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Solid truck hauling or just getting around LA safe!

Love my truck! Only thing I didn't love is that the minute the warranty ended small issues pops up. All were fixable, but I appreciate durability in a vehicle. Things like the air knobs not working properly, the driver's seat seams coming undone, the a/c and heat making a loud clicking noise when changing between the two etc. But in the long run love driving my truck. Smooth ride, plenty of space (I am very tall) and I feel safe in it when driving in SoCal.

- Hs S

bed cover and 4 opening doors, the small kind, handy!

It's amazing! However the interior roof has fallen off twice. But it has given us no trouble! It's comfort and features are great for how old it is! No complaints here! There are over 150k miles on this truck and you would never know! Lots of storage and have never had any major issues or needed replacement besides regular maintenance

- Amanda D

Tons of room inside and fast enough for anybody on city streets.

Problems: Accelerating quickly past the 3rd gear is hesitant. Performance: Great. Quick acceleration/torque. Runs smooth. Features: Crew Cab has a ton of room inside Bed cage can extend out when opening tailgate since bed is short. Additional problem: Sun bakes coating of top bed liner and exposes fiberglass. Watch your forearms!

- Brandon M

I call my truck the big dog.

It is a truck that rides like a car. It is just big enough to be respected as a real truck. I am a short guy and it sits just high enough for me. The bed extender is great for hauling whatever I need, but my favorite thing is the large back window. In the summer I roll all windows down and I almost feel like I am in a convertible.

- Benjamin C

Nissan Titan is a great truck.

My Titan has been a great truck. The four door cab is huge, tons of interior room. The tailgate does no slam down, it lowers slowly by itself once opened. The truck has tons of power with its 5.6 liter V-8 the downside to all the power is that it does not get great fuel mileage.

- Jose C

The reliable titan that will not stop.

Very reliable, have had very few problem. Minimum maintenance required. Quite comfortable but not for long road trips. Not the best gas mileage but it has a lot of power. Drives well in bad weather because it is quite large and heavy. Good sound system and safety features also.

- J R

I love my Titan. Comfortable, spacious and reliable.

I love my Titan. It is extremely roomy especially in the back seat, its powerful and has the tow package. Tows without a problem. It has four wheel drive which is great for the snow. I have never had any mechanical problems with it, I change the oil frequently.

- Stacy L

Definitely a car I'd recommend.

The car in general runs pretty smoothly. Occasionally I'll run into a problem, such as having to replace the oil more frequently then wanted. A few other minor problems, but overall the car is fantastic. Would I recommend for others to buy this car? Definitely.

- Hannah S

Power of the Titan is reliable and consistent

The Titan performance is fantastic! Power and towing capabilities are great. We have used it to pull everything from sedans to box trucks out of trouble. On top of great performance, the truck is a comfortable ride with plenty of headroom and space in the cab.

- Connie B

Very durable and amazing vehicle.

This is overall an amazing vehicle and haven't had much problems with it, just power steering, wheel bearings and the rear differential leaking, but I love this vehicle and would buy another one in a heartbeat, my next vehicle will be another Nissan titan.

- Tyler T

Third owner. Rough life. Still holding. Workhorse vehicle.

Bought this vehicle used, from a third owner. Has a strong engine. Seats are big and comfortable. Easy to repair using youtube. Parts are not as expensive as one expect. Real workhorse vehicle. Small manufacture issues that Nissan did not want to accept.

- Jorge R

If you need to haul anything or bring people with you it makes the job easy.

What I dislike about the vehicle is the gas mileage. Another thing that I dislike is that it can be difficult to park into tight spaces however, it makes pulling things around like a trailer easy. It also has enough room for 4 passages.

- Michael F

It has a great size back seat which fits both children with car seats and adults comfortably.

Great hauling ability in bed and towing. Very spacious back seat plan of room for children with car seats and adults. Good factory sound system. Gets decent gas mileage for driving around town and highway.

- Eric K

Great value for the money and takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

It is such a sturdy truck that we will probably run into the ground. Best slightly lifted with swampers on it. Main downside is it's hard to find used parts cause so many run them till they cant anymore.

- Beth C

Amazing truck still going 12 years nearly!

It's getting old now, so a little rusty and banged up. But I've had it since it was brand new and always loved it. Only problem was a recall on the computer in it which Nissan swiftly fixed

- Brandon G

its very spacious so I can several people in my car.

I like that I ride real high. I enjoy that its a truck because I feel like I can drive over everything. I dislike that the car parts are very expensive. I hate that it gets really dirty.

- Will A

The worst thing about Nissan Titan is the gas mileage.

I like my vehicle because it is comfortable. It is fairly easy to drive. The gas mileage could be better. The turning radius is excruciatingly wide so it's hard to park.

- Kimberly S

One important thing to remember is this vehicle is rear wheel drive, you must put it into 4 wheel drive when needed

I love that my Titan has a lot of room and is a very smooth ride for a pickup. What I do not like about it is the gas mileage, but I guess that is expected with a V8.

- Nancy D

That the dependability is 2nd to none. We have not had one issue with this truck and it is 12 years old.

I love my truck. I like the versatility of the crew cab, being that I can haul 5 people total as well as haul a load of whatever needs hauling in the truck bed.

- Shawna B

Reliable, no major repairs.

Nice strong truck. Comfortable to ride in. The worst part is that it gets horrible gas mileage because it is a v8. Other then that no complaints.

- Michele B

Dependability is the best feature.

Like. Power and usage. Gas mileage. Stability over time has been awesome for my family. Dislike. Nothing at this time. No complaints from me.

- Christopher T

Bad converters and blend doors.

I feel that the catalytic converters went out too soon. The a/c blend door actuators are pretty unreliable. Otherwise the truck is great.

- Denny W

That it is the nicest car I've ever owned.

I like the room I have in the cab. I like the four wheel drive. I also like the color. What I don't like about it is the short bed.

- Nathan D

It has plenty of space. I can comfortably fit The maximum amount of people in here without it feeling too cramped and uncomfortable.

I don't have any complaints. I love my truck! It has great power and lots of space. I like the color and leather seats.

- Melissa L

It needs to be cleaned out.

It runs great, it has all original features that still work the same as they did when vehicle was bought.

- Taylor S

Drives like a dream and is very roomy and cozy to take family trips in. Never have any issues with it and runs great!

We have a problem with the fan for the air conditioning. It only comes out the defrost vents currently.

- Heather D

My vehicle is ok I wish it was four wheel drive. I am also disappointed with the paint on my truck because the clear coat is chipping and flaking off. I've talked to other owners with the same model and year and they have similar issues regardless of how much they washed and waxed!

It's a very reliable vehicle but after a couple of years the clear coat will start to chip off.

- Timothy P

It Drives great! Pretty good on gas

It's 4 wheel drive. Has a ton of room in the cab. Perfect

- Jennelle M