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Nissan titan - motor seized up due to defect in temperature gauge.

I bought my Nissan titan pickup as a used vehicle from a dealership. I test drove the truck and heard a small ticking noise. The dealership agreed to fix the issue and I picked it up on a later date. At the time of purchase I also bought the extended 2 year or 20, 000 mile warranty. I had the truck for one and a half years and the motor locked up on the way home from work. The first thing I looked at was the temperature gauge and it was not showing it was running hot. I had to have it towed to a Nissan dealership. They ran diagnostics on the vehicle and called my warranty company which stated that I was slightly over my mileage limit. Therefore I had to pay to have it towed to a local mechanic and will have to pay for out of pocket. I feel that this is an issue that should be addressed with the Nissan factory as I have heard of several issues of the same problem. I have been without it for 3 months now and it still is not fixed. I am a single mother and really do not know where I will get the money to pay for this motor to be rebuilt.

- Debbie R

Its is fast comfortable and covers my expectations.

It is comfortable, very spacious. It is a darker color so one might expect it to always alter to a higher temperature but is not the case at all the cold air conditioning neglects that from ever occurring. It is very fast and excels at an exceptional level when hitting anything above fifty. Any sort of musical interference will presumably improve the car ride which proves why the AUX cord is the key to everything.

- Andrea S

It has a really bad turning radius.

This vehicle has kept me safe in a car accident because of its size. This car sits very comfortably as well as a ton of room especially in the back. I like that the door on the bed opens slowly for a safety feature. Something I do not like about this vehicle is the turning radius. When I try to do u turns, I often have to do a three point turn on a major road which is dangerous.

- Olive J

It's a Nissan Titan 2008. No automatic windows but comfortable seats.

I love it! It's been really reliable and great! I've had it for a long time and it's the best car that I've ever had! There's no problems except for it doesn't have automatic windows but other than that it's great! It has comfortable seats and great features! The first moment I saw the truck I knew I would love it! You should definitely buy this truck!

- Celeste B

It is a perfect sized truck! Not too big, not too small.

The paint has faded a lot and the wheel cover has some wear and tear but that is my only complaint. The truck is very comfortable and is a perfect size. I love this truck so much. I will drive it as long as it runs. I definitely recommend this truck if you are someone looking to purchase a new vehicle. Also is perfect for towing my boats and jet skis!

- Cody L

2008 Nissan titan. A monster of a truck.

There are aspects I quite like. For one thing, I love that you can get a traditional extended cab with rear half-doors, something I rarely see on full-size trucks anymore. I also love the v8, which is immensely smooth and provides good power and sound. And the steering is very tight and responsive, almost car-like, which is surprising in this class.

- Richard B

2008 Nissan Titan - Crew Cab Review

I've owned my 2008 Nissan Titan for 3 years. It is a safe, reliable vehicle that has withstood daily use. It being a crew cab allows for me to use the vehicle to meet all needs, whether it be daily commutes to work or weekend commutes with family. The only non positive comment is the truck is not the best with fuel consumption/gas mileage.

- Chas G

Durability; especially carrying valuable cargo (family).

Smooth drive diesel engine, hydraulic suspension to relieve tension off axle when hauling. Overall it is been rated for having longevity after 200k miles. As long as a person take care of this truck like you would yourself, all is well. Very roomy, it can fit 6 people when travelling without being uncomfortable.

- Joan B

Overall good and reliable vehicle.

Overall there haven't been any big problems. One problem I had was the overhead storage compartment just randomly broke and fell one day when vehicle was not in use. It broke in the plastic where the screws were. Apparently it is a common problem and it cost over $200 just for the part (I self installed it).

- Steven A

It is well made and it's very dependable, this is my fourth Nissan vehicle the other three lasted a combined 31 years.

This is the fourth Nissan vehicle I've had in 30 years. I have found them all to be very dependable and reliable. The inside of the vehicle is very comfortable and well laid out. It is very good acceleration with a V8 engine however MPG is on the low side, which is the only negative thing I have experienced.

- Scott E

Nissan titan: odd highlights and details to keep in mind.

The gas mileage is terrible, otherwise it's amazing. The drive is smooth and it's very comfortable. The seat warmers are great to! The tires are a strange size so they are hard to find to change. The back seat has a lot of room in it and is very comfortable as well, there is plenty of legroom back there.

- Kim C

If you maintain your titan, it will make up for what you spent on.

The performance is excellent I really enjoy my titan. My comfort includes the space I have on my drivers and passenger seat. When compared to others I see the difference right away. I specially love that it's high and I can see all my surroundings it kind of makes me feel safer than a car.

- Melissa F

Great performing truck, with lots of power.

Overall the truck is great. Right away I will say the only negative I have found is the gas mileage. Using cruise control and easy on the pedal leaves you around 16-17 mpg consistently. If heavy on the pedal you will have a problem. Other than that it's great with no mechanical issues

- Aaron R

I think for the size, it would of gotten better gas mileage like a small SUV.

It has been a dependable car for the 5 years I have had it. I do not like the gas mileage for it is particular size. I constantly have to fill up. It sucks gas bad. It also has road noise. I like the space in the backseat. I also like the bed cover that came with it, I use that often.

- Mackenzie M

Tee is important to know about my car is that I want to keep it and not trade it in. It is a good truck and great for haul things but it is also a luxurious truck.

What I like about my truck it that it sits up high. It is black and beautiful and rides smoothly. Lots of space and can sit 6 comfortably. I dislike that it is a 8 cocker. Therefore it burns a lot of gas. The love hate of it size is that I do not fit well in small spaces.

- Darlene J

Heavy hauling beast on 4 wheels.

Reliable. No real big problems with it. Driver side window stopped working but other than that it's fine. Good in snow and is a beast when it comes to hauling. It is not good on gas about 10 mpg. Overall I would definitely recommend this truck despite some of its problems.

- Brandon M

Nissan titan review by satisfied driver of truck.

The truck runs great and everything except manual shift works but it has plenty of power shifts out great inside feels like I am home it keeps warm in winter and cool in summer radio works great has add on backup camera tires are in good shape wheels are nice too.

- Scott G

2008 Nissan titan with extras.

I have not had any problems to date, it has been completely reliable. Our truck comfortably seats 5 people. It has driver side and front passenger side heated seats, which are amazing! V8 engine pulls trailer fairly smooth. Love the added feature of a moonroof.

- Michelle T

Reliable comfortable and low maintenance.

This truck is very reliable. I have over 200, 000 miles on it. I have never had to do any major repairs on this vehicle. It is a very smooth riding vehicle. It is a very comfortable vehicle. Our truck has a crew cab and it is very roomy in the backseat.

- Joel D

It is a good looking truck.

I love my titan. It is safe, reliable and low maintenance. I would buy another one all day long. It is a good looking vehicle also. The value of my truck is good. I love this truck because I can relay on it for all my shopping, going home at all times.

- Louise N

Great work vehicle and also good for personal use, an all around nice truck.

I love the mileage it had when I bought it and the price I paid. I like the room in the cab and the bed. I love the color it was what I wanted. I dislike the look , there were better trucks. finally I like that it is a great work vehicle

- danny c

Paint quality is horrific and suggest upgrading(?) paint job if purchasing a Titan.

Great truck, lots of amenities. Great for pulling boat and hauling. Completely dissatisfied with paint quality. Literally fading in many areas and some areas are peeling. Seems to be common with Nissan....especially the Titans.

- Charles B

It is so dependable. I would happily by a Nissan again and recommend it to others. I would caution them to find a way to keep it cool to prevent brittle plastic on dash and ceiling from cracking.

I love my vehicle because I have had no major problems with it. It's still going strong after ten years. I do dislike the fact that some of the interior plastic trim breaks in the heat.

- Charlotte M

Nissan Titans are good trucks

It's been a good truck lots of reliable service,finally started smoking at 226,000 miles and two of the windows don't work anymore and the front right spindle is coming apart

- Jeffrey F

it's a great truck tows great and rides smooth not a lot of noise in the cab while driving roomy and comfortable with lots of storage little compartments

i love my truck its powerful and its more updated and nice inside than the other trucks in the same class......dislike window problems and door gets water in it

- lisa o

We think it is a great truck.

It's a great truck, it drives great and is not terrible on gas mileage for a truck. It's got a lot of room in the back and great for hauling things.

- Crystal S

It is 10 years old and still looks current.

My Nissan is 10 years old and still looks new. Have had very few repair issues with it. Only problem was radiator gave up, and had to be replaced.

- Mike J

It's a durable truck that will get you from point A to B reliably.

V8 engine that is very dependable. It's been used for hauling big rocks and tailors. It's a comfortable ride big enough for the whole family.

- Angi M

It has a lot of room, fits 3 car seats in the back comfortably.

I like that it has 4 wheel drive and has many luxury features. I do not like that its old and will need to replace parts soon.

- Jordan M

Full size pickup truck gas

For some reason I have little to no issue with my truck. It runs great at 160k miles and I will drive it until it dies.

- Cody S

when motor runs right it is good for traveling

transmission gave out twice poor workmanship the first time of repairing the vehicle we don't use that automobile shop

- Terrance B

It's a great buy. It's worth every bit of money spent.

I don't have any complaints it's great on gas and all the features work well for my family and for myself as well.

- Amber A

Titan is fun and easy to drive!

This vehicle is the best I have ever purchased. Comfortable ride, easy to understand technology, fun to drive.

- Danielle S

it is the best you can't go wrong with a nissan titan

love my truck. my only complaint is that my windows do not work any more. other than than that it's perfect.

- lucy g

Tires are not affordable.

It is a good vehicle for snow sleet or rain. It runs great. Only dislike is doesn't get great gas mileage.

- Cassie F

It's very dependable, easy to maneuver, is spacious, good highway mileage for a truck. I have had no issues with my truck and it's 10 years old!

I love the horsepower. I love the spacious interior. I feel safe and secure.

- Denise H

My vehicle is safe and secure, it's very spacious and luxurious as well for a truck

I dislike the mileage and how much it costs to fill it up

- April G

That it lasts for a log time

I don't like that the paint is starting to fade

- Louis M