than that I love the car its been great!

- Emilia F

Love the fact that when it worked right the car drove like a dream

Good car so far. Just bought it second hand now it's leaking oil into spark plugs and the evap valve is broken. And getting horrible gas.mileage and it.misses horribly.

- Sadye L

Mazda 6 2003 is a good car

The gas mileage is nice. It has been a reliable car. No big problems with the car. The only repairs that have been are expected for a car with high mileage.

- Cris R

2003 Mazda 6 - still going strong!

My 2003 Mazda 6 has been very reliable. I highly recommend Mazda to those that are in the market for a new vehicle. Great performance and low maintenance.

- Katherine H

Great size for leisure. It's really convenient for small commutes.

I like it because I think it's a good size. I like that it has four doors, spacious seats, and a trunk. It is running pretty well for being 15 years old.

- molly t

Gas is expensive, it sits low to the ground.

Love the horsepower love the look and interior. Like the Bose audio system and leather seats. The body of the car with the side skirts looks amazing.

- Forrest R

Nice ride but Replacing a part is cheap but it isn't easy

It drives very smoothly. Doesn't have any bells or whistles but when a part goes it's not easy to fix and it has a lot of immobilizer issues

- Rowan S

The car is good for a variety of uses. Travel, school, work, appointments, etc.

I like the size of the car. I don't like the white color. I would prefer a car that sits up higher. The car is easy to handle.

- Amanda V

Quality Mazda - runs like a dream.

Other than the clutch giving out, I've had no real problems with the vehicle - despite the fact that it's over 15 years old.

- Michael B

After several years, it still can function quite well.

The car is too old. However, it is well maintained. I dislike the sound of the engine. Would prefer to paint in blue color.

- Abdul M

It does not get good gas mileage for such a small car.

I do not like how it drives in the wind you bounce all over. I wish it got better gas mileage. I wish it was bigger.

- Christine B

You should be aware that the sensors go out easily.

I like that is drives steady and smooth. I dislike the slow get up. I dislike that the sensors go out easy.

- Rachael C

Mazda 6 outrageous vehicle

My car is a very reliable and dependable vehicle it's good on gas and parts for vehicle are inexpensive

- Yolanda A

Safety is most important. This is has great safety features.

Love the style and it is a comfortable ride. Get good mileage on it. Made very safe.

- Ray P

The most important thing to know about my car is that it gets great gas mileage.

Very reliable, sharp looking car. It has great gas mileage as well.

- Thomas S

It is a brand you can trust.

I love it , however it is getting old. Love the design. Runs well.

- Yvonne D

Take care of engine and it will last you!

I think it is very comfortable. I also feel safe driving it.

- Ann M

that it gets great gas milage plus it is very easy to maintain

I like the gas mileage but hate the size and the handling

- milton l

I'm very impressed with the mazda 6. i would recommend this car to anyone great runn8ng and gas. Very economical and fast havent drove anything else that runs its good.

It's an all around great,fun, car to drive and own.

- Heather R