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A really comfortable car!

It is really comfortable and pretty roomy. There's a lot of leg space which is a bonus. My car is a little old so the bass in the speaker is broken and makes a weird buzzing noise, and the GPS installed in the car is not updated so some of the places you put in are inaccurate. However, the car runs pretty well and can also go into sports mode and my family and I love this car as it is very reliable and comfortable.

- Vera M

Really great vehicle great on gas and low maintenance.

It is low maintenance really great on fuel. Rides real comfortable and quite as well and it has everything in it from Bluetooth to XM radio. I really like this brand of car. It is really reliable and the performance of the vehicle is really great as well. The only problem is the leather seats not made really great.

- Roy G

Smooth ride but car too large.

I really like the car a lot. But I have trouble parking it and backing out. I do not take advantage of the bells and whistles so I guess I find a lot of the extras too confusing, the car runs very well. It is a smooth ride. My chief complaint is that the car is really too large for me but I feel really safe in it.

- Michele L

the ride is comfortable, and because it's a reputable brand, should last a reasonably long period of time.

really like the wood trim and the interior of my car, it is better than a few of the other luxury car brands. the vehicle handles smoothly, comfortable rides. the car has not given me any major mechanical problems so far.

- James L

If you want a luxury car, I recommend the Mercedes E class!

My Mercedes has such a smooth ride. The interior is comfortable and I love that the exterior is classic and doesn't seem to go out of style. My only complaint is the repair and upkeep is expensive.

- Susan B

You will feel safe in this vehicle due to the numerous air bags and protection of the passenger cage.

I love the safety features and the engineering in this car; how it handles and goes very fast. I wished the bluetooth phone connection was better and allowed for bluetooth of Pandora, etc.

- Denise G

That it's good on gas mileage.

I like the look, the ease in driving it. I feel safe in this car, it was well built. My Benz is a joy to drive. Plus it tells you when something needs to be repaired. Warning signs.

- Phyllis S

The car is fun to drive. It offers a smooth ride. I like the features that it has even though it's 8 years old.

I love my car. I love the color because I don't see it on the highway too often. It's a comfortable drive. The only complaint I have is the cost of servicing the car.

- Jackie S

Good vehicle, no major problems, rides well and economical.

Very comfortable, economical,gets good mileage. Unhappy with recall due to airbags, waiting to get problem rectified. Did not expect the problem to take so LONG!

- Tony D

The car is fun to drive. It makes you feel like you have made a mark in the world. It's not a gas guzzler either.

I love my car. It is comfortable to drive. I love the color and it fits my personality. I don't like that it costs so much to have the car serviced.

- Jackie B

The most important thing others should know my car is safety proof.

I like the way it drives. I like the body style. I like the color. I dislike the rims. I dislike the size. I dislike headlights. I have no complaints.

- Sylvia M

It is a great looking car with great lines and profile.

It's a great couple that has a fantastic look. We have had minimal problems but when problems arise, they are typically expensive.

- Jeff S

It's a classic model that's faster than the newer generation e class

The body style is more luxurious looking than the newer Mercedes and looks larger and more distinguished than the newer e class

- Jon P

Terrific vehicle to have.

It's a wonderful car and very reliable. It feels very safe to drive in and I feel like I can go anywhere without any problems.

- Brittany W

Do NOT purchase a used Mercedes without written service guarantee!

Every small issue requires a hugely expensive fix. Mercedes mechanics are difficult to find and the dealership is horrendous!

- Ted B

A smooth ride that one would be proud to drive

Haven't had much problem with my 2 door sedan. It has always given me top rated performances. It is a pleasure to drive

- Andrew M

Maintenance and repairs could be very costly you need to be prepared for it.

I have had no major problems with my car just basic maintenance and service it is been a pleasure to purchase this car.

- Andrew C

Problems with Mercedes Benz

I love my car however I have been having problems with the panoramic roof closing. I think the motor is sticking.

- Krystal R

Minor Flaws that are annoying but not a deal breaker

Compared to a Lexus the Benz is not a quality vehicle is not very sturdy. I have had several minor problems.

- Pam K

Very expensive to replace something.

I love how comfortable the seats are. Great for long trips and can ride in style. Gas mileage is great.

- Celeste C

It's very comfortable to drive and the drive is excellent!

I like the way the car drives. It is pretty reliable. It is very comfortable. It looks really nice.

- Jill D

Quality vehicle, nice looking. Sound proof. Love the cameras and the collision prevention. The ride is smooth.

Collision prevention system will brake by itself when it senses an object in your path

- Nancy A

You need to know what exactly your gas mileage would be.

It is very nice. It has a great way to get around and still be stylish

- Mary N

The extreme reliability of this car is amazing along with the comfort.

I like the comfort. I like the mileage I get. I like the style.

- Susan G

It's has the best heated seats and the bucket seats make it very comfortable.

Great looking car. Has maintained well. Love the sound system.

- Sherry S

its safe car. the all wheel drive system keeps the car stuck to the ground.

I like that it's safe. it handles well. it looks great.

- michael n