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The titan's access, ability and faith was our Zeus for survival in this century!

My father bought this vehicle in 2006 brand new. It was his first new truck he has ever bought for himself since I was born. It is now 2019 and we are still driving that vehicle. I have nothing but good things to say about this truck but I am now the one taking care of my parents for they are getting older and health is deteriorating. It is still a very good dependable truck but it is difficult for them to now get in and out of the truck due to the height it sits off the ground and unfortunately we do not have the option for another accessible vehicle due to financial hardships. All in all it has been the best vehicle and you can say it is our access, ability, and faith for all of our good time and the not so good times. I can honestly say that when I am able to purchase a vehicle that the Nissan titan is at the top of my list.

- Jessica H

Nissan titan review extravaganza.

The Nissan titan 2005 pick up truck is a truly worthy option to consider for any person looking for a vehicle that is reliable, comfortable, and powerful. It can drive hundreds of thousands of miles with barely any repairs needed if any at all. It drives very smooth on the road compared to a lot of other trucks that came out around the same time and especially before that. The air conditioner is fast acting and efficiently cools the interior in all corners. Despite being a powerful truck it is not exactly a gas-guzzler either, so great news for those looking to save some gas money. It has a window in the back seat that can be winded down via a button on the driver's seat as well and that is truly unique to that truck.

- Stefan C

I love the blind spot mirrors it has.

The Nissan titan is a really cool truck. It is off of four-wheel drive so you can go off-roading with it or pull things that you need to pull. It is got a full size back seat and it is four door. One of the things I do not like though is how big the side of the windshield area is inside. It kind of creates a blind spot when you are looking out the front window of the vehicle you cannot really see well because that area so large it blocks the view.

- Sally M

Nissan titan 4×4 truck that can basically ride everywhere.

Honestly I love driving a Nissan titan people would tell me that driving a truck is much safer and honestly it is I feel safer on the road I can see further ahead in traffic and that gives me a heads up besides being safe it has the space I need for my family my kids ride comfortable in their car seats and if have to carry something or I decide to purchase something big I have the space to put it with no problem I love my truck.

- Maria V

Nissan titan 2005 review extravaganza.

My Nissan titan 2005 model pick up truck so far has not given me any problems that could be worth noting. It is a reliable, fuel efficient and surprisingly powerful vehicle that you can expect to hold on to for many years to come. It drives very smooth on the road, comes with good headlights, a comfortable and roomy interior and a tough exterior to back it up.

- Steve B

The seats are so wonderfully comfortable. , comfort is very important.

I love my titan. However, since it is an older model, the electrical functions are starting to go out. For example, the gas gauge does not work anymore, and you must rely on mileage. Also, the power window control panel is going out. The only major problem we are having after 13 years is the rear end is beginning to go out.

- Brooke P

My Nissan Titan is call grandma's get it done vehicle in our family.

My Nissan Titan is extended cap, it is roomy for picking my grandchildren up from school. I am able to haul my materials for my projects, I am able to haul my trailer with my lawnmower to my property with great performance on the back roads and steep inclines here in Tennessee.

- Darlene J

I love the 4 wheel drive capability this truck offers. It shifts very well.

I am the owner of a 2005 Nissan Titan. It is the strongest gas engine truck I have ever owned. It also rides very well. I depend on this truck in my day to day life. The largest downfall is the fuel mileage. But in general it is very dependable and delivers power when needed.

- Timothy D

Its dependability and how reliable it really is. It's a great truck if your into trucks.

Love my vehicle because its lasted me so long as i've kept up with the maintenance. However, the age aspect is causing a lot more expenses to fix other things. The vehicle is very dependable and if I was able financially to get a new vehicle it would be another Nissan.

- james j

Going for the extended cab is definitely recommended and 4 door the folding doors are not a great feature and makes the cab feel smaller.

Overall good truck currently at 241,000 miles and still running strong. Had very little to repair just small normal wear and tear. Does not get great gas mileage and doesn't have high tow capacity but for size and price truck has lasted and made the purchase worth it.

- Kyle C

Great stereo good air conditioner.

Driver's door panel keep falling off don't get very good gas mileage but got great sounding stereo runs good got plenty power plenty room paint fair enough kind of heavy for off roading drives good pretty good truck has step rails easy get in and out of air work good.

- Randy R

This truck has proven to be reliable and durable.

I have owned this vehicle for about 9 years after buying it from a family friend. I have, of course, had to replace a few parts here and there but overall I have been satisfied with Its performance and durability over the years.

- Brian I

It's one of the fastest low end trucks out there.

Its a semi large truck with a very roomy cab for all passengers,good bed size, and very reliable. If I had any complaints it would probably just be the gas mileage I wish it would do better.

- Mike C

Well we call it the V8 IT because the letters to Titan namely T, A, N, all fell off during a run for firewood

only have to replace a fuse box and the tires so far got a problem with it using too much oil and it makes a knocking sound when I run the AC but other than that I love my truck so useful

- Daniel W

The Titan is a very reliable powerful truck that will last a long time

I like its size. It has plenty of power to pull and haul large items. It has a large gas tank, has been very reliable. Fuel economy is not great, but that is a trade off for power.

- Orlando C

Loud cab noise and bad gas.

Runs very well no problems over 200k miles and still cranks right up. Great truck I have aftermarket everything pretty much and it still runs and feels fine going down the roads.

- Jared T

Upgrade and get something with more power and better gas mileage.

Truck overall is a good truck but does not have great gas mileage and would upgrade to a extended cab the bed is rather small and does not have much tow capacity.

- Kyle C

I find that it gets great gas mileage

It's been a good car for me over the years, I had problems with the engine for a period of time, but everything worked out after having it looked at

- McKenzie M

It can pull trailers with ease.

Love my truck for the rural area I live in. Great for hauling cattle! Love to pull my boat and rave with it! Just an all around fun vehicle.

- Nissan R

Hardworking but limited work truck

Had trouble with transmission, common for titans. Outdated under the hood for work trucks, outworked by the Chevy's, Dodge's and Ford's

- James B

If I have to get another truck I would get the same one.

The gas mileage is not the greatest but overall it is a great truck. It has been through a lot but it keeps ticking.

- Danielle B

It can be fast and good space.

I like the space, reliability and comfort. Also good for camping. Don't care for cost of gas, maintenance of it.

- Nicole G

We have big tires and rims on the truck, people never believe it is a titan.

It is a lifted truck so we have issues with the lift kit. We have to lube it a lot. But I love our truck.

- Rain B

It is so helpful and useful to have a pickup truck.

I love my truck because it is large, feels safe, and seats me high above other cars with a good view.

- Emily L

it is smooth riding and it is comfortable to be in.

i have had very few issues with my titan. i love it. best truck out there.

- leon m

It's a strong truck that can pull a lot of weight.

There is nothing I don't dislike about it. It's a very dependable truck.

- Natashka S

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- Josue A

Large & roomy. Easy to get in & out of. Not great gas mileage though.

Large enough to carry 5 people & storage space for traveling.

- Tina M

My truck is a used vehicle with low mileage and so far has been reliable and feels safe. The only problem I have encountered so far is the is water in the doors... I'm not too happy about this.

My truck is four wheel drive and has good gas mileage

- Rachel W