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I haven't had any major repairs that were needed so far. This truck year and make has been very reliable.

I am still as excited to drive my truck today as I was 4 years ago when I first purchased it. It has loads of power, a stable feeling drive, and just the right amount of accessories. The interior is very driver friendly with many controls on the steering wheel for safe and easy adjustments while driving. The only negative things about my truck is the gas mileage and being able to easily access my truck bed. The average gas mileage is only 15 mpg. I drive mostly highway roads and am not heavy on the acceleration. So, I am pretty disappointed in the mileage. The truck bed is pretty high and I am disabled. If it were cost effective to have an adjustable bed height via hydraulics I would love my truck even more.

- Jonathan P

Large interior and performance to tie it all together.

I really enjoy the Nissan titan. The crew cab has a large amount of space compared to other trucks in its class. It also comes with a lot of nice features and add ons with bed utility rack, the soft drop tailgate and the auto roll down on the windows from the key fob. Truck is nice and comfortable for long drives and gets decent gas mileage but that is probably its biggest downfall. But it makes up for it in comfort. Truck has been extremely reliable for me through all 4 seasons of the year and has held its ground through towing trailers and transporting large amounts of weight. I am very pleased with this vehicle.

- David E

A man's truck by all measures.

My vehicle gets better than expected gas mileage. Handles well with a firm yet responsive ride. The look is aggressively masculine and the trim package is luxurious. Payload and towing capabilities are ample. These things make the truck an overall outstanding value.

- Trent G

My truck has a lot of power and can haul, or pull just about anything.

I love the fact that my truck will go just about anywhere in any weather. I like that they undercoat them to prevent rusting as we live in maine with lots of snow and chemicals on the roads. Only dislike is that I wish I would have gotten a four door.

- Susan D

It's dependable, lots of room for bigger people and for the kids.

I love how much interior room there is. I also appreciate the power that it has. It tows anything from the boat to the camper with no issues while getting really good gas mileage.

- Tracy S

It's fast, but gas mileage is really bad. My titan usually get about 12 to 12 1/2 miles per gallon. The V8 (5.6l) is strong, but very hungry.

Easy to work doing the change the oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter and all those lights. Titan 4Wd is great, works well in snow and ice conditions in Colorado.

- derrick d

Seems to hold it is resale value well.

Heater core valve went out and window motor on front driver side. Other than that very reliable. Performance is what you would expect from a 4x4.

- Michael A

The most important thing about the vehicle is how dependable it has been on a daily basis.

I like that the truck has 4 doors. I dislike how much gas the truck uses everyday. I like how the vehicle has a big bed to haul things around in.

- Justin M

It is dependable and good on gas

It is the best full size truck I've ever owned. I has a roomy interior along with ample bed space for my camping gear and kayak.

- Louis M

This is a dependable truck

This truck has a strong engine and works quite well. It has great traction. It has a slow air conditioning system.No complaints

- Chris p

It is big and hard to park.

I don't have any problems. I love my truck and It's a spacious interior. It drives really smooth and has great gas mileage.

- Hannah W

Love all the nice extras very nice to ride in.

Have never had any problems with my car. Has strong power over the mountain passes and on the highway.

- Joanne Rose O

that it is safe and that it does work

i guess it gets the job done.i just got a used one and i guess that's why it kinda suck

- ashlee M

it works,i never had any problems,i have had it for almost 10 years now

it works and gets me places.it looks nice,never had big problems with it

- jessica g

It's old but powerful and blue.

The paint fades. The radiator leaks. Getting work done on it sucks

- Ethan B