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mazda 6: luxurious chaos.

my seatbelt gets caught on the seat-adjusting levels and adjusts while driving. there is no way to stop it and no parts available i can buy to fix this. there's also been a big recall on the airbags used, and the model has no carbon fiber as the 6's used to in 04 and on. there's also very little headroom for me, seeing as how i am 5' 9". there is also metal framing on the seats, with no protection, and it has begun to rust. there are compartments that i cannot access, or lift, because of the engineering design aesthetics. items have dropped into the crevasses and disappeared, or i can see them but cannot access them.

- lizz m

This is my opinion of my 2009 Mazda 6 I touring.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle as my upkeep has been well. My repairs are more of maintenance. There have been several recalls with waiting times for parts to be released which leaves a driver uneasy, especially when it states it could be dangerous and you have no other transportation option. So you have to dish out additional money if you want to play it safe. Other than that I love pretty much everything. I think the driver seats can be more comfortable and the acceleration can have more natural kick. I have modified my car entertainment wise and love it.

- Antonio P

Liable car. Keep up with the basic maintenance you shouldn't have trouble.

I have had my Mazda 6 for 9 years now. It has been a great reliable car. I own the car now and still drive it even though I could trade it in. The leather/cloth in the car has held up very well. My car is black and the paint has not even faded, and I do not get it waxed often. It drives very smooth and quiet. The one problem that I just encountered was the mass air flow sensor went bad and I had to pay 100. 00 to replace and the thermostat also went bad send that was 300. 00 to fix. Every car has things over time that go bad so overall I love my car.

- Tiffany J

There is a national recall on the airbag. It can be fixed a no charge.

My car handles well. Has plenty of room inside and in the trunk. Not bad on gas. I have got some information sent to me about recalls, airbag & dash. It's never left me setting. I have around 130, 000 miles on it now. Mostly I've paid for normal wear and tear. Did have the alternator replaced last year sometime. I really think this has been the best vehicle I've owned. I have 3 children and it hauls us all around. I have a few dings abut they are my fault. It still looks very nice for being an 09.

- Teresa S

Overall great car. I have no complaints so far.

The car is great for a 2009. I bought it with just 92000 and I haven't had a problem with it. Just regular normal maintenance. The seats are very comfortable good heat air condition system. Great on gas. Drives smooth. This is my first having a Mazda. I am usually a American car person but I must say that this car I am really impressed by. The features for me are great. I love my sunroof. Wish I had heated seats and an updated stereo but that's ok.

- Jennifer B

Mazda 6, great reliable car.

This car is super smooth to drive and the gas and brake pedals are not too touchy. As the car has gotten older the miles per gallon has dropped significantly but still is a good car to drive overall. The car is very reliable and I have had very few issues with it since my parents bought it. All features still work very well in the car and I love that it has heated seats, especially for the cold winter months.

- Miranda A

Positive experience with Mazda.

I have had no problems with it. Just have routine maintenance. Driver side door makes a strange noise when opening. I have learned to live with it. In fact, it would be a strange feeling not to have it. The noise is like a part of the car’s personality. I was speculating buying the brand. Have since become a fan of it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an auto.

- Terry P

This vehicle is a great value for the price! The Mazda6 is a sporty family vehicle that not only runs well, it looks good too.

I bought my car new, and have had no trouble with it for the past 9 years. It runs well, I have not had to have any major service, it is easy to maintain, and it is pretty! The interior is comfortable, back seat has enough leg room for an average sized adult to fit. Even after 9 years of daily driving and road trips, I am still getting decent gas mileage.

- Kristy M

The smooth sailing Mazda!

My vehicle performs very well and rides very smooth I have only had one problem out of my vehicle and the was when my radiator went bad on me and my hose had got an hole other than that the car is pretty dope. Also the car comes in multiple styles mine has leather interior which is not common in most of the make and model of the car.

- Tony T

L9ts of bang for the buck.

Smart sensor in windshield where the wipers automatically turn on when moisture is present, heated leather seats, blind side alert when cars or objects are close and blinker is turned on, the side mirrors also light up when cars are close to vehicle side, has a great speaker system factory stocked Bose.

- Jessica S

Mazda 6! Affordable and dependable.

Very reliable. My car is 10 years old at 208k miles and still going strong. Daily driver! Drive an average of 3500 miles every 3 months. Very affordable with a great warranty. Low maintenance. Stylish body. Very comfortable with interior. Only issue is changing headlights and that is a job!!

- Andrea T

Car came equipped with Bose sound system.

I have owned the car for six years bought it used. Haven't had any major issues with it so far, other than routine maintenance. Car runs smooth and quiet. Reliable car that will get you around down or on a long car trip comfortably. Also very roomy and spacious inside. Except sound system.

- Perry S

The perfect car if you are a new buyer or looking for a car for your kids.

Slow acceleration, great gas mileage, reliable, perfect first car. There’s air conditioning, Audio sound system, and CD player. The car comes with felt seats but I use a seat cover. The back seats do not have a air vent. The backspace is very roomy. Huge trunk space to fit anything in.

- Megan L

Old car but worth the price!

My vehicle is very reliable. It has a lot of miles but as long as I take care of it and it runs every day I am happy! It is a very comfortable and roomy car. I use it daily for work and to drive to vacations. Besides normal wear and tear that needs to be replaced it's a great car.

- Michele S

Safe, reliable Mazda that goes the distance.

I have driven my car nearly 150,000 and have had no problems. It is a dependable, safe car that gets me and my children easily. It is also comfortable to drive with nice features like heated seats and a 6-disc CD player. It handles well in snowy and icy conditions, also.

- Mara S

Great steering wheel construction and easy to control Audio and cruise control.

Handles well, steering wheel has Audio controls and cruise control built in, good gas mileage (both city and highway). All around dependable car. Has ample seating and easy access to the trunk area for short hauls. Seating is good quality fabric and is quite comfortable.

- Ross A

Used vehicle in good condition for first vehicle.

Aging vehicle with frequent repairs needed. Serves purpose for car in the city in additional to public transportation. Generally comfortable and reliable vehicle over has been a good first vehicle as a young adult. Bought used and in great condition so light wear since.

- Brooklyn C

Mazda 6- the reliable family car.

My car has a sunroof, seat warmers, and tells me the outside temperature. I would say it is very reliable. My Mazda 6 has never left me stranded. Even with my high mileage, I have never had engine or trans issues. Lastly, I can start my car just by pushing a button!

- Ann M

This Mazda6 is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned!

I have my Mazda 6 since brand new in 2009. I have absolutely loved owning this vehicle. Not only has it been reliable but, its only been in the shop 3 times since I bought, it besides routine maintenance and oil changes. 10/10 would recommend!

- Brian W

Does well with high mileage.

Love this car and how it drives/handles. Has a very comfy fit to it and is fun to drive. Had an issue recently with the airbag light though, took 4 trips to the dealership before they could finally figure out what the problem was.

- Sheila M

A sporty 4 door sedan that is perfect for a family of 4.

I love the fact that even though my Mazda 6 is a sedan, it still has a sporty look and enough pep to get up and go. The only problem I have had with it recently is the smart key does not always function correctly

- Laurie L

It is dependable and long lasting and easy/ inexpensive to maintain

Love the color. It has been very dependable, almost 10 years old and have not had to put much money in it at all. Has ~120K miles on it and (not to jinx it) seems like it will keep going for a couple years.

- Lauren M

My Zoom Zoom. Mazda 6, a worthy choice for anyone.

This vehicle is one of the best vehicles that I've ever owned. I've only had one issue with it which was fixed via the warranty. It's very fun and comfortable to drive. I would suggest it to anyone.

- Matthew T

The sunroof window can crack open, needs to be re-closed when the sound of wind gets loud, but it is easy and not much trouble.

The mileage on the vehicle was somewhat high when purchased. It was a used car, so mileage and slight wear and tear was to be expected. I like the way the car looks and drives. May need a tune up soon.

- Michael C

Reliable car. Prefer it smaller and sportier as it has been in the past.

Have had problems with fuel injection system, mostly a great car, had a 2007 Mazda 6 before and prefer the body style and sportiness much more than the very sedan larger body type of the 2009.

- Michelle L

It has issues specific to that make and model that needed a lot of maintenance

I have had to take it in for repairs that were specific to this car many times. It has lasted me a while but there are too many trips to the dealership to fix Mazda issues

- Becca P

it is comfortable to ride in

I love that it is good on gas for me. I love the safety features it has like the blind side mirrors. I love that it is very comfortable to take on road trips

- Amy c

The gas lever is in the floorboard.

It has a big trunk. It is very roomy as I have two children in big car seats. I love how my air vents are. It is easy to work on myself. It's very reliable.

- Melissa F

Y I like my 2009 Mazda I think it's a great car.

I like my 2009 car be it has served me well for the last nine years .I have had no problems with it.I love the way it handle and the gas mileage I get.

- Pinkney M

Do not get black leather seats when you live in the South.

I love my car, but it was purchased in Ohio. I would not purchase a Mazda from the local dealer Dean McCrary. They have horrible customer service.

- Shannon B

Mazda Mazda 6 2009 summary

It gets me from place to place. It has plenty of room in both the cab and truck. Although it has a bunch of recalls for various parts of the car

- Josh H

It is a good size car that is great for families and road trips.

I enjoy my car. It has good amount of power. I enjoy the large trunk space. Makes it great for families with small children and long road trips.

- Ams S

How reliable it is and if taken car off should run forever!

Since buying this vehicle brand new in 2009 I have had nothing but, great things to say! The car is reliable and keeps getting better with age.

- Brian W

It is extremely reliable.

I like that my car is good on gas and is extremely reliable. I only wish it had a few more luxuries but that is t necessarily a dislike.

- Estevan P

This car can last! It's gets great gas mileage and has been able to function reliably for a very long time.

The Mazda 6 is a very reliable vehicle. We have had to make very few repairs, all pretty much standard. We also get great gas mileage.

- Jen M

It is a great mix of great looks and great performance.

We have not had any problems with it. It runs great and I have loved driving it. It gives me a little more of the sporty luxury feel.

- Patrick S

It has great gas mileage.

I like my vehicle because to fits who I am as a mother of 3. There is nothing to dislike about it. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Kimberly T

There have been absolutely No maintenance problems.

It gives great mileage per tank. It looks good. No maintenance problems at all. Only had to have oil changes since I've had it.

- Kristen H

Zoom zoom the 6 will have you mesmerized

None so far besides headlight bulbs sometimes. The car is great could use better gas mileage but it's fun to drive. I love it.

- Salvador r

It has a lot of trunk space.

It is a reliable car that I cannot trust to get me where I need to go. The work done on it is standard. It is comfortable.

- Emma F

It is a fun and reliable car with a lot of space for storage for the road trips.

It feels very sporty. I don't like that the manual transmission was only offered for the base model, and not for the v6.

- Brandon H

Space while traveling with a family

I like the space the car provides. There is plenty of room for the family. It is a comfortable ride for trips.

- amb s

it is very comfortable to take on long trip and seems to be good on gas

very comfortable to drive. Very roomy for my long legged husband. and love the blind mirror safety it came with

- Amy e

Good gas mileage. Good four door family car. Comfortable and still has pep in it.

Comfortable, still has get up and go when needed. Good gas mileage. No major issues but a bunch of recalls.

- Deb C

It is comfortable and roomy.

I wish it was a little more sporty. Wish it had GPS. Touch screen navigation would be nice. Need a USB port.

- Brittan C

It's reliable and has never had a huge problem. Very good value.

Gas mileage could be better. I have dents in it that are too expensive to fix. Carpets are hard to clean

- Jackson L

Mazda is the best! Definitely purchase.

It is one of the best vehicles I've ever owned! It's reliable, comfortable, stylish, and economical.

- Sam T

My car gets me from one place to another with good gas mileage. It's reliable and safe.

My Mazda is small and efficient. It is also reliable. It is nicknamed Zippy because it is zippy!

- ilene k

Very comfortable, good power, paint has held up well for 10 years

Very comfortable, okay on fuel consumption, 150,000 miles + without any major repair bills

- ME S

My car is sporty looking and great quality for a great price.

I have never had any problems with it. It drives great and is the perfect size for me.

- Christine C

Low maintenance no major problems

Like interior and low cost to own for mid size sedan. No major complaints

- Scott M

I love that it's roomy and has important safety features like blind spot monitoring. There have been A LOT of recalls.

It's been a comfortable, reliable and great all-around vehicle

- Tiffani R

That it isn't the best car out there

I like that it gets decent gas mileage. I wish it was larger.

- Michelle P

Keep up with your keys you cam get locked out

I like how the engine isn't load. It rides well. Good on gas

- Danielle R

The Mazda 6 ,good looking and reliable. Great looking and speedy

I like the look. I like the interior i like the speed

- Thomas S