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Nissan Murano, A Safe, Reliable, Family Friendly SUV.

My family has owned this car for about 4 years and it was used when we bought it. It's great on gas, I drive over 252 miles a week currently and only have to get gas once a week. When I'm driving to my University (10 min from where I stay) I only fill up the tank every two weeks. The interior is nice and luxurious. The Bose sound system has a great base. Unfortunately the grill has crinkled over time and flecks of paint have came off the hood, so I need to fix that. The grill is a common problem I've heard. The leather on the seats is cracking but it probably wasn't properly taken care of. I feel safe in my vehicle and that it is very reliable. The only problem I had was the battery died about a year ago, and needed replaced, but nothing major since then has happened. This car offers enough space for four people and has a large trunk for storage, the back seats also fold down for additional space. The driver and passenger seat are equipped with warmers which is wonderful for the winter time. The carpet cleans easily. My favorite aspect is the sun roof that can open partially or full to allow sunlight and air to flow in. There is no Bluetooth as it is a 2004, but you could buy a adapter that plugs into where cassette tapes go and listen to music on your phone that way. This is a great family car and first car for new drivers.

- Haley G

My vehicle was white, tan inside, good engine, high mileage, easy to maintain.

I got my car last year around April and it had little to no problems. It ran really smooth, although the gas was high because it was a SUV, the gas lasted pretty long. Never had a problem with the tires and never had a leak. Only problem was after driving for a couple days, my check engine light came on and there was also a crack in the windshield but nothing too major. It was very spacious and didn't feel big when driving it, very reliable and low maintenance. I would very much recommend this car to anyone.

- i H

The vehicle has early frame rot.

Second owner of this vehicle. First owner was a mechanic. Very well maintained. Synthetic oil its whole life. Frame rot front passenger side. It was an expensive fix. From what I was told, this year of vehicle should not have this issue and Nissan wont do anything to fix it. Other than that, it's ran pretty good. I have the touring series and use it as my daily driver. AWD with an optional 4 wheel lock. I was in the ditch last winter and my tires continuously spun.

- Kris S

That it's a good family car.

One of the problem that the car had was the wheel bearing likes to break about every two years. When it gets really cold like 5 degrees or below the brake fluid has to warm up, then it would work. But I like the fact the fact that is get good gas mileage then my truck. But it also handles the road with snow really well especially I live 30 minutes from the nearest town and that we do not always have a snow plows around.

- Sarah M

Murano in Spanish is pig. I nicknamed my car piggy.

I love my car. It is roomy great on mileage and very comfortable. Performance is great. I have had to do some maintenance work on it but this is just routine items, it is very reliable and I love the fact it has seat warmers. It has leather seats for easy cleaning even though my children are grown. Plenty of room to carry items and the back seats fold down for extra room. And they are easy to pull down and up.

- Maria B

Extremely awesome vehicle

The Nissan Murano is an awesome vehicle to purchase. When we bought our Murano it was used and had over 50k miles on it. And you could not tell. It is great on gas mileage, low costs for parts, and is perfect for those who want an SUV but of a smaller size. I loved my Murano so much I recently purchased the newest version. The seats literally feel like recliners. I couldn't have picked a better vehicle.

- Nona Q

I love my 2004 Nissan murano. Keep your oils changed and it lasts forever.

So my truck is very roomy. You can let the back seats down and you are able to make a bed and go to sleep. I was told by a mechanic that it drinks oil so you would have to make sure you keep oil in it or get the oil changed often. Since it is a truck, it sometimes sound like a commercial truck when you are driving it. I really don't have any other problems with my truck. I honestly love the truck.

- Phyllis M

A very satisfied Nissan Murano owner.

It's a very good car. It's comfortable, and had plenty of for my family. Nice storage space. I have the chrome package with Bose stereo system, sounds good. It has 215,00 miles and recently I have to replace 3 sensors, and do a time up, all parts looked like original parts. It handles very good for a SUV. If I get a new car, it will be the same as what I have, just let miles and newer.

- Tracy P

2004 Nissan Murano review.

My car does not have really any problems. The small couple problems it has is that the trunk latch sometime sticks and natural wear and tear on the vehicle. It is very comfortable and I love the heated seats and sunroof. It is a very smooth drive and is pretty decent on gas! The navigation system is a big plus since I travel a lot and need to know where I am going!

- Adam P

Lots of space, safe family vehicle.

I love the space in my vehicle! It is a bit tricky backing out of difficult places but the extra protection is worth it. My vehicle does take quite a little bit on gas. It is not too expensive of a vehicle to have to repair. I bought mine at an auction so it does hard shift, but after an oil change and replacing all the spark plugs, it still rides pretty smooth.

- Ana G

Great for families and trips.

Really easy to drive, lots of space and very comfortable. Amazing for road trips including camping. There has not been any problems just yet. Sunroof that can be covered has its own buttons for it. Really good on gas for long distance driving. Very safe and quiet but efficient motor. Very pretty and perfect for families with small children.

- Liz R

Love of 2004 Nissan murano

I love my Nissan murano. There are some bad things about it though. The alignment constantly needs fixed but it drives well in the snow since it is AWD. It has good acceleration and has Getty up and go. The sunroof is a nice feature, this is the first car I've had that has a sunroof. It makes driving all the better.

- Joseph L

My vehicle is a very lady like car. Very good for kids.

The Nissan Murano is a really durable car. I have had it for a really long time and it is the best car I ever drove. No problems whatsoever. It is a great family vehicle. There is enough room space for kids in the back for car seats and there is great trunk space. I would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a car.

- Tara A

New mom loving her Murano in the Arizona desert!

Super spacious, reliable, safe, and comfortable! I have an infant, and it makes traveling easy. Gas mileage could be better, but it's not the worst. I live in Arizona, so having a great A/C is a must, and my car cools down super quick! I would definitely recommend this car to anyone looking for a midsize SUV.

- Jennifer U

2004 Nissan murano common problems

I'm most unhappy with the CVT transmission and hydraulically controlled timing system. The engine also had to be replaced when the driveshaft bent and cause the flywheel the crack at around 180k. I also have a consistent misfires that throws a code and that has amounted to additional problems.

- Thomas F

The great features of a Nissan Murano.

I really love the way it drives it's sporty it really accelerate well gas mileage is fair I will drive it as long as I can it has more room than you think also the back up camera is very nice the trunk is very roomy I love how the gas pedals adjust and the vents for the passengers.

- Venus G

You get a lot of room with this vehicle. You don't feel stuffed in when you have many friends or family with you.

I love my vehicle because it has so much room. There is a lot of legroom in the front and back seats. I love that the back is a hatchback and it stores tons of stuff. I like the extra height it provides for me because it makes it easier to get in and out. The gas mileage is great.

- bobbie c

Murano 2004! It�s is a really good SUV, very comfort, elegant and economic!

My Nissan Murano 2004 is great, I have not a lot of issues with it. Just the basics: breaks, change tires, . I'm planning in 2 years to buy a new Murano, they are really good. It is very comfort, you have enough space for family, in my opinion economic in gas and a lot is space.

- Maria E

I love my spacious sturdy car

It is sturdy And the back seat sits 3. At seats It is roomy. The gas mileage is OK it holds up very well it writes movie It does not need a lot of maintenance. The inside of the vehicle cleaned easily the front passenger seat are spacious The gas mileage could be better

- Jacqueline. R

I recommend Nissan Murano SUV.

Is very comfortable, smooth ride. Everything works. I've been having problems with the transmission but it's an old vehicle. So far it has been great to me it has 175 thousand miles and still the engine doesn't make any weird sounds. I am thinking I am buying the new model.

- Hugo F

SUV but smaller and easy to handle.

Low maintenance, reliable, good gas mileage, drives and rides well. Easy to clean, comfortable, can carry a lot of things, seats are easy to fold down. Nice looking, easy to drive, dashboard shows everything, GPS is great, seats are comfortable, seat warmers are great.

- Judi C

The body style is functional and is attractive.

The vehicle is very spacious inside. It is very comfortable for myself and my family. It has ample trunk space. It does well on gas. It also rides smooth. You do not feel the road as much as other vehicles. I have recommended this vehicle to friends and family members.

- Natalia P

I love my car, nice navy blue leather seats.

The windows go down on their own, when my car is off and I has opened the door. Runs smooth, nice leather seats, and rooftop. Wish it had Bluetooth but I guess since it's an older car it's understandable. The oil change is needed every 3000 miles which is the standard.

- Nathalie A

Great, but not so great!!

This car has had many major repairs since I've bought it. . . The transmission is currently slipping. Other then that love the space. Heated electric seats. Spacious enough for a family of 5. Great vehicle when maintained correctly. The leather seats are nice as well.

- Brittany C

Overall, the Nissan Murano is a great car if you are going to be using it a lot.

The car runs extremely smooth. I have 151 thousand miles on it and just now, things are beginning to go wrong. The gas is great in the vehicle. However, the car does have many recalls for this edition and year. It has approximately 6 recalls and majors ones at that.

- J J

Nissan Murano description from a personal owner.

It is dependable as long as you maintain the vehicle maintenance. Get decent highway mileage but city is about 15-17 miles. Can comfortably sit six and excellent for carry additional items if needed. I personally experienced that brake pads wear out too quickly.

- James J

Best car I have ever had.

I love my car--spacious and very comfortable. Plenty of room to transport groceries. Good for family functions and traveling. I definitely recommend the type of vehicle to everyone. The best car I have ever owned. Make sure you always take care of your car.

- Kathryn E

Nissan Murano review love this truck.

I love it everything is electric including heated seats 6 disc CD changer u can have a sunroof or moonroof it is good on gas and family room the lights are automatic which is nice leather seats easy to clean I have 3 vehicles and I love this one the most.

- Rhonda S

It�s spacious and if it was reliable I would absolutely adore it, but it�s not.

I would absolutely love my car, but I bought it over a year ago now; and it has been nothing but problems. The air compressor is bad, the power steering has a leak, there's a small gas leak, and one of my cylinders has gone bad from what I've been told.

- Samantha B

I like how the nav system tells me when to service it, like oil change, tires.

Runs well for the most part. The gas mileage could be better but it is not horrible. Recently replaced the alternator and fuel air sensor and replaced the tires in order to pass inspection. It doesn't sputter or die on me and the across works very well.

- Michael G

Nissan Murano for the Win!

My car is very reliable for being a used car. It is a good size for where I live and comfy. I have had a few issues with the battery, but not too many other problems. The gas mileage is not great, but it is an old car, so that is to be expected.

- kylie d

Reliable you can drive 16 hours is a gas saver i spend 70 in gas from NY to NC.

No complaint at all. Is the best car ever. Never had any problems with my car it been in my possession for more than 5 years the seats are the only thing that deteriorate but other than that i have no complaint at all.

- Sandra R

Doesn't have a backup camera or any type of plug in to use for music

Well I have a family of 5 at the moment. We're expecting another one in less than a month. Vehicle good for now, but is soon to be too small for my family. Only dislike I have is that our CD player doesn't work.

- Amber G

The air conditioning system does not circulate well enough throughout the car and the back seat passengers are often hot

Uses too much gas, Has a blind spot, Black interior is too hot, seats have ripped, lots of tire and tie rod problems, roomy, makes a rattling noise when every 3000 miles that no mechanic can identify

- kim P

It is a great family car. And I love that it has heated seats.

I bought it used so the transmission went out and we had to replace it. I also have to replace my air. I do wish the backseat had more room but otherwise it is perfect.

- Amanda G

Some rust on bottom of the vehicle

Runs well 158,000 miles on it. Dent on right side of the vehicle. May need new rotors and calipers but brake pads are pretty new. Some rust on the bottom of the car

- Justin S

It's a nice looking car and a gas saver at the same time.

Love the navigation on in the car and backup camera. I dislike the head space. The car has a lot of amenities which I like. Parts a very expensive 9n this vehicle.

- Anna C

How long it will last! Mine is a 2004. It's still running well and going strong!

It rides very smooth. If all the windows are up, it's sometimes are to realize how fast you're going, that's how smooth the ride is! It's also reliable.

- Shaun S

The car is 14 years old and still looks and rides like a new car.

I love everything about my car: the look, the comfort, ease of driving, and price. I especially like the added features such as the sunroof and wheels.

- linda o

The back hatch is more roomy than the back seat

They are a little small, it runs ok but needs work, I normally like bigger suv it doesn't have usb port so hard with the hands free new law

- Sherry M

That it is a tipping hazard.

I like the comfort of the car. I don't like that i feel like i can tip the car over. I do not have any complaints over the Nissan Murano.

- Grace S

Sweet ride! Nice to drive, nice to ride and lots of room.

This is by far the sweetest vehicle I have ever owned. It a plus, plus in my book. I love it and would recommend it to anyone!

- elaine M

Keep oil changes regularly.

I love the look of it, the space and the comfortability of it. I dislike the mechanical issues that is been happening to it.

- Erika T

Handles really well at higher speeds.

I like the smooth ride it gives. Plenty of information from the electronic dash. Poor fuel mileage. Parts can be expensive.

- Richard H

You should know that this car is very reliable and great when it comes to long road trips.

My car is very reliable. It runs very smoothly , it is also very efficient and effective when it comes to long road trips.

- Michael M

Door handle can be an issue pulled on it and it came off. Expensive to fix

Lots of room fold down seats for large purchases. Heavy vehicle break early. Great for road trips with good gas mileage.

- Jill A

That it handles well on the road with good pick up

I like that it handles on the road so well that it looks sharp has good safety records and the cargo space is large

- Betsy F

it is reliable and is not to bad on gas. has plenty of room for family or shopping

it is reliable and gets me where i want to go. i am able to do shopping for special occasions with plenty of room.

- julie l

It performs well and maintenance is minimal. Uh.

Performance is adequate but brakes wear out frequently. The drive is smooth and gas mileage is good. Has good.

- Peter T

a good size and feels safe

I like the size of the car. I also like how It's is not leather inside. i don't like that it goes slows

- katrina G

How it works and drive when I go traveling around the city

Good car to drive around in the city.I like to drive around in my car when I travel in the city

- edwin h

It's the absolute bomb.com car! So cute and so versatile!

I love how my car drives! I love how it has maps built in. I wish it wasn't currently broken!

- McKennah b

It's pretty dependable for over 150,000.00 miles!!

Very dependable(except for the battery) pretty smooth ride! It has no GPS.

- Wayne H

Beautiful to look at and economical

So comfortable and easy to drive. Lots of power and ease in maneuvering.

- linda s