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Nissan Maxima, affordable luxury and performance.

I love my 2010 Nissan Maxima, best car I have owned so far. It is fuel efficient without forfeiting too much power. It is equipped with 3. 5l 6cyl engine which is good for 290hp. The 3. 5 sv trim comes with push-to-start ignition, heated leather and a heated steering wheel which is a nice feature, especially if you live in a place with cold winters. It also has iPod integration and you can control the music and volume with the steering wheel mounted controls. It features a large information screen that will display climate, music, maintenance reminders and fuel range/economy as well as a backup camera. The center console opens in two places, providing plenty of storage. The lower compartment contains a USB port which can be used for your iPod or to charge your phone. Unfortunately, there is no way to stream music via Bluetooth in the 2010 model, however, Bluetooth can be utilized for phone calls. Premium fuel is recommended for this vehicle but not required. I have found that the vehicle performs just fine with regular fuel. Maintenance is not expensive as Nissan dealerships would have you believe. I have never paid more than $40 for an oil change. The only really pricey component would be the tires. The vehicle has 19" rims and thus requires a special type of tire. You'll spend $1, 000/set for higher end tires and $600-700/set for lower end. Other than the pricey tires and not being able to stream Audio via Bluetooth, I wouldn't change a thing about the 2010 Nissan Maxima.

- Hannah B

I love that it is one of the last cars they made with a v8 engine.

I love Nissan. I think the 2010 maxima was one of the best models they made. The car is big, but does not look that big on the outside. The car is so roomy and comfy that I could sleep and live in that car. The car has never let me down. I had one issue with the steering locking up on me, but I was not driving at the time. I was working at awful job at one point till I could find better. They would give me awful hours and schedule me to work late and put me in snow storms. The car and god really got me through some awful snow storms, but I still prefer to keep myself and my car safe at home during storms. My car is not decked out. It was a second hand car. The fact that it has traveled across country and been through a lot with me shows how reliable Nissans are and make it good enough for me.

- Roberta N

Great Daily Driver and Comfortable Car

I purchased my vehicle used 2 years ago I fell in love with the model. The look is one thing I really like about the car it has a slick look with an all leather interior. I like the heated and cooled seats option and the fact that it can be used for both drivers and passengers seat. One thing I have had a problem with is the bumper as the car sits really low the bumper was not very sturdy and within me hitting a few road bumps it started to come off. I've had to replace it and fix it multiple times. Car drives smooth and is quite. Another thing I like is the MPG on gas it's made it less of an expense since I drive so much. Overall good car would purchase another Maxima in future.

- Martha M

Smooth, sleek, and very trustworthy!

The 2010 Nissan Maxima that I own has worked extremely well for me. I have had no mechanical issues or problems with the vehicle since owning it. This particular model has ran great since day one. It's a very smooth ride, also very fast. It has great gas mileage as well. Comfort is great. Very spacious. A lot of room in the back and trunk! I've driven over 100,000 miles in the past two years and it's worked like a charm for me. I'm very thankful. I can't think of anything to complain about or any issues I've had with this vehicle.

- Blaze H

2010 Nissan maxima fully loaded, I love all the features!

I have owned two (2) Nissan maxima's. My first one being a 2005 and current one being 2010. With both year models I have learned after roughly 170, 000 miles the timing chain goes bad and costing roughly $1, 400 for repair. The car is still drivable when the part goes bad but after awhile if the chain jumps it can seize up your whole engine causing you to replace the engine. Other than that I love my car and would totally recommend continuing to buy one if they would fix this very well known problem!

- Daniel R

Nissan maxima very reliable vehicle.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. We have kept up standard maintenance and it still runs great. It is a good size for the family and has plenty of trunk space for groceries. It comes to speed quickly and turns very well. We have not had any problems with any of the features the car has come with. We plan to keep this vehicle for a long time. I highly recommend the Nissan maxima to anyone looking to buy an affordable and reliable vehicle that will last.

- Al S

Nissan A Reliable Automobile to Own

I bought my Nissan Maxima used and it only had 36,00 miles on it. I love my car, it has never left me stranded on the side of the road. I would recommend Nissan as a very reliable car to anyone who might be thinking about buying a Nissan. I have found my car to be very proficient, with very little mechanical problems; as long as the maintenance is kept up on the car. It is great to drive, very smooth. The cost is very suitable for a great reliable car.

- Roberta J

I think Nissan Maxima ranks high in quality and looks and luxurious vehicle.

Nissan Maxima has great get up with V6 performance. Maxima is very reliable. You have to change tires often because it requires low profile tires and gets worn often. Love the sunroof feature and heated seats. Great for the summer and warm for the winter. Leather seats do not get too hot and burn your skin during the summer. Had a few problems, I.e. had to fix a/c, replace both headlights b/c lighting was very dim, replaced suspension axle.

- Holly T

Comfort reliability and good on gas.

I have a 2010 Nissan maxima. It is great on gas and is a very reliable car. I have not had any major work done to the car. I have the oil changed regularly and keep unleaded gas in it. The seats are heated and it has power steering and power windows. It is a sporty looking car but for me there is not enough room in it. If you are looking for comfort it is just the right car but if you are needing more room it is very compact.

- Cindy C

Oldie but a dependable goodie

My car is used, it has over 100k miles but runs great. Cosmetically not the best but beauty doesn't get you where you need to go. I'm not sure if all cars of this kind will eventually have the same problems, currently there is a small hole in the upper part of my gas tank so I can never fill up until we can get it replaced, my radio volume button works sporadically,

- Anne D

Fully loaded maxima with navigation system.

Great car and safety features. Very dependable and stylish. Great on gas also I usually use a tank of gas for almost two weeks and only about $45. 00 to fill the car up. The interior has double sunroofs and navigation system that helps you get home. The car is very reasonably priced, has lasted me about six years without having any big issues like engine or parts.

- Cheryl K

The four door I wasn't looking for turned out great.

I believe that Nissan made the right choice when they named the maxima the four door sports car. Its comfortable and a smooth driver. Late nights you won't have to worry about hearing the engine its very quiet. The one issue that I have is not having collapsible back seats for more storage. Overall I love this vehicle its luxury without the luxury price tag.

- Alexander S

Big enough to fit a family, sleek and sporty to fit my style.

Since getting my car I have had issues with the radiator and the check engine light. Once fixed I haven't had a problem. It is great on gas especially highway. Keyless entry and push start. I love the space in the truck and overall. It does not have a navigation system in mines. It is a pretty silver blue. It sits low to the floor very sporty. Clean lines.

- Jessica R

The seat warmers are awesome. I love the smooth way it drives and handles.

I have not found any problems! I absolutely love this car! But, if there is one thing some people might not like, it would be that it sets low to the ground. I guess that is a personal preference, not anything to do with the car itself. It drives and handles beautifully. I also love the seat warmers. They are amazing on a cold day.

- Kelly G

My car has been reliable and comfortable. I'm not in any hurry to get rid of it!

I love my car, it has lasted me 6 years so far and still runs great. It has around 100,000 miles on it and you can would never be able to tell. It still gets up and goes and has awesome acceleration! It's a pretty spacious vehicle and has a huge trunk. I know if I need to travel far I can rely on my maxima to get me there.

- Bailey S

Nissan maxima lover for life.

I have owned my maxima for 7 years and have never had a major issue with it. It is just as quick at take off as it was 7 years ago. I have my car serviced by Nissan dealership and expect my next vehicle to also be a Nissan. For a car that is 9 years old I still enjoy driving it and am proud to own my maxima.

- Robin W

Nissan Maxima exciting fast car.

My Nissan Maxima is a 2010 fully loaded with everything CD and DVD player double sunroof heated seats hot and cold it is truly amazing although it is a gas guzzler it only takes 93 but an amazing ride it also has fog mirrors the passengers in the backseat can control the radio and air conditioning as well.

- Simone E

My vehicle is brick red, technically a luxury sedan. Very spacious for a sedan.

Only problem is that it is quite an expensive car to upkeep. Other than that, I really like it. I like how it drives, nice interior. A very sleek car. Only problem is that it is quite an expensive car to upkeep. Other than that, I really like it. I like how it drives, nice interior. A very sleek car.

- Bob L

Love my Maxima, don't make them like they used to.

Very good vehicle, no issues still looks new. Paint is has a few dings but no chips. Mechanically sound. Warranty was great any issues were taken care of up to 120k miles. Interior is in very good condition. The only con is the navigation system even with the update not accurate.

- Toby C

It is a very cool sporty sedan.

I love everything about the car. I love the gas mileage. I love the body of the car. I love power windows and power locks. I love that it is a full size sedan. I like that the car is a little sporty. It is a smooth drive. It is a overall great vehicle and budget friendly.

- Rochelle J

Very reliable quiet ride just love Nissan.

I have a 2010 Nissan maxima sv runs great no problems had vehicle 4 years. These cars run excellent and are good on gas. I use mobile one synthetic oil every 6, 000 miles and I absolutely love my vehicle plan to upgrade to a 2016 in near future Nissan is the way to go.

- Melissa G

An interesting detail is the key fob charger located by the steering wheel .

This is a very reliable vehicle . I've had it since Sept.2013, and the only thing I've replaced was the battery. Love everything about it. Very sporty; great design. Very comfortable, with leather seats, seat and steering wheel heat. Would highly recommend this model .

- Michael S

When getting a Maxima think about this

It's a great car, runs smooth and drives fast. The car does use a lot of gas though in my opinion. When thinking of getting a Maxima I would try to get a little newer one that has navigation/Bluetooth/heated seats/etc. I know I wish I would had waited to get mine!

- Hayley K

My car is a nice color, drive nice and fast.

One of the issues I don't like is the gas mile for the car but it is a great car. It drives nice and fast. I have a regular version it does not have all the extra update technology cars have today. It did have transmission issues but it was covered under warranty.

- Tia C

Maxima is sleek and spacious.

This vehicle is perfect for my lifestyle. I am in my mid twenties and constantly traveling so this car provides me with much space for my clothes, shoes, etc. I also am very active so hauling around different sports equipment has been made easy with this vehicle.

- Savannah D

My vehicle is a four door car while is very comfortable

I really enjoy my car because it does well with gas. Also it is very comfortable and runs smooth. Also it does really while when having a lot of miles. Never really had a problem with it. The seating is very comfortable and also there is plenty of room inside.

- Diana A

Great comfortable ride for a large family.

My Nissan maxima is reliable and dependable. It is a 2010 with over 125,000 miles and still runs like it has only 10,00 miles. It is still fast and sporty. I always have used the highest octane gasoline in my Nissan and that is difficult when gas prices peak.

- June H

Nissan maxima review, I love it!

I love my Nissan maxima. It's very reliable and has a sporty/classy look. It drives great in the snow. It has leather seats along with seat warmers. It has a sunroof. Bluetooth. Trunk is spacious. Back seats fold down. Would recommend this car for everyone.

- Janet V

It is good on gas and is safe and most importantly reliable.

I love the dependability of the Nissan brand an I have only had minor issues with this vehicle I would most definitely recommend this brand to anyone looking for a good and reliable vehicle. I would probably get an SUV or crossover from this same company.

- Patricia R

The mileage and accident reports the car has.

0ver 90, 000 miles on the car no more 100, 000 yet. I have had the car for about a year now, it is my first car and as my first my car it alright I guess. The car has no problems it is just pretty soon I would like to get another car.

- Angel M

The gas mileage is great for a V6.

For a full size sedan it is very comfortable and handles great in all weather conditions. It does come with several features I have never had before, like leather seats and a sunroof. Next vehicle will have to have those now.

- Jennifer R

During our ownership of the car, it has not had any significant mechanical problems or repairs. Reliable.

My Nissan Maxima is very comfortable. It's a pleasure to drive, and I think it's a good looking car. It's considered a "high performance" car and, therefore, requires "high performance" tires which are ridiculously expensive.

- Christine J

Cars can last if you take care of them.

My car is very dependable and gives me good gas mileage on the highway. My air conditioner went out a couple of weeks ago so I got an estimate for a compressor. My car has done well. It lasted for eight years.

- Sherry B

Maxima Great ride & looks great!

I love my Maxima. It has a smooth solid ride. I have had to do very little as far as repairs in the time I have owned it, just regular maintenance. It handles really well and looks great.

- Lorrie K

It is super fast. I love to listen to the sound of the engine. When you ride it will feel as if you are sitting in your living room.

The thing I love about the car is that it is like a sports car and it is very comfortable. The thing that I dislike is nissan can do better on paint job. The car is starting to fade.

- Melissa S

That it is sporty and for the most part free of major repairs with proper maintenance. I wouldn't suggest it if looking for fuel efficiency now however and would suggest something a little more efficient in the future

I think it's a very reliable car that's lasted much longer than I expected. Overall I would recommend it if someone asked. The repairs on the parts though, can be expensive at times

- Chuck B

Best car ever. It's black and has a sleek sexy body

I bought my car in 2013. It is a 2010 Nissan Maxima. What a great purchase this was! My car is very reliable I never have had a problem with it. It is a very comfortable ride

- Kimberly S

Love the radio and sunroof!

I absolutely love my car, but having 3 kids can be fairly tight at times with the car seats. It is good on gas, but definitely want something bigger for a family vehicle.

- Hannah G

The car is very easy to drive.

I like the ease of driving in this car. It is comfortable and easy to see all blind spots. I like the amount of space in this car, I can easily manage the car seats.

- Danielle W

I feel that it is a safe car.

I like the style and sleek design of the car. It has a beautiful interior with a lot of the gadgets that I wanted. It also has a lot of power, and a smooth ride.

- linda B

Just the beginning of problems!!

Things slowly begin to work improperly and nothing is still under warranty, and to correct these problems will be expensive, so I ignore some of these problems.

- David H

That my car is reliable and smooth.

I like that goes from 0 to 60 fast. Since I use the dealership for service and maintenance, my car runs great. I am not that fond of the defroster in the car.

- Bella B

It is fast and has quite the pick up. It speeds up

I like my car so much. I love how it drives fast. It also has buttons on the door handles. One complaint is that there are no wipers for the back windshield

- Kaitlin F

The engine is very heavy, so the smallest tap of the accelerator moves the car.

I love the sleek design, but I do not like how hard the car is on the tires, and when I need to get tires the size is one that has to be special ordered.

- Adrian H

One thing people need to know about my car is the smooth ride.

My vehicle performance is excellent and powerful, it is reliable and the ride is smooth and comfortable. I enjoy the features and the built in GPS.

- Latrice H

It is more expensive to carry car insurance.

I dislike that it does not have more room. I love the color of my vehicle. I love the style of my car. I love the leather seats. I love the sunroof.

- Tiffany E

Nissan reliable brand. So the decision was easy. Was looking into a new 2018.

So far so good, it's almost 9 years old, no major problems as of yet. I am very good with keeping up with basic maintenance, like oil changes etc.

- Isis R

My car has all the features one would want in a car and at a reasonable price.

My vehicle has good style and is dependable. It doesn't get as many MPG as I would like. Overall, it is a good car with all the features I want.

- Nick K

This car always gives me a steady control of the road.

The power of my vehicle was frightening at first but the more I drove it the move I appreciated all its innovations, technologies and its power

- Erika S

It's a great traveling car. It's good on gas. Plenty of room for my family and I to take trips. I love the spacious trunk.

I love my maxima. I bought it used with less mileage. It's everything I expected it to be. I will be purchasing a new one in a couple of years.

- Lillian P

It is a perfect car for casual use, and it has nice room with lots of power.

It's very fast with a powerful engine. It has an aux input, which I like. I wish it had bluetooth capabilities for MUSIC, but it doesn't.

- Kyle C

It is very durable and has great pick up.

Even with over 150k miles it still a pleasure to drive. It still had all the pick up it used to. I maintain my oil changes on schedule.

- Camille D

It is powerful and therefore a bit touchy.

I like the Bluetooth system. I like the space in the trunk. I like the power of the engine. I like the backup camera. No complaints.

- Emily G

It gets pretty decent gas mileage.

It's been a very reliable car. I like the combination of it being sporty and roomy at the same time. It stylish and affordable.

- Mike M

It is smooth and it is fast. Can fit anywhere and saves gas.

I like my vehicle because it is smooth. I love the color and like my ac. It saves gas a lot. It is small and fits in tight spaces.

- Kathie P

It's a great car that I've had for over 6 years with very little problems besides normal maintenance.

I love the pickup the car has. The only thing I don't like is that it's bigger than my last car which takes some getting used to.

- Anita H

It is a good car, but Nissan uses horrible paint. We've owned several Nissans and they have all had the same paint issue.

Like: heated seats, good power, comfortable to drive. Dislike: electronic steering column repair 2x, paint, low profile tires.

- Katrina W

If seats would be more comfortable, it would be the best vehicle on the road.

Very reliable vehicle. Never had a problem. I just have to spend money on. Maintenance. The only problem: inconvenient seats.

- Michael A

Low mileage despite 8 years 'old'. Looks, as a SV (Sport Vehicle) model looks are excellent.

Like: Looks, performance, driving stability, ease of entry and exit. Has only 42,000 miles (after 8 years of ownership.

- Richard R

Signal lights on outside mirrors making it possible for oncoming traffic.

My vehicle is beautiful styling, color, and features and I will never drive any other brand have had some nice cars.

- Lois E

My maxima has a great engine and haven't had any engine problems.

I love everything about the maxima. I just do not like always having to fix something. I like the size and power.

- Alicia B

How much i love and appreciate having it.

Love everything about it. Love the bells and whistles. Love the body style. Love the performance. No complaints.

- Cindy S

It drives good and it is beautiful

My car is sporty and curvy. It is spacious. But I been having problems with it shutting off. Gas goes quick.

- Diana P

A nice car to have that will suit your traveling needs.

Nice. Comfortable. Reliable. Fast. Smooth. Navigation. XM radio. Sunroof/ moonroof. Rear shade heated seats

- Que D

It is unique looking. It is unique looking. It is unique looking.

It gets great gas mileage. Very comfortable. Easy to keep up.. Great gas mileage. I do not have a dislike..

- Carole D

You can download your music cd's into the car's cd system

I love the comfort of the seats, the car seems to adhere to you to make driving a comfortable experience.

- Deborah B

It has great highway mileage.

I love the gas mileage and the style. I love the leather seats and sunroof great car for my family. .

- Melissa C

It is a safe car with airbags and reverse camera.

I enjoy the sleek look of the vehicle. I enjoy the reverse camera, bluetooth, and heat/cold seating.

- Rochelle W

Reliability. Low cost of ownership. Versatile and full of space

Great car, very stylish and performance is great. 19 inch rims make sports car a bit more aggressive

- Rav D

reliable and is easy to drive

i really like my car It is a gas saver . I like driving drove my car long distance to joilet.il

- Teresa T

It is a good, reliable, comfortable car for the price.

I like the way it handles. Also, the price was reasonable. I haven't had any problems so far.

- Lee S

Very reliable whatever the road conditions. Dependable sturdy vehicle that rides very smooth

I love the style. The Way it drives and the power in the engine. It has a great skylight too

- joanna l

It is a fast car but the ride is very smooth. It drives so nicely.

I don't like the color of interior, I love how nice it drives. I love how nice it is.

- Kailin P

The car is sporty but also a sedan style. It looks nice but can easily carry a family comfortably. It accelerates quickly when needed making it a good highway drive. It gets great gas mileage as well

It looks sporty. I love the color. It has a smooth ride and good pick up.

- Penny R

That my car is old but it is mine and I take good care of it.

My car is reliable and gets good gas mileage. I try to keep it clean

- Quincy M

I have always had a good experience with Nissans. Very reliable and the gas mileage is good. The maxima is comfortable, trunk is spacious and still has a sleek style. The only complaint I have is there is no Bluetooth connection to hook up my phone to play music and no aux cord plug.

The one most important thing in my opinion, is how reliable it is.

- Nichole O

EVERYTHING It is pretty has everything I need. low mileage drives smoothly. HAS A SUNROOF I LOVE IT.

It is safe and sturdy has features that I LIKE. Easy to maintain.

- Roseanne R

it's a good car that's reliable and dependable

wish it was better on gas, but it drives well, is comfortable

- Janis C

My car is very fast and sporty.

My car is so great it gets me to work and back home safe.

- Quincy K

It has excellent dependability. Almost no down time. In the 8 years.

It is dependable. High end features are a real treat.

- Mark S

That it drives great and is just a great car.

i love it. very comfortable and dependable.

- wilson P