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Mitsubishi Facts for performance of lancer

I have had my lancer since it was off the lot. There have not been any issues with the performance other than some recalls that were maintained. Mitsubishi is a really reliable car maker along with Toyota. I get really good gas mileage to the gallon and could not ask for anything better. My vehicle is pretty comfortable on long trips and has plenty of room for the car seat. Along with trunk storage. The only complaint is a year later for this model they added the camera as a standard feature. And unfortunately Mitsubishi no longer makes the Lancer. The value of the car will be great still as long as you maintain the car and keep in excellent condition

- Zachary O

Mostly pros just one downside

Everything is great the only issue is road noise. The passenger door on the driver side always lets in a lot of noise when on the highway. Otherwise a great vehicle I love the AWD lock and unlock. I also appreciate the heated seats. A third thing I really appreciate is the rearm bar being not welded on. The is held together by bolts, Which saved me money.

- Samantha M

Mitsubishi lancer speedy good times & great gas mileage in a beautiful car.

The 2016 Mitsubishi lancer is great on gas mileage. The lancer is a fun and fast little sports car with lots of potential when starting with the base model. I have enjoyed tinting the windows and working on it been such an easy past time. Even with everything being stock on the base model you'll find it gets up and goes pretty quickly.

- Darlene B

Car is awesome I love to drive it.

The motor is great and you can not kill it I have tried. The transmission shifts great it has a bands transmission. I love the heated seats I just wish it came with a moonroof. I got the version without the spoiler on the back however I wish I had gotten it because of my speeding on the interstate would have made it faster.

- Sarah E

Lancers are not sought out a lot but they are great reliable cars.

My Mitsubishi is overall a great economical car. I love that I don't spend a lot of money on gas and traveling is not too bad. The comfort could be better but it is just like any other car. Performance wise I think it is good unless you are main goal is performance than you would need to purchase a few aftermarket parts.

- J M

Very smooth while driving.

I am very pleased with the performance of my car! It drives extremely smoothly and is excellent on gas. Very easy to use and looks adorable as well. The paint has a beautiful sparkle and I love that I can hook my phone up to the car speaker so I can use it hands-free! Overall I really love everything about it.

- Jaime D

Overall it is pretty good but wasn't my top choice.

To small, it is fuel efficient has good pick up speed. Parts seem cheap. Speakers sound kind of cheap and are not the clearest. Pretty comfortable. The seat belt ringing sound is kind of annoying. Makes ending is kind of loud for a 4 cylinder. It is a pretty easy car to work on part are not expensive.

- Jerome H

Great small car with low maintenance.

My car gets good mileage for my trips it's been really a dependable car to have. We like it for being a small car but is roomy. We like the color we have. We like not having to change the oil as much. It goes longer between changes. It has lots of places to plug in all the newest gadgets into.

- Becky B

Great car! Mean lean, driving machine.

The only issue I've really run into is there's no Mitsubishi dealers near me to get the vehicle serviced properly. It drives really well. The electronic sensors are great as well. I know the instant oil is low, tires are low, etc.. Its helped with up keep of the car when I can afford it.

- Josh J

Very good stable car that does not gobble gas.

No known problems, very comfortable to drive. Gas mileage is about 33 - 34 mpg highway and 25 city. Air is nice and cold, heater is nice and warm. I had a back up mirror added - it was the only thing missing that I had on my previous car. It also has a USB port, Bluetooth.

- Michael M

A very comfortable inexpensive car.

I have owned this car for 26 months, it has a mpg over 30 and other than a recall of a minor sensor, no reason to take the car in other than getting the oil and filter changed and tires rotated. The ride is very comfortable, all the instruments are very readable.

- Michael M

I would day dependable is an important thing people should know about the lancer.

I would say that I like this car for its reliability, good gas mileage, sporty and fun to drive. It is great in the snow and has a good all wheel drive feature that can be turned on and off. Stereo is great and has Bluetooth.

- Phillip L

It is a very good car for a single person or small family. It drives very well and seems to be a safe vehicle if ever to be in an accident.

I like the way my vehicle drives and the interior look. There are several features that I don't use however and since I got a new phone I have had trouble setting up the ability to call someone simply by saying "call ..."

- Nicole S

Great car for younger people but would go with something else.

Car is amazing on gas mileage, perfect for road trips, some issues are that it is pretty low so the bumper gets scrapped here and there and also the gas pedal has a little delay due to the engine not being too big.

- Joseph M

Plow through snow in this lancer with 4 wheel drive.

It has 4 wheel drive option which I love. I like that it has cvt and it is smooth when driving. It does well on gas and even for four wheel drive.

- Laur Elizabeth C

Great family car at least for a family of four.

Love my car drives great has a great look and turn radius love the led lights would like to add some more in front but it is a great car love it.

- Megan D

Great gas mileage. Easy to drive.

I really love the gas mileage it gets. I don't drive it much but to work and home. Haven't had to put any work into it since I have gotten it.

- Karen H

It is amazing on gas. It has great gas mileage. I love that it has Bluetooth features. I am able to listen to music from my phone in my car. I truly enjoy driving my car. It is wonderful to drive.

I love the features such as hands free and Bluetooth features and I love the color and design of my car and I get great gas mileage.

- Alanna F

Its drivable and the air conditioner blows cold air. I have to turn it off.

The vehicle has a slow take off and it is not a comfortable vehicle sitting in the driver seat. I am 5'6 and it stills feel tight.

- L B

It drives very smooth. Perfect for day to day travel.

I love that it works for me and is a reliable car. I dislike that it is not an SUV. And SUV would be much more reliable.

- Kayla A

The ecosystem it has. Helps save on gas.

It is a great vehicle. It has great gas mileage and is also all wheel drive. It is safe and nice to travel in as well.

- Isiah W

It is cheaper than most of the same categories.

Good reliable car that I like enough, but nothing special. I have my car to drive to workplace and home.

- Konstantin G

Great on gas and great turn radius

Love my car wish it had a little more room Inside other than that I don't think I would change a thing

- Maghan K

That it has the ability to get me to and from the places I need to go reliably.

I like the spoiler on the back. I like the color of my car. I like the fuel efficiency.

- Corey D

Great for the price you pay.

Comfortability and handling is very nice. Chair is not comfortable.

- Sterling B