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Spacious AWD crossover SUV with third row seat.

This car is very reliable. The gas mileage is noticeably different than driving a sedan, but it is not terrible considering the size of the vehicle. The trunk space without the third row seat up is quite large and that space is reduced quite a bit with the third row seat up. The third row is a little bit smaller than the regular seats. It usually is used for our dog, a 100+ pound German Shepherd, for road trips. He is quite content on that seat. Our twelve-year-old enjoys it as well. I really love the look of this car and how spacious it feels on the inside. Compare to the "get up and go" of my husband's car (14' RAV4) I feel it is slightly underpowered. Still love it though.

- Katie M

Overall, I would highly recommend.

I think this is a great car. I drove older cars in the 90s for the past 10 years, so this is really an upgrade. The drive is smooth. I bought it used, but the tires still have another few years on it. The manual is very descriptive and helped me figure out all the bells and whistles. I really like the Bluetooth connection to the car, it makes it so easy to talk on the phone while driving and listen to music. This car has a bigger windshield then what I am used to, and that allows me to see more than the other cars I have driven. The back row is spacious, I am able to fit two car seats comfortably back there, without scooting my front seats up all the way.

- Elana S

Reason we didn't upgrade to the second level model.

We primarily chose our vehicle because of the safety rating. I also love my vehicle because it is reliable in the snow and icy conditions. I did not want a very large SUV and the Outlander is the perfect size for me. We went with the lowest level model. We had the money to go with the middle level model, but the upgrades from the basic to the middle level weren't worth the extra money for us. The extras included fake wood interior, an upgraded sound system, and a sunroof or moonroof (I can't remember which). If the upgrades would have been technology based (side cameras, GPS on screen in the car, etc) we definitely would have jumped on the upgrade.

- Kara K

Big disappointment, car is a hunk of junk.

This car has been constant one thing after another. There was a recall on the brake calipers which rust and freeze when you engage the parking brake. The catalytic converter system has an issue that still has not been figured out. The front passenger seat needs replaced because the airbag sensor went bad. The third row seat is an absolute joke. The vehicle has almost no get up and go. The brakes squeal 24/7 even though they do not need replaced. Just all in all I'd say this car was a piece of junk. I would not recommend it nor would I ever buy another Mitsubishi.

- Kelly P

Great family or individual car. Excellent gas mileage and very comfortable.

Love the pop up seat. It tucks away when not in use, but pops up easily for additional seating. The rear also has a tailgate that makes it easy to load and unload large objects and can be used for seating as well. The cars has lots of great options including hands free, Bluetooth, XM radio, CD and it even had a sub in the back. The car is very comfortable and drives with ease. My one and only complaint is the extremely long dash space, heat gets trapped in that area and takes extra time to cool in the extreme heat where I live.

- Michelle S

Mitsubishi outlander sport.

This vehicle is really great for a family vehicle. I was looking for a family car and found this one and I love it. Runs great and has ecoboost as well. It's great on gas mileage. Not much needed to fill the tank up. It also has a spacious trunk for strollers or groceries or whatever it may be that we need to carry with us. The legroom in the vehicle is also great that way no one feels crammed. It was also a budget friendly car so very affordable. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to a family member or friends.

- Karen M

Nice SUV for family with small kids because 3rd row can only fit car seats.

The SUV is seats 8 the 3rd row folds down my only dislike is that the 3rd row is only comfortable for a small child still in a car seat no older than 4 years of age. The rest of the SUV is fully loaded with all the trimmings rear view camera, comfortable seats, ft. Seats have seat and back heating, Bluetooth, Sirius radio separate temp control for driver and passenger. Phone and radio controls on steering wheel. It could use more USB charging ports back seat has none and 3rd row seat has plug for car charger.

- Cassandra W

Reliable and dependable, gets great gas mileage.

It is very reliable and give the very performances, I haven't had any problems with the vehicle. Great gas mileage and drive very smooth on the road and I love the gray color that I purchase. The seating are very comfortable for long road trips and very good space and roomy for 5 peoples and sometime I can get 6 peoples in the car. The outlander is probably the best vehicle that I have ever purchase and if I had to trade it in, then it will only be to upgrade to the newer model.

- Bobbie K

It has all the bells and whistles to make your trip from point a-z great!

My car is great, it is my first car and I could not have asked for a better one. My family of four fit snuggly, it is small but very comfortable and not too small. You are able to move your seat up or down, forward or back. I can move my steering wheel closer or farther. Cruise control is always a plus! I have Sirius XM radio, I have the option of AUX or Bluetooth. The outside front lights are able to move up or down, and very bright. Its over all just a great comfortable car.

- Elizabeth C

Comfortable, reliable, economic vehicle

Very reliable vehicle. So far all maintenance has been performed by & covered by the Mitsubishi dealer with no out of pocket costs from me. I am the first owner of this vehicle & have faithfully performed all scheduled maintenance. This is a great around-town car with just 2 in my family. The back seat is really small for adult passengers, but we seldom have more than 2 people in the car. Handles well, drives like a car. Good cargo capacity for a smaller SUV.

- Jackie H

Mitsubishi Expensive parts

It is a foreign car so when something need to be fix it is expensive. But it ride smoothly. It is a lot of legroom. I like the space when talking family and friends around they say you can fit other thing in this car. Radio system works well. One thing that I like about this vehicle is it is a push button key but it has a extra key just in case you cannot get in the doors. The alarm system is so loud that it will wake up the entire neighborhood which is great.

- Ingrid M

Great sound system. Great safety feature. Budget friendly.

I love the outlander sport because it is a little SUV but still comes in 4 wheel drive. It has a wonderful Rockford Fosgate sound system with a subwoofer so good for that bass. The outlander requires low maintenance but still has wrest extras such as the heated seats, eco feature, back up camera, legroom in backseat for 6 foot tall man. The outlander is also budget friendly. Over all it is a wonderful vehicle to invest in.

- Olivia H

Mitsubishi outlander is made for families.

The Mitsubishi outlander was my first new vehicle purchase, I had looked over many similar types of vehicles and liked the look of the outlander the most. It has been a very reliable vehicle and is excellent on gas mileage. With plenty of room for our family, we truly enjoy taking road trips in our outlander, I will definitely be looking at Mitsubishi first when I am looking for another vehicle in the future.

- Joe S

Very reliable in all aspects. Engine, driving manners, and features and technology.

Love the way it looks, and the technology in it especially the premium stereo I added. Like that it always works and never has any problems. Only things that would make me like it better are if it had a bigger engine (better performance) and more storage space behind the second row seats. It's performance is actually good, but it would be more fun to drive if it had more power and quicker acceleration.

- Kelly T

Roomy for size: very spacious for size of vehicle.

It is a great compact sized car with good trunk space. The backseat has decent space, there are cutouts under the back of the driver and passenger seat for extra leg room for backseat passengers. The passenger seat can get a little tight with a car seat in the back but not horrible. Other than oil changes it is pretty much a maintenance free car if taken care of. It is great on gas as well.

- Amanda H

A commuter�s dream; crossover of the year ranked top on the safety vehicle list.

I love my outlander sport! It has very good highway/city gas mileage, the steering is smooth and easy to drive. I have owned the vehicle for 5 years now and experienced no issues. Only regular scheduled maintenance checks and oil changes occurred. This crossover is not as big and roomy in the backseat but it is comfortable. And I would fit up to 3 passengers (not including the driver).

- Tay W

It is pretty good on gas and that it has third row seating.

I enjoy my car, I like the way that it rides smoothly and I like the economy feature that helps my car to save on gas. I like that my car alerts me when my tire pressure is low and also warns me when I may need to get an oil check. The interior in my car is nice and soft and the inside details are also really nice. I also love the third row seats and that the car came with floor mats.

- Mariah O

The car that keeps you comfortable even when your not the most confident driver!

There has been many recalls which has made me a little nervous but I am happy that they let me come in and get them repaired. I like that the SUV is compact and easy to drive. The seat material is not very durable however. Other than that I think this car is great for a younger woman. Or a person needing something larger than a car but compact enough to feel comfortable driving.

- Dee S

It is 4 wheel drive and handles well in the snow.

This is a great car. When I decided to purchase a new vehicle, I was set on getting a Chevy cruze. My husband liked the outlander and wanted me to get it. I drove both vehicles and the outlander was so much more comfortable and easy to drive. It went over bumps smoothly and handled very well. The only issue I have had with this vehicle is the hub bearing had to be replaced.

- Michelle C

Good beginner parent vehicle! Transition wonderful for an ever growing family!

Reliable, mid-level spatial capacity, basic luxury vehicle that comfortably seats 5 with great trunk space. The air circulation is for the back row is okay but could be better. Can speed up and slow down quickly but has a built in part of the system that may resist a bit at first. Bluetooth included. Better than average sound system. Mid-level comfortable seats.

- Ashley M

Great car, but has a few hiccups.

Vehicle is reliable and is spacious. I have tried various tires on the vehicle though, and it still seems like slide in wet weather. I have to drive very cautiously in the rain. And the gas cap has to be a gas cap made my Mitsubishi. Otherwise emissions will come out and the check engine light will be on constantly. Other than that, the car is good on mileage.

- Erin R

Very happy with my purchase!

Love it! I travel 90 miles a day 45 highway and 45 city and had no problems. It is only a 4 cylinder so pick up when I enter the highway is a little slow but I guess I'll take the great gas mileage. I myself went with the sport but there all nice to drive. I test drove others before my purchase and I am still happy with my purchase. I will buy another.

- Scott M

Great vehicle, but go for the options that the base vehicle doesn�t offer

I love most things mechanically about this vehicle, I just wish I would not have bought the base model. I really wish I had back up cameras and Bluetooth for the radio. When backing up it is hard to see out the back window. I also do not like the way the vehicle handles on the highway when there is wind. It tends to feel like I am blowing around.

- Christine H

It's more high tech then all of my vehicle's I own. And I do love the upgrades

My vehicle has econ fuel burns less gas, it's a SUV helps my family long term to have more children, trunk has nice space. Has a reverse camera. Bluetooth is complicated, can't connect my music. I bought it ideal cars, bought a lot for it but needed tires, battery, oil change, new air filter. I do maintain maintenance and it is good to us!

- April J

Love how smooth my Outlander drives

I have a 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in grey/silver. I love how smoothie the vehicle drives, it's not a gas guzzler, reliable , never have any issues with it. The seats however are a bit stiff if your driving long distance and the seat belt is always at my neck no matter how I adjust bit and I'm 5'4, it's not like in super short.

- Erika E

Awesome vehicle. Great brand!

It is a reliable, economical SUV. Great on gas, you just have to be conscious of how you drive. It makes it easy to conserve gas. We had two but sold the 2011 last year. That had better gas mileage than the 2014. I would absolutely recommend this car to anyone. I haven't seen the new ones but I may end up buying a brand new one soon.

- Omar P

Love my car and service people.

Performs well, great in the snow. . Rides nice, lots of extras. . Attractive looking car. . . Was a great value. . Love the customer service people, that is probable one of my favorite things about the dealership. . . The people who service the car are super nice and go out of their way to do whatever it takes to make you happy. .

- Sharon D

2014 outlander - great and reliable vehicle with minimal issues.

One of the best vehicles I have ever owned. Performance-wise, it is extremely reliable and easy to maintain. My only complaint is that some of the dash controls feel kind of "catchy". I have had to have the heating/air system looked at do to some pressure problems. Other than that, everything else has been perfectly fine.

- Tor Z

This vehicle has great handling and is safe.

This car has been reliable, it is comfortable for me drive, it handles nicely. The gas mileage is acceptable. I am 5'6' and the vehicle is just the right size. There is plenty of cargo space in the rear and plenty of legroom for my son whom is 6'1'. I have had the vehicle for 5 years and will be passing it down to my son.

- Sarah G

Very dependable and nice vehicle.

The only problem you can hear the road noise, and mpg wish it was better. It is dependable, nice features, like the heated seats automatic door lift, the sunroof. It could use more noise resistant insulation, so it would be a little quieter on the road. Wish you could keep your Sirius for a year instead of a trial.

- Tina S

Would buy another one but prefer to not have a car payment.

Very dependable vehicle, have driven it many miles on cross country trips. It is very comfortable and handles well in all weather and road conditions. Only repairs so far have been regular maintenance. Plenty of room, we opted for third row seat as we have grandchildren. Also room for luggage, etc. when traveling.

- Gayle R

It's a great car for someone who wants to try out driving a small SUV before buying a large one!

I love that my crossover has a high safety rating and I have the option to turn on/off 4-wheel drive. I work in healthcare and I have to get to my job regardless of the severe weather that can occasionally hit where I live. The only thing I would change is that my car takes a little bit to gain speed.

- Samantha C

It is a great family travel vehicle.

What I like about my 2014 mitsubishi outlander is that it is pretty sturdy off road, can handle over 1,000 to 2,000+ pounds and easily handle long distances. Though, nothing is perfect, it seems to be made for travel and not cities, all that stopping and going uses lots more gas than long distances.

- Brownie B

Fuel saver, enough room and simple interior.

It is a great fuel saver, you can drive for 400 hundred miles with just one tank of fuel. It has enough room for being a small SUV, it is very comfortable for driving and specially for parking. It is a stable and secure car to drive. It has a very simple interior no luxuries or innovative details.

- Erika R

Great features for a fantastic price.

I love my outlander sport. It was a great priced car that has all the features I could want. Rockford fosgate sound system, panoramic roof with accent lighting, paddle shifters, seat warmers that warm quickly, ac that works quickly, comfortable seats and headrests, fits four people comfortably.

- Melissa F

Reliable, comfortable, and safe

So far it has been very reliable. The original battery lasted almost 100,000 miles! Didn't need new brakes until 85,000. It is comfortable to drive. The extra third row seating is small but convenient because my kids are young enough and small enough to fit comfortably when we need it.

- Andrea O

Third row family car that is great on gas.

I like the vehicle mainly because it has 3rd row seating, the heating and air conditioning works great, I like how it has USB plug in and I also like how it conserves gas. It alerts you when your tire pressure is low or when you've driven a lot of miles and should perhaps check your oil.

- Ny O

The Bluetooth control on the steering wheel is amazing.

I is very reliable and has lots of room. I love the in Bluetooth capabilities. It is also good on gas. And any replacement parts are cheap never had any major problems with it. Also very kid friendly with lots of room for groceries and others in the back. Wish it had a third row though.

- Kathryn D

Air conditioner & check engine light issues.

The performance has been great overall. I did have an air conditioning problem which reoccurred less than a year after being repaired, but was finally resolved. I now keep getting a check engine light code and have been told I will need a $2000 new catalytic converter in the next year.

- Carolyn S

Great, versatile family vehicle.

Comfortable, smooth ride. Big enough for my family of 5. I do a lot of furniture DIY, and you'd be surprised what I can move in the cargo area. Seats are relatively comfortable- long trips can be hard, but the pros outweigh the few cons. Overall, it's been a great choice for my family.

- Jennifer H

Mitsubishi Outlander, good size, comfortable feel, couple of flaws.

This is my second outlander. I like everything about it except the noise it makes when the AC is on. I thought the newer model wood not do that but it still does. I like it's smaller size but you can still fit almost anything in it. The thing I really wish it had is automatic locks.

- Nancy M

Great for traveling but could be a little better.

This car gets great gas mileage and has a third row which is great for our family as we take many road trips. But negatives are that there are no upper air vents to the back so it is hard to get kids cool in the summer and the back gate always leaks water into the car when it rains.

- Heather W

Mitsubishi outlander: all fun and sport.

It is nice and small, but has a large trunk size. The back seat can get a little cramped though. It gets really good gas mileage as well. It drives really smooth, and is a quiet ride. The seats are comfortable, and I fit well in the driver's seat. It gets up to speed very well too.

- Bailee O

Far too many problems with air conditioning... other than that great car!

I like all the space we have. Third row is awesome and the DVD player is great too. But cold air is terrible! We had it fixed 3 times now and still no cold air!!! So even though it was affordable and is spacious I wouldn't recommend a car without decent air conditioning to anyone

- Meg C

Affordable alternative. This vehicle is a affordable alternative to other cars.

The dashboard could have more or better technology. It is small for a SUV. The back seat is small. It's the low end of the SUVs. It has a recall for water leaking behind dashboard. It has 4WD and does well in the snow. It is been a good economical vehicle. Not built for comfort.

- Giuliana M

Great gas saver, family vehicle compact.

Vehicle runs great love it. Love the eco features saves gas. Comfortable fits the family. The size of the vehicle. 4 cylinder saves money on gas. Great performance vehicle. Drives great in ruff terrain. Would purchase another newer vehicle like this when the time comes about.

- Jay S

My outlander sport is my favorite CR-V love it.

Love my car! It is just the right size for me. Wish my gas mileage was little better. But love the drive and feel of my car. I have had nothing but great luck with my car. Love the color and love my leather interior. I have kept it taken care of and up to date on all checks.

- Michele R

Mitsubishi recommended by me.

It is reliable, comfortable, & good on gas. It is a 4 cylinder so it does not have as much power as I am used to. There are no special features that this vehicle has. I would recommend getting at 2016 or newer if you want something more high tech with more features.

- Cassie P

Soccer mom vehicle, pretty reliable.

It is not the best on gas mileage, the electrical system is on the fritz. The seats are comfortable but not luxurious. The trunk area is small, and the material if hard to clean. The window wash sprayer for the rear window is poorly placed and does not distribute well.

- Kayla D

The best car for the buck.

There are many great features that my 2014 car has. They include back up camera, very good gas mileage, very large luggage area, also low operating cost. As well as very good visual looks. Some people have commented how good it looks. My next car will be the same kind.

- John O

Amazing buy, I totally recommend it.

I love my vehicle. It is economic, comfortable; I recommend it. I really like that it is spacious and have good traction which I need since I live in the mountains. It has ample storage room. The cruise control is reliable. The color is pretty and my family loves it.

- Carmen S

I have not had to put any money into the car, besides routine maintenance, since I purchased it, 4 years ago.

I love the room in my SUV. Although, it can fit 7 people, I normally do not have 7 people in the vehicle. But, I love the room for transporting lots of things.I love the power of my V6 engine & the AWD. I love the design of the SUV. I have no complaints at all.

- Autumn L

Sporty looking Outlander Sport with excellent safety features

Comfortable seating. I chose a fully loaded model because I felt the basic version was too cheap.....love my upgrades....leather seats, satellite radio, moonroof, sound system. Great gas mileage. No problems so far and the car is 4.5 years old with 27,000 miles.

- Sarah S

Mitsubishi, an effective and safety car.

Outlander sport, easy maintenance, comfortable, 24 y 29 of consumption, easy driver. With standard equipment, safe brakes, an affordable price, cruising speed, 60. 000 miles without mechanic problems. Variety of colors, take a driving test. Green color.

- Santiago R

Awesome, safe, and enough room for everyone and everything.

I love the safety rating. The heated seats. I love that it is a 7 seater. It drives so smooth on the highway. Plus, you can choose from AWD echo to snow AWD, normal, and AWD lock. I have owned a 2003, 2007, 2012 and now a 2014. I also love the warranty.

- Gloria B

My pride Mitsubishi SUV car,

The purchase of the vehicle was in line with my budget, since waiting a SUV type model, was the most affordable and interesting features at the time of purchase. Good average consumption, no breakdown or repair, is comfortable and very easy to drive.

- Santiago S

Not as spacious as you'd think. Buy a mini can instead.

Like the size as far as driving and parking. Love the backup camera. Like the idea of the extra 2 seats but they are useless. Really only fit a toddler and they need booster seats which do not fit back there. No latch system. Just sort of useless.

- Erin D

My car is good on gas mileage and does well in the winter.

Like everything about my vehicle. Do not care for the thin seat cloth. Does not wear well. Does good in winter and feel safe with the size would love to have this as my last and only vehicle. Have had a few recalls but has been easy to maintain.

- Janet L

Gets good gas mileage. I travelled from central Illinois to northeast Ohio on less than a tank of gas

I like the size of my SUV; not too large...it's the perfect fit. One of the reasons I chose it was that it puts less stress on my knees when I get out of the car. Only one dislike & that is the air conditioning; doesn't cool down quick enough.

- Sandra B

It has Great mpg easy to drive seats seven people great for bigger families

I like it because it fits 7 people but the back is small so if 6 of us is in the car it doesn't leave much room for groceries. It's great on gas . I like the adjustable driver seat i'm short so im able to adjust it to where i need it to be

- Reginee B

The electronic door locks are horrible & are failing or have already failed on all doors. It started happening soon after buying it

It's a great size, bot too big or too small. It runs smoothly. It looks good. It has great gas mileage. The electronic door locks are horrible & are failing or have already failed on all doors. It started happening soon after buying it

- Allison H

It is a great car for music junkies on a budget!

I wished it was better on gas. I also feel for a vehicle that targets active people that it had more interior space. As far as what I love, I enjoy the stereo that comes with the car and that the seats are very easy to clean.

- Sarah K

I like the sportiness of it, the sound system and the way it drives. I dislike that the cupholders are so small and are basically under the dash, cannot hold a large drink from any fast food restaurant. I like the bluetooth functionality of the stereo but wish it had onboard navigation.

It is SO much fun to drive, the gas mileage isn't as great as it should be, but it is pretty roomy inside and it is a very quiet ride. I've had absolutely no problems with this car and I've had it for 3 years now.

- Jessica S

Great small SUV minus gas mileage.

Car has a very smooth ride, and plenty of storage space for a small SUV. The engine is not the best, low horsepower/torque, and not great gas mileage. On the positive side, 4WD does outstanding in the snow and rain.

- Levi C

Reliable, practical, and a good value.

It's been a reliable and very practical small suv for the money. The third row of seats are tight and only good for small kids. Gas mileage is good but that comes at the expense of a underpowered 4 cylinder engine.

- Chris L

It is very fuel efficient for its size. It averages about 31 mpg.

I love this cars performance, gas mileage, and size however one downside we are realizing is there was a defective paint job on it from the manufacturer and it has little pinpoint rust spots all over it.

- Elizabeth P

It's convenient. Definitely not sporty, as in fast. Could be better built.

I like that it's a SUV. That I can take my family in it and we all fit comfortably. I don't like that the engine is not very fast, and that I would have had to pay a lot more for a sunroof.

- Jessica A

The mitsubishi outlander gets great mileage on the highway, allowing me to get the most for my money when buying gas.

I like that it is an SUV that seats 7 and has adjustable trunk space. I also like the rear camera. I do not have any bells and whistles so I do not like that there are no extra features.

- Alicia Y

it has a backup camera. I repeat, a backup camera!

it's fairly reliable. I don't like that it takes premium gas. however, it does get decent gas mileage for being a compact SUV. the Bluetooth is annoying to use. I like the AWD.

- Malina C

It has a good warranty and the price is reasonable.

I like the size and the fact that it has a foldable third row. I like the warranty. I like the features. I don't like the noise on the highway that you can hear inside the car.

- hEI K

It's a very reliable car. I've never had a problem with it. It runs great.

I absolutely love it. It gets great gas mileage. It's very comfortable. Not a lot of take-off speed though so you have to be careful not to pull out into traffic too quickly.

- Deacon K

cozy interior, pretty outside, and affordable compact suv.

i like the beautiful color paint, cozy bucket seats, spacious trunk. i dislike that it is "compact" and the radio/phone pairing system causes you aggravation on a daily basis

- eduardo a

It is a good looking car comfortable seats I love the white color I love the heated seats I love that you can connect your phone to the Bluetooth

5 has a blind spot on side note running good comfortable seats doesn't take a lot to take care of it just keep the oil changed wash and wax it and keep an eye on the tires

- Pat N

It's great for people who don't like oversized vehicles but need to fit more than 5

I bought it to accommodate my growing family. I like its size & features. I do wish it had slightly more trunk space and it was easier to get in and out of the third row.

- Jess S

My car cruises really good and has paddle shifters.

I Love the long moonroof and ambient lighting. Also,The Rockford Fosgate stereo with 7" subwoofer. It gets good gas mileage. I would like to have had more storage space.

- Ida N

My outlander is my reliability to get to places and it does just that

Ripped the antenna right off the car but other than that the performance is great. I have pretty decent gas mileage as well. Haven't had a problem yet with my vehicle

- Matt K

Great mpg- Mitsubishi outlander sport.

I find my vehicle to be very reliable, it gets great gas mileage for a bigger vehicle. I like sitting up higher and that it has nice features inside the vehicle.

- Haley E

It's a good car and I recommend it especially to families

I find the outlander very convenient, it is spacious and it has the option to add a third row of seats which makes it ideal for large families or traveling

- karen S

I think it is important to know that my car got a super high safety rating.

I love my car because in snowy minnesota it's super important that you have 4 wheel drive. I do not like my braking system, sometimes I slide on the ice.

- Marisa P

It is a good and reliable car. It is not fancy but it does the job.

I like my vehicle because it is a nice size for me. I like the design. It gets good gas mileage. I dislike that it has the basic features and it is loud.

- Darian R

This SUV model (Outlander) is very roomy. Offers great mileage and has been very reliable.

I like the mileage, the smooth ride I receive, plus the heated seats. It also has a 3rd row seating option that pops up from the trunk. No complaints.

- CJ O

Has been a reliable vehicle. A comfortable ride.

Dislike that the gas mileage really drops in colder weather. Would change the temperature control dash. Hard to clip the car seat strap in the back.

- Beth S

Reliable, it has never broken down and left me stranded anywhere

It doesn't have a lot of power. When you stop at a light you have to keep your foot on the brake real hard, otherwise it moves forward quickly

- Vince F

Interstate driving at its best.

No problems very comfortable comes with 3rd row seating for extra space. I purchased used currently has 162000 miles and its running well.

- George B

This car gets great gas mileage.

I have a lot of difficulty getting the car into reverse gear. Otherwise it is a great car. It gets great gas mileage and is easy to drive.

- Karen G

It's very pretty on the outside and seats a family of 4 well but adding a 5th person is tight.

I wish that it had another cup holder by the steering wheel like my 2010 Outlander did. I love the color and it is comfortable to drive.

- Andrea E

There not as spacious as I thought it was.

I like that it is good on gas. I do not like that the back seats do not go down. I do not like the small trunk space with the 3rd row up.

- Tyler M

Actuators thump and it tells me of the quality of the vehicle.

Wish it had built in gaps.. Good gas mileage.. I like the low gasoline indicator bell.. I like the privacy thing in the hatchback area.

- Shannon D

Great leg room. Very comfortable. Has panoramic roof!

Love my car. Has great features. Only complaint is acceleration. Not as much power as other CRVS. However handles well mileage good.

- Kim K

It's great i love this car, it is great on gas mileage.

I wish it would tell me my oil life and it doesn't. Also, it doesn't tell me how much gas life i have left once the gas light came on.

- Taylor M

Very nice and easy to switch from front wheel drive to 4W

Pretty reliable car. Wish it didn't bog the engine down so much when a/c is on, but other than that, powerful enough for what I need.

- Chelsea C

That it has 4 wheel drive.

I like my car because it has more space for passengers. It is higher off the ground. It also has 4 wheel drive for the bad weather.

- Tabby G

The back up camera is my favorite part!

I absolutely love my SUV. This is a make and model I would buy again. It's easy to get in and out of. Also is a very smooth ride

- Katherine L

Gas prices are reasonable with this car oil chances are only required every 6 months

Stable rarely need to repair good on gas big enough for a large family has basic feature s might be worth it to add upgrades

- Theresa A

It's an affordable car with a lot of features and a great warranty.

I like that it seats 7 if I want it to. It is comfortable. The only thing I don't like is that it is noisy on the highway.

- h k

My Mitsubishi very spacious and easy to handle. The perfect small SUV.

My Mitsubishi is reliable and spacious. I get great gas mileage and a smooth ride. I haven't had any problems with it.

- Julie A

Reliable, I only got stranded once when the battery died.

I live in Florida and the air conditioning is not that great during the day, it good at night when the sun goes down.

- Vincent F

Keep up with recalls if any.

Like the gas mileage l get. Like the style and comfort. Only dislike, wish it was a little more quiet when riding.

- Charles F

Auto familiar económico y cómodo

Buen auto. Económico. Servicios no de alto costo. Cómodo Excelente para una familia. Suv en un precio razonable

- Adriana H

It has excellent gas mileage.

I love the space my vehicle has. It also has really great gas mileage. I also love the sleek look of my vehicle.

- Brittany R

this suv gets great miles per gallon great for long distance traveling

It has great gas miles for a suv it fits seven people . my dislike is the small cargo room. The seats are comfy

- Cameron B

has great space inside, the cargo area is very good for the sizeof it.

I like the design and feel of it. the versatility of it's design. the looks and handling. I dislike the noise

- bill b

My vehicle is very comfortable.

The vehicle is very reliable. It is also very comfortable. It has lots of features. Its performance is okay.

- Peggy M

It has a lots of interior space.

I really love the sunroof the most. It has a smooth drive plus it is great on gas. Display is easy to read.

- Sha B

My one problem with my outlander.

My outlander has been very reliable with no problems besides having no key ignition in case of emergencies.

- Marcelo M

It has great features, reliable and handles the roads awesome in winter.

I wish it came in more color options. Had a little more room. And also had better windshield wiper options.

- candace w

Great car. Great gas mileage. Very reliable.

Comfortable ride. Good gas mileage. Handy for moving supplies which I needed at the time I bought the car.

- Joseph L

How well it does in safety.

It is a nice vehicle with room and space. It is easy to maneuver and drive. I wish it had better mileage.

- Ana F

It is a very reliable vehicle that gets great gas mileage.

I love my vehicle. It is comfortable, absolutely no issues. It's great on gas and it is very reliable.

- April S

The vehicle is very comfortable during long car rides.

The vehicle has great mileage and runs really well. The vehicle is very comfortable and very reliable.

- Brittany S

That it's mine and I don't mind driving, but that doesn't mean I always have to drive.

The seats are just okay, but it's nice to drive and the mileage is good. I also like my Bluetooth.

- Lori T

The outlander sport functional and sleek, with great lines and high def lights

I love the moon roof. I also love the sleek look with the bigger spoiler. I love the LEDs as well

- AnnaMarie M

The vehicle comes with a 5 year 50,000 bumper to bumper warranty and a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty on the powertrain that has saved me money on repairs. Car runs like new and is very dependable.

My car has three row seating, backup camera, attractive styling and pleasant service manager.

- Sara B

If you're looking for a spacious SUV with great mpg, this is it!

It's spacious. Looks sleek. Seats aren't too comfortable for long drives. Great sound system.

- Ana A

The car drives well and gets good gas mileage. The air conditioner could be better. It does not circulate well to the back.

It has held up well. I've had to do minimal work on the car. I'd gladly buy another one.

- Ton P

It has great gas mileage, drives smoothly, and is very reliable.

I love the gas mileage and the reliability. I dislike that it doesn't have a third row.

- Kristina W

Mitsubishi crossover it's nice and doesn't spend too much gas

I like that is fuel economy and has glass roof with light also nice bright lights

- Josie Z

Its mine don't touch it unless u want to wash and clean it up

I love the color it gets good gas mileage and is convenient for me and my family

- Ashley C

It drives fairly well and the backup camera is very helpful

I like the color and the interior. It drives nicely and it is decent on gas.

- Callie O

Sports SUV with bluetooth and economic. Comfortable, reliable, compact vehicle.

Compact SUV, Energy/Gas Saver. comfortable. Does not have rear view camera.

- CAtherine G

In 4 years of owning it I have had no issues at all.

I like the size of my vehicle. It's not too big or too small. It's perfect.

- Nicole C

Good deal for the money and it gets amazing gas mileage for an SUV.

Like the Bluetooth, usb port, comfort and plenty of room. And the price!

- Linda P

Gets great gas mileage, and is very comfortable when driving long distances

Like everything Only dislike the outside noise you hear when driving.

- Charles E

Reliable with no problems so far. It's a zippy easy to drive and park little suv

It hasn't given me any problems. Good gas mileage. Cute little suv

- Yvonne M

dependable doesn't have that many breakdowns. good car

Runs good, not that many breakdowns. No complaints or dislikes.

- Kristie A

Needs a little more power in engine

My car runs amazing only fixed the basics things no complaints

- Kathy G

For an old car it is still really good. WE have a new engine though. But I like the way it feels when driving. It doesn't have build in navigation or other fancy new things but it has everything you need and lots of room, without being a huge car. I don't like that people can look into my trunk.

it's maybe not the most popular brand but it's really nice

- joyce J

gas miles is one the most important.the color is lovely

everythings is well.the color okay.the need to be large

- Luella m

Very affordable care with 3rd row seating available.

Like 3rd row seating. Dislike beeping safety features.

- Tracy H

I like all the features of the vehicle. I don't like the gas mileage

My mitsubishi outlander is comfortable and stylish

- Joe S