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Creature comforts second, Handling and performance first. The inline 4,turbocharged intercooled engine will have your passengers in for a treat.

My 2013 Lancer Evolution GSR/5 speed has been great. Reliability great and performance is thrilling. The car is a hoot to drive around. Although the interior is a basic and feels "cheap" the car more than makes up with handling and driver experience. Only problems I've had so far are the both my 02 Sensors went bad along with MAF sensor. The parts and repairs would have costed me $1700 (both combined) had I not been under warranty. Potential buyers of for this car must be aware this not a car to purchase for comfort but rather for the performance it offers. Also keep in mind due to limited production parts will be more expensive. Also the automatic version of this vehicle is more expensive to maintain due to the nature of more complex parts. If you want good handling vehicle that offers power as well the Evo is a wonderful car.

- Osmar P

This car is so smooth you almost feel like your floating on air.

This vehicle is a 3 out of 5 for dependability, class, and style. The 2013 lancer has such a smooth ride. The look is very stylish with room for 5 but comfortably sits four. I like the arm rest that pulls down with two cup holders for long car rides and when the extra set is need you just pull it up. Gas on this car if we'll kept is awesome. Typically using average of 30$ per week. While pretty small it is quite comfortable. The only reason I give a 3 out of 5 is for safeness. This car has many blind spots and not enough mirrors or space to see well enough. Overall it is a good dependable sporty type car.

- Crystal G

My vehicle is a very reliable car. It will get you from point a to point b.

The vehicle is to small. The seats are very uncomfortable. The features are just ok and the car is very reliable. Haven't had any problems with it yet. When driving long distances the seats tend to get very uncomfortable. Also when driving on the highway you can hear all of the highway noise. It can get very noisy. The features on the car are very basic it has nothing fancy to it.

- Valerie L

Not worth the money, but fast car.

Bad gas mileage. Cheap interior. Fast car but only on top end. No ac in back, and no power seats. For the price, the car should have more updated interior options. Has been very reliable since we bought it though. Loud engine and exhaust, and stiff ride. Car does hold it is value well. Probably will not buy another Mitsubishi in the future.

- J B

Great turn ratio! I love driving this car in the city.

It is a great small sedan type vehicle which is perfect for someone who travels often. Wonderful gas mileage, easy turn ratio, and perfectly comfortable to drive. I like that there's enough space in it to drive around my friends and family while also being small enough I do not feel uncomfortable in a huge vehicle.

- Amanda S

Clean, easy to operate, affordable.

Recently purchased 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer ES. So far I have been enjoying it, no known problems with it yet. I've always had cheap beater vehicles until now so it was a much needed and nice change! I've always been more of a truck person but am surprisingly comfortable and have plenty of space in my Lancer.

- Trinity J

Safe reliable and dependable.

It is a very comfortable and roomy car with a very smooth ride, awesome stereo system very good on gas and comes with Bluetooth for hands free calls the tires hug the road and the steering is amazing it makes sharp turns it has a lot of space in the trunk and the back seats have their own cup holders.

- Martha E

Definitely family friendly

My fiance bought the car used, and the only issues I have with it were cosmetic damage caused by the previous owners. As a mom of a 2 year old, I'm just glad that we went from a bench seat truck to a car with a back seat. I don't know much about cars, but I know that I've enjoyed this one so far.

- Laura B

I love my first car. It's the best.

It is a great car. I have not had any problems with it so far. Performance is great, it is mileages is great to the gas. Reliability is great, the car has never let me down, but it is a bit small for a family of four or more and features are out date it need Bluetooth radio and better speakers.

- Tamara M

Fast car, but very basic interior.

Basic interior, cheaply made. Speed and torque very good for 4 cyl. Love the turbo, but does not get very good gas mileage. Overall pretty decent car. Upgraded seats, stereo system, and CD player. Wish you could get a sunroof installed, but not an option. Having all wheel drive is great too.

- RHonda P

The back seats fold down for extra hauling.

My car gets really good gas mileage. The trunk is spacious. It easily fits into parking spaces. I like the color which is silver. It is easy to maneuver. It is convenient that the back seats fold over for extra hauling. It is convenient that there are cup holders in the front and back.

- Eunice T

Would not recommend this vehicle.

Transmission overheats constantly. The car does not handle wear and tear very well. It has aged far beyond it is years in the few short years we have owned it. I personally would not recommend this vehicle. Windshield wipers break frequently and it is expensive to fix them.

- Candice S

Mitsubishi lancer woes and knows.

Very reliable. Sits too low to the ground. The model is not technologically advanced. I wish it had a better sound system. Easy to understand. Drives okay in winter. The driver's seat is not comfortable. Which the armrest was bigger on drivers side. I want to trade it in.

- Meagan J

Sleek, sporty car with good mileage.

The car is sleek and very attractive looking. It is sporty and fun. The mileage is not the best, but it is not the worst. It is very comfortable and the interior is nice. The car goes pretty fast. I haven't had any problems with it yet, and I would recommend it to anyone!

- Allison H

2013 Mitsubishi Lancer stock package. It�s nothing fancy but very reliable.

I have a 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer with standard package. I like the car it has great gas mileage and Farley comfortable. Good stock sound system. Very reliable have had no problems. The power is very underwhelming but that's what you get with a CVT transmission

- Matthew B

Car: in my opinion and features.

It has more powerful engine and good at average. Much more comfortable for four people. Affordable for everyone who is passionate to have car. I will strongly recommend to have this. Very smooth in firing and easy to drive. Love this car very much. Have it.

- James B

Long mileage and Reliable Lancer

I love my car. It is fast and very reliable. I have had my car for 5 years and love it! It just has the bare minimum stuff, but it has taken me on a lot of trips and safely back and forth to work 60 miles a day!

- Amber M

That it gets me from point a to b.

There is not any complaints. It drives smooth. It has good gas mileage and are very sleek! The only downfall is not about the car. It is because there is not more mitsubishi dealerships in my location.

- Julie D

the engine has a lot of giddy-up and go, as my mother says. She loves driving it because it's well-suited for crazy Atlanta traffic.

It is too small for our family's needs (two wheelchair users) but it has a good engine and is fairly reliable. It's just very ill suited for disabled people, but it's what we could afford.

- Megan K

Even with the 2013 model there is no auxiliary port.

I've experiences a lot of things gone wrong with the vehicle. More electrical than anything else. But I love the exterior and interior of the car along with how it drives.

- Megan S

How much gas per mile the car takes.

I like the size of the car. I like having four doors. I dislike that the radio lights do broke. Other than the lights not working, I have no other dislikes or complaints.

- April C

don't buy stock, if you must always modify.

Comfortable, fast, smooth drive. The specific detail is a reliant. I love that the parts are interchangeable with the Evo since our household owns both Evo and reliant.

- Sarah J

GREAT for teenagers to use and learn on!

Very reliable car. Roomy and very good on gas. The car has a hands free calling feature and Bluetooth that allows you to play music from your phone easily.

- Rosanna C

The car has been reliable for the most part. The undercarriage sits very low to ground scrapes going over speed bumps

My lancer is great on gas, compact car. However, I have struggled finding air filters that are Compatible and Bluetooth doesn't always function correctly.

- Eric A

They should know that unless you drive a lot, you only need to fill the tank once a week.

It is really good on gas and the interior is just the right size. I don't really care for the Silver color but it gets me to where I need to go.

- Betty S

Fast car without the drawbacks

Durable car that comes with the benefits of looking sporty and handling well without the maintenance issues that can come with other sporty cars

- Daniel S

Very reliable transportation. It never has a problem starting.

Very dependable. I never worry about. It starting. The looks are appealing. I don't like the material on the seats. Moderately gas efficient.

- Owen W

It's not roomy enough for a family, especially with older/taller children

It gets us around and looks sporty, but the backseat is waaaay too small for people taller than 5' 7" and my baby's carseat barely fits.

- Jen C

It has good power for Its buck.

I love that it is a hatchback but has good power and is stylish. I love that has good MPGs. I love how smooth of a drive it has.

- Tabitha P

A very comfortable smooth ride

My vehicle gets great gas mileage. It's a smooth ride and quiet. Very comfortable. I just wish it did have a sunroof

- Donald B

Mitsubishi Evo. . . Fast but basic.

Cheaply made interior. Bad gas mileage. However does keep value. Basic interior. . . No Bluetooth, audio port, etc.

- Rhonda P

That it's safe. Very good on gas.

It sits too low to the ground, has no rearview camera. It is not technologically up to date. It runs okay.

- Meagan J

The care runs very smoothly and has no mechanical issues.

I like the look of it. It's very sporty. Car has no issues and runs smooth. Has a good Bluetooth system.

- April B

It is really great on gas and you only have to fill the tank once a week.

It is just the right size for me. It is really great on gas. I love the style and the way it drives.

- Betty W

It runs good and gets good gas mileage.

It to small for a family of five. It stays on low tire pressure. pretty good on gas.

- Ellen W

It doesn't give me any issues. It doesn't need too much gas.

It's a little slow. I like about it that it saves gas and it's comfortable.

- Gabriela R

Faster than average vehicles made in the domestically here in the US.

Gas mileage is ok. Steering is good. Don't like the dual head aux cord.

- Jordan V

Great Gas mileage.Easy escape from the trunk.Side of car gas tank cap indicator.

Lots of road noise, great gas mileage. Easy escape from the trunk.

- Cory S

It can overheat but there is a part to fix it and It's not expensive.

It's a white lancer. it gets good gas mileage. runs pretty good

- Phillip K