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A simple, standard, reliable vehicle.

This truck is an overall handy vehicle if you want a truck but do not necessarily need. An extremely large vehicle. Everything provides a quick response, and the console and controls are laid out well and presented very straightforward. The truck can get around 16 miles per gallon. This vehicle is reliable. I have put 40, 000 miles on this truck and taken plenty of multiple hour drives in it without any strange occurrences or issues. This is a truck that is definitely worth the price, will give you good mileage for what it is, and is extremely dependable if taken care of.

- Connor F

Rear view camera and proximity alarm activates when you shift into reverse.

Ac fan is loud when truck is idle and in park. It gets good gas mileage (v6). Plenty of space in cab (4 door extended). Only had it for a few months but so far no issues. Fairly comfortable. The bed is smaller due to extended cab but still quite a bit of room in the bed. Rear view camera engages when you put it in reverse and a proximity alarm beeps when you are close to backing in to an object.

- Ray R

It is reliable. It will get you where you want to go. You can count on it.

This is the third Nissan truck I have bought. It is very dependable. I have approximately 68, 000 miles on it and I have never had a single problem. So, it is dependable. It does not use much gas, about 27 miles per gallon. It will transport five adults and has a short bed for hauling cargo. We have two cars. But, this would be the ideal car for a family that just has one car.

- Mike H

Reliable, comfortable, Nissan.

The 2014 Nissan vs. frontier is a wonderfully reliable truck. I have been able to do everything and more with it that I wanted to originally. I have moved friends places, I have gone off-road, I have been camping and had to drive through fields and puddles and mud. Overall it is a reliable car that is comfortable and easy to drive. There have been no issues with it at all.

- Alexis A

Appealing and Solid vehicle

No problems since we've had it. Smooth ride. Comfortable seating. Roomy inside and out. Attractive appearance and pretty color. People always want to buy it from us. Like the rear warning screen and sound; very helpful for going in and out of tight spaces. Maneuvers well. Radio has nice sound. Like different temperature control for driver and passenger.

- Norma R

2014 Nissan frontier truck.

Little small in the back. I wish I would've gotten the 4 door or the titan full size truck. Also takes a lot to get it over mountain never would chance driving home through the rockies. Also the steering . Needs fixed. Now the good things about the truck. Great gas mileage. And I am able to put my stuff in the back and reach every thing. I miss having a car.

- Patti S

Nissan Frontier. Good Truck

It's been a good truck. I didn't choose to upgrade the computer software after six months of ownership. I feel this update should have been free. The cargo bed system has since been discontinued by Nissan on newer models but I utilize this feature often. My particular model has a sunroof making the installation of a roof rack system complicated and pricey

- Nicholas R

Great family car for winter

We were looking for a good family vehicle that could handle the rough winters. Our Nissan Frontier does just that. I don't particularly like the body style (it is very ugly), but everything about the inside of the vehicle is perfect. It's spacious, it's easy to drive, and the ability to switch to 4-wheel-drive is incredibly easy.

- Linda B

It's really hard to say because my car has no frills whatsoever. I guess the 4 wheel drive is the most outstanding feature.

I like that I have a lot of cup holders, but I wish the glove compartment was a little bigger. I like the air conditioner and the radio and that it has 2 charging ports (cigarette lighters). It's nice having 4 wheel drive capabilities and being able to drive in the snow. Honestly, I can't really think of much I don't like about it.

- Kristen C

The perfect truck for a woman on the go.

I love the size of Nissan. It is not a small truck but it is not a full size truck either. It maneuvers easily in small parking lots & it has the perfect turn radius. It rides very well & seats 5 very comfortably. Perfect for a road trip. The engine has great get up and go and it does not really us a lot of gas.

- Tina W

Great truck for everyday use.

I have had no problems at all with my vehicle so far. It runs great, the seats are comfortable and can be heated during the winter months. The cargo bed is covered to protect it from scratches and whatever I need to haul around. Mileage is good and the engine has a quick response when I step on the gas.

- Jim V

One awesome economical truck.

I have not had any problems with my truck. My favorite part is how well it handles in all weather conditions, and how easy the four wheel drive is to use. The king can is super spacious!! As for the truck box that is also extremely convenient. I especially love the track system and cargo catch option.

- Bobby J

Great truck but needs some design improvement.

Turn radius is not great. The cup holder system leaves something to be desired. No arm rest on driver's seat is an inconvenience. Reliable and good on gas. Handles well and for the most part is fairly comfortable. Dash and instrument cluster are well laid out and easy to understand.

- Steven O

Good truck not really that many complaints.

It performs good. Has been a great truck since I got it. Is not made to be off-road by any mean not all that much room. Traction control women’s great. It is great on gas. I drive it everyday with no problems good truck. Dirt gets in runs pretty easy which makes for a rough ride.

- Cameron T

Backup cameras are a great feature.

It's great on gas! We use it for hauling lumber and garden supplies for our projects around the house. Parking is easy especially at the home pro stores. It has backup cameras and also towing features. This comes in very handy. Did I mention 4 doors. The grandkids love it also.

- Rose N

Wonderful, safe, and reliable truck.

The front seat is very comfortable. We did go on vacation, long drive, I sat in back seat with two kids in car seats. . . Awful. Very cramped, middle seat belt trapped me in and I couldn't move. Seats very uncomfortable. Besides that, awesome truck! I would recommend it.

- Jennifer T

I love that it provides the needs of transportation for my family.

Drives smooth. Good gas mileage for a truck. Usually get 330-350 miles to the tank. Good everyday driver for my family and I love this truck. I feel it has plenty of room for what we need. Just recently bought a bed cover and easily packed and headed to the beach.

- Cody J

2014. Nissan. Frontier. Crew cab.

The 2014 Nissan Frontier I own is an incredibly reliable vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and allows me to haul all of the things I need as well as the passengers to accommodate it. Its relatively low-maintenance and hasn't broke down despite being wrecked twice.

- Brandon R

That it was reasonably priced and gets great gas mileage for its class.

I like the power of the engine and the smooth take off and acceleration. The design and sleek look of it is awesome. It came with all the bells and whistles, including a sprayed in bed liner that is good for hauling anything without damage to the paint and bed.

- Bryan C

2014 Nissan Frontier. Great vehicle.

It has great gas mileage. Has a smooth and comfortable ride and is inexpensive to operate. Purchase price was reasonable. Sales staff war helpful and knowledgeable. It was pre-owned and in remarkable condition and low mileage. Interior was in fine condition.

- Kenny W

Fuel economy of 2014 frontier.

I love my Nissan frontier. It is the crew cab sl version. Fuel efficiency is not what I was expecting though. I am currently getting 18.8 mpg highway. I would have thought it would have been much more than that considering it is advertised up to 22 highway.

- Richard T

It is dependable and will get them around in bad weather conditions.

Excellent performance, reliability and comfort. It is a 6 cyl with great towing capacity and will easily pull my horse trailer loaded with one horse. It also has good mph for everyday driving. Backseat has limited room, but enough for my needs with 3 dogs.

- Mary D

Got lemons make lemonade!!

Bad on gas turning radius extremely poor and horrible blind spots drives well has a great capacity in the bed of the truck in the v6 model lot of get up and go great truck bad in maneuverability good 2016 Toyota Tacoma's are by far superior truck compared.

- Derek W

it is a great small truck. even women can drive and utilize all it has to offer

I love my truck! my kids thought i was crazy to get one, but now i can carry and tow whatever i want. i don't need to rely on my sons to pick up items from home depot. i can do it by myself. no complaints. i would buy another

- sue o

Nissan frontier has it all.

Very reliable with regular maintenance. Very good gas mileage and can really take the job of towing and hauling. Interior is roomy enough for 2 passengers in the back and has a very comfortable ride.

- Andrew M

The car is perfect for an average size family or for people that have a lot of use for a spacious trunk.

I love the space for its truck, it is really spacious. What I dislike is the space inside because sometimes it feels to cramped. I like that it is a resourceful car to have when making long trips.

- Andrea c

It is a safe auto in case of an accident .. Its a truck that drives like a car

good milage. Very smooth ride. My grandkids love it .. My wife likes to derive it .. My kids borrow it often whenever they need a truck.. It has bluetooth, cruise and is fun to drive

- john h

A truck is very useful especially when moving big items weather your helping a good friend or your self moving from one place or another.

I like my Nissan truck is has been around for a while, it help when I moved to Stockton and back for my new job. It help with buying big things like a refrigerator. I love it.

- Catalina G

I can trust that my family will be safe.

I love the gas mileage my truck gets. The sets are uncomfortable on long rides and do not have much of a option when it comes to set belt adjustments for the back sets.

- Kimberly C

Trucks are bad on ice due to having no weight in the back.

I love that it is a truck that is very reliable and powerful enough. It gets decent gas mileage but nothing close to a sedan. I don't like that the locks are manual.

- Jake B

Truck gets good gas mileage and runs great.

We love our truck. It runs great and gets good gas mileage. We drive it everyday to work and it's a comfortable drive. The ac is super cold. The truck is reliable.

- Heather W

Good gas mileage . Doesn't need many fill ups for long trips .

It's very roomy inside the cab . Has a stylish look to it . Gets good gas mileage . Only complaint is it doesn't give a very smooth ride , takes bumps hard .

- Nancy A

For a mid size pickup, it has plenty of power and plenty of room.

I like the reliability. I love that it is four wheel drive. I am also a huge fan of the cab space. Lastly, and my favorite is the box track system.

- Robert J

That is the most comfortable truck you can buy. The ride is smooth and Reliable

It Is very reliable and attractive looking midsize truck. It runs beautifully and is very fuel-efficient. The only complaint that I have the tires


Uses lots of money for gas.

Absolutely stunning and beautiful truck, Its a beautiful ride with four wheels driving and plenty of space to pile in friends and family.

- John B

Rides smooth and comfortable, has room for the family and animals, can tow my trailer, room in the back for BBQ, spare propane tank, ice chest and dog kennels

I like my truck, it has enough room for my family and animals and will pull my trailer. I do wish I had a little more power when towing.

- Penny B

4 wheel drive, v6 engine.

Like: 4 wheel drive, crew cab, traditional gauges. Dislike: easy denting metal, rust on undercarriage, and cheap quality spoiler.

- Wayne R

Very dependable and nothing has gone wrong with it.

It is great running but it is hard for me to get in to. I guess I a really do not have complaints about it, just me.

- Stephanie R

you can carry 5 people in it its as 4 dr with bench seat

Its comfortable to ride long distance its a 4 x 4 sv I have had no problem this pickup it's a nice pickup

- Duane I

The recalls. My specific car had he oil consumerism issue with my engine.

I have had this vehicle for 4 years and have done nothing to it except change oil. No problems of any kind.

- Richard A

Took it from Florida to Wisconsin to celebrate my sister's 60th birthday in February.

Would be nice to have more inside storage capacity. Use for towing scout trailer every other month.

- steve k

It is dependable and you have plenty of storage in the back seat area .

This truck has adequate power and is reliable . It gets good mileage and has a nice ride.

- William K

It can go anywhere, haul our trailer and fits our family

Love the ability to travel anywhere. Love the size. Love the towing ability.

- Lindsey L

It feels more like an SUV than the previous truck we had. While the gas mileage isn't great, the ride is smooth.

The Frontier is a great everyday vehicle with plenty of room for the family.

- Karen S

i like it, could have been a little cheaper for what we got, still good!

the passenger seat is not comfortable! it runs great and is good on gas!

- judy r

The gas mileage is horrible but the truck runs great.

Quality performance. Bad gas mileage. Spacious. Plenty of features

- Joseph P



- Daniel W

Very dependable, looks great and drives awesome

Front seats could be more comfortable, otherwise love my truck

- Diana O

smooth ride and nice looking vehicle

always reliable and has great quality inside and out

- tyler m

There is nothing I dislike about my Nissan. It gets low mileage and rides smooth.

I love the looks, the mileage and the way it rides.

- Debra A