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Fancy and reliable...Most of the time.

It is reliable and easy to depend on but my frustration comes when there's an issue with the car, it is very expensive to repair. I am a fan of the vehicle itself but when there are hardships or difficulties (which come very unexpectedly), it is hard to take care of on a car that is already so old yet needs maintenance that is so expensive. It is also hard to find repair shops and mechanics that operate on the car, so it can be very frustrating.

- Clair J

Care of the vehicle and maintenance is not problematic.

The vehicle is very well built and has a strong frame, it has a smooth ride and very low maintenance. The only setback is that with the maintenance it can be very expensive ortho little maintenance is required when things go wrong with the vehicle it cost a lot to fix it repair or replace. It has a lot of excellent features considering the year it was made. It has a very large trunk space in a lot of power when driving.

- Will H

Pretty affordable when purchasing in this year.

The e320 Mercedes Benz is a car that is out of a dream. It is expensive when it comes to maintenance of the vehicle, but it is well worth the time and money invested. The different features the car provides gives this vehicle the feel of being in heaven. The tint for the back window is lovely to block sun rays on my toddler son.

- Mike R

15 years old and still looks and drives like a dream.

A Mercedes is a super reliable car and has excellent safety record. I have never had this car breakdown in 15 years. The turn radius is so tight I never have difficulty parking this car in tight spots. When driving this car feels heavy and safe. On the downside, any maintenance is costly.

- Rebecca M

2004 Mercedes Benz, e320 wagon AWD.

It is a luxury vehicle. It includes heated leather seats throughout and 3rd row seating. All seats lay down, making the car roomy enough to haul a queen sized bed. It rides very smooth and has all the bells and whistles. I would recommend this car to family and friends.

- Karen L

Smooth and comfortable car.

Just the one cup holder. It is very smooth on winding roads. A comfortable car. It is old and needs some detailing. I have to give it a little push to start the gas. Mercedes is for us, overengineered which is a good thing but they forgot the basics. I like her.

- Jen E

It is very dependable and with proper maintenance can last many years.

Likes: 1. Quality of build. 2. Good on gas. 3. Many standard options. Dislikes: 1. Cost of maintaining and up keep of the vehicle. 2. Cost of fuel. 3. Easily rusts. I live in a snow belt region and salt roads eat away at the frame and body.

- William H

Mercedes. . Do not drive a 2004 if you have a schedule to adhere to.

The car drives great and is extremely comfortable. However, it has tremendous electronic issues. There is almost always something wrong. I have to open the hood and move things just to get the car to start!

- Heather D

The one most important thing others should know about my car is Comfortable Seats.

The car is comfortable. I love that it is roomy between the front and back seat. My only complaint is there is no spot in the front for cup holders. That is the only thing I can really say I don't like.

- Lisandra R

The are very gas efficient and long lasting vehicles.

I Own a Mercedes Benz E320 and it is the best purchase i've made in awhile. The car had low mileage and has provided me with the state of the art luxury that is bragged about with Mercedes Benz.


I love my Benz, classy car < 3

This car is very nice and classy. Has heat and cooling seats which are amazing. Display shows warnings, for instance, when my roof top is open, it will show me on my dashboard which is great.

- Kalesha S

It is costly to maintain.

I like the smooth drive despite the age. The spacious interior makes it very comfortable. I do not like the increasing cost to maintain it due to parts starting to reach replacement term.

- Madonna S

My car is such massive poops.

Works well and runs nice except for the faulty computer problem. My taillight front and back are out. My car likes to choose when it is a good time to drive.

- Natalie M

It is usually reliable and runs well.

The auxiliary cord it's plugs in the glove box ruining cords and up front is only one cup holder which isn't nice when two people can sit upfront.

- Mal F

It drives easily and has a elegant feel to it.

It is a very old car, it is pretty elegant to drive and my car is a fighter. It also looks very good even though it sometimes breaks down.

- Gud D

It had a gas tank recall in 2004 or 2005, that will expire December 2018.

I like the look. I like the color. I like that it is a luxury vehicle. Dislikes, the repairs are expensive. Dislike, gas is expensive.

- Monica L

i enjoy the comfort and safety. It gets really good gas mileage for size of car.

I love the quietness and comfort and How I feel driving it. my one complaint is the cost of fixing it when it needs something

- julie g

It is a well made car, gives a nice ride.

No complaints. It is reliable, sporty, functional, nice color, low maintenance easy repairs. Well made vehicle.

- Rose S

I take excellent care of it.

Powerful yet comfortable ride. Nice features, but expensive to repair. Very sleek look. Aggressive stance.

- David R

My 2004 E 500 has been a pretty reliable car for me. A smooth ride , good gas mileage for a v8 , and the overall durability of the car are all positive

The only drawback I have to the E500 is repair costs if you run into any trouble along the way

- Joshua P

It has incredible safety features while still being sleek and stylish

I like the safety features, but dislike how expensive repairs and upkeep are

- kris a

don't know, don't know, don't know, don't know don't know, don't know, don't know, don't know

I like everything, no complaints. I like everything, no complaints

- Serg g