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Why I Love My Mercedes E Class Comfort plus all the extras!

any car gets over 33 miles per gallon so is extremely efficient. I have had no problems with it. The heated/air conditioned seats are completely perfect year round. GPS, backup camera, mirror adjustments, remote garage door opener, volume control on steering wheel for radio/CD is convenient as is the cruise control adjustment.

- Ellen B

My mercedes-benz and why I love it!

I love my vehicle. I love the way it handles and performs. It's a luxury vehicle that is worth the price that I paid for it. When it is time for me to purchase another vehicle, I would look to purchase another Mercedes. If you are looking to purchase a vehicle I strongly suggest that you consider a mercedes-benz.

- Charles S

Mercedes-Benz e class has long been the most loved model in the lineup.

Comfortable ride with plenty of pickup. The reliability has been above average with only a problem concerning the low profile tires. The tires are a problem with potholes and tend to bubble on the sidewall when hitting a pothole straight on. The model year has many advancements for safety and comfort.

- James L

Solid performing car with excellent styling.

I have had no problems that were not quickly fixed under warranty by the dealership. Very comfortable car with excellent safety features. Good power and reasonable gas mileage. Very reliable car. Excellent styling, still looks like new car. Easy to operate audio system and air conditioning system.

- Gary R

Looking cool riding in style.

No problems with my car I would recommend the vehicle to someone looking for a car Mercedes is the best! I love the company I have driven these cars for years and will continue thumbs up Mercedes it's a luxury car for everyone young and old buy one they are great.

- Pam C

The value of the car maintains primarily over any other vehicle make and model.

I like the smoothness and stability of the ride. The appearance is always classic. The durability of the vehicle and its longevity for maintenance. Up to date computer innovations. The only dislike would be the price, however, it is still well worth it.

- Desi W

Best Summer Luxury Car For Your Money

Drives like a dream. It is very responsive, however. This is particularly true with regard to the steering wheel on city streets. The gas mileage isn't great, but that was not a major concern when I purchased the convertible.

- Jonathan F

It drives, handles, and looks great.

The car is very comfortable and quiet and drives like a dream. It has tons of power and the all the amenities inside and out. I love the way it looks and feels and the reliability it has given me has been an added bonus.

- John M

Maintenance is key for this type of car to last a very long time. These cars don't break in until 150,000 miles if maintained.

I like the features of the elegance mixed with sports feel of the car, then entangled with the safety features. All the bluetooth technologies and also the retractable seat belts, along with the panoramic roof line.

- Anthony H

It is safe. The safety of this car from the seatbelt hugging and the breaking feature is helpful.

I like the safety of the vehicle. It has the lights for blind spot awareness and will break if I become too close to the car ahead. I am happy with the backup camera and the esthetics of the vehicle.

- Claire M

Mercedes Benz e320 silver sedan, rides like a dream, roomy interior and trunk.

I love my car. It rides like a dream, I almost never feel bumps or things in the road. I love the rear view back up camera and the availability of navigation service and Sirius xm.

- Jordan L

That it is safe all while it is stylish and has many features.

I like the car is clean, fuel efficient, and has a lot of useful features. The car is safe and stylish. I also like how the car drives well and hasn't had any big issues.

- Mike C

The maintenance costs are very high.

The car drives and handles beautifully. It looks very sophisticated and classy. The maintenance and parts costs and extremely high and I do not like that.

- Mark C

It is not only functional but it is also attractive.

Good: compact but fits many people and spacious. Holds as many people as some larger cars but uses less gas. Bad: back can only fit small children.

- Hadley B

Retains its value better than an American made car

Great ride. Good gas mileage. Needs very little maintenance - once per year. Retains its value above American made vehicles

- Jeanette L

Long lasting.. Good safety features.. Current body style.

Always dependable.. Body style current.. Safety features.. Leather upholstery.. Good gas mileage.. Long lasting.

- Elizabeth C

It is worth the cost no matter what.

Comfortable and smooth ride. No complaints about my vehicle. Dislike high maintenance costs and repair costs.

- Ann H

Can be expensive for upkeep but what would you expect for the make.

The e350 is a great midsize sedan with comfortable luxury seating, great trunk space and smooth drive/ride.

- Julie F

The parts can be more on the expensive side when things may go wrong.

My car is very reliable a little more in price when it comes to mechanical issues, but I love the car.

- Asia B

This car has the best handling making it very easy to park in tight spots

very safe car, love the handling of this car great mileage

- Balwant M

It has a very smooth ride and looks good. I feel confident when I am driving it.

Drives like a dream, nice looking, and prestigious

- Janice T