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Reliability of the 2009 Mini Cooper r56

Small yet spacious car. It really has a vintage, race car feeling on the inside of the car which really adds character. My car was used as a track car to race, so it has been more unreliable than other mini coopers but these cars have also been very well known to be unreliable. In the (less than) 6 months I've owned the now, 85,000 mile car, I've had an engine replacement, clutch replacement, and battery replacement. All those had failed which led to the replacement. I currently have worn down brake pads and an exhaust temperature problem which I need to get around to as soon as I have $$.

- Sam M

A cool car that helps to make you feel good.

I love how it feels driving. It feels like a sports car. It has quick acceleration on wet or dry surfaces. Speed drops immediately when foot lets up on gas which is very helpful when exceeding speed limit. Gets awesome gas mileage. I feel safe in bad weather because it is a solidly made car with the same concentration in its weight as other vehicles made by BMW. It makes me feel good when driving.

- Debra T

Cool mini cooper to drive around perfect for single driver who work at cities.

Nice small car to drive around but require a lot of maintenance, especially the engine. It is perfect for a single individual who work in the city. It does not offer a lot of space, I would not recommend. Accelerator is kind of slow and weak, not for someone who's looking for high performing sports car. Super easy to park and squeeze into limited street parking spaces.

- Aggie T

Different types to pick from.

Air lost in tires easily and air check are often needed. Besides that good car and dependable. Had tires change twice since buying it 2016. Tire issue are always the main issue. Car comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. You can pick the seat color and choose wood or not. Can be red or white or black for seat. Heated or not. There many stuff to choice or pick from.

- Morgan E

I love my mini but, the repairs are expensive.

I loved my mini for the first 60, 000 miles. Since then I have had some very expensive problems with it. But I still love the novelty, and most other things about it. I just wish it wasn't so expensive to repair. The people at the dealership are very nice and understand that the repairs are out of my budget but I can still get free car washes.

- Lynda D

Sporty Fun Car that goes fast!

I chose my vehicle because it had a 5 star safety rating. I have no idea how safe it is but the comfort is great. It may be a small car but you wouldn't know it by the inside. The car is sporty and fast and extremely fun to drive. It has 75,000 miles on it and it runs like a champ. Will definitely get another after I'm done with this one!!

- Kari W

My mini is a fun vehicle, but high maintenance.

I purchased a used vehicle. I have enjoyed driving the mini but the maintenance and repair costs are exorbitant. Gas mileage is good, but it requires high test gas, only. When my car is fully operational, I enjoy the way it handles. I have the sports package and it fun on long mountainous stretches.

- Mary G

I like that the car is small and fits in every parking space.

My car has a few problems, the ac and engine are not working as they should, it is too small for a family, everything else is working good, it is a good car for a single person or a couple but I would like to trade it because I need a bigger car for my family now.

- Anna R

Mini cooper s: sporty and fun to drive.

The mini cooper s is sporty, fun and fast, hugs curves, good power with the turbo engine. Small enough to park anywhere. Has great gas mileage. The cons: maintenance is pricey after manufacturer's warranty is up. The turbo engine also sucks up a lot of motor oil.

- Lynn I

Mini cooper is great, just change your oil and check coolant levels regularly.

Great gas mileage and maneuverability. Pretty reliable with no major headaches or engine problems. Does need frequent oil changes and coolant levels checking regularly. Only negative is the ride is a bit rough, and you can really feel every bump in the road.

- Eva T

It is very small but very efficient.

I like my vehicle because it very safe although it may be small. Being small is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Having a small car means it is easily maneuver but there is not much room inside for a full car of passengers to sit comfortably.

- Miranda J

The MINI Cooper is the most fun car to drive--fun, safe, and cool-looking!

My car is fun to drive. It's cool looking--I always get compliments. It's sporty! It's also super easy to park--even parallel parking. I drive in a lot of congested city traffic so my car is perfect. I have NO complaints

- Julie K

It stops and goes really fast and is very touchy.

Easy and fun to drive, small and dependable. The trunk is a bit small but enough room to fit some groceries. The back seats are a bit squashed but enough room for four people or a dog.

- Kimberly S

Not a lot of room in the backseat. Does not speed up as quick as other cars. You really have to hit the gas.

I love how small the car is and how well it performs on the highway and around town. It is a really reliable car and has some moments where it stutters, but it has never broken down.

- Puzzle K

The Mini Cooper is flat out fun to drive and has great gas mileage.

The Mini Cooper is a fantastic car. It is a dream to drive; the only issue we have had is the fuel injection needs regular cleaning. It also needs Mid grade or Premium gas.

- William A

Rides in luxury and comfort.

I like the gas efficiency.. I like how my car drives.. I like the fact that my car is compact, so parking is easy.. I dislike that I didn't buy a brand new one..

- Dabby R

Fun, easy, and compact, make it a great beater car.

Mini cooper is extremely fun to drive. Great for the city. Compact size makes it great for parking. Runs smoothly. Only issue is that it burns through oil fast.

- Caroline J

The gas savings are not much, but it is way more fun to drive.

I like the look of the car and the way that the car drives. I have had a lot of problems with the oil gasket. I have spent lots of money repairing the car.

- Zora P

The car is produced by BMW, it has a luxury car feel.

The cooper is a great looking car. The cooper is a great performing car. I like how people compliment my car. My complaint is that it was a bit expensive.

- Jai L

Get the manual transmission not the automatic.

It was my dream car since I started driving. The only complaints are that the a/c does not work well and the upkeep is expensive. Otherwise it is great.

- Taylor W

Fun to drive. The mini hugs the road and has a lot of pick up.

Very fun to drive; needs premium gas or the fuel injection needs cleaned. The mini also has extremely good gas mileage for such a sporty car.

- William A

It is cute and drives like a go cart but it always has issues.

It always has problems. It uses the oil quickly, I have to refill it every 2 weeks. I have a bunch of problem lights on for no reason.

- Carolyn B

Great on gas mileage, fun to drive

Ran great when I first got it. Problems with O2 sensors and coil. Now sounds like a train and check engine light is on all the time.

- Tina C

It's good on gas and also have pretty colors in the outside.

I love my car and it has a lot of features. It has a sunroof, it a 2 and half door, Its navy blue and it super clean and perfect.

- Brooke Y

It has a unique color and style

Is super reliable comfortable for my taste and gr8 on gas mileage. Very stylish had it for a year and has been easy to maintain

- Steven M

To be able to read the signs.

I love the look. The fuel consumption is good. It is small. It is convertible. I just do not like the small trunk.

- Ana A

It will require a lot of fixes after 60000 miles. Be prepared.

Oil consumption, poor build quality, frequent oil leaks, gasket leaks, electrical issues, depreciation.

- Bernard B

turbo charged, takes off really quick and it's really cute

it's cute and fun to drive but the suspension isn't very good and it is very expensive to maintain...

- Shawn G

great gas mileage everywhere i go which is important

great gas mileage. fairly comfortable ride. safety concerns because of size.

- Mick C

It is the most fun car I have ever drove. It is nice and compact so I can fit into any space with ease. Turning on corners is so easy and smooth. It is 9 years old, so it takes about 2 minutes to warm up and be ready to go when I turn it on. Other than that it has no problems in terms of performance.

It is the perfect car for someone who likes to get places in a fast time.

- Max I

good fuel mileage; comfortable interior

small so i can park anywhere. stick shift - sometimes difficult.

- Regina W

It is a heavy car even if it small and is excellent on gas.

I love my convertible Mini Cooper no dislikes or complaints

- Anne D