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A luxurious eye catching car.

My Mercedes Benz is a small but luxurious car it has plenty of room for my 2 kids it's spacious he has a sunroof and in the back of the car in the trunk he has an area for groceries that gets turn into a box for your watermelon not to be running around for example or if you have some eggs that do not want just laying around in the truck it is easy to get in and it is very comfortable with heated seats and heated steering wheel the navigation system is a little difficult to figure out it takes a little while to get used to if you do not use it very much like me lol. It is very easy to get around and attracts a lot of eyes.

- Pita M

Family vehicle, not the cheapest in the market.

did not get any major problem that I would say that I dislike the vehicle. Good performance and reliable. My kids say it is not that comfortable in the back sit. The feature that I most like is the gas/mileage. the a/c is not that cold/strong if you are someone that really enjoys a very cold inside temperature. Good size trunk, enough maybe for 3 grand luggages. I am planning to take for a oil change at the dealer and maybe also check for some strange noise and the car is on N.

- daniel P

It lives up to Its reputation.

Some features that appeal to me are: the smooth ride, the safety technology, the pick-up for appropriate situations, and the classy look. I wish that we had explored a few more safety touches. The cost for the higher grade of gas is also a sore point. We would still look closely at this brand when we are ready to acquire a new vehicle based on our experience.

- William H

A day in the life of a Mercedes owner.

I have been a Mercedes owner for 10 years. It is a very reliable and great riding vehicle. It also has many safety features as well as good gas mileage. Very expensive to maintain the vehicle. Oil changes over 500. 00 Tires cost about 300 each. I will be looking for a different car in the future that will be lower in maintenance then other cars.

- Camille B

The e400 Mercedes, it is really a fun car to drive!

Fun vehicle, plenty of power, has all the features anyone would want (for those that like to drive a nice car), looks good with 20 inch black wheels and black trim all over (no chrome at all), is very reliable (just need to watch out for the potholes in the road), and definitely catches people's eyes when you drive by!

- Gregory C

Safe, comfortable and problem free

My car has been completely problem free and I have been driving it for three and a half years. Both the driver's seat and the passenger seat are very comfortable and adaptable to offer many options of seat position. It is very reliable and I would certainly purchase another Mercedes Benz in this model.

- Jane S

A wonderful, comfortable car.

It is a very comfortable car to drive and ride in. It "makes a u turn on a dime"! Also, it is very quiet. The GPS is very detailed. My car is 2 1/2 years old and still drives like it is a brand new car. The paint is very high quality, plus the inside seating is comfortable and very pleasant to look at.

- Kathie W

The joy of owning a Mercedes Benz.

Super comfortable. Has many safety features which lowered my insurance. Able to pass other vehicles with ease due to engine size. Has dual air-conditioning which allows me to cool my hot flashes without freezing my husband. The sound system is superb. I can link my phone to get calls through the car.

- Mary L

Great car! Awesome color. Unique look.

My vehicle is at its highest performance. Its very reliable & dependable. It's very comfortable to ride in and has great features. I keep my car maintenance so I do not experience many problems. The car rides very smooth with precision & performance, I love this car and a avid Mercedes fan.

- Nicole W

Review of Mercedes-Benz e350 model.

I was hit by someone less than two weeks after buying the car. Since the accident I have had many tire and paint issues. However, this never happened to my past cars by Mercedes which leads me to believe that these problems have surfaced because of the accident I was in.

- Julianna S

Review of Mercedes e-class 350.

Mercedes cars are great. Runs well, no problems, would buy one again. Great performance. Only thing is mpg gas usage which in only about 24 mpg. One other thing is the cost of maintenance which can be expensive is you do not buy a prepaid maintenance package.

- Sarah S

Because it it keyless, you must turn it off with the button on the dash before walking away!

Our car is a station wagon, so despite being a "luxury car", it still seems modest. It is very easy to drive, has a very smooth ride, and rarely experiences even minor glitches. I like that it doesn't rely on a lot of computer screens or button pushing.

- Beth T

Car review for Mercedes Benz.

I love my car. It is a mix of luxury and functionality. It is safe, reliable, and trendy. The only thing that does bother me is that it does not necessarily get great mileage per gallon. I average around 26 mpg with city driving which is low in my mind.

- Sarah V

It is not the perfect car for everyone, but if you are looking for comfort, style, reliability, and a stellar reputation this is the car for you.

I appreciate the styling of my car the most, it looks very contemporary and sporty, but does not go overboard trying to look like a street legal race car. I also appreciate the comfort while operating it and the reliability for which the brand is known.

- marcos A

The 2016 Mercedes e class is among the best handling autos I have driven.

This car drives like a dream. Handling and acceleration are impeccable. Sounds like a beast. The only problem I have had has been with the paddle shifting and automatic transmission. Gas mileage is great and the comfort is of that of a Mercedes-Benz.

- Robert U

This car is an amazing ride!

Great car to drive around town and on the highway. I love the sensors on the car that let me know if something is blocking me. The interior is comfortable and spacious. This is the fourth e350 I have had and I cannot imagine having any other car.

- Lisa R

a car that meets all the feasible conditions to have it at home, so excellent model and good confor

my vehicle is super comfortable, comfortable where to travel every day whether to take children to school, or go to work, go out to spend is fantastic enjoyment, has great grip on the curves, excellent engine, bright model

- Richard l

Saves gas and lots of room.

Like - backup camera, dashboard features, engine response.... Dislike - 2 door model, not confident that sunroof mesh blocks enough of ultraviolet rays, cannot automatically cover glass of sunroof like other models.

- Phyllis K

It costs $80,000 plus tax.

I love everything about this Mercedes e400 convertible, especially because we live in fl. No complaints. It gets very good gas mileage, smooth ride, and it has enough highway power to get you where you want to go.

- Catherine P

It is a luxury car that performs and looks like one.

I like the classic style, safety features, and power associated with this vehicle. I do regret the vision issues created when often behind larger vehicles. I also wish that there was a built-in GPS feature.

- Bill H

It is one of the safest vehicles out there and is very responsive to the drivers touch.

The car drives very well with very few blind spots. I do not like the location of the cup holders. While I like some features of the driver assist feature it can be too sensitive at times.

- Lola K

Functionality, compatible brands, time in which maintenance is required.

I like its design, characteristics in general, it gives me good prestige, and fits my lifestyle. As for what I dislike, their spare parts can be expensive and fragile.

- Donald W

It's great looking on the outside.

It's a nice looking car and it's reliable. But the space inside is like most cars and SUVs: it's too small ! It's hard to comfortably fit 2 adults in the back seat.

- Stuart P

The car is good on gas. It is a smooth ride and has many amenities.

The vehicle provides a very smooth ride. The interior is comfortable and spacious. It has lots of bells and whistles added and it is a beautiful car. No complaints

- Laurietta L

Repair and insurance cost is high. A tall person may find it hard to get in and out of.

Car is very reliable and comfortable but very expensive to get repaired. Performance is grate. and to think in other countries they are cabs. lol

- Michael S

It is an incredibly smooth vehicle to ride in.

It drives very smoothly and "will make a u turn on a dime". The interior is comfortable and very attractive. It is very sturdy and I feel very safe.

- Kathie G

Reverse camera and sport function eco.

No problems. Car rides well low maintenance repairs as longs you follow recommended repairs. Good on gas with ecosystem and great stereo sound.

- Christie M

Fast yet comfortable. Really good MPG if you keep it in economy, really comes in to its own on the freeway.

The car is the smoothest one I have ever drove. It comes with plenty of extras as standard, the on board system is very easy to use.

- ricky h

German refined quality with consistency makes a great automobile

I like the comfort, features and safety factors. Makes my commute easier. Love the durability and the driveability in the snow.

- Marcia M

The interior is comfortable and roomie.

The car has a comfortable ride and has a wonderful interior. I have had a couple of issues with flat tires from road surfaces.

- Melissa A

If you can't afford the maintenance don't buy this car or don't keep this car after the 4 year warranty expires.

I like that it's a solid well built vehicle. I like that it is fully loaded. I don't like how much it costs to maintain them

- Irene S

The car is very reliable.

Good car it is very fast very comfortable I do not find dislike I am happy with my car Mercedes is the best in the world.

- Mercedes B

Dream car that practically drives for you!

No problems. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. So luxurious. Great features. It is so quiet and smooth.

- Dolly W

no one has died in an e class on the highway in over 10 years

The technology is amazing as are the safety features. It is a beautiful and comfortable car. No complaints.

- rob H

It runs well but you should only be using it for city travel.

This car has a lot of good safety features and a very comfortable ride also has a lot of room and seats 5.

- Camille B

It is the quietest car I've ever owned.

It is luxury. It runs well. It has heated seats and a sunroof. I like that it is a sedan and not a SUV.

- Sv S

the automobile has one of the highest safety records

i enjoy how it handles, how it performs and how it does a good job of insulating from outside noises

- edw S

It is an awesome vehicle.

I like the vehicle handling and control. I like the styling. I like the visibility of the coupe.

- jl R

high technology and luxury car , it is amazing and modern design

i love It's design , it is high quality and use new technology , i love all about it

- lucas j

the luxury aspect of the car, Extra features and such

Have enjoyed the car very much. Not really any concerns. Would consider again

- Willard A

You get a feeling of luxury on the road and power behind the wheel.

I like the look. I like the color. I like the comfort of the ride.

- nancy b

It's fast and looks impressive.

It's fancy. But it's small and low. I like it.

- On n