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Comfortable and reliable, worth considering.

Great driving car, comfortable for long trips, reliable and decent fuel mileage, has had only moderate maintenance needs and meets my needs well; for being 13+ years old, it runs well, looks good, gets me where I want to go; insurance is reasonable, and it has a good track record for reliability and endurance, I drive it short distances to work each day and also for longer trips between 1 hour and 3 hours without any issues, maintenance costs are reasonable and parts are available, I honestly would buy another Mazda again because of my experience with this car, I have looked at newer Mazda 6's as well as the SUV options from Mazda. I like the Mazda dealership where I have gone for maintenance - very user friendly. I also like the size of the car. Big enough for four people to travel comfortably, can fit five if necessary yet small enough to handle well in traffic. Is fairly quiet especially with good tires. Lots of tire options. Lots of storage areas in the car which comes in handy.

- Lila S

Dependable & very gas modern.

It is a good car that is very good on the gas economy. It has power windows, leather seats, a very decent factory radio with CD player and other features. The trunk is huge. It has been a great vehicle. I'll throw in extra: I needed a tune up that was way overdue; and that is my fault. But even though, it had some miss going on, it stayed dependable. And, after I invested in a tune-up that I caused, with not service in due time, was plugs and wires, core pack that plug wires hook into. And it ran like charm all over. So, I'd definitely recommend the Mazda.

- Kimberly A

Super reliable commuter car for cheap!

I love my Mazda! I bought it used outright from a friend with 132k miles and in a year and a half am at 170k miles. Super reliable! I drive like a crazy person, and not once has my car broken down on me! In almost 40k miles of hard driving, all I have paid for is basic upkeep (tires, brakes, oil change, battery, etc). Loads of trunk space, and she drives very smooth for me. Super reliable car and a Mazda really can make it to 300k miles no problem if you keep up on the maintenance. I would definitely recommend! Plus great on gas mileage.

- Serena W

2005 Mazda 6. Still runs smoothly and reliably even after one hundred thirty thousand miles.

Though the vehicle is ten years old, it still runs quite smoothly. However, the power steering shakes when coming out of turns and there is a high pitched noise upon turning. The vehicle is reliable and gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable with cloth seating, but the air conditioning stopped working a few years ago. Features don't include navigation or satellite radio, simply the usual AM/FM stations and a CD player.

- Kevin D

My Mazda 626 stitch blue car. It is no punch buggy.

My air conditioning unit is a little funky, sometimes it blows super cold air and other times it is somewhat warm. It is a very smooth driving car, the gears shift nicely. Radio system is loud. I do not have many complaints about this car. I bought it with a lot of miles on it but it is still my daily driver. I think it was built to last.

- Samantha M

Snow white. Runs and drives. Cannot complain.

Reliable car if maintained. Has good amount of legroom. Car sits a little bit lower. Quick. All black leather seats, alloy rims. Good on gas. I use it to get from a to b on a daily basis. A lot of performance part can be upgraded to the car. Overall if you are looking for something reliable and quick this is the vehicle.

- David P

Nice sporty like vehicle. I wish was a different color.

No huge problems. I do not care for the transmission being able to go from automatic to manual. Blower motor has had to be replaced twice now. Not very comfortable, but not terrible. Good gas mileage. It was a little confusing at first to know how to open the gas tank. It's on the floor board next to the door.

- Katrina S

Mazda 6 - a very reliable car. Would buy another one!

It is a very reliable car. I have only had to do general maintenance (change the oil) I haven't had any problems with it. There is plenty of storage space. The seats can be taken down to expand the storage. The only thing I would have preferred are leather seats instead of fabric.

- Erica W

A very smooth ride and good on gas!

Sometimes it makes a weird noise when I turn the ac on but otherwise it is wonderful. Although I do wish it had a sunroof. Also I dislike that the lock/unlock button is in between the front seats instead of being located next to the door handle. It is very inconvenient.

- Samantha H

Mazda is great for longevity.

This car performs reliably even with high mileage. The only repairs I have needed to make are the kind you would expect with mileage, such as tires, brakes and other similar repairs. It is comfortable and the leather seats held up like a champ even with a dog.

- Sandra H

It has very nice rims and great paint.

It does not have any problems right now and drives very smoothly. I have only had it for a year and I like it. We take it a lot on the freeway so we have to make sure to do the oil change on time or sooner. It is a great car and it is reliable and a nice car.

- Valeria O

Mazda's do not disappoint.

I haven't had any issues with my Mazda. It rides very well. Great on gas especially when you keep up with the simple maintenance (ex: oil changes, tire rotation and yearly flushes. It fast like I like and its a manual or automatic. The trunk is huge as well.

- Patrice J

Old car but still seems new.

No real problems except for problems I have caused. Some recalls as always because older car. I have had to replace alternator but that is it. Gets very good gas mileage and is a very efficient car. My car has 146, 000 miles on it and still runs very well.

- Morgan L

My review for my 2005 Mazda 6 5 speed.

My 2005 Mazda 6 is a 5 speed and it has been very reliable, it has 140 thousand miles on it and I havent had any major issues with it. The only things I have had to fix are normal wear and tear on a car that is 14 years old. It is good on gas mileage.

- Jessica M

The wagon is able to fit a lot more thing in the trunk.

I like that there is a lot of trunk space and it's longer than most cars. I also like that it still gets pretty good gas mileage. I like that it is fairly reliable and doesn't break often. I dislike how low it is to the ground.

- Ellen F

The car is good on gas and has not had much technical problems.

I like how spacious it is and how many miles the car gets to the gallon of gas. I like the sound system. I do not like that it has faulty wiring and water leaks from outside the doors into the car.

- Lauren Z

It may not be the newest car, but it is very reliable and super comfortable.

The only problem I have with my vehicle is how dim the headlights get. The bulbs were already replaced, but the cover on them is way too dull. Otherwise, it's very reliable and super comfortable..

- Megan F

The Mazda 6 is great at being average

It has average gas mileage. A lot of problems have surfaced, such as with the alternator. However, I think they have so much more to do with the amount of miles on the car. In my case, 150K.

- alejandra g

Well-driven 2005 Mazda 6 grey sedan

Never had to make any big expensive repairs and in all it's been a very reliable car. It is starting to slowly fall apart thought. The headliner is coming down, pieces are falling off, etc.

- Chelsea C

It is a very dependable car n has a Ford engine.

I like how stylish the car is. It gets really good gas mileage. It is fully loaded. I can go from 0 mph to 65 mph in apx 5 seconds. It has wonderful performance

- Debi N

The engine is susceptible to seizing up after 100k miles.

I like that it's peppy for a 4 cylinder. 5 speed manual is fun to drive. The sound system is great for stock. It handles like a go-cart. Great gas mileage.

- Eric M

Good reliability over a number of years.

It is starting to have issues that come with age. It has been a reliable vehicle but a bit less lately. Would consider buying a Mazda again in the future.

- Richard L

Great gas mileage for that size of truck.

Like- sporty, fast, good mpg.. Dislike- not enough storage, not great in snow or rain.. Vehicle has caused problems traveling in inclement weather..

- Danielle G

luxury feel even though not a luxury car. Very roomy.

very comfortable to drive. 13 year old car and just beginning to have problems with it but mostly non mechanical (does not affect ability to drive)

- sharon c

This car has a large amount of blind spots.

I like that it is a manual, I like the smooth drive, and good gas mileage. I dislike paying for premium gas, and I dislike how small the car is.

- Sydnee W

Comfortable and more or less dependable, gets from point A to point B well

In general my vehicle is good; it gets me where I need to go with few problems. However, it has a few issues from age and a previous wreck.

- Kay D

Love my mazda 6 My next vehicle will be Mazda but suv

Great gas mileage. Its comfortable even on long trips, plenty of leg room and storage. Never had a major problem till now a vacuum leak .

- Laura W

2005 mazda 6 s is a great vehicle

it is a great car it never really gave me much problems just the normal wear and tear with proper maintenance it is a reliable vehicle.

- Sabrina S

Mazda 6 - just buy one - I love mine

No issues - great car - dependable economical fun good looking was fairly reasonable to purchase and I see a lot of them being driven

- Allen S

My car has all wheel drive.

Car has decent pickup and good gas mileage. It is reliable transportation. It rarely needs a non-preventive maintenance repair.

- Al W

Vehicle has a big trunk to put stuff in.

It gets me from one place to another. Ac Gets the car cool very quick. I do not like that I cannot play music through my phone.

- Sean G

It has good gas mileage. It is a smooth ride. It has a lot of space.

I like the brand. It has good gas mileage. It is a good size. I have had issues with the motor. Also the airbag was recalled.

- Xochitl U

Reliable automobile with good gas mileage.

My car has a very low cost of operation per mile. It gets good gas mileage and rarely need non-preventive maintenance.

- Al S

It has a slap stick to manually change the gears

100% liable. No problems that I know of. It's 4 door. 4 cylinder. Great commuter to and from work great on gas too

- Breanna L

I have a reliable Mazda 6 that I love driving.

I love my Mazda 6 it is comfortable, it's good on gas. It is reliable. I haven't had any problems out of it.

- Tiffany L

It is a great car and everyone should own one.

No problems to complain about. Very happy with the vehicle and all it is features. Would highly recommend.

- Jamie S

It is a great option for students.

I like the functionality of my vehicle. I do not like how slow the acceleration is, wish it was smoother.

- Aliyah S

It sits 5 people just fine

I haven't had any problems with my mazda6. I've had it for almost a year now.no problems.nk issues..

- Bre L

Durable, adorable, and stylish. Very few mechanical issues.

It's a durable vehicle. Seems high quality and I've had few maintenance issues with it.

- Sarah P

I like the look and color of the car. I don't like that it has a rusted hood. I also have frequent car troubles.

It has a rusted hood. This isn't necessarily the manufacturers' fault, however.

- Stephen M

She hugs the road really well and has great gas mileage.

With age problems arise with transmission but I love how she handles the road

- Beverly S

The previous maintenance history or anything else replaced or damaged

Like: fuel economy, rides decent Dislike: Maintenance costs mainly

- Mike G

It is 13 years old.It runs very well and is a great car!

It is a 4 door sedan. It has a/c that still works well.

- Erin N