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The most reliable car I have had never had to do any big mechanical work on it.

2015 Mitsubishi lancer is a great car it gets amazing gas mileage. Performance wise it has enough power to get you pass people on the freeway and the breaks that came with the car are great! Never had a problem with stopping the car. Comfort wise it is not all that great especially because my drive from home to work is about an hour. My back hurts and the stock springs are not all that great I can feel everything on the road. But the best thing about this car is how cheap the maintenance is on this car all the parts are cheap and it really saves you a lot of money!

- Michael S

Love this car! It's amazing to ride around and sounds amazing.

Where to start... I love my car. Coming from a 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.4 manual, this car outshines that completely. My previous car was heavily modified and was super fun to drive but it got to the point where I couldn't do anything else to it. Even with all those mods, my new car is way more fun, practical and overall more enjoyable. I've always wanted this car, even when I had my eclipse, but I couldn't find the right one for the right price. Everything about this car is amazing.

- sum F

Love my Mitsubishi Lancer

The road noise is a little loud. However, I love the fact that it can go into all wheel drive. It's roomy and very comfortable. It's very affordable car. I also really like the fact that I can sync up my phone to the radio through Bluetooth. Very easy for me to take and make phone calls. I'm on the road quite often so this is very important picture for me. The upholstery cleaners very easily. It's not expensive for the upkeep. The only thing I wish it had is a sunroof.

- Jennifer B

The Mitsubishi lancer: the perfect, discontinued car.

My boyfriend and I purchased the lancer primarily because it has a four-wheel drive feature. We live in a snowy area, and front-wheel drive does not do the trick all the time. The car also has keyless entry, which is nice because I do not have to dig around in my purse for the keys. The heated seats and Bluetooth features give the car nice bonuses and a luxury feel. The lancer is very reliable and we haven't had any issues; gas mileage is excellent.

- Callie M

Great reliable vehicle for beginner drivers.

Very reliable, have had no major issues. This vehicle could be better on gas, I do commute to and from work Monday through Friday and I use a full tank of gas every week, and must refill about 4-5 times a month. I have taken several road trips totaling over 1000 miles in this vehicle and have never experienced any issues. The car is very easy to drive as well and makes a great vehicle for beginner drivers.

- Sydney B

Eco mode and tire lights.

Tire light comes on constantly but other than that it has been great so far. I got the GT model and you would think its pretty fast but it has this eco made I haven't figured out how to turn off yet and it really slows it down sometimes. It kinda does the stopping for you in town and that's annoying but again I do love the car very much.

- Melinda W

It is reliable, it is fun and will last as long as you don't crash it. Actually crash it too and it may still run.

I do not have any complaints about the Mitsubishi Lancer at all. I have nearly 70k miles on it for being only driven for 3 years and has never had a problem or need for repair. I do not take care of the car as well as I should but does not let me down and I trust it will keep running in the years to come.

- Anthony N

Smoothest car I have ever drove.

I have never had any problems with this car! I have had it for three and a half years now. I highly suggest trying one out. The lancer is such a smooth, easy ride. Mine has about 80, 000 miles on it, I suggest getting the oil changed every 5, 000 miles. It will assure the car to last a very long time.

- Danielle P

Not what I thought it would be

Small, uncomfortable, cheap feeling, low power, not great on gas mileage. Overall disappointed with the car. Got it because I loved the evo but this car just sucks. Would not recommend. Will be trading it in for a different vehicle in the near future because it doesn't hold value either

- Cody M

Too small for comfort for me

It's way too small for a family of four. My baby's car seat doesn't even fit properly. I always feel cramped. Car is cute for maybe a couple with no kids or a single person. It's reliable as long as you keep up maintenance. It's good on gas. Overall it's a cute little car.

- Angela J

A divine experience you never knew you needed.

I absolutely love this vehicle. The only issues I have had has been with traction control on exit ramps when raining. I would assume that with any vehicle. I enjoy how this car feels on the road. If you desire a comfortable and relaxing experience this car is for you.

- Kathleen A

The best affordable car out there !

Very spacious car on the inside but on the outside looks small. Has a nice kick to it even for the v4 engine that comes with it. Would recommend for anyone trying to find an affordable long lasting car. The model allows you to add parts to the car if needed or wanted.

- Will G

Mitsubishi has the best cars.

The car is really fast and super light its 4 wheel drive so you are hugging the road it also has a button to press when the weather changes from snow to gravel. It has a sunroof as well and it's a 5 speed. It also comes with a built in sound system amp and speaker.

- Jessica F

Great beginner car for teens or if you don't drive much.

It's a cute beginner car. It just needs more comfort. When you hit bumps you can really feel them. Other than that it's a pretty cool car. My son loves it. He's the one who drives it all the time. He just wished it had built in GPS and Bluetooth for the radio.

- Maria P

The ease of driving a Lancer

My vehicle is a great vehicle. The only issue I have with the car is that the gas mileage is lower than I am use to. Overall, it does great on the highway and most side roads, takes hills like a beast. I love the bluetooth feature and how easy it is to operate.

- Brittany M

This vehicle comes with Rockford fosgate system.

No problems great on gas. All around great car. A little rough on the suspension. The bad is the fog lights they are made out of glass and they keep breaking when a rock hits the lens. The leather on the steering wheel is coming undone after 2 years of usage.

- Carlos M

Great car that is very reliable

The car drives very smooth. It does well in the snow depending on it's tires. It does very well on gas, I do not have to fill it up often. It is very easy to go fast since it drives so smooth. It has not given me any major issues since I bought it.

- Jessica M

That it is a very reliable, fuel efficient vehicle!

The only complaint that I have about my car is that a speaker blew out, but that is my fault. I love the car! It's comfortable, fuel efficient, and looks nice. Plus, my car is reliable which is important to me

- Miranda M

2015 Mitsubishi lancer is best on gas!

2015 Mitsubishi lancer was bought with 42 thousand miles on it. I absolutely love my car. The way it drives, it only takes $30 to fill up my tank and it is bluetooth via phone. Perfect for me and my daughter!

- Taylor F

How reliable the car is is probably the most important thing for me. So far the car has not given me any issues.

I like how my car has a touchscreen with navigation. I love how the car has speed handles on the wheel. The car runs very smoothly and I haven't had any problems with it, it is very reliable.

- Xochilt V

It gets great gas mileage and with the price of gasoline it's a real plus.

I like how easily it handles. I get great gas mileage. The bluetooth features let me talk hands free when I get calls on my cell phone. I don't have any complaints or dislikes.

- Christine M

Car handles well in the snow.

The vehicle handles well in the snow, ice and rain. I feel comfortable and confident in my long commute in it. The only complaint I have is the interior is a bit cheap looking.

- Victoria D

It is 4 wheel drive capable to assist with driving in the winter.

The Mitsubishi Lancer is good for single moms with one kid or someone with no kids. It's compact and comfortable on the inside and the best part is it is 4 wheel drive capable.

- Emily A

That it is fun to drive. The ride is smooth, it takes turns good.

I love that it has speed and power. It gets good gas mileage considering the power. It looks great and is very dependable. I dislike that mitsubishi stopped making them.

- Melanie F

Reliable and affordable transportation. This is the 3rd Mitsubishi I have owned and the second Lancer.

I like that it doesn't have many mechanical issues as of yet. I like that it gets pretty good gas mileage. I don't particularly like how low it is to the ground.

- Lori C

I would not buy the Mitsubishi again.

Poor quality, uncomfortable seats, car dent easily, upholstery stains even with water very difficult to keep clean and the value decrease extremely fast.

- Dianne G

My year has no recalls on anything. Makes me feel good about my purchase

I like the ride it is very smooth. I bought new tires and I don't like noise cuz the shell of the car to block out noise. Not too good. I prefer quiet!

- Jo m

The gas mileage is in the high 30's on highway and low 30's in city.

The car gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable to ride in even though it is a small car. Has a great sound system. Also has a lot of get up and go.

- Tony R

It is a great car especially for a first time, it wasn't very expensive but is a great car.

I love my car. It is very easy to drive and is super cute. I really don't have any complaints about my car except for the sound system it came with.

- nicole k

It's inexpensive and it's very reliable. I owned a Mitsubishi previously and had minimal repairs.

It is a reliable car. I bought it for a very reasonable price with low miles. It will last me for the next 100000 miles. It's not very powerful.

- Shane O

You can get a good value out of this car and it should last a long time.

It has been dependable and we got it for a good price. It's not that flashy or anything but it works for what we need - a solid commuter car.

- Sharon G

Great safety features the tire sensors and easy to read dash with road warnings.

I like the functions it offers, I dislike the body make. I think it could be made of sturdier metal and not so easily dented.

- Rihanna G

good sporty car with good fuel mileage and better oil consumption

it has good features with less fuel usage. it gives good mileage on road and in highways. i haven't had any problem till now

- dharshi k

That the insurance is extremely too high.find a car with more affordable insurance

My car is ok. Insurance is too high. I wish it had a keyhole on both doors and trunk but it doesn't. Overall it's good

- Breanna T

It is of a style that Mitsubishi no longer sells in the US.

My vehicle is a sports style sedan. It is my favorite color, blue. I could stand it to get better gas mileage.

- James D

It is my transportation for 2 years and would not change it

My vehicle has a very comfort space,it saves money on gas an I used everyday.I love it and will recommend it.

- Yannelys C

Mitsubishi Lancer review.

The lancer is a great car to avoid an accident it drives very fast and it is a spacious including the trunk.

- Laura F

Good for people just buying their first car

It's not a fancy luxury care but it gets the job done. Good on gas too so the expense for that is low.

- Sarah D

I got my car in 2016. The car was used and had dents and scratches on it, but because the monthly payment was low I went ahead and got the car.

There isn't a back windshield wiper, so it hard to see at night sometimes when the inside is cold.

- Mckinzie W

It is a good car for its price. It looks good and has the functionality you would want.

It is smooth while driving. I like how compact it is. The trunk has a surprising amount of space.

- Jeffrey T

It is the best looking sedan. Extremely quick around corners and can accelerate instantly.

It is a Lancer Evolution Final Edition. I love how it looks the most. Very quick car as well.

- Brandon K

It has a sleek look and comes with many options to tailor to your wants and needs.

I like the size and the look and the options that it came with. I do not like the mileage.

- Shawna m

It is a good case for the value

I love the style and size of my car. It gets pretty good gas mileage

- Bobby D

It's ok but gas mileage could be better. I will buy American next.

Ok to drive. Gas mileage could be better. I will buy American next.

- Michelle B

It is compact. It does well in the snow. And it is speedy when getting on the interstate.

Great vehicle to drive all year round. Does great in bad weather

- Julie W

It handles very well and is very good on gas. All around great family car.

No complaints at all really. Drives well. Is good on gas.

- Michael V

It has a CVT transmission, which is the reason it gets such great gas mileage!

- Nick B