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It is very powerful for a v6 with a 3. 5l engine.

Very reliable it does not burn any oil between 7k miles oil changes. Its roomy and it a sport luxury vehicle. Quick take off and very good handling at high speeds. Good on gas for a v6. Also has good traction in snow. Nice 18 to 20 inch rims with low profile tires. Nice surround music system. Drives like a charm even with five people at full capacity. Push to start. It also can detect if there is a passenger in front to shut passenger front airbag off. It also has dual exhaust system. Very roomy trunk space. It also has tire pressure monitoring system.

- Mark W

Smooth and dependable ride!

I haven't had any problems with my car in the five years I have owned it. It is been very reliable! It is a very comfortable car for myself and think it’ll even be spacious enough when I have kids! Performance has been great, I do not have any complaints about the car. I bought the base model and do wish I would have purchased one with more upgrades, but other then that I am happy with my choice!

- Jade T

This car is very fast. It goes from zero to 50 in about 5 seconds.

My vehicle is ok. It has not been one of my favorite cars. It is the luxury sport model, but other than a spoiler it is not very sporty. I have had problems with my trunk lock/latch. It is high in performance in terms of speed and is overall has been reliable. It also has a lot of legroom which makes it very comfortable for my husband who is tall. One of the best features is the backup camera.

- Karen T

My current vehicle is my favorite one I have owned.

I have had very minimal problems nothing major with my car. Just some normal ac problems but with living in hot weather that seems to be a problem with every vehicle. I also had an issue with it throwing random codes but found out that was a problem from the previous owner. overall I am very happy with it. The interior is eye pleasing and the seats are comfy, it is also very spacious.

- Carrie M

Great car! It is very reliable and has plenty of power.

Car has been very reliable, the Goodyear tires are junk, they're completely worn out a 42000 miles. Car is not as good in snow as I hoped it would be. Mechanically it has been a great car, looks good when cleaned up and has the performance to be able to run with the best. Back seat is a major drawback the seat position and door design make it very difficult to get in and out of.

- Charles Y

2013 Nissan maxima sv fully loaded with technology package and leather seats.

I love my 2013 Nissan maxima. It is fully loaded with all leather and the technology package. It drives well and looks sporty, it had tinted windows and a spoiler on the back. Also has panoramic roof. It drives well and feels good and has good pick up. Also has the navigation built in and heated seats and steering wheel and also has a/c cooking in the driver's seat as well.

- Sandra S

Fantastic driving machine!

Performance is excellent. The ability to accelerate when needed quickly is awesome. Gas mileage is very good too although could be better. I have owned the Altima before and it had fabulous gas mileage. Comfort level is sweet with great accessories and attention to detail. Overall handling - a plus. Anyone who drives would absolutely adore it.

- Lynne R

Smooth drive, spacious, nice sunroof, feels decently luxurious without the luxury price tag.

All white exterior with a 3.5L V6 engine is what i love about the car. The seats are not leather but still very comfortable. Having owned an Acura previously I was hoping the car had heated seats and memory seating. Understanding the SV version has this but the SV version does not let you change out the radio without losing A/C functionality.

- Samuel G

Car system and paint issues.

Tire pressure sensor is always wrong. I always have it reset, but within a week it tells me that my front driver side tire is low. Also, the paint on car fades. I have seen this with other nissans, and it is happening to mine after only being off the car lot for less than 4 years. So I am very disappointed when it comes to this about nissan.

- Jay R

The maxima has very bold and strong lines.

Nissan maxima has excellent performance. Which comes in handy in the city. It easily accelerates when entering or merging onto highways and when passing other vehicles. It handles very good on roads and highways. However the sports package handling is a little tight and the driver needs to pay close attention when driving in narrow lanes.

- Sandra M

Roomy and comfortable Nissan maxima.

I have had two Nissan maxima's. I have loved both of them. They are good, dependable vehicles. I travel often and never worry about problems occurring while traveling. It is comfortable and roomy. There is plenty of room for my son's car seat and leg room. The trunk is spacious. Enough room for a stroller and luggage.

- Jennifer W

Very sporty and reliable car.

My maxima is very reliable. Maintenance is not terribly expensive and does not need to be done often. I like the style of my car especially the front. I do wish that it had a few more features such as a 6 CD changer as opposed to the 1 that I have. The trunk is very large and I have a full size tire, no donut.

- Stacey B

2013 Nissan Maxima, white exterior, cloth interior. Great buy, great features.

Nissan Maximas are reliable and fun to drive. Performance wise, they are very fast. The cloth interior makes it a comfortable drive. I have a sunroof on mine which adds flair and I have keyless entry which is great for someone that forgets their keys often. Overall, the best big investment I have made.

- Rema S

I love that my car is labeled as a 4-door sports car.

I really love cruise control, and how I can accelerate and brake gradually with the push of a button. I also love the width of my car, the gas mileage is outstanding. The seats fit your body properly. Sun-roof equipped for sunny days. Also you can control the radio with buttons on the steering wheel.

- Sebastian B

I think the car is very reliable, I've owned it for 5 years and I've never had a problem with the car runs great.

I love the body style and inside look of my car. I also like the awesome moonroof which is panoramic, and how it opens up make the car feel so open. It is definitely a very reliable car, I am regret buying it white because of all the spots on the car but its still a very clean nice looking car.

- Tiffany F

2013 Nissan Maxima ravishing review.

I haven't had any problems with my car, I either take it in for maintenance or do it myself. It is very comfortable and fun to drive. Mine has a sunroof/moonroof heated and cooled leather seats, backup camera, Sirius radio, it also has toggles so that it can be drove as a manual as well.

- Randy T

Excellent performance and dependability.

I love the Nissan Maxima it has standard features that you do not have to pay extra for as on many other models. The 3. 5l v6 engine has plenty of pick up. I love that they use quality leather when producing the interior of the car. My cars almost 5 years old and it looks like brand new.

- Michelle C

The ride that is, quick, stops on a dime, and safe for your children,

Very reliable, handles great, it's like driving on air, the air suspension is second to none, the interior is like a cockpit of a jet, the power of the v6 engine makes you feel like you can get to 60mph in 3 seconds. . Great ca, , the only problem is that everyone doesn't have one.

- Robert B

Love for my amazing great dependable car.

I am really enjoying being a owner of my Nissan maxima it is a great ride and has a lot of power, I really enjoy how well it handles in all types of weather and how well it handles corners I also love the sound quality of the speakers it really makes the music a joy to listen to.

- Jesse M

Things about my Nissan maxima.

Happy with car. Only drawback is air conditioner can be colder. No problems with car. I do not drive in snow so do not really know how it handles. This is the second maxima I own. I think my next car might be an SUV since I never had one. Maybe the Nissan Rogue? Not sure yet.

- Lorraine J

Great car for day-to-day driving. The comfort is worth the price.

Overall the care is an excellent commuter vehicle. The Bluetooth option for phone calls has come in handy for family calls and conference calls. The only comment I have is that sometimes that sometimes the electronic components don't work as expected / are not intuitive.

- Victor N

Nice looking car to be seen driving.

I bought this car new back in 2013, runs goods, has a new paint job, new wheels. Very comfortable to drive, very reliable too. I think Nissan a good car maker if not the best out there, but in my case it is time to buy a new a car. Also my car has a good stereo system.

- Giovanni D

It's a great vehicle and I am looking to upgrade to a newer model this year.

Gray smoke from the exhaust. It drives smoothly but it idles high when in park. It has an oil leak somewhere because I can put 4 quarts of oil and it still needs more oil in a week or so. My CD player stop playing and it will not load any new CDs. I do love my car tho.

- Jasmine H

Go get yourself one! The time of hesitation is through.

Normal wear and tear but it is real comfortable to drive. You will like the comfort for long distances. You cannot go wrong on any year! Go get a maxima. They will make you feel young again. A maxima you cannot go wrong with! Go get one! There is something for you!

- Ben V

Great information about this car.

Great car, nice and roomy, provides good gas mileage on highways, no problems with engine as long as maintenance is kept up ie changing oil rotation of tires, brakes. Better ride when you have good tires. Good body style. Not hard to find parts for if needed.

- Smokey J

The maximum review by a woman in her 40's.

Very comfortable. But if you have kids, get leather seats. The cloth seats are hard to get stains out of. Black looks sharp, but it is always dusty. This vehicle has a ton of power as well. As long as you keep the maintenance up, it should last a long time.

- Julie B

Good brake child safe reliable.

I love my vehicle, haven't had no problem, would recommend to anyone, very comfortable, good for long distance and child safety, haven't had any problem, haven't needed to get any work done, would definitely recommend and tell other people about it love it.

- Tiff B

The awesome Nissan Maxima.

Really quick acceleration, very good handling, sleek smooth design, hold up good over the years, good resale value, sporty looks, sporty looks and futuristic interior. Easy to see gages good night time headlights, handles great in the rain good top speed.

- Michael C

Nissan maxima all the way.

Nissan makes a great vehicle- I have always loved the maxima's but especially the 2013 body style. It has sport leather seats with a sunroof, Bluetooth phone, and is a very smooth ride. The color looks like a charcoal color but is considered "light blue".

- Jenny C

My Nissan is powerful and reliable.

My vehicle is reliable and a very nice car I have not had any issues with it. My complaint is with the features and how they work. The Bluetooth having to go through a lot of yes and no after the beep to call someone. Mechanically the vehicle is amazing.

- Pamela M

it is my first car and this is amazing.

I like my car. its performance is really good i bought my car 3 years back but i never face a problem yet. its sitting is also very comfortable. it has all the features which i wanted in my car and its sunroof is really a plus point of this car.

- varsha R

The best thing about my car is that it run good.

Well, I drive a 2013 Nissan maxima that does not have any mechanical problems. The car is in perfect condition, but I've been thinking on buying a new car for some time. Car has good sound system, new wheels, paint looks ok.

- Giovanni A

It takes premium gasoline which makes it more expensive to fill up.

I like that the car has a modern feel and a built in navigation system. I also like the panoramic sunroof, but don't use it too often. I do wish it didn't take premium gas and got better street gas mileage.

- Cheyenne O

Great car! Love it! I would buy another.

I have experience any problems. The performance is great. It hold the highway great. Just love it. Love the feature, the leather, speakers, all of it. Great on gas mileage and really great on the highway.

- Marilyn H

Don't buy the lower end model, get the features you want in the car up front. Aftermarket stereo is possible, but you lose key features that are inconvenient.

Good size sedan, decent interior, keyless entry & start. I prefer the body style for this size class. I feel like it meets what I should be driving for the job I do for a living quite well.

- Shane Y

It lets you know when you need to do any service of any kind.

I like that the car is spacious and aesthetically beautiful, but I do not like the mileage that I get with it. I find myself going to the gas pump more than I did with my Honda.

- Sean D

It is a very great car. Drives well and has a great look.

Sometimes there are problems with the key unlocking the doors. Also if the key is inside the car it is supposed to start but I have to put it in the ignition to start the car.

- Kayla M

It's a really nice car, smooth drive, and very fast

The car is fast and delivers a smooth drive. I like how spacious the inside is, but the mileage sucks and I find myself going to fill up more often than with my Honda

- Shahn D

The important thing to me is dependability of Nissan cars.

I like my car size. I like my sunroof. I love my gas mileage. I don't like my blind spots. I like the color of my car. I like the color of the interior of my car.

- Linda F

My Nissan maxima is very dependable.

My 2014 nissan maxima with 86000 miles. I hold no problems with the car. I put supreme gas in and the dealer changes the oil every time I use synthetic oil.

- Jody J

My Nissan Maxima was one the best purchases that I have made. It is a sporty yet practical car.

I love how it drives. I love having the technology package. My air conditioned seat is my favorite piece of technology. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Nicole D

She may be looking old, but she turns over and starts each day.

It is roomy, comfortable and plenty of passenger space. It's like comfort collided with luxury. It's stylish. Plenty of HP. Users to much gas.

- Stacy R

The car has a long standing 3.5 liter engine that I have personally seen last over 300k miles.

The car is reliable and long lasting. It is my second Nissan Maxima. The car is loaded with amenities and gets good fuel mileage.

- Eric R

The bumper and all is made of plastic, hit a small hog and it tore it to pieces and had to replace it all.

I love my car. Got it in a beautiful silver. The only thing I wish it would have had would have been a spoiler and back up camera.

- Alexis W

It does well to drive distance, had decent gas mileage, but if you drive it as the turbo/ 6 cylinder it is then you will eat up gas

it's a decent car, we just had to replace the battery which sort of blew up and it's only 5 yrs old. It has decent gas mileage

- Janeal J

The fuel mileage is not the best.

I love the style and features it offers. I love smooth drive and sunroof. I dislike the cloth seat covers and maintenance cost.

- Barbara T

Its reliable and dependable. Its Inexpensive to maintain

It's a great car. Great ongas and it rides smoothly. I haven't had major problems out of it and it hasn't broken down on me

- Tre H

reliable car good in gas mileage advise when tires need air

Engine is loud and it feels that doesn't have enough power is not a quiet car other than that everything else is good.

- lluvia j

The sunroof because you look out at night it is cooling.

I like the blasting air. Runs hot at times. Love the radio and windows that are on auto. Love the sunroof most of all.

- San W

Very comfortable family car.

This car is very easy to drive. Lots of comfort features. Roomy for average family of 4. Good trunk space for travel.

- Alicia Q

Great long lasting vehicle.

Very great driving car. Not very costly for maintaining. I get the best driving performance by using high grade gas.

- Kha B

It feels good, and you have to watch your speed. It's too easy to be going 90 before you know it.

It has a lot of get-up-&-go! Power everything, with heated and cooled seats, leather bucket seats, and a moonroof.

- Roger Y

Gets great mileage and has a very roomy, comfortable interior.

Comfortable and gets good mileage. Standard 6 cd stereo. Good trunk space. Sits too low and scrape high curbs.

- Kelly A

It gets great gas mileage.

It is a dependable car. It drives very well. It is a pretty car. Nissan last forever. It is easy to maintain.

- Bailey L

The car has no Bluetooth capability to play music through.

There is nothing I do not like about the maxima. It is very roomy and fast. The gas mileage is good as well.

- Nate W

It will last a long time and does a good job

I like that is reliable. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like that it is fast. No complaints

- Craig Y

My Nissan Maxima is a great car. Runs great and good on gas

I've had my car (bought used) for a little over a year. I have a great car! No complaints.

- Jennifer G

It has a powerful engine but it gets bad gas mileage

It is a very sturdy car. It is dependable and I feel safe driving with my kids in it

- sun a

I have purchased a Maxima for my last 4 cars because they are so comfortable and reliable.

It is stylish. It is comfortable. The gas mileage isn't bad. It is reliable.

- Deborah S

My car is good on gas and it is very dependable to

I like it a lot it is really good on gas I dislike the color, no complaints

- Brenda M

One of the most important things is that the car is reliable

It is an economical vehicle, with good mileage and gets me from a to b.

- Isa H

It's going to be a good investment. It won't let you down

I like its dependability. Its fast, efficient, sleek. No complaints

- Tyler M

Dealer is expensive for repairs. Undercarriage easily damaged.

Feels small with 2 car seats. Love the seat warmer and cooling.

- Heather F

it is very dependable and runs great

it has been dependable, it gets good gas mileage and is sporty

- craig M

No, no complaints at all. I like that it hauls ass, :)

Dependable, good gas mileage, great value for the money

- Cathy F

It's my place of comfort where I get away to think when riding

like gas mileage,resale val,comfort dislike none

- mike L