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Mercedes Benz e class: an autobahn cruiser for the modern senile grandparent.

My Mercedes is a very reliable vehicle as it is still running strong. I have a had problems with the brakes and fuel pump as well as a slew of electrical problems; however, this is expected at two hundred thousand miles for any luxury vehicle. My car is the base model which, for 2006, was outfitted with a 3. 5 liter v6. While I am sometimes underwhelmed with the mere 268 hp, I feel that the average buyer would be perfectly happy with the sedan’s acceleration. Ride quality is among the best I have experienced with even the most turbulent roads becoming only slight discomforts. The car is rated at 19 mpg city and 27 hwy. I have managed much higher and lower than these numbers, depending on driving style; the average driver should expect to see 22-24 combined. Because my car was originally sold as a fleet or rental vehicle, it has few advanced options. There are blank switches and dials for heated seats, adaptive cruise and folding rear seats. However, I do enjoy many standard features such as a sunroof/moonroof, dual zone automatic climate control, cruise control, 8 way power seats, and rain sensing wipers.

- Jordan W

The most interesting detail of my car is the interior.

I really enjoy driving my vehicle because it looks good. It is silver in color, which is a color that does not show a lot of dirt, because I find that I do not have a lot of time to wash it, as I should. The only problem I have at the current time is with the shocks, we are getting ready to replace them. The previous owner had not replaced the shocks when we bought it. But the car drives well despite this fact. I find that it is very comfortable, it is suited to me. And there are so many features, some I probably have not even used. Mercedes-Benz is the top of the line as far as luxury goes. Most of the features for the audio are on the steering wheel, which makes it very easy to change the music you are listening to. This car is very reliable, and when I step on the accelerator, I do not have to worry about whether it is going to stop on me, it gets up and goes! The sound system is awesome, which makes you want to drive on and on, as you listen to the music. All in all, I have no problems with my vehicle, even though it is the age that it is.

- Kathy T

Great car to drive, great, mpg. Very low cost of ownership because it was built so well.

My Mercedes is a 4 door sedan, that has a diesel engine. The diesel engine produces outstanding mpg results for a car with mine's weight. The engine also produces great 'ower" to allow for rapid acceleration. Finally, the car has had outstanding with minimal repairs required in 9 years of service for me.

- paul B

It runs like brand new, no complaints!

I love my vehicle! The e class is the. Best version. I have owned my car for about one year now, and it is been running smoothly. I have absolutely no complaints. If you keep your oil fresh and look at the things wrong with the car, then I assure you that you'll love your car! Now I'll only buy Mercedes Benz!

- Jackson S

Great vehicle for the demanding consumer.

I really enjoyed Mercedes. The comfort is outstanding. The styling and features are very good. Many coworkers inquire regarding the dependability of the vehicle. I would recommend it to middle aged individuals that are nearing retirement. This is a great vehicle for both the road and city driving.

- Virgil T

Safety and knowing that the car is not just going to quit on you on the side of the road.

Mercedes-Benz make is reliable. Good safety record. Great customer service when you take your car in for service. The car does not break down as long as I keep the maintenance up to date. The only downside I would say is the fact that it is a luxury car and maintenance on a luxury car is pricey.

- Marie J

Buy a Mercedes, you'll be glad you did!

My Mercedes-Benz is fabulous! It is so reliable, comfortable, and all-around maintenance is a snap. Passengers are also very comfortable. My car is 12 years old, and I still get compliments on how gorgeous it is! It is a pleasure to drive. Newer Mercedes have the best technology.

- Jill B

Love car - expensive to upkeep.

I like my car. It is getting older so I am having some issues and the upkeep is expensive. Can only use premium gas which is more expensive. Also, over 163, 000 miles which means a new car in my near future. Tires are also expensive and I need new ones at the moment.

- Jacqueline S

Is that I enjoy my car because it is reliable.

I love my Mercedes, I drive it daily, it has not failed me yet. I keep it oiled and gassed, it is always ready to go on a long distance trip, in a moments notice.

- Shelley W

It is extremely dependable.

I have no complaints. Very dependable, drives great, extremely comfortable. It looks great, even being an older car. I would buy another Mercedes in a heartbeat.

- L B

Safe, Sturdy, and Sleek: Mercedes Benz

The car is very sturdy and feels safe to drive in. We've had the car between 5-10 years (bought it used) but are now having some issues with the engine.

- Alyssa M

The Mercedes E-Class Wagon is a gem.

I own a Mercedes E350 wagon V6 and it's a fantastic car! The airmatic suspension provides an incredibly smooth ride, and all of my passengers love it!

- Jerad D

It has good handling. Is a safe reliable car. People should want to drive this car because it is a luxury car.

I like how fast it is. I don't like that it takes plus fuel, which is more expensive. I also like it better with tinted windows. It's nice inside.

- Julie K

The most important thing is that my car is small, but it is fast and sturdy.

My vehicle is a small, e-class Mercedes. I like the navigation system and the radio in the car. There is nothing about the car that I don't like.

- Steven P

Very reliable, it will last a long time.

Car is very comfortable.... Car gets great gas mileage.... Car is very reliable...... Do not dislike anything.... No complaints.

- Que D

Third row of seating and incredible value in the used car market

Love styling and balance of performance and space. However it is getting old and requires expensive maintenance

- David R

it says class and style It's comfortable for road trips It's a wonderful car

i love the comfort.i love the style.i love the navigation system.

- ernie g

Safety features and body toughness

I like this vehicle because 1)Safety, 2)Quietness, 3) Powerful.

- EI W