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4-wheel drive, leg and compartment space, and the medium frame.

Problems - ride can be a little stiff at times and I do not like that there is not an auxiliary outlet. Performance - has been great, it's basically all that I expected it to be. Reliability - I haven't had any problems in this area. I have taken it in for general maintenance and haven't had any other problems that weren't regular wear and tear. Comfort- although the ride can be a bit stiff after awhile, I like the amount of space and storage throughout the vehicle. Features- I do not have any additional features in my vehicle, but I do like the double glove compartment and the storage under the back seats.

- Holly S

Pros and cons of my 2011 Nissan frontier.

Constant problems with tire pressure, problem with service engine light regardless of making necessary repairs. Other than that it runs great good vehicle but bed is small and inadequate for hauling big items. Good for dirt and rough road. Being that it is a 4x4. Good on fuel problem starting on real cold winter mornings, constant problem with acid on battery battles.

- Marjorie C

A good reliable truck that meets my needs for towing and hauling.

Good overall truck. Had to replace the computer for over a thousand dollars at 78000 miles. Make sure if you get a tow package use the Nissan integrated wiring harness. Aftermarket products are minimal. off-road package and vertical descent works well together. Ground clearance could be a little higher. Road noise is minimal with the right tires.

- Glenn S

Nissan frontier: great for any conditions.

The frontier has been very reliable, however the paint on the hood did not last very long. I still enjoy driving it and it's great in any environment. Where it is an off-road vehicle, bumps on the highway will throw it to the side occasionally and it sometimes fishtails, but it is not unmanageable at all, just takes some getting used to.

- Ann K

2011 Nissan frontier likes/dislikes.

The interior is a bit dated compared to some newer models. It still includes XM radio and an auxiliary port. Seats are not leather. The heat takes forever to kick in. There are no backup cameras / sensors. The truck is very reliable, however, and I haven't had any mechanical issues with it.

- Andrew K

My model has a rack on top for extra hauling.

Love driving the frontier. Has lots of foot room, heated seats and you can heal almost anything in the truck bed. Has good lighting and you can see well at night. Gets good gas mileage for a truck. The only thing I do not like about the truck is that it does not have a good turning radius.

- Bobbie T

That it has been the most dependable car I have owned.

I like the size, look, & versatility. It carries my kayaks, paddleboard & more.. Dislike fuel use and that it is hard to tell how much room I have when parking..

- Susan P

Dependable and great gas mileage all around great vehicle to own

I love my nissan frontier. It gets great gas mileage for a truck and is very comfortable to ride in and rides smooth. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- deborah c

It's a good car to have I love it cause it made it to taxes last year.

It's nice to get to places all the time and don't have to walk anymore and I don't drive it but it gets my husband to work all the time.

- Amber B

If you want a small truck this is the truck for you

No Dislikes or complaints. It has been a well dependable Truck. Besides regular maintenance This truck has never been in a repair shop

- Allen W

No go in snow. Dents easily. .

It being a 2 wheel/rear wheel drive vehicle the traction on ice or snow is terrible. I should have bought 4 wheel/all wheel drive.

- Steve M

Awesome pickup with good gas mileage.

It is a great truck for the purposes I have. I wish it had heated mirrors and powered seats, but otherwise, it meets my needs.

- John D

Four door truck and a long bed. Slick body and great on gas.

Great size truck. Great on gas. Four door truck with same amount of room as a SUV. The best of both worlds a truck.

- Tc T

Great truck great price!!

Love my truck first ever new purchase and has been best vehicle I've ever owned. Will buy again. Thanks

- John K

it is a very reliable truck, fun to drive, good on gas

love it because it is good on gas. it helps me help people move things. its a lot of fun to drive

- Vicki J



- Robert M

4 wheel drive and great on hills. great on gas also.

great small truck to handle small job. Cab fits 5 people

- ras r