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Mercedes Convertible Wonderful Auto

I really love my car but you should always follow dealer recommended service in order for a Mercedes to last. If you do it will last you many years. It is very comfortable car although it can get a little windy if the top is down on highway. It has a backup camera but I would advise getting the sensors also if purchasing a car in the future. AC works great however tires don't last long only 20K miles also have to replace battery every two years not sure why

- Jeffrey G

The luxury car that satisfies the needs of the driver.

My vehicle is very comfortable and easy to drive. It performs well on the highway for long distance trips. It has the distronic system, with blind spot assist. It has a massage feature for the driver. There is a fatigue seat extension for driver. I love how it hugs the road in a curve. It is also has heated and cooling seats for both passengers. It gets great gas mileage.

- Norma M

Mercedes E350 Sedan 4Matic... Great Car

Pretty good size for a Sedan. I have the E350 Sedan 4Matic. A lot faster than expected especially when put into sport mode. Only complaint is gas because it is not great for a sedan but other than that I love my car. It is a 2011 with about 90k miles so I will probably be looking into a new Mercedes within the upcoming years. Likely will buy an E350 again

- Josh C

The maintenance on these cars are very expensive.

My car has over 100k miles on it and besides normal maintenance and a new ac that involved getting a new sam module I have been very happy with my car. It's a great drive with decent gas mileage. It can hold 5 people comfortably like most sedans. I would recommend this car to anyone if you don't mind paying for steep maintenance bills.

- Samantha C

The car is well built but it can be expensive to maintain and repair.

I love the comfort of the vehicle and the smoothness of the ride. The car is quiet when driven. I hate the fact that it does not have some of the features on newer cars like side mirrors letting you know someone is very close beside you when driving. I also HATE the navigation system. Garmin products are so much better.

- Barbara C

Mercedes e350 great ride but need interior quality improvement

Performs well, no complaints. My only complaint is the interior finishes. The covering on the window and door switches is peeling off and also on buttons on steering wheel. We had a car seat in the back seat, with a rubber protector between the leather and car seat base, the leather became very dry and cracked.

- Betsy F

Mercedes E class car is a great car but not for families.

It is spacious and a good color. It drives good and is smooth. The washer fluid always needs to be refilled because there is a crack in the tank. The display system is great. You cannot play an iphone’s music through USB in the car. You can only charge your phone. It is hard to connect your phone to Bluetooth.

- Courtney H

E-350 Luxury feels right, and looks right.

My car is extremely comfortable. I love how the cockpit reduces the noise from outside, the side view mirror on my car goes down when I reverse to park, and the back window has a privacy screen I can lower and raise at my liking. So tints on the back window are not needed.

- Amber A

Black luxury Mercedes Benz.

My 350e class has no problems. I keep up with the maintenance, so it performs well. It has been a totally reliable vehicle, very comfortable, features include navigation, 5 disc changer, heated steering wheel for winter, also heated seats for winter, large trunk, . . .

- Celeste R

Too many problems for a high end vehicle!

This car has a great ride and feel for the road. However, it has had some problems. I have had to replace the air conditioner, put new sway bars, and now motor mounts in a car that has less than 95000 miles. The service is expensive but I only use mb for all service.

- Pat P

Features of my Mercedes. My Mercedes is very impressive

I have no problems with my car. My car is very reliable and the epitome of luxury and comfort. My Mercedes has all luxury features. Power seats and sun/moonroof, leather seats, navigation, DVD player, six disk CD changer, and Bluetooth capability is a few features.

- Cairo G

Nothing like a Mercedes Benz. Mercedes for life!

Luxury at its best. Sporty and fast while giving you that quiet smooth ride. Reliable having only had to do preventative maintenance on the vehicle. Classic looks in the vehicle yet the sport mode and paddle shifters make it feel like a sports car. Love it!

- Victoria B

It is a status symbol here in South Florida. Everyone drives designer cars. Not sure they are worth it. However, I do like the size of my car. It comfortable seats 4 people and 5 in a pinch. It also has a large trunk which is good for road trips.

I loved it when I first got it. Over time my love has diminished. It drives well but currently having major problems with the battery. When I turn the car on in the morning, the battery is drained. Been to mechanic several times and is unable to fix.

- Mia E

It a luxury car, you get what you pay for.

Maintenance is very expensive. Unless you are loving very comfortably I would not recommend this car. Costs over 50 to fill up your gas tank. 150 for an oil change. Costs 700-800 for 4 new tires and cost me 1000 for new brakes.

- Rhiannon R

It is low in maintenance and high on performance. It's a very smooth ride.

I love my Mercedes. It is a very smooth riding vehicle that has never put me down. Nothing has ever been needed outside of regular maintenance. It is also a very nice looking vehicle. I truly enjoy driving and owning this car.

- Simone S

the best car I've ever owned!

I love the comfort of the seats and the sports steering wheel. The ride is great and love the voice recognition features with phone, navigation and radio. It makes life so much easier.

- Farwah T

good gas mileage. It's a diesel engine, and gets 28 miles per gallon.

like the style, comfort, low noise level. dislike engine light coming on for insignificant reason which is too expensive to deal with.

- lydia p

It is a Mercedes and it is worth every penny that I paid for it.

The prestige of the brand. The powerful engine. The German styling. The quality of the vehicle. The workmanship of the product.

- Frank R

It has a Comfortable ride and sound system is fantastic

Very comfortable to drive for long periods of time. The sound system is fantastic but it disappoints in fuel economy.

- Gregory G

It is very comfortable and fides very smoothly.

I like the style but what I hate is that the cruise control lever is in a place where I am constantly activating it.

- Gregory V

My car is super fast and reliable , a car these won't give out

Thus far is so fast , it's super luxurious , definitely a car I would recommend to and wealthy buyer

- Chris H

The color is Diamond White. I have had no problems with it since I purchased it 8 yrs ago. I wish the radio volume went up to adjust to the wind noise when the top was down.

Mercedes is a reliable automobile & though it is more expensive it is worth it.

- Donna W

Believe it or not, it's a diesel & it has some get up and go.

Very sporty looking for a sedan. Nice smooth ride. No complaints.

- Cheryl T

It is very well made!! I feel very safe riding in it.

I love my car. I feel very safe in it. The ride is awesome!

- Dawn C

So far it has been very reliable. The gas mileage is not very good.

It'sun to drive. The car has lots of extras It handles well

- joan i

Very reliable and well built.

I like the mileage it gets, comfortable and sleek styling.

- Rudy F

Safety and comfort. Mileage is very important. And unique features

It gives us comfort It gives us security Beautiful car

- Deepika B

My wagon is spacious and sturdy. It gets about 30 mpg on the highway. I love the fact I can lay the back seats down and haul most anything i need to haul.

It is a reliable car but can be expensive to maintain.

- Lisa K