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Tough and durable. The truck meets every need of a full size pickup enthusiast.

2004 Nissan Titan XE

This vehicle has been very reliable. Only basic maintenance and repairs. Only two major repairs in over 190,000 miles. The seating area is one of the most spacious and comfortable the I have ever ridden in. The V8 power plant is awesome giving me the needed acceleration and control that is needed in today's high stress driving environment. The 2004 Nissan Titan XE has been very productive for my family and I will replace it with another high quality Nissan truck.

- Jesse S

I can haul things I buy at estate sales and flea markets.

2004 Nissan Titan

It's difficult for me to get in and out easily. To be honest it's too much truck for pulling my teardrop trailer. I bought it for the tow package. I don't like four wheel drive it makes me nervous. Repairs are very pricey for a fifteen year old truck. Fifteen hundred up to two thousand to replace the cracked manifold. Other repairs were high as well. Drivers side mirror replacement was over one hundred and ninety dollars.

- Sandy M

Ready for summer fun for winter work.

2004 Nissan Titan LE

2004 nissan titan 5.6 ltr. Le crew cab. Silver loaded with everything but moonroof. 20' wheels with 33' ironman tires . Dual exhaust cold air intake throttle body spacer lift level kit +2 tinted windows . Hid lights light bars tinted tails. Truck has slight rust around rear wheel openings and high mileage but runs great never let's me down. Also gets decent gas mileage for the size of it.

- Larry G

Dependable engine, poor quality paint.

2004 Nissan Titan LE

Very reliable, 325,000 miles and still going strong. Suspension and brakes have been an ongoing problem. Suspension would not go into alignment and was not covered by warranty when the truck was new. Paint application and quality very poor. As the truck tagged you could tell that there was thin areas in the spraying processed where the paint failed in stripes down the entire vehicle.

- Bill B

Titans are a great truck that will make you and your family feel safe.

2004 Nissan Titan SE

This car is pretty great, it is very comfortable and has good traction control. I really like the seat warmers. The car is old so there are problems with it, we've had to replace the transmission and other car things. We also currently need to fix the belt. However it is very reliable and is good in the snow. My husband also loved the manly aspect of having a truck.

- Rebekah T

Extremely spacious extremely smooth.

2004 Nissan Titan

Three months after I had my truck the motor blew out of it and it was a $6000 fix. Shortly after the motherboard for the front passenger window went out so we are currently taping up that window and both the back windows are hit and miss on if they want to work or not and the back glass window will go down but does not always go back up.

- Destiny D

Great overall vehicle, just pay attention to the defects and get them fixed

2004 Nissan Titan SE

Great performance and reliability. Low maintenance. Watch out for the factory exhaust manifolds cracking, and the O2 sensors going out frequently. Also the rear axle vent needs to be modified or it can lead to leaking wheel seals. Gas mileage is below average but it makes up for it with sheer power and towing capability

- Blake S

Nissan titan works and plays hard.

2004 Nissan Titan

Very reliable vehicle. Runs smooth and has had no major issues. Has a seat warmer, seats adjust automatically for who is driving and alerts if tire pressure is low. Plenty enough power to tow and excellent for long distance travel. Super gas mileage. Seats 5 people comfortably with plenty of room.

- Donna J

Great truck mechanically!

2004 Nissan Titan SE

The paint is peeling off the top and on the hood. The vehicle has been great though. I have only had to change tires, rotors, and the battery. Have had a small problem starting but it stopped when it warmed up outside. It is a solid truck. The interior cab lights have worked only half the time.

- Jake L

2004 Nissan Titan great truck.

2004 Nissan Titan

Solid truck, no issues noticed so far. Seat material is a little thin and it is easy to shut off the lights on accident being the light switch is on the blinker handle. I do really like the hidden compartment on the rear driver side quarter panel. Everyone who sees it seems to like it as well.

- Gary S

My truck is a 4 door crew cab and was painted white. I do not take care of it like I should and yet it still performs like a champ.

2004 Nissan Titan

My truck has never given me any major issues. The only issue I can complain about is once a year or so (its rare) my brakes will tend to lock up and make a terrible scraping metal sound. I turn truck off and back on, and it fixes the issue. ABS I suppose. But it's been a great truck.

- Mark M

Titan dependability and power.

2004 Nissan Titan SE

I bought my titan new and it has 222,000 miles on it. Only use synthetic oil and engine runs great. The only repairs that I have had is catalyst converters changed at 100,000 miles and rear end differential rebuilt at 80,000 miles. Highly dependable truck with plenty of horsepower.

- Steve P

Our favorite truck of all times.

2004 Nissan Titan

We love the Nissan. Use it for hauling building materials, furniture, groceries and running around town. Taken it on trips. Its comfortable, reliable, and always looks good. We put a camper top on the back and never worry about hauling in the rain. Very roomy and comfortable.

- Sandy S

It has a great performance tune and has positive traction tires.

2004 Nissan Titan

The vehicle has a performance tune on the engine allowing it to pull large loads. It is now having problems under the rear end, we haven't figured that out yet. It is a very reliable vehicle it never seems to let us down.the seats have seat warmers with two settings

- Zach T

My truck is very reliable.

2004 Nissan Titan

It is a very reliable truck, no problems other than normal maintenance, gas mileage not the greatest other than that love it, would by a new one again if I could afford it. Would like a back up camera and would like another color. But I like that I have no payment.

- Pamela J

This vehicle will never quit on you.

2004 Nissan Titan

It has about 151k miles on it and is still functioning perfectly fine. In fact it still outperforms newer vehicles with acceleration. The only part of it that is not working as it did from the start are the seatbelts. (they got a little lazy in retracting).

- Austin L

Very reliable and dependable.

2004 Nissan Titan

I purchased this titan used with 220, 000 miles. I have changed all the fluids and filters. Replaced the tires. It has almost 250, 000 now and I need to replace the wheel bearing. This has been one of my favorite trucks for reliability and durability.

- Robert D

Nissan titan. Great truck 4x4 works fine and all around best truck.

2004 Nissan Titan

Great truck, has minor issues of wear and tear like windshield wipers, tires, replacing fluids like oil, wiper fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc, , the truck has been a great truck and would buy another one.

- A P

The body style is nice and also has surprising amazing acceleration.

2004 Nissan Titan

It is an extremely reliable truck that has never broken down on me in the past 200, 000 miles and is very fun to drive however the expense of replacement parts may make your insurance slightly increase.

- Evan M

Make sure you had the ECM relay replaced after the recall.

2004 Nissan Titan

The only complaints I have are with the recall. Other than the issue stemming from that it is a good truck. It is a little light so we have to weigh it down in winter or we slide.

- shelby B

Back seat is not co.fo ft as for bigger people. Especially on longer trips.

2004 Nissan Titan

V6 engine ..just enough power . Would love better gas mileage. Hate the door set-up. Makes it difficult if someone parks to close to open both doors on one side abroad groceries.

- Carol T

Maintenance, amount of tech built in, and safety features.

2004 Nissan Titan

The valve body of the Transmission goes bad because of the coolant mixing into tranny fluid, ecu, tcm, door motor Lots of power with headers, cold air intake, but no chip

- Royce B

Nissan builds a lot of kind of ugly vehicles but the overall quality is high.

2004 Nissan Titan

Pretty sturdy even though it's in the 'small' category. It is solidly built and seems to be holding up well. The gas mileage is not as good as I would like it to be.

- Cin B

The gas mileage is not the greatest but overall it is a great truck.

2004 Nissan Titan

Its has been a great truck for the last eight years. I love the room it has in it and the fact that it has four wheel drive. I use it for work and hunting.

- Danielle B

It's more roomy than it looks!

2004 Nissan Titan

It's very reliable and easy to maintain. I love the way it looks and it still looks good. I love the way it fits my family comfortable and spacious.

- Dana D

This is a dependable vehicle with long usage life.

2004 Nissan Titan

We have had no major mechanical issues. This is a reliable vehicle. It rides comfortably. We do have an exhaust leak which is troublesome but ok.

- Kynsie C

use the air conditioner and heater. keep the windows up.

2004 Nissan Titan

the only problems i ever had was the windows.the window motors and regulators pretty early in the vehicles life but every car has its quirks.

- kevin h

That it is dependable. I would buy a Nissan again.

2004 Nissan Titan

Paint job is the worst problem otherwise works well. Air conditioner has been a problem for past three years but it's a dependable vehicle.

- Rachel F

That is has the loud screech when turning the car be careful when turning the car

2004 Nissan Titan

The car is very reliable for everyday the problems it has when turning it make a loud screech that is the only real problem the car has.

- Victor A

It doesn't get good gas mileage which makes the cost of refueling high.

2004 Nissan Titan

It is 4 wheel drive which is good for the snow. It doesn't have enough power. It doesn't get good gas mileage. There isn't enough room.

- Kevin I

Great everyday truck for you

2004 Nissan Titan

My truck has 265000 miles on it. I've only had to replace the brakes, fuel pump, tires, and wheel bearings in the 3 years I've had it.

- Jason W

The best pickup truck you can buy

2004 Nissan Titan

I love my Nissan Titan it's very dependable it's good on gas it has cruise control it's very comfortable and it's really reliable

- Kenneth G

this year has a bad paint problem. The clear coat comes off and makes it look terrible.

2004 Nissan Titan

I like the overall vehicle. I don't like the paint. it has bad clear coat. It has been a good truck. It is very comfortable.

- vicki l

Engine very reliable never worry about it starting

2004 Nissan Titan

Very reliable some issues with trim and handle latches and other things but good running 250000 Miles and going

- Jason P

Affordable and very low maintenance. Stands the wear over time.

2004 Nissan Titan

Very low maintenance on vehicle. Great cost. Smooth drive and reliability. Really stands the test of time.

- Heather P

It has been very reliable.

2004 Nissan Titan

Very reliable. Has been a great vehicle and expect to get a lot more use out of it before it is retired.

- Bryan G

That even though it is an older model (2004), it still looks very new

2004 Nissan Titan

It is a 2004 Titan model, but it has very low mileage and looks much newer than a 2004

- Michael L

The reliability is amazing . It will last forever with minimal maintenance.

2004 Nissan Titan

I like the size. The options. The engine power. The truck is extremely reliable.

- Daniel S

It is a reliable vehicle, and is rugged it works well in the snow.

2004 Nissan Titan

I like my truck, it runs great. It works well in the snow. No complaints.

- jennie t

Reliable and a comfortable ride. Everything works and runs great. Does great at towing and long trips

2004 Nissan Titan

It is reliable and powerful to do all of the jobs i need it for.

- Marcus E

It is very reliable and trusted brand. It is useful to haul large or heavy objects. However, it is a gas guzzler and bad for the environment.

2004 Nissan Titan

It is a good brand. It is trusted. And dependable.

- Jason B