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Do not use the usb port. It does not charge android phones.

Our Nissan frontier is economical on gas. It has many features that I like such as: rear back up camera, cargo ties, bed liner and cargo ties. Whenever I have taken it to Nissan dealership for service they have been very helpful and have always taken care of any slight problems. The one thing I do not like is that the tire pressure light is always coming on when there is not a tire problem. I think there is a glitch. Other that that I have no complaints. I have been very satisfied with my truck and the service I have received.

- Terry P

Stop looking for something better... It is a keeper!!

I am a cause and effect person... Do not do scheduled maintenance, 'don't fix.It, if it am not broke'. Six years and no breakdowns. Replaced tires at 40,000 miles. Replaced wiper blades twice (I live in the desert). Stone strike damaged windshield, replaced last year... Cost of $210. Just change the oil and filter every 5000 miles, fill the windshield washer fluid as needed. Definitely the best and most reliable vehicle I have owned... It will take a 'totaled' wreck or a natural disaster for me to get something else.

- Danny B

be careful about the dealership you purchase from because some of the benefits do not apply unless you go back to that specific dealership. Ultimately, even if the price at a closer dealership is greater initially, it may save you so much hassle and maintenance fees later. In my case, I purchased my Nissan from a dealership that is a 50 minute drive, one way, from my home, and I cannot take advantage of certain benefits because I can't just go to any Nissan dealership, I have to return to the specific dealership where I originally purchased, like I had a warranty on my tires and windshield, but it's not financially advantageous to have to get a three-wheeled truck out 50 minutes drive time to take advantage of my warranty, so, it's really useless.

I dislike that it does not have certain features like sliding rear window and back-up camera and safety features like auto-brake and lane assist, I also do not like that it is equipped to handle an iPod, while I am a dedicated android user. Everything else I really love, the small-ish bed size, 4-door, folding passenger and rear seats, cloth seats, electric windows, it drives great, maintenance is minimal

- Kat M

2013 Nissan frontier cc short bed is a cost friendly highly reliable 4x4.

I find my frontier is highly reliable. I am able to maintain most general maintenance and add performance mods myself. The make and model of my Nissan frontier has not changed since 2005 and allows me to have many available aftermarket replacement parts and omen parts. That means I can maintain and keep my Nissan frontier for many years. I find it a high-value.

- Zachary W

Mid size truck great for construction work easy to get around city & town.

Very mechanically sound. At 75000 miles replaced front struts and shocks. . . And brakes & rotors. Suggest keeping up with tune-ups and maintenance for best performance & gas mileage. Easy truck to work on if you are a day person. Love the 4 wheel drive in winter but you need to put heavy weight stone or sand in truck bed to avoid rear tires from spinning.

- Dan J

Total babe magnet. Ladies and gentleman. The colonial viper.

This truck lives up to it is great reviews. It is perfect for surfing and reliable. I’d buy it again given the chance. Women get a little upset because there is no passenger side visor mirror. I haven't gotten lucky in it yet but I have scored a kiss or two. One time I even made it to second base. All this means is the best years are ahead.

- Chris C

IT is a good all around truck. If you want something that is going to be reliable, and excellent work truck, then this is for you. If your looking for modern technology and updated interior designs then you might want to look elsewhere.

The Nissan Frontier that I have has not given me any issues over the past 5 years. The only issues that I have with it is the gas mileage. Some full size trucks have better gas mileage than the Nissan Frontier. The second biggest issue is the Nissan Frontier has not really changed since 2015. It's time for an update.

- Mark F

It is 2 wheel drive only so, no towing or mud dogging, or off roading.

First it is the plain Jane of trucks, midsize, no bells or whistles. Second, it has been beaten up badly since I have owned it and it still keeps trucking along. Thirdly, I have only kept up bare minimum maintenance and have replaced belt and battery once in 5 years. In a nutshell, reliable and cheap to own.

- Joe J

The most important this thing others should know is that you don't need bells and whistles for a great truck. My truck is plain even has handles to roll up your own windows, but it was cheap for the year bought and it still keeps going.

I like that it is 5 years old and I have only replaced the battery, removed the lower fan shroud, replaced the wipers, replaced the belt and that is it. So it hasn't costed me a fortune to keep running and that is why I like it. I dislike it because it is the most uncomfortable ride ever.

- Joe G

Will buy again and again and again.

No problems, love it, does everything I need it to, hauls my boat, hulls the trash, enough room for 4 in it. Gas mileage is good, the design is up to date with today's vehicles, dealership is good, quick and up to date. This is the 3rd one I've bought, will buy again.

- Glen W

Great truck but not great as a work truck.

It drives well and has good power, but is small if you want to use it for a work truck, there is not much space on the inside. But the features are nice. All in all it is a nice truck and has had minimal problems, other than minor regular maintenance that needs done.

- Cynthia K

Frontier is better than Toyota Tacoma

My Frontier was my second choice until I test drove an overpriced Toyota Tacoma. Nissan Frontier has a lot roomier interior and is more comfortable to drive. The only dislike I have is a scarcity of aftermarket parts since the Nissan is not as popular as the Toyotas.

- Jan L

Nissan frontier, pretty good truck.

Not many problems to speak of, does great in all situations, comfortable to drive and sleep in, good for hauling things or going camping, heater works after you started driving it, ac keeps you cool enough, windows should be tinted in the front not just the back.

- Danae K

Good Reliable Truck for people who just want a truck

My truck is a very smooth driving vehicle. I don't have any issues with the truck. I do have the truck sitting outside all the time so it is never in the garage. So there are effects because the outdoor elements. Routine maintenance is required for upkeep.

- Luke H

It is a black speed demon and I love it.

It runs very smooth and is great for the family I would really recommend it to anyone wanting a nice smooth drive. But it can get out from under you so be careful if you have a lead foot. It never breaks down and is good in any climate. I love my truck.

- Kyle Kelley K

The truck provides a relatively smooth ride. It is very reliable.

I like the fact the vehicle been driven below-average and has less than 26,000 miles on the odometer. This truck is a V6 and averages 25 MPG on the highway. Our only complaint is no back-up camera. Otherwise, this is a solid truck.

- Paul W

It's not a full-sized truck, but has all the comforts of a nice ride along with a good sized truck bed to haul things like furniture and building materials.

It is the perfect sized truck; I'm able to carry up to 5 passengers in the cab, and a whole lotta stuff in the truck bed. It sits at the perfect level, and is easy to get in and out of while still feeling like it's at truck height.

- Pam G

Most importantly, the truck performs as well as advertised. Proper care and maintenance are critical to longevity.

The vehicle is nearly 5 years old and has less than 26,000 miles. We like the roomy interior. The cargo capacity comes in very handy when needed. Fuel economy could be better.

- Paul B

That my truck is dependable and reliable.

I like having a truck, since it seems I always need to haul something in the back of the truck. The only complaint I have, is that I wish the pickup bed were a little longer.

- Randy R

It is definitely not for a family of more than 4.

Simply the best for my family road trips in the mountains, hikes and trails. We love barbecuing at the beach and this truck allows us to go everywhere. Great experience so far.

- Amandine S

It has power and doesn't use a lot of gas.

The leather seats get dirty fast and the dashboard as well. The volume knob does not work so I have to use the one on my steering wheel. It is a little cramp in the back.

- judy m

It is resale value is very good.

It is good on gas. It is easy to park. It is a truck, but drives like a car. I have no complaints about the truck. It was a good purchase. My whole family fits in it.

- Mackenzie Z

For a 6 cylinder it is really good on gas mileage.

So far I do not have any issues with it. I love the room in the back. I love how high and comfortable it rides. I definitely recommend a cover for the bed.

- Susie H

This truck is very comfortable for 2 people but no room for more people to ride comfortably.

I like that my truck has a bed cover. My Nissan gets pretty good gas mileage. This truck is very comfortable to ride in and drive. It handles very good.

- Lisa H

My truck has four wheel drive which is great in winter.

I like the four wheel drive feature in my truck. I like the two full seats and 4 doors. My truck is an automatic which is perfect for me.

- Bobby B

My pickup is very reliable.

I enjoy having a small pickup. It is convenient. It is reliable. My only complaint is that the mileage is not as good as I anticipated.

- David A

It drives really well and is overall a decent, dependable car.

I don't know much about cars but I really like the color of this one. It hasn't had too many issues yet and has a really smooth ride.

- Emily R

It is a wonderful all-around great truck. Not too expensive & a great buy!

I love that it is a smaller extended cab truck, but has a full backseat & plenty of room. It gets great gas mileage & looks great!

- Julie S

It's a very underrated truck on the market.

Honestly there is nothing I dislike about it. Has plenty of room and power. And is stylish as well. Gets me where I need to go.

- Alex B

This vehicle does not have extra bells and whistles.

I like the interior fabric and colors. It needs to be more spacious. The price to have a few small upgrades was too high.

- Ashley H

It is a very reliable vehicle that actually gets pretty good gas mileage for a truck.

I love my truck. It has been a wonderful vehicle and very reliable. I also love that we got the long bed on the vehicle.

- Jasmine R

The truck was bought used and I've had a few minor issues with it that have been worked out. Overall I like the vehicle, but miss the turning radius of the Jeep that my wife now drives.

The turning radius takes quite a bit of getting used to, especially if you are used to a sedan or even a midsize SUV.

- Mark G

Gas mileage with standard gas engine is slightly below average

Likes - Roomy, dependable, comfortable, yet strong enough to do the job Only one dislike and that is the gas mileage

- K K

It is reliable and safe for drivers and passengers.

I like the size for a truck. Great dependable transportation. Wish it was able to provide more modern features.

- J S

There is plenty of room for the family,groceries, and anything else you need to haul.

I love the gas mileage. Haven't had any problems with it. Fairly smooth ride to be a truck. Plenty of room.

- Barbara V

It performs as a truck but drives like a car. A very useful vehicle.

Very happy with my purchase. It's reliable, sporty and is able to perform as well as my full size pickup.

- David S

IT is very reliable. Runs well. Comfortable

Very reliable, drives well. Good size. I do not like the gas mileage for such a small truck.

- William P

It's mine nobody can have her. I plan to drive her until she dies

I like that she is my truck and that it runs. I can haul stuff and if need to I can tow

- Candyce T

It is very, very Reliable

Nice solid truck. Would like it to have a few more luxuries. It's more a utilitarian.

- Mike C

It has a fantastic truck bed liner and suicide doors that serve as change rooms

The great reviews are true. Reliable truck, great gas mileage , perfect for a surfer

- Christopher C

It is an easy comfortable and safe drive

It is a comfortable ride. Has a good towing capability. Seems to be user friendly

- Heather W

It is a well built truck that has lots of creature comforts and is fun to drive.

Excellent driving truck, with good storage and decent gas mileage. Tows well.

- M G

it has four wheel drive and does great in the snow

It is very reliable. Gets good gas mileage and does great in the winter.

- Kyle C

my car is big,trustworthy and simple to use i like my car very much

my car is my life,i use my car everyday and i really enjoy to drive it

- dany g

For my, is a more secure than other vehicles, have a excellent internal space

Is a very powerful car. is a very comfort and secured

- James B

Its safety features and fuel efficiency

simple comfortable drive. Good towage and bed size

- Heather H