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Gold 2005 Nissan Murano AWD sly edition. It is a very spacious mid sized SUV.

I really like my Nissan Murano. It is a 2005 AWD sl. The only thing I have an issue with is there is always a sensor (or 4) out. The camshaft position sensor has been the one that causes me the most turmoil. A lot of minor inconvenience but it adds up because parts are outrageously expensive and becomes overwhelming at times but I really love the space of the SUV and the interior has held up nicely. I like the way it drives when it is not acting up. I would definitely purchase an updated Murano.

- Caitlin C

It does not have Bluetooth capabilities or AUX options to play other music.

I have had this vehicle for years and it has been very good. For the body type of the vehicle it is good on gas. Performance has been great and up to speed as well. It is been reliable up until now which is not bad considering it is more than 10 years old. It is very comfortable and rides good. Heat, air and comfort features include seat warming, very cool a/c and plush seats.

- Jasmine W

I love my Nissan Murano aka my vinny!

My Nissan Murano has plenty of room, love the sunroof and heated seats! Plenty of room to carry furniture and travels well out of town. Easy on gas. The back up camera feature is also great and easy to park into spaces and check that there is no one in your way, also the digital map on dashboard is easy to use to help with your travel needs.

- Barbara B

The most important thing is it's reliability and quality of workmanship. The safety features make a sense of security and the roominess is great.

I purchased my vehicle in 2007 and maintained it as required. Replaced tires and brakes as needed and changed the oil every three thousand miles. The car is very reliable as only normal maintenance is all it needed. A/C works well, all electronics and accessories work well also. I wouldn't replace this car unless I had no choice.

- Louis N

I don't know if this is a common problem or if it is just mine.

The Murano is comfortable with the leather adjustable seats. Great gas mileage when it is running right. However ours currently has a problem that a Nissan dealership along with several senior mechanics could not figure out that causes the car to stall & run rough when it is over 50 degrees. If it is cold the car runs great.

- Lacey S

It's very reliable and has made several long distance trips without any incidents.

I love it because it's AWD, and it does wonderfully in winter weather. It's very reliable. Have not had many issues with the vehicle. However, I do not like how my car makes a screeching noise when braking while backing up. Have had it looked at several times, but it is resolved only for a short amount of time.

- Dawn B

The Nissan Murano is very expensive to repair and some model years have numerous problems which aren't under warranty.

It's been reliable to get me places. I dislike the problems that have begun to occur with it (broken power locks/problems with electrical system, driver's seat & burning oil) and the expense it will take to fix things. I also do not like the idea of having to buy four new tires when one goes bad.

- Jennifer M

The transmission is not reliable and has cost me and my family loads of money, as well as it is quite delicate. It often has problems with electronic sensors.

I love the size of my Murano. It has plenty of space and a lot of room for my friends, family, and cargo. I love it's gas economy and the little features in it; like the rear seats lay back, and the brand is on the carpet. Also, I love the Bose sound system and modern look for an older car.

- Clark W

I believe one important thing the others should know about my car is that it is extremely reliable

I was extremely lucky to purchase the Nissan Murano that I have. The previous owners kept it in wonderful condition despite its age. It drives extremely well, it is extremely comfortable. there are several features that helped seal the deal such as adjustable pedals and a rear view camera.

- Manni D

The Murano is great for our family(two kids and a dog) and works well for short camping trips. It also performs very well in winter conditions.

The only things I dislike about my vehicle are age related. There are certain parts of the car, like the power locks that have stopped working in the last two years. Everything else is great and it has held up well at almost 200,000 miles. I would like a few extra luxury features though.

- Melissa K

It is an amazing car I recommend it to anyone.

It is very reliable, it is comfortable, had seat warmers, volume and channel buttons are on steering wheel, it is got very nice leather seating, drives amazingly, it is keyless, the hatch is a very decent size, I love it all around, I definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Meagan M

The Nissan murano is a great family car.

My vehicle is very reliable. My only issue is that it uses the oil really quickly. There is plenty of room for my family and any luggage or shopping bags we need to haul. It is fairly good on gas but not really a gas saver. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone with a family.

- Tamara C

The fuel economy is an average of 20 mpg, with 4 wheel drive all the time.

It has the perfect amount of room for my family. The cargo area is big enough for a full shopping trip, but comes equipped with a net for the days we only get a few things. The dashboard screen tells us a lot of different information that comes in handy for various reasons..

- Takiya S

Nissan Murano is a great and reliable SUV.

My Nissan Murano has been a great running car for many years!! A few hiccups along the way but otherwise it is a great car. Leather and heated seats, AWD and Bose sound system too! Still looks like no with little or no rust. I cannot wait to upgrade to a new model soon.

- Jenna L

Just the perfect amount of space for the kids

Well unfortunately I got my car used so I've had to have a lot of work done on it. But the good thing is that the check engine light has been on for awhile and it's still drives great. The issue is something simple that needs to be fixed but would take a whole day.

- Karissa P

The care is great and I highly recommend it!

The car is great! It has a lot of room for being kind of a crossover car! Mine has had some repairs but it is a very durable car! It would be a great family car because of how much room it offers. It is also nice because it is not that expensive! I would recommend!

- Emily B

Very comfortable sitting for comfortable and safe driving.

Well to start off I really like my vehicle it's really comfortable the driver's seat could be adjusted at whatever level you feel comfortable. The only thing that I would change is for it to have an aux cord plug other than that everything else is fine.

- Berenise A

The Murano is an excellent, safe family vehicle. It is very spacious and comfortable even with two kids and a dog

I like that the Murano is all wheel drive. It had enough room for my family of four. It is a great vehicle to safely get around in the winter and also great for family camping trips. It is a bit old though and starting to have some problems.

- Chris B

My 2005 Nissan Murano has been a good and dependable vehicle for many years.

My vehicle is a 2005 Nissan Murano. It has been a very good vehicle for me. I have had minimal repairs to do and it is still running pretty good at 195,000 miles. It does have some wear and tear on the interior and exterior.

- Ann M

My first family car the Nissan Murano.

It's a pretty good vehicle. It has enough room for my 2 kids plus room in far back. The only problem I've had is the sunroof leaking and you must use premium gas to get good gas mileage which is quite expensive.

- Allison S

Unreliable, frequently requires service. Do not purchase if you can avoid it.

I love the features of the vehicle (heated seats, navigation, sunroof, etc.) The vehicle drives great in the snow but has had numerous problems ( exhaust, frame rot, suspension and ball joint failing)

- Jonathan M

It costs a lot of money to repair. Make sure you are prepared.

I like that as a SUV it still drives like a car. I have not had it long but am looking forward to driving in the snow, as i was told it was a good all weather vehicle. I also love the sunroof.

- belit b

Don't trust the computer errors, there are some issues that will point out the wrong thing as a malfunction.

I love the shape of the vehicle, the feel of the seats, the stereo, the way the back seats lay down. I do not like that it's so expensive to work on or that it doesn't have Bluetooth.

- Kaycee M

It requires a lot of maintenance. Be prepared for constant upkeep.

I like the size, the smooth ride. What I don't like is the way the tires go it seems so often. Also there are numerous issues with the brakes. But overall it's a lovely vehicle.

- Mena B

The most reliable, dependable, and necessary car you will ever need

The car is reliable. It gets decent gas mileage for the size that it is. It has a large trunk space which is great when you have kids. I wish it had a third row though.

- Emily D

Not trustworthy after 90,000 miles

It's been an amazing vehicle until it reached 90,000 miles. Required new transmission which you wouldn't typically expect to have with that amount of miles.

- Alicia K

Good gas mileage. Small though.

Rides very hard. You really have to take it slow on driveways and potholes. Poor gas mileage. You cant see the front of the vehicle making it hard to judge.

- Kathleen L

This car has bad mpg that is 16 mpg.

I like it because it gets me to where i want to go. I dislike it because it is old and needs more maintenance than newer cars. It gets bad gas mpg.

- David S

It is great on gas mileage and very compact with enough space at the same time.

I like how compact it is. I find it very convenient when running errands. Love how it fits everywhere. I dislike how the dashboard is designed.

- Laura H

Fun to drive but may cost more in repairs in the long run

I like the look and the storage space. It's very prone to bumpy rides. I've had a number of mechanical issues in the past couple of years.

- Miranda S

Poor gas mileage good power for size of truck

Older vehicle needs some work , good power even with 187000 mile on it with that being said dependability has been good over the years,

- David H

It is been a great car and it is great on gas mileage.

Love that it fits my family very well very spacious. Like it gets good gas mileage. Hate that it is an older model like the newer ones.

- Amber S

It is a good car. I would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a car.

I love the way it drives. It has only had a minor issue with it but that is it. I would recommend it to my friends and family.

- Dennis R

It very diligent cruiser that tends to ride very smoothly. It's horsepower is in motion

I love the Spacey comfort. I love the heavy duty body as well. I dislike the maintenance cost of repair.

- Latisha F

It's reliable and dependable.

I love my Murano. It hasn't given me any trouble since I got it. Good gas mileage too!

- carmela m

Built to last runs very smooth. Quality vehicle. Have had it for over 10 years with only minor issues

Dependable car smooth ride Perfect size for small family Well made

- Denice H

I like the space. I do not like that it has so many miles, but it is an excellent car. The gas mileage also isn't very good.

It has heated seats which are really nice in the winter.

- Lee R

I love that it has all wheel drive. It's very continent for the winter especially when there's snow or ice on the ground. Being a girl I don't want to have to put chains on

I feel safe in it. It's easy to drive. It's reliable

- Carly C