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Nissan titan: great truck for most anyone!

The Nissan titan is very comfortable to drive, even on long trips. Hauling our 2005 25 foot travel trailer was a breeze. Power is there when need it but fuel mileage is not to bad at all (except when towing). I wish at times that I had a long bed, but the short bed is definitely easier to maneuver and park most of the time. The only problem I have had is a cracked manifold which it turns out is a common problem. Fortunately I bought a warranty when I bought it.

- Ken U

Titan best truck. It is spacious, comfortable, low maintenance. Joy to drive.

My vehicle is a 2006 Nissan Titan se crew cab. It is 4 doors, open short bed with liner, roomy back seats 3-4 persons comfortably. It has a navigation system, 6 CD changer. 2 compartment for beverage holder in the front with 2 more in the rear. Captain front seats, large glove compartment, front and rear floor mats. A pleasure to drive mainly on open highway. Low gas mileage in city driving.

- Sarah S

I bought a Nissan titan used that ended up being a lemon.

I bought my truck used. It was in awesome shape cosmetically. Had a lot of miles but didn't bother me much since I have always heard foreign vehicles ran forever. Right away I noticed it didn't have the power it should have. Then noticed it burned oil very bad. So in other words I feel I bought a lemon. If it were brand new I think I'd love it.

- Tom F

Awesome Comfortable Truck

No problems. Very comfortable. Fun to drive. Plenty of load carrying. Has power windows. Power locks. Tilt steering. Seat height adjustable. Power mirrors. Awesome stereo system. Great mirrors. Comfort seating. Air bags is front, passenger, and side curtain. Breakaway engine. Bed liner. Hooks for using to tie down your load.

- Karen C

Nissan titan 2006, older model, will have some issues at this age.

It is 13 years old, the catalytic converter is failing, I am having sensor issues with just about every aspect of the car, including oil pressure gauge and tire pressure gauge, gas is expensive and it is too big for the city life. I do love the fact the truck is 4 wheel drive, comes in handy in the snow and mountains.

- Chris R

Nissan Titan, 4 wheel drive, with a lift kit. Dark blue, basic windows and seats, and 150,000 miles.

I love my truck it is blue with four doors, 4 wheel drive. It has cloth seats with a full size back seat and a full size bed. It's got big rims and tires. It gets about 20 miles to the gallon. It has a middle console that lifts up. Its not fully loaded it only has manual windows and manual seats but I still love it.

- Amanda C

Big red Nissan titan truck

No major problems other than maintenance and what can be expected at this point in her life. Drives great. Handles very good. Inside is spacious. Plenty of storage. Locked compartment on the bed which is awesome. Bed is plenty big for hauling. Gas mileage is decent for being a big truck.

- Brittany A

My Nissan Titan looks awesome it�s huge.

I personally really like my vehicle. It is an all black Nissan Titan And has six seats. The room inside is okay not too big but not too small. The one small problem is how much gas I go through with it isn't that great. I range from anywhere to 90-100 dollars a week on gas

- Gavin N

Nissan titan. A loveable truck.

Comfortable hard working truck. It is relatively low maintenance. This year had some transmission problems but overall I would recommend this truck. It is comfortable to drive and very fun. My vehicle was a very basic model. Payload size for cargo area is very adequate.

- Jon P

Great truck wouldn't want anything else.

It runs great love how it drives and wouldn't go with anything else. The gas can get to you but overall not as bad as I thought. Love how big the inside is and have room for my pitbull dog. Love how the radio volume is on the steering wheel. Love the size of the truck.

- Sarah N

Her name is the big red beast

Paint chips and rusts easily with this make and model and year runs ok but battery dies semi often. Leather interior is nice until you are wearing shorts in the middle of summer. Seat warmer for front seats works for winter. My cars a/c doesn't work.

- Elliot S

It is built in the heart of America, by Americans, or American's.

It is a rugged, tough, comfortable American built truck. It has all the features I need in a vehicle. I have had very few issues with it, and all the majors issues have been covered by the warranty. Nissan's customer service could improve though.

- Kyle L

It drives safe and I've been a safe driver for a couple years now.

To discuss my vehicle, I personally have no complaints I recently just got the truck and it's great so far. I recommend to a lot of my friends all the time. The only issue I've run into is the alarm going off randomly on my truck.

- Tristan David M

I find it's very comfortable to take long trips in.

I've had the truck since 2006 and it's still running. The only vehicle I've ever owned to last this long. It's roomy and comfortable. I can see myself purchasing another one in the future. only dislike has a lot of road noise.

- Jennifer M

Great performance. Lots of power, handles great and brakes perform well.

Truck has been very reliable for the last 215,000 miles. Had to replace catalytic converters at one time and they were pricey at about $800 total. Has great power and fair MPG for a full size truck. Rides great.

- Christopher F

It has lots of room inside, and in the bed. It is extended cab, so I can haul things in my cab, as well as the bed.

I like the size of the cab. It is very roomy for me, and I do not feel cramped. It has a long bed, with a cover that is great for moving things that I do not want to get wet. I don't like how much gas it uses.

- Cory J

Luxury pickup truck and a workhorse

The Titanis a beautiful looking full size pickup truck that delivers both power and luxury. Ours is a fully loaded 4x4 vehicle with leather, heated seats. We have never had problem with it.

- Sheila R

Only real upgrade is the tow package

My truck has been reliable for the last 11 years, only had recall issues with fuel gauge and exhaust manifolds. Low end features with tow package,but just what I need for my home projects.

- jesica m

The fuel consumption for such a large vehicle with a V8 engine is very good.

For a V8 engine the gas consumption is very good. The interior Comfort level is very good. It has a very bad blind spot. The original paint job the quality of it is very bad

- Binal K

It drives well and gets great gas mileage.

It's too small for all my kids, I love that it is big and the way it looks. I have put lots of money into repairing it. It has too many miles on it.

- Shannon R

It has been a dependable vehicle and has had very few issues since buying it new in 2006.

My Nissan Titan has been reliable and held up over time. Some issues include cracking in the front dashboard and a squeak in one of the seats.

- Adr P

it is very reliable good on gas nice color great 4wd

it is very reliable to get where i want to go. it is very fast love the style and the color. i don't like the fact the tires are very expensive

- adam v

It is durable and it still looks and drive great. With regular maintenance it hasn't has any problems and it had over 200,000 miles.

I have had no problems with my Titan. It has been a reliable vehicle that gets surprisingly good gas mileage for being a full size truck.

- Nadine F

It's very dependable but doesn't get great gas mileage.

My truck has plenty of room for my kids and rides well. I wish I got better gas mileage. I also wish the paint did not peel on the roof.

- Ryan H

It is comfortable and easy to drive with plenty of legroom.

I love that I have a truck. The back window, 4 wheel drive can seat 5, plenty of room, I can tow and even carry things in the bed.

- Amy S

It has captain seats and is lifted.

I like my truck because it has room and drives very nice. I like the captain seats in the front and plenty leg room in the back.

- Albert P

Transmission issues. Lots of horsepower

The Nissan Titan is a great truck. The only big problem I have so way is in the transmission. I believe it it's a easy fix.

- Michael B

It is super reliable even after 2 wrecks. We still never have problems

It is 100% reliable I never have any problems the bed is very strong the seats are hard to stain and just good truck

- Dylan H

Great car I have ever seen

It is so good car I like it so much. It is fast great car.. it is not heavy and so comfortable . It is the best car

- Ragid C

If you maintain it normally it should last a long time.

My truck is very dependable. Never had any issues with it. The only issue is cosmetic due to the paint fading.

- Steve A

It has been very reliable.

It has been super reliable. The seats are very comfortable, and after 4 years, the truck still runs smoothly.

- Emily C

It is great for heavy duty lifting and traveling.

Overall the vehicle is good but just upkeep is expensive. Always have issue with the sensors misfiring.

- Lisa C

It's quite powerful. a bit of an uncontrollable bounce over small bumps.

The Dealer I bought it from was extremely shady. It's going to cost me more then expected.

- Sean T

Heavy duty 4 wheel drive pick up

This truck performs. It is 4 wheel drive. It takes on any task with ease.

- Jefferson F

It's all mine and it's great

it's a pickup that i always wanted runs great good on gas

- jean t