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It's fun to drive and roomier than you may thing. Good value.

My mini is fun to drive. It is great for parking in my parking impacted neighborhood. It handles well on the road, especially on curvy roads and inner city driving. Fuel efficiency is good. Its an older model that does not have many of the advanced technology features that come standard now but it has been functional for me personal needs. No major maintenance issues other than the basic wear and tear. The oil pan does require replacement as a whole given Its design. Additionally, some mechanics will not do work on minis, so this may be a challenge when going outside of dealership servicing.

- Elsa R

Mini cooper is a adorable car but the problems it comes with.

A mini cooper is a fun car to drive, but comes with a lot of problems. My car is horrible on gas, so if you drive a lot this car is not for you, but I had a turbo added into my car so that may be why it is mad on gas. I feel like I am constantly taking it to the shop because BC of shakes and things that shouldn't happen while I am driving it. Overall the car is cute and everything but it cost so much to take care of, I'll soon be getting a new car hopefully.

- Anna D

The mini is great for the single person who loves to save gas!

Okay well here are some pros, it gets good gas mileage and is very reliable if you keep up with maintenance costs. One thing I do not enjoy about the mini is the lack of room that it provides, also talking about maintenance the tires are fairly cheap and easy to obtain almost anywhere you go for a reasonable price that will not break the bank.

- Orlando L

My dream car. Small and compact but big in power, acceleration and speed.

I have never had any problems. My mini cooper has given me marvelous service. Has plenty of power and acceleration. I love the power and speed. Just take care of regular maintenance and this car will not let you down. This little car handles like a dream and almost parks itself. . I have never regretted buying it. I love this car.

- Betty H

It is as fun to drive and comfortable as it looks.

I like the small size, reliable start-up, cheap maintenance costs, cute aesthetic, and comfortable interior. I do not like squeaky plastic interior parts, "eco-box" pick-up, oil burning/leak problems (common for this model), and low ground clearance. I would most likely prefer to own an s or a countryman instead of the cooper.

- Julianna C

2007 Mini Cooper with 120k Miles

The car drives well and has a lot of amenities for it being a 2007 model (double sunroof, cd, rain-sensing wipers, aux cord input). The only issue is getting work done on the car, which costs a minimum of $100 every time it needs work. The work varies from simple oil changes to thermostat replacement and oil leakages.

- alikis m

I can find a parking spot anywhere in the city because of its' small size. I fit everywhere. And I can weave in an out of traffic in the blink of an eye.

It is fast, it grips the curves like a racecar. The only issue is that there is not enough rear seat space for passengers, who always complain that they are cramped. You also cannot take anyone to the airport because the trunk space is non-existent. But for me alone, fantastic smooth ride.

- monika r

Mini cooper personal experience.

I have always loved mini coopers but having one has been a nightmare. It has a lot of problems and they're expensive to fix. When it is driving nicely it is smooth but it is been a headache to own. The inside of the car is surprisingly spacious up front but the backbeat is pretty useless.

- Marie C

A Mini Cooper for everyone.

Mini is great on gas, easy to drive, fun to drive, ample room for our family, it is reliable, the computer alerts the driver to any problems. The seats are extremely comfortable and the seat warmers are fantastic! The seats adjust to suit the driver and the passenger.

- Patricia C

Fun zippy reliable ride, get compliments!

Comfortable and fun to drive. Very peppy. Aesthetically very cute and get lots of compliments. The hatchback can hold a large amount of stuff. The car is very reliable but does have an oil burning problem that is common to the model. It is not too big a hassle though.

- Quinn C

Mini cooper-the perfect car for me.

I am a small car person. Always wanted a mini. Bought it new, love it! Love the way it handles & the way it looks. Great mileage, it can be hard to find a mini mechanic if you live in a small town through. Would buy another when I decide I need a new car.

- RHonda L

It's a great little car for any reasonable purpose and super great on gas.

My likes about my car is that is small and very good on gas. I have not had any major repairs on it since I purchased it. It looks small but it is very roomy for me. I don't really have any dislikes about my car as of now. No complaints.

- Pattie A

Go-karts for grown-ups. " Minis are fun. Out motoring,

Mini coopers do not have owners, they have enthusiast. At first glance, some may assume it an economy car, which is logical as does get excellent mpg. Yes, it is a practical car, but s is also a and driving a mini is different.

- Eileen G

It's fun but MINI/BMW have made it near impossible to work on yourself and most things MUST be performed by a shop.

It's a VERY fun car to drive and ride in. It's cute and sporty and easy to transport things and There is room for our dog. We've had NOTHING but issues, we've put more into the car than the initial payment of buying the car.

- Holly K

A mini car with a big punch.

The mini cooper is a reliable high performance vehicle that is fun to drive both inner city and on highway. For a small vehicle, it is pretty roomy and very convenient for my parking impacted neighborhood.

- Elsa R

It is fun to drive, and it is reliable.

I have had no major problems-just general maintenance. It is fun to drive, and it is great on gas. It handles well, and it has not broken down on me. It is 11 years old.

- Valerie S

Mini Cooper S Sport .. Comfortably Great power and gas mileage!

My Mini Cooper S is an awesome car! Great power and maneuvering! Extremely comfortable, excellent gas mileage! Great radio/CD! I will drive it the rest of my life!

- Susan K

Don't buy this year, buy a 2010 or newer to avoid the crappy engine.

I love the car itself, but hate the repair bills. We've even replaced the entire engine. MINI as a brand is great though, we love the community.

- Liz R

mini coopers suck- leave you stranded

lots of electrical problems. I am the 4th owner and would not purchase another one. tends to not start if anything is on such as the radio etc.

- jessica m

Fun to drive, responsive, and a smart choice. Good for families, too.

I love how fuel efficient it is as well as how stylish. It is fun to drive. My only complaint is how expensive it is to maintain.

- Mary B

It is a very interesting intelligent car.

I love it. It is such a smart car it really is comfy and great car a nice vehicle I would love to have a new one but so expensive.

- Kathy L

The convertible top is a nice touch.

Haven't really experienced any problems, everything works fine. Drives like a charm. The convertible top makes it better.

- Juan M

cost of ownership is very low because of high gas mileage and few needed repairs

you can park it anywhere it gets good gas mileage well-built - have not had any major problems convertible no complaints

- Teresa S




Sporty and fun to drive. My favorite car of all time.

Great car all around just very expensive to fix. One problem these cars have is eventually the burn a lot of oil.

- Sheryl C

Minis have personality and owning one is like being in a club.

Like: charming, unique, sporty, cute, old colors. Dislike: sunroof broke; no Bluetooth, radio is burning out.

- Heather K

It drives like a dream. It handles very well a high speeds

Nada I like everything about my Mini Cooper S Convertible

- Bob S

Fun to drive. Gets noticed.

I like the size, fun, color. It is good on gas.

- Lynn P