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Nissan the devilish 2004 Sentra.

I first bought the car for $3000 back in 2016 and the first couple of weeks it was working really good but by the 2nd week it started giving me problems. I took it to a mechanic shop for inspection and come to find out there was a long list of problems need to be fixed. From the transmission that cost me another $1000 dollars to repair, the computer system wasn't working (speed gauges weren't going up) and the speed exhaust was, I think what he said was, that it was starting to clog. Fast forward to 2018 to today 11/2/2018 the transmission went out again. I have literally spent some of my taxes on this car (mind you I have 3 kids which means I get some extra tax return) in total I must've spent around $8,000 dollars on this car. My girlfriend told me that my Nissan is not even worth that much so why would I continue to fix it? This car has taught me to take some time doing some research before buying any car. My recommendation is do your research!

- David G

Nissan good. Comfortable car.

Our Nissan is good on gas has very good air it is easy to drive and is very dependable there is lots of room on the inside even though is looks small on the outside it is a four door with bucket seats in front and a place for drinks in the back between the seats it is burgundy color and seems to keep it cooler in the summer the headlights are bright but not blinding to other drivers we get about 25 miles to the gallon in the city without the air and about 22 miles to the gallon when using the air we bought it used and it has 108000 miles and we are just now going to do an oil change because its due.

- Tammy C

2004 Nissan Sentra: reliable for 14 and still going strong.

The Nissan Sentra is a great and affordable compact car. You get all of the basics, but you do miss out on some of the better features of a car that you would pay a few thousand dollars more for. It served my family well (and continues to do so) when we were in need of a new vehicle. Once maintained, it is continued to do a stellar job of taking us to our destinations. Some cons, however, are that the steering is quite stiff, the shocks have almost no absorption. However, it gets decent gas mileage and is super reliable.

- Sasha B

All around good dependable car.

I have a lot of problems with brakes. With the brake shoes and drums. And I've had issues with the front drivers side electric window motor, and the front passenger electric window motor. And I have problems with the engine turning over and starting on the first turn of the key. Always takes at two turns. The car has decent power and doesn't overheat. Car is very dependable. For a small four door car very comfortable. Automatic, stereo, four doors.

- Steven S

Nissan built for around town and for road trips!

I love my Nissan. It has been with us for 8 years and has traveled the across the US twice! It is very reliable and not high maintenance at all. It has gone through all weather conditions including three feet of unexpected snow during one of our more harrowing road trips. I feel safe and secure in my vehicle out on the road whether its in town or on a back road.

- Kassandra S

Comfy ride with some defects in design

I love this car, it is really comfortable and roomy. However, the door handles of this make and model and year have a defect which makes them snap off easily. I've had to replace every door handle. The driver side window electric switches also had to be replaced. This year I had to redo the suspension and replace the bolts. Other than that, the car is great.

- Catherine M

The highlight is that it is small good on gas great on the road.

The performance is great it's the right size for a small family. It's good on gas and it handles well on the highway. I could as for a better car. I like the color of the car it's easy to fit in small places. Easy when it come to maintain my car. The downside of the car is that it do not handle good in the snow it is not good for people with more than I kid.

- Amelia W

It has been a dependable car with only minor repairs and maintenance.

It's been a very dependable car. It is holding up well. I get good gas mileage. I have only had to make minor repairs. We have changed the shocks and struts and we have replaced the battery. The biggest repair that had to be done was an alternator. The only thing I would like that it does not have is power windows and power locks.

- Denise S

Nissan Sentra: a car that stands the test of time.

My vehicle has minor problems due to age and high mileage, but it is a very reliable car overall. It currently has minor problems starting every once in a while and shakes slightly when stopped in traffic. It has a comfortable ride with decent handling. Features are lacking but basic comforts (power windows, a/c, etc.) are included.

- Dale A

Good runner, good on fuel!

My vehicle recently went over 100k miles. Runs pretty good and is favorable on fuel intake. The power is also decent as I have the 2. 5 model as opposed to the 1. 8. Seems to wear out brakes easily, but maybe that is me! Interior has enough space, but seats seem to be a little narrow so bad for long rides.

- Joe P

Nissan Sentra: simply a solid car.

My 2004 Nissan Sentra has nearly 260, 000 miles on it and runs well for the most part. Minor issues include shaking when stopped, occasional issues starting, and occasional jerky shifts (automatic). Overall, I have found the car to be very reliable and performance has not greatly diminished over the years.

- Dale V

The 2004 Nissan sentra. Sporty and reliable.

I have had problems with brakes, front end wearing out tires electrical. System issue causing problems with alternator and battery life. I have also had transmission issues. Overall I have been happy the car is comfortable reliable I like the sun roof and the power locks I am happy. With the car.

- Ray H

It is surprisingly fast for its size and has a 2.5 liter engine

I like the gas mileage that the car gets. the size of the car is very small and I dislike that. I also dislike the acceleration because the transmission makes it shift hard. I like the fact that most of the parts I have to purchase to fix anything is relatively cheap in price for the most part.

- Brittany F

Very easy to operate and reliable.

Car is reliable I have not had much problems with a car that is 14 years old. Mostly routine oil change and maintenance. I did have to replace my front brakes a few times, my front struts and gas tank. It is a good car for a beginner or a smaller person. Not very roomy inside for a tall person.

- Emily K

Good runner with an affordable price tag.

My vehicle is economical on fuel and seems to be a good "runner". It is spacious but the seats seem to be a bit narrow. Has a decent stereo in it. Replaced a few engine parts but not crazy. Hope to have it for a long time. Have had brakes changed a lot but might be me or the quality of brakes.

- Joseph L

It is not the most comfortable car to ride in. It is very small and tight inside. It often smells like chemicals.

It is not in the best of shape. The paint is faded. The side panels under the doors are coming off. If you run the air conditioning the whole car starts smelling like acetone. But, it's what I can afford, and it gets me where I need to go. With only a few breakdowns every couple of months.

- Trina D

Engine issues with my Nissan.

Have had a lot of issues with the vehicle, it stalls out sometimes and vibrates. Mechanics have had a hard time fixing the problem. Other than that I like the vehicle, it gets good gas mileage and is comfortable. Minimal rust for how old it is and being outside in the winter time.

- Ashley Z

Great little car that runs extremely well despite its high mileage.

Over 102, 000 miles on it and it still runs extremely well. No major repairs have been needed on it and it starts right up without any problems. It does have some rust on the front left fender and in the rear, and the radio no longer works but, other than that, it is a great car.

- Harriet S

Nissan Sentra: a car for your budget.

The Nissan Sentra is a great car. Easy to maintain and great on gas mileage. Four doors, automatic and comfortably seats four people. As long as you maintain it correctly and stay current on oil changes, it will last you many years. Nissan is a dependable and affordable brand.

- Dawn F

Sporty and Fun to drive for a compact car

It's a very fun car to drive! I bought it new and have had no major problems other than one ignition coil needing to be replaced at 98k miles. Was as easy as changing a spark plug. The ride is sporty, aka a little stiff, but if you love cornering like I do it's great.

- Robert F

The car that was passed down.

Well, we got the car used from a family member, very good condition, the car gets really good gas mileage, has plenty of legroom, the trunk is roomy and can hold some large items, I have no complaints other you can feel every bump in the road not a very smooth ride. .

- Lou M

Her name is Mabel, and even though I hate her, I love how much of a meme she is.

This is my first car. It runs great, no problems, gets me from point A to point B safely. And that is the point of a car right? Yes, but it used to belong to my grandma so it smells like cigarettes, is gold and beige, and has burn holes. I do not want an old lady car.

- Maggie G

My car is very reliable and durable.

What I like about my Nissan Sentra is that it has been very durable and reliable for me since 2007. It has It's normal wear and tear but other than that, it has been a great first car. What I don't like is that it is a old car, it does not have a lot of inside space.

- Kevin J

Car is mostly reliable, and I am surprised such an inexpensive car would last over 10 years.

Pros: Surprised it has survived 10+ years, seems to run pretty reliably. Cons: Miles per gallon has dropped significantly though. Interior trimmings have gradually fallen apart, which might be expected on most older vehicles. Power windows don't really work anymore.

- Henry H

I had it for 11 years and it's been through some fun times from my last teens to early 20's.

My car has lasted me about 11 years, I got it when I turned 17. It has gotta me to a lot of places, but one thing I this dislike about it is that it breaks down when I'm broke. I'm able to get it fix every time but sometimes I feel like I should just get a new car.

- Sheila S

The acceleration on it is amazing.

Both windows are broken, the breaks are squeaking, when you turn the air on the car lets out a loud pitch squeal, the alignment on the steering wheel is off, the dashboard does not always work, it eats up a lot of gas, but it gets me from place to place at least.

- Grace M

It's an extremely reliable car that gets very good gas mileage.

I especially like the fuel economy. I've had the car for quite awhile now and it has only ever had a couple of relatively minor issues. It's small and easy to park. No complaints, alth as its getting older, I will have to replace it in the next year or two.

- Cori K

The size of the vehicle and that it can seat 5 if needed but more comfortably fits 4

I like that the car is small enough I don't worry when I drive it. Since the car is a 2004 it doesn't have automatic lights that turn on when it's dark like newer cars have so that's a little inconvenient. The dash with all the controls is easy to navigate.

- Jennifer L

It is very reliable..Gas efficient.

U brought it 2nd hand so it's been good really no real problem..Just have to replace the windshield..The heater fan just went out so I would need to fix that. Other than that the car rides good. I did have to replace the studs and the wheel hub on the car.

- Tammy W

Very spacious and saving gas car.

I love my car. Save a lot of gas money. I spend 120 monthly in gas and I go everywhere. Its fast and very comfortable. Good speakers to listen to my music out loud. Very spacious back side comfortable to even sleep there. Very nice color and wonderful ac.

- Nancy L

More than 120,000 miles and i have had no issues outside silly things like a broken door handle in the winter!

I bought my Nissan Sentra used about 5 years ago. It's been a great car. I've only had to keep up with regular maintenance and put a new set of tires on it. I haven't had any problems except breaking the door handle one winter but the fix was easy enough.

- Dara M

My Nissan Sentra has been very reliable in the seven years I have owned it.

My 2004 Nissan Sentra is very reliable car I have had it for 7 years and never paid over $200 have to have it repaired the front seats are very comfortable however this back seat is too small my teenage son cannot sit in the backseat he is 5 foot 8 in.

- Mona K

Dependable and long lasting. It won't break down on you.

My car has lasted me for over 5 years and it has made two long distance moves from Tennessee to Michigan and then Michigan to Colorado. It has had no major problems and other than routine maintenance has held up great. Excellent vehicle

- Brittny D

It is reliable and drives well. Parts to fix it are not too expensive.

I like how my Nissan drives, it is very smooth and reliable. I am able to see put all my windows with very little blind spots. The only issue I have is that my truck is rounded and I would like it more square to fit things better.

- Amanda O

It's been a great value with few repairs and was not terribly expensive.

Our car has been a great value; It is only recently that we've had to start making repairs where things are starting to wear out; that's great for a 14 year old car. We've taken care of it, and the upholstery still looks great.

- Karen S

It is a very nice affordable car.

I like that it is four door, automatic, and great on gas. Small, easy to parallel park, low maintenance. I dislike that it has gotten older, starting to need repairs. I also wish it had tinted windows and a newer stereo system.

- Dawn F

I think it's a typical 4-door car, but probably more dependable than many. The battery is great, brakes are good, engine is strong. I don't think there's anything particularly interesting about it, but it works great for me!

I bought my car used, but it's been very reliable over the last 8 years. Typically small repairs except for the last time because it's older now. It's good on gas and almost always gets me where I need to go with no problem.

- Christina B

My car requires low maintenance and is very dependable. If you're good to the vehicle it will be good to you. It lasts a very long time. I'm still utilizing mine with no problems. It's a great gas saver!

I like my vehicle because although it's old it is very dependable. I've had the vehicle from high school through graduate school. I maintained necessary maintenance on the vehicle and in turn it has been excellent to me.

- Tenika C

Old reliable island beater with enough charm to make it worth it

It's rather old and it is manual with manual window controls so not much in terms of luxury. It gets me from point a to point b (without ac) and has enough storage space that I can't complain too much.

- Tom O

Cheap car but high quality, 120k miles and still kicking strong.

It is a very nice car to last 14 years and around 120k miles. Good gas mileage and very minimal maintenance. The paint has been chipping off for a few years now but that can be contributed to weather.

- Austin S

Very reliable and dependable??.

Car is reliable plus I have had no serious problems with it. Mostly new front brakes had to be replaced a few times. Care is small inside good for a new driver or for an elderly person not to tall. L.

- Emily M

It handles really well and is very safe, while only having 89000 miles on it.

It handles excellently, its small, it looks good even though it is 14 yrs old, only has 89000 miles. It has a stick shift, 5 on floor. Excellent pick up. Solid. In good repair.

- Leah K

Very smooth drive and comfortable.

My car is reliable and good on gas. I love the feature it has a great sound system without upgrading I use it on a daily basis. I drive long distance to get to work very reliable.

- Steph E

They are dependable, not expensive to maintain.and fun to drive.

I love my Nissan Sentra. It has cost me very little in repairs and general maintenance.The vehicle is very dependable. I would recommend anyone to try one. I would buy another.

- Dana B

The Nissan Sentra is good affordable car to drive.

It's a very nice car. People who are looking for a cost effective, nice car to get you from point a to point b, then this is for you. Car is spacious and the interior is nice.

- Ravy M

Nissan Sentra: the smooth, comfy ride!

For the 231, 000 miles on my car, it is still kicking. Some parts were incorrectly replaced by the previous owner, which will cause my car to break down in the near future.

- Nina S

It's over 10 years old and I've only had to do minimal maintenance.

I like that it's been quite a reliable car. I considered it cute when I first got it, but my tastes have changed. It's too small I would like something a little bit larger.

- Tanya G

Be careful of rough idle and fuel pump problems on this year of Sentra

I like the fuel economy. I don't like that it has had rough idle the whole time I owned it and the Nissan dealership and headquarters refused to acknowledge and fix.

- Kim W

Sentra. A good average car.

My Sentra is reliable and low maintenance. I've driven it every day, short and long distances. I've had no trouble beyond it being a bit small for my liking.

- eric l

Reliable on a long term basis!

I bought the car brand new in 2004. I have had little to no problems all these years. It still runs well. There is basically nothing I dislike about it.

- James Z

It's very reliable, runs great and great on gas.

Love my little white Nissan. It's very reliable. It runs great and it's fabulous on gas! I really don't have any complaints. I wish it were a newer model.

- Bonnie F

The car has no cruise control and is rusting out all around the car.

The car is a basic model lacking features such as cruise control but runs well with 180000 miles on it. The body is rusting out all around the vehicle.

- Mary B

A car that you can depend on.

Great on gas, easy to park. No major maintenance issues, just keep the oil changed and the tires in good condition. A great investment or starter car,

- Jason F

It is a Sentra SE-R Spec V that has a larger engine than most Sentras.

Like the larger 2.5L engine, Brembo brakes, 6 speed transmission, and red color. Would like to have anti-lock brakes. No complaints about this car.

- Doug C

My vehicle is beige with a narrow length

It drives but sometimes it breaks down that is why I hate it it is annoying sometimes because sometimes it works and other times it doesn't work

- Damonte D

It is a small compact car, that is very reliable. Easy to get repairs done.

The one thing about the Nissan Sentra is that it does not have cruise control as a standard feature. Overall the car is a great car.

- Katie M

Amazing on gas mileage but you need to be very easy on the brakes.

I really like my 2004 Nissan Sentra. It is absolutely amazing in gas mileage and runs rather smoothly. It is a low maintenance car.

- Amber A

It's very reliable. It travels very well, and the make of it is just great. Really comfortable.

I love my vehicle. It's great on gas. I've never had any problems with it, but since my family is growing, it's just too small.

- Kayla W

It is reliable and has good engine performance. The styling is getting dated.

It has held up while and has good engine performance. The styling is getting dated and maintenance is starting to cost more.

- D M

Comfortable, compact, cost efficient, great gas mileage.

Very reliable. Comfortable, cost effective. Compact, can be as mall at time, nice trunk size. Compatible with other Nissans.

- Michelle M

That I love my car because it gives me independence.

The vehicle is great on gas. I like the colors. I also like a style. It runs great and I have no complaints with my vehicle.

- Lorraine S

It is reliable and runs great.

I like that it is reliable and that I got it for free I dislike that it is so small and older then what I personally want.

- Erica R

That this car has great gas mileage and is very small.

It has excellent gas mileage and is very easy to drive. It only has 117000 miles on it. Drivers smooth and handles great.

- Chad E

Nissan Sentra '04 still runs

It's a really good car considering how old it is. It has been in the family for at least 14 years and is still running.

- Gabriela B

It's an amazing reliable car that I can depend on

Haven't had any problems. Performance is great it runs amazing it's very reliable. The seats are comfortable and nice .

- Alesha B

That it will always get you from point A to point B.

I love this car. It has yet to break down on me, unlike my last car. It has better gas mileage than I expected.

- Jordan s

Great for people who are starting to drive because it's a small car.

Great on gas. Could fill up the tank with $20-$25. Great quality car it has and will last through the years.

- Shan D

The most important thing people should know bout my car is that is very reliable.

It is a super reliable car. It rarely needs any work done. Would recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

- Alex P

It is cool and reliable and dependable.

It runs great never cut off, reliable, low on gas mileage. It is a great car for the city small compact.

- Yolanda B

The gas mileage is great it's a nice car to drive very reliable

Love my car it's old but very reliable gas mileage is excellent also very comfortable car to drive

- Marga S

Good all-around vehicle. Good price point, affordable

It's paid off!! A few problems earlier, but it's running fine now. Regular maintenance affordable

- John H

It's a great car, very reliable. Been together thru thick and thin. and doesn't leave me on foot.

Very reliable car, nissan makes great engines. Recently repaired my engine after 180k plus miles.

- carlos p

Good price and low maintenance.

Was a great price to begin with, never had any problems with it. Has lasted me quite a long time.

- Tanya P

You really do have to put the gas pedal 1/5 of the way or it doesn't want to start. The owner's Manual says to do it and it's real.

I like that it is good on gas. It has been dependable. Not overly expensive to keep up.

- Nancy M

It is mine. It runs well. I need it.

It is an older vehicle. It needs air conditioning and body fixed. It gets me around.

- Daniel K

It has been reliable while I've had it.

It is old and should be updated. But it gets good mileage. It has served me well.

- Brittney D

It has been good on gas and small enough to park anywhere .

its old . its dependable , and its my friend . it has been very dependable

- mary p

The good gas mileage that my car geta.

It is good on gas. It is easy to drive. It is very comfortable.

- jaimie B

I love its reliable for me and my family. We have had a few things fixed and it's still great.

Reliable car. I would definitely stick with another nissan

- Jennifer R