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A trendy, sporty car. Perfect for short distance travel and commuting!

If you are a young driver looking some an affordable, trendy car then this is certainly the make and model for you. The Nissan Sentra looks, feels, and sounds sporty but gets gas mileage that you would not believe (about 25 miles per gallon). This car is perfect for someone who is looking for a car that is affordable and easy to maintain. So far the annual maintenance has been just about the only money that I have invested in the car since I purchased it in the summer of 2016. My specific make of this car has comfortable leather seats that make keeping the car clean easy. The car holds five passengers including the driver which makes it easy to transport friends and family around in spacious seats! There are a few things that are downfalls about this car. Due to its light weight frame, it is hard to use this car in difficult driving conditions such as rain and snow. The bottoms of the car are carpeted which may be something that is unappealing to pet owners since it makes it difficult to maintain the cleanliness of the car. Overall this car has several benefits for the driver and passengers and very limited issues. My input would also include that I believe this car is a good investment. I have had it already for over 3 years and now much looks different besides to normal wear and tear that comes with time. Consider investing in a Nissan Sentra today!

- Katarina W

Nissan Sentras are very good cars.

Nissan Sentras are some of the best cars made in my opinion. On the 1999 Nissan Sentra for approximately 9 years other than normal wear and tear there were never major repairs to have to perform. The gas mileage on Nissan Sentras are excellent. As long as you do your normal maintenance on your vehicle such as oil change tires, tune ups you will get your money's worth and more out of a Nissan Sentra. They are comfortable riding cars there is plenty of room in the trunk for storage of luggage tire etc. I have found the Nissan Sentra to Be the most reliable car I have ever owned. The only problems I have came across with the Nissan Sentra are having uses and sensors that can go bad.

- Margaret C

It is a very reliable vehicle. I have not had any issues with it.

I have had my car for 9 years and never had any issues with it. It is super speedy and great on gas mileage. I have traveled across the country in it 3 times and it made the trip comfortable. The cup holders are in the perfect spot and there's an auxiliary jack for your electronic devices. Because It's also compact it makes parking a breeze. There's also plenty of trunk space for such a small car.

- Lauren W

Nissan Sentra 2009--Reliable

Very reliable car. Always starts up and have never had any engine problems. The only problems I have ever had with the car have been when the computer system on board thought something was wrong and put the car into "safe mode" where I couldn't drive any faster than 25mph. All I had to do was turn the car on or off or take into a shop and have them clear the error code and the car was good to go.

- Eric S

My car deserves to be treated kindly, as she's always treated me and her other passengers that way.

My vehicle is getting a bit older, and yes, it has a few leaks. When it rains very hard, when it pours, the roof of the car leaks a bit, which can lead to a musty smell. But, even with those small issues, I love my car. I love that she gets me where I need to go, and she can keep up a quick pace when I want her to. Plus, I live in Florida, and her strong suit is her air conditioning.

- Chelsey E

The Nissan Sentra is a great compact vehicle.

I love how smooth the Nissan drives. It is a great compact vehicle for a small family but it would be better if it was a little bigger. The gas mileage that I get in the Sentra is amazing. I get between 26 to 30 miles per gallon. That is mostly highway miles. It has options to see your miles until empty on the radio display and I love being able to know how many miles I have left.

- Samantha T

The tank is small in the car, so it may appear to not have good gas mileage.

I have never had any problems with my vehicle. It was purchased brand new. I hope to upgrade to a newer Sentra soon. I have a grey exterior and interior. It was my first car and I still am driving it today. Many of my family members own Nissan cars and they are so reliable. If you are in the market for a new car, I would highly suggest a Nissan, especially a Sentra.

- Madeline C

Best car won't waste a lot of gas.

I got my car in 2009 super black really comfy inside spacious for sure it runs really good and is great on gas it's the best car to travel in won't waste so much gas gets you where you need to be and has last me until now 2018 with no problems whatsoever it has not broken down on me or left me stranded I would so keep buying Nissan cars for as long as I live.

- Nina R

I take really good care of my cars. I always follow Nissan's recommendations for maintenance.

I like its reliability through 90000 miles, its cost of ownership, MPG, I like the cars color and it has only a few small blemishes for its age. I'm disappointed that the chrome on the beauty rings is peeling as well as the coating on the side view mirror housing. I truly dislike my inability to get comfortable in it when I'm driving for more than an hour.

- E T

Looking for a new car? I would recommend the Nissan Sentra.

Nissan is the next best brand to a Toyota which is why I purchased. As long as you keep up with the oil change, brakes, and tire check/rotation, which can all be done at your local Walmart, you shouldn't have any problems with this vehicle. I do a lot of driving so my miles are really high but if you only drive locally, the car should last you many years.

- Davina S

"Like-new" Nissan feels like a luxury Cadillac and looks almost like it too!.

The Nissan is very nice... lots of room and comfortable ride with many features I still have to learn about that my other vehicle didn't have. The CMT (continuous variable transmission) is very nice; I no longer feel a lurch when I pick up speed as I did with my other. Though 9 years old, it still looks new and performs very well!

- Gina W

I just love the fact that I do not have to spend so much money on gas.

My car is a Nissan Sentra 2009 se model. It is a great car for a student driver. Of course we all want better cars but I think this is a great vehicle for now. Gas is not too pricey to fill up the tank. Only costs me about 21-25 dollars depending on where I am. The car is great and not bad on pricing either for older models.

- Danny W

It is a Nissan Sentra that is small but spacious with not a lot of miles.

My vehicle is small but spacious. It has a very clean and soft interior. It doesn't have a lot of miles and it runs very smoothly. I've had this car for 3 years and haven't had very many problems only minor ones that can be easily fixed. I love this type of make and model and will keep it as long as I can.

- Asia D

Low acceleration of Nissan Sentra.

The cut feels a bit weird. It does not accelerate fast enough. Acceleration becomes a problem when you have full passenger in the car and the weight drags down the acceleration of the vehicle. Everything else is wonderful. Muffler does seem to wear out faster than other cars. Maybe it's how they are made.

- Paul O

Headlight replacement, how to check the high or low beam.

I like my car, it could ride a little better but it's the way the car was made. The only thing that is something that I think is hard to deal with is the headlights they put no copy of how to look at them in the car manual. They need to clarify how to fix them if the headlights blow out a high or low b.

- Cindy T

It is reliable and sturdy; currently it has over 100,000 miles on it, and continues to run as good as the day I bought it

My vehicle is very reliable; it hardly ever has any maintenance except for routine wear and tear. My last Nissan I had I was in a head on collision; the other car was completely totaled and unable to drive away. My car had a small dent in the front. Being sturdy and keeping me safe is important to me.

- Mary J

Reliable, spacious car prefect for college students!

I have had no issues besides needing to replace the battery twice and the tires twice as well. I keep up with most of the maintenance and it still runs great. It is roomier than it looks and has a large trunk space and back seat area. I have a basic package car, but I would still highly recommend it!

- Amy H

It is a good reliable car that gets you to places and is easy to drive.

Performance is really good, it has always been reliable and sturdy. It is very comfortable and easy to drive / very smooth on the road. Also it is very roomy. Problem is as it gets older there are more maintenance issues. Didn't have many features like GPS or USB port but it is also an older model.

- AL L

The stylish Nissan Sentra provides owners with excellent gas mileage.

My vehicle gets 33 miles to the gallon on the highway. The cut ( continuous variable transmission) makes the vehicle seem like it hesitates. The four-door style of the vehicle makes loading and unloading easy. There is plenty of trunk space to hold many items including a full size wheelchair.

- Brenda J

Great vehicle at a great value.

I have had my Nissan Sentra for almost 9 years and I have had no major repairs needed. Everything that was repaired was maintenance related. It drives fantastic and is great on gas. My family fits comfortably in it. When I purchase another vehicle again, I will be looking for another Sentra.

- Patricia S

Nissan the best car. Very smooth driving only the strange noise on the brakes.

Very comfortable and economical car. I recommend Nissan Sentra for long driving or in the city there is no problem with the car at all. I love it. I spent 25 dollars for 10 gallons in south Texas. I've been changed the battery, the only problem that I have is the breaks the make weird noise.

- Sue M

My Sentra is everything I need and want.

I love my Sentra! Super comfortable and lots of legroom. drives smooth, not much maintenance to do and great stereo. Tons of truck space and has the hooks for a car seat in the back. The only complaint I have is the sun visors are in a awkward spot, covers the corner of the rearview mirror.

- Cara G

Zippy but unreliable transmission.

Usually it is reliable. It's a very zippy little car. However the transmission blew before 87, 000 miles which is concerning considering I bought the car brand new. I drive a brief commute and get all the scheduled maintenance done on time. I have also had to replace the battery twice.

- Katie H

Dependable and easy to drive. Will hold up well even with children.

Good drive very easy on the road. Good service department really listens to me and explains everything to me always reasonable prices when I go in for servicer. Good on gas. I can't say that I have ever had any complaints with the vehicle. Still in excellent condition inside and out.

- Cee T

The Sentra: small, but good.

The Nissan Sentra is a very small car, making it easy to drive and handle. The Sentra is also a great gas-saving car that has really improved to state of my wallet. This car is not “fast” by any stretch of the imagination, but it will get you from place to place reliably.

- Erika M

Best car, no issues! Glad we decided on it!

I love my Nissan sentra, the only issue I have is now that I have a baby the car seat does not really fit in the backseat without the front seat having to be leaned/pulled up more than me or my boyfriend are used to. Other than that it is a great car, and I am glad we got it!

- Meghan P

Last of its shape prior to the newer sleeker body styles.

Good gas mileage, ample interior head room and reliable. Engine seems to be taxed or lags on medium upgrade roads and engine pings or sounds like a typewriter during extreme cold temperatures. Good torque for the engine size. Overall though it's been a very reliable car.

- John M

This car is great on gas, especially when driving on the highway.

Things that I like are the gas mileage, this is great on gas especially on the highway. Also this has great pick up for a 4 cylinder, and fun to drive. Some of the things that I don't like are the factory radio has bad reception and the seats are not really comfortable.

- Tracie B

I have had this car for almost ten years and it was been extremely reliable.

The only thing that is difficult at times is that the tire pressure sensor is extremely sensitive so the tire light will come on often at times, but other than that it is a really good vehicle, it gets me places, there is a lot of trunk space, very easy car to drive.

- Alejandra D

That the air conditioner needs to be fixed.

My Nissan Sentra is white, great condition on the outside. The interior seats are beige colored cloth, does need some cleaning. The air conditioner currently does not work which has not been fun this summer! Everything else works great. It gets me were I need to go!

- Destiny W

The love how I can fit into the driver's seat.

There is enough room for everybody. It has great gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable. The exterior color is very eye catching. There have been no mechanical problems so far. Auto mechanics have no problems doing any maintenance when I go get it serviced.

- Veronica A

Low gas consumption and runs good and smooth.

It is a good car actually, don't have any problems or issues that I can report, it is a good choice for the everyday task and working, except it is my first time in the winter, so, I don't have anything to say that it is a good car, I love this car so much..

- Anderson N

A good car all together. I like it.

Only problem that I have had was the tire pressure light keeps coming on when the temperature outside changes like in the winter to summer for example. Or summer to fall sometimes. Other than that it is been a great and reliable car. Easy to drive and park.

- Phil C

I just feel very confident and happy to have the car that I do!

My car is very simple and sleek. It gets me where I want to go and gets great gas mileage! I have never had a single issue with my car and it is over 100,000 miles with no signs of slowing down at all! It's just reliable and great!

- Amber S

Its rides great on the road. It's the perfect size for me and the trunk space is wonderful.

This was my first car that I got out of college. It rides east, is east to take care of and gets good mileage. My only dislike is that it has a light interior, so it looks dirtier than what it is it's comfortable to sit in.

- Sarah S

The one most important thing for others to know about my car is that it gets absolutely abysmal mileage

I absolutely hate my vehicle. It was given to me by a dealership that totaled my Ford Focus, because this one was of equal value. I suppose it's reliable(ish), but I hate the appearance, how it handles, and all features.

- Veronica S

This vehicle has been perfect!

This vehicle has been super reliable for the past nine years for our family, we have mainly used it for traveling to different states and work. We have only recently started having problems with the engine.

- Taylor P

The transmission and the battery will not be reliable.

There are consistent problems with the vehicle: the struts and shocks wear down extremely fast, the transmission is completely unreliable and unstable, and it is not the best when it comes to gas mileage.

- Katie S

Don't buy a used Nissan or you'll pay full price

I got the vehicle used, and it had been in two car accidents that weren't reported because the previous owner used a private insurer. It's been unreliable from the start, wiring issues, lots of problems.

- Jenny C

The number of miles on it/distance driven.

I don't like how small the cabin is. The AUX cord feature is helpful along with the spacious trunk. Visibility throughout the vehicle is good from the driver's seat. It drives pretty well in the snow to.

- Emily W

It's a super reliable car that doesn't chug gas.

My Nissan Sentra has been incredibly reliable in the 3 plus years I've had it. The only issues I've experienced are with the tpms sensor, and a few flat tires that may have come from using it for work.

- Adam M

The transmission can be an issue for some because it is a cvt.

I like the fuel economy, and the reliability of the car. I think it is a great car at a low price point. And even though it is a compact sedan it is very roomy and comfortable. Great for long trips.

- Jessica o

That everything still works as long as you maintain it.

This car was given to me after I graduated its on its 2 transmission it's got new tires, new wheels, new spark plugs, the ac works its got almost 300 thousand miles on it but it still runs great.

- Paris B

Great on gas and also has great pickup.

The car is great as far as mechanically, I have not had to put in work into it. Great on gas. The only thing I would have changed it maybe the color and would have liked to have tinted windows.

- Tracie g

It's a smart car for dummies.

I love all the technology on my vehicle. Seat warmers, it tells me when my tires need air, when I need gas, how long my oil lasts, if any of my doors are open. It's the greatest thing ever.

- Rain M

Wonderful vehicle, reliable

I have a 2009 Nissan sentra. It is really a great little car. It is very reliable haven't had many problems with it. Just wish it had a little more space in the back seat.

- Amber G

A black car that can sometimes be fast.

Gas can be pretty pricey depending on how much the car is being used, the air vents in the car are kind of hard to be satisfied with because it's being blocked.

- Alan R

I love that it seems to sit up higher. It makes me as a short person feel more comfortable driving.

Love my car. It feels like it sits up higher than others. Gets great gas mileage. Smooth drive. Can fit a twin size bed in it. Color is beautiful. Great car.

- Theresa F

Excellent Mileage and Comfortable

Great mileage. Brakes worked on a lot. Smooth drive. Front and back seats are very comfortable. Back seat comes down flatter than most sedans in my opinion.

- Amber J

Nissan : The underdog of reliability.

I've had this car for 7 years and it's been the most reliable thing in my life. Although aesthetically it isn't pleasant it is fuel effective and reliable.

- Diana H

My car has great brakes and can keep up a quick speed. I love my car!

I love my car because it gets me where I need to go. It is always run well, despite my slight neglect, and it can keep up a quick pace. No complaints!

- Chelsea G

It's reliable and comfortable, but needs consistent maintenance.

There's several issues with the mechanical integrity of this vehicle. The suspension is very rough and it feels as though you're driving a go-cart.

- Hannah A

It is reliable, great for commuting, drives smooth, picks up quick, overall great car.

I like that my Nissan has been very reliable. It has been a great car to commute to work in. I dislike the fact that it is small and I'm a big guy.

- Phil D

It gets great gas mileage.

I like my Nissan Sentra because of its fuel economy. The precise front end handling is also something I enjoy. The cost was within my price range.

- Diane K

Be Careful and watch the Transmission Fluid. If you can take care of the Trans you can get more miles out of the car.

It wouldn't have been a bad car if the CVT Transmission wasn't so temperamental. It is very difficult to work on and the parts are very expensive.

- Mike B

The poor gas mileage, large blind spots and cost of repair.

I like the gas mileage and the way it drives my vehicle runs good no problems with at all. I have my vehicle a long time and I love it.

- Marie C

It is very fuel efficient.

It is reliable but has started to have some problems as it is now a decade old. Struts wore out quicker than they should have.

- Andrew L

She's fast small beautiful

I love my car it's a little reflection of me and it makes me happy always. I get to go places take care of it and have fun

- Chris D

Silver and it is really really really really good

Nice ride very smooth and gets me from point a to b. ushfgiuawegf iuwaefuywaegfywaegf yuwekfguwayefguyawegfuywaegfryuawkef

- nicole s

It is really a reliable and compact car. It is easy to drive and hasn't given me many issues

It is a comfortable size car and easy to drive. I like that it is smaller, it just makes it easier to get around and park.

- Meghan M

You don't have to swing wide to turn.

It's a small car, I need more room. I like that the trunk is big, and the seats fold down. . I love the back cup holders.

- Chelsea S

I feel the Sentra is a safe car overall. Nissan has always been a favorite of mine

I dislike there is not a lot of legroom in the back seat. I like the audio. I dislike the hubcaps, the paint is chipping.

- Jessica S

Very good basic car for everyday driving.

Good gas mileage. Minimal repair issues needed. Doesn't have cruise control however. Could use a bit more horsepower.

- Doug S

Speakers are really good and the color is blue.

I like that it is good size and does not take too much gas. It also takes me to school and my mom bought it for me.

- Lisa A

The transmission does not shift right.

It has had a lot of transmission problems and it is too small. Air conditioner does have vents in the back seat.

- Jennifer G

No cruise control is a pain.

No cruise control. No electric mirrors. Light on dash never turns off no matter how often the problem is fixed.

- Katherine H

Very reliable car. I never have any issues with it.

It's my second Sentra, and it's the second one that I haven't had any major issues with. A very reliable car.

- Doug J

If the required. Maintenance isn't done on time, you'll have problems down the line.

My car is economical, its reliable, and compact. Unfortunately this particular models have had teanny issues.

- Hamid T

It rides smoothly and handles nicely, has a great sound system.

It drives smoothly. has a nice feeling to it. It has great speakers I wish it had air conditioning though.

- Marguerite L

economic, low maintenance, safe, nice, fast, no problems

gas saver, really economic, low maintenance, fast, so far I haven't had problems at all, I drive it to work

- patricio a

The most important thing is that it gets a lot of miles per gallon.

My vehicle is a very nice and comfortable in all seats. Does not waste a lot of gas. Is very echo friendly.

- Gabriela R

The car has good gas mileage and has plenty no of room for all if you belongings.

My car is very safe. It has enough room for all of my belongings and my daughter. It has good gas mileage.

- Mary R

It is economical and great on gas. Air condition runs well

It is a little older but it gets the job done! It drives smooth and i have not had any problems

- Kylie L

It's a great commuter car for students and most new drivers.

I like that my car is good on gas. My car is easy to fix. It takes only $40 to fill up on gas.

- Michelle V

They should know it's a great value, it's durable, and has great gas mileage

It has great gas mileage, is just the right size, take care of it and it lasts for a long time

- Tammer S

It has really good gas mileage and drives well and has been reliable

It has been reliable and drives well. Has good gas mileage. I like a taller vehicle though

- Rebecca N

It's a very reliable car.

Roomy front and back. Runs well and very comfortable. Features are easy to understand

- Ava L

My car is compact, but sturdy and built very well.

It's kept me safe through several accidents. It is a little technologically outdated.

- Jazmin M

it drive really well and is easy to maintain.

It's a great vehicle. it has held up pretty well. i love how easy to maintain it is.

- ramon R

That it has been a reliable car since we purchased it

The car has been good on gas and pretty reliable. No major repairs have been needed

- J Z

it ages well, It's 2009 but still drives great

i like the fact that it has a good speaker. i dislike how the clutch gets jammed

- elise b

The car I own is safe and take quite a bit of damage.

It's old with a loud muffler and dents. It does get great mileage though.

- Donna T

I really like how great of gas mileage I get with my vehicle. It is perfect for getting me to and from work every day. I have no dislikes about my vehicle

My car gets good gas mileage and gets you from point a to point b.

- Mackenzie K

Very dependable/ reliable. Car is now 9 years old- never had any large Maintenance issues

Good gas mileage- reliable— comfy seats. Wish it had Bluetooth

- Kim K

I like the size and everything but the ac system, small front seat, and the lack of usb charger

that is is very reliable, good on gas, and simply awesome

- staci s

The car is one of the lightest on the market so it gets great gas mileage

Car is small so it's easy to maneuver and great on gas.

- D Y

The reliability is awesome. miles per gallon are very good. Rarely breaks. a true workhorse of a car. not glamorous just reliable decent looking car

Reliability, economic, decent looking car. workhorse

- rodolfo c