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Handles well in most weather conditions mpg isn't the best for a compact manual.

I am not really a big fan of this car, though it is compact on average I only get 25 mpg with the manual. Another issue I've had with my car the headlights are very complicated to replace bulbs, it even states in the manual to bring it to your local Mazda dealer to have them replace the bulbs. You can do it yourself but it's very time consuming and small space to work in while changing the bulb out. If you need parts and get them yourself or even have a professional work on it, most likely you will be waiting on parts. Longest I waited was 3 weeks for a new shifter assembly. The car does drive nice, but doesn't handle well in snowy conditions. I really would not recommend the Mazda6.

- Holly R

The gas not so good it don't last long. The car is a hatchback but that's another thing I like about it and you can put the seat down and take the back cover off and you would have a lot of room even when you don't put the seat down you'll have a lot space there other that I can't think of anything else to say about it right now 🤔

I like the heat on the front seat wish it was on the back seat to for my kids and I also like how I can setup the bass to the music I like how it sound but what I don't like is how the paint on the other side of the car is starting to come out and the car be shaking sometimes now when I hit the gas and the AC is on we try to find what's is doing that but nothing pop out on the scanner and also it is now making a little sound we not sure where it's coming from but then again the car is old it's almost time to get a new car but I did loved the car we had a good smooth run we got the car on my birthday when my second child was about to turn 1 year she is almost 11 years now

- Tirsa P

Powerful 15 year old Mazda 6.

Only owned for the previous one year, spent over $3,000 in repairs- new clutch, new tire rod, new shift including shift chords, and other small repairs. Runs great overall, long road trips and short trips. Has a lot of power for its age and has been quite reliable after fixing things that could have been avoided by the previous owner. It does burn through quite a lot of oil, we've troubleshooted and fixed what we could, after replacing a lot of parts, it does not burn through quite as much oil. Was going through 2 quarts if not more in only a month.

- Brooke B

It is comfortable and very reliable.

Problems - there had been very little problems. I have about 98k miles on the car. Performance - the car is a 6 cylinder and has good pickup for me. I was never afraid to pull out in traffic. Reliability - my car has always been reliable. The only time I didn't like driving it was on slippery roads. Comfort - the car is comfortable for me. Features - car has features that are fourteen old. Power steering and brakes. A radio that can be controlled on the steering wheel. Cruise control on steering wheel.

- Betty H

Mazda 6 2004 - worth it??

My 2004 Mazda 6s runs hot always and it has exhaust issues, smoke coming from the exhaust upon starting the vehicle. I've had to have all 6 coil packs replaced more times than I should have ( but... That honestly could just be my poor choice in a mechanic) the display on the dash get ruined if you barely even touch it. As far as performance goes, when it's running right , it's a nice smooth drive and has a good amount of power.

- Laura M

That you need to keep up with the oil levels.

Most common problem I found with my vehicle is that if you do not keep up with the oil it causes the timing in the motor to be off and can cause serious damage if you do not get the timing fix. The previous owner to my car didn't keep up with the oil and the timing slip and I had to pay $500 to fix the timing. Other then that I haven't had any major problems with the car so I am fairly happy with it.

- Jesse A

Sporty, Sleek, Fast and Dependable Mazda 6

I love my little Mazda6. It is one of the best vehicles I have owned. It has some flaws only because of wear and tear due to age; however, I couldn't ask for a better little car. It is a 6 cylinder so it has some get up and go. It is easy on gas and plenty of room in my hatch for whatever I need to haul around. It has a sleek look and I have been asked repeatedly about it. 5 stars for sure.

- Wendy A

Mazda 6: sport model, white sedan. Great car! Gas mileage is awesome!

Gas mileage is really good, performance issues there are none for me. Very fast, reliable car, also the only thing is sometimes the car can hold water and there is a recall on the horn to get fixed. To be a 2004, the car has really good features such as: heated seats, automatic windows, sunroof, 6-cd changer. And is also an easy car to customize. I have a sport kit on mine!

- Destiny L

Mazda wagon 6, great car very good horsepower and luxurious leather interior.

It has great horsepower, leather interior, cruise control. Electric sunroof, heated seats, power drivers seat, four door wagon with plenty of room for luggage, hatchback, six CD changer, very smooth ride with abs and dual exhaust and airbags, decent mileage, great for long trips. Only problem that I see is that the side mirrors are not retractable.

- Hector P

The car has had many years of great service and hasn't had much issues with it. It has been pretty reliable but is showing Its age compared to modern cars which have many amenities.

I like that the vehicle focused on dynamics that portrays the Mazda brand and promotes a sporty feeling. Dislike for the car is the engine is based off a Ford engine that had limited power. The other dislike is the engine transmission only has four gears and the fuel range is not as great as other cars when driving at highway speeds.

- Kenneth J

The 2004 Mazda 6 was a great vehicle for me to own as my first ever car.

Problems: it had hanging headliner which had to be fixed. . Performance: great at higher speeds, feels smooth on the road, great turning range. Reliability: very reliable. Comfort: the cloth is very comfortable. Features: large trunk, remote control for doors, rear window wipers are life savers when switching lanes during the rain.

- Esmeralda M

I love the red odometer. It makes reading it very easy.

I haven't really had any problems with my Mazda. It is been very dependable. The air conditioner keeps the car very comfortable in the warm weather. The seats give good support and are comfortable. The car is very reliable except in snowy roads. The one improvement I would like is that the door automatically lock when driving.

- Bobbie U

It costs me about $40 to fill it up.

I love this car a lot. Very comfortable, with tons of room. I have had it for a few months, and I bought it from a previous owner off craigslist. It runs great, but I did hit a huge curb one time that caused it to have some damage. This is the only reason I don't love it. I am also in love with the Bose speaker system.

- Ashton C

2004 Mazda 6s still running strong!

Comfort and features are a plus with leather, automated features. Heated seats and power windows are excellent. Problems would include water pump petitioner and radiator replacement. CD player will be replaced soon, has completely stopped working. Overall, the once replacement have been made the car works perfectly.

- Virginia K

That it's a solid car and Mazda's are reliable cars.

It's a 3.0 V6 and isn't too bad on gas. One problem my car has is that the cruise control stopped working. My car has approximately 60000 miles on it and it doesn't really have any other issues other than the cruise control. My car stills drives pretty smoothly and feels stable enough to take it on the freeway.

- Robert C

The sound system in my Mazda is great quality by Bose.

Everything about my Mazda is fantastic currently. There was a recall in the airbags that they fixed for free. The radio had a few glitches but was easily fixed. Fuel mileage is below average. Maintain oil changes and inspection and your Mazda will be a great car for your kids or yourself for commutes anywhere.

- Morgan S

Too many problems but the love of my life

needs a new windshield, at and engine light are on, has a vacuum leak, needs new brakes, shocks, etc. very comfortable and reliable car. Drives really good and can handle high speeds up to 120. AC and the heat work amazingly. I really enjoy having the sunroof. The radio system is amazing and sounds perfect.

- Selena C

04 Mazda 6 - great transportation with 212k miles.

Bought used. Had sat for awhile however, the engine runs strong and kind of sips gas. Car has some cosmetic issues but nothing serious. It does leak oil around the head gasket that burns off and can smell. Nevertheless, I like the power of the engine, ac and heater. Good visibility though could be better.

- John R

I would buy a Mazda any day!

I love my car. Very reliable. I was told by a mechanic as long as I kept the oil changed it should last a long time. I have hit 276000 miles. Other than a battery and alternator, it is never given me a problem. Solid car. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a great, reliable vehicle.

- Julia M

The car is 14 years old but in good condition for Its age.

It has some issues with the shocks and breaks but other than that it is in good condition. The heater works great, have only had a few issues with the car and have had it for a month. It is not new but Its new to me. It gets me were I need to go slowly and loudly but I get there.

- Kayla S

Dependable midsize family car.

I loved my car when it was new. It has been very reliable. It now has 134, 000 miles and we have had no major breakdowns or repairs. Only a few small repairs here and there. Gas mileage has also been great. Overall it has been a great car but I am ready for something newer.

- Susan B

The Mazda 6 has a sporty look, but roomy enough for 4-5 passengers.

It's old and runs noisy. The interior cloth on the roof of the car is falling down. It seems like it's always needing a repair. It's comfortable enough and seats passengers well, but it just never really felt like 'my car'. I'm also not a big fan of the gold color.

- Karla W

Why the Mazda is amazing?

I love this cars performance and I haven't had too many problems with the car. It's a very reliable car. The car hasn't have any problems but the basic wear and tear like battery and alternator. The car is very comfortable for long trips. It's a very smooth car.

- Michael M

2004 Mazda 6 Review Summary

The car itself is nice. The a/c went out last week, and the tires consistently go flat. That may have absolutely nothing to do with the car's make, brand, or whatever else. Some pros I've noticed about the car is that the steering power is perfect...

- Trinity D

It has a manual transmission!

I love the car, I bought it brand new and now have 164,000 miles on it. I plan on keeping till 200,000 because when I look at new cars I haven't found a replacement I like as much, and so far, I haven't needed any major repairs in my old car.

- Jeff s

My Mazda 6 has pipes. I love to feel like I am racing for mascara.

I love my Mazda 6. Great on gas vets me everywhere I want and needs to be. But the only problem I have is a slow leak in the radiator and the gas pump lever gets jammed. Other than that performance was excellent. I wouldn't trade for the world.

- Santana S

Mazda6 is an efficient and reliable vehicle.

I really enjoy my Mazda6! I love the leather interior because it's easy to clean. The hatchback is very practical and can fit large items. And it has many extras, including power seats, heated seats, BOSE speakers, sunroof, etc.

- Nicole J

It is spacious and cheap repairs.

This Japanese vehicle is very cheaply made. The parts have not lasted. It is 14 years old, I have not taken good care of it, maybe that is why. I bought it for cheap, but I can say it is very reliable for a lemon.

- Gee S

Mazda is a great efficient car for new drivers or for students who in college.

Its old and falling apart also a lot of the parts I need I have to salvage from other cars because they are not being manufactured anymore and that hard plastic does not last very long.

- Ashley S

Mazda 6 2004. Great cars and highly recommend.

I love my car. Has great gas mileage, stylish, reliable, good still sporty family car. Good system and run great and has over 200, 000 miles on it. Great car.

- Ashley E

It is a dependable vehicle.

Love how sturdy it is.. Rear spoiler makes it look very sporty... Fun to drive... Do not like chrome plate under the shifter it is downright dangerous....

- Kevin H

Reliable car that is good

My car gets me to where I need to be check engine light is on not so good when it rains it's a little small for me but I plan on getting something bigger

- Jasmine C

replacing a headlight bulb is difficult. Socket sits in a awkward spot.

It's a good car. I had a 5-speed and it was great on gas mileage on the freeway. Didn't have a odd issues with it other than normal maintenance issues.

- JoAnna L

Love the body style n it was given to me when I didn't have a car

I have had nothing but problems with my mazda 6 2004 5 door hatchback. Timing chain catalytic convertor suspension wiring u name it I've replaced it

- Octavuano G

reliable and long lasting have been driving for over 10 years no major issues

long lasting vehicle transmission and engine great ; only minor or usual repairs needed; the only drawback a stronger air conditioning would be nice

- andi w

It's a very reliable car. It has always been very good to me.

I have had my Mazda for 12 years and love it. It's sporty, yet comfy. It never gives me any trouble and it's just a good family car. No complaints.

- Jessica W

It is reliable and comfortable to sit in.

I like that my car can get me from point A to point B. I love the color of my car. I dislike that it is small. I dislike that it is getting older.

- Kayla K

The red dashboard lighting is great at night.

It's easy to drive, fairly economical and reliable. It's also a bit quirky. The performance is decent. It's got over 160 thousand miles on it.

- Rich M

A great car for daily travel

My vehicle has ran great for the few years that I have had it. The gas mileage is great and I have never had any mechanical issues with it.

- David W

Mazda review about an 04 Mazda 6.

The body on the Mazda rust really quickly and the air bags tend to go off out of nowhere, other than that Mazda is a very reliable car.

- Charlie M

Fun to drive with good handling

I like how it handles and the acceleration is good. The driver's seat could be more comfortable. My power steering has a leak.

- Laura B

It's awesome and advanced for Its years. the mazda handles well and i love that the radio options and others are on the steering wheel

i love my mazda because even tho It's old in age it is more advanced and better thought out than some current models

- julie d

That it gets very good gas mileage.

Does not accelerate fast. The 2015 is a vast improvement. It is ugly color wise. And the awful stripes on the side.

- Adrian M

Good gas mileage and large gas tank.

Handling could be better, good gas mileage, decent speed. Like the color, interior, size of vehicle.

- Josh P

It has all of the creature comforts offered for that year car.

Nice features and comfort. Nice sound system. I dislike the pick up in the car.

- Jeff B

It's has engine issues. A loose or broken plug and Rough Running Engine

It is extremely loud whenever I turn the engine on and it's very annoying!

- Angela C

comfortable and easy driving

easy driving reliable good gas mileage had some ac problems

- anthony P

It's a Mazda 6 an they are fun

Fun to drive decent fuel mileage roomy interior. It's old

- R K

reliable and comfortable not too expensive

great milage no real problems on maintenance durable

- andi w