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2011 Nissan versa: you get what you pay for, really.

The 2011 Nissan versa is a surely reliable car. This car provides 0 wow factor, but it does what it is intended to do. While you can tell the car is cheaply made as there is no stand out features not to mention it even feels behind considering the year make; you get what you pay for. The car has ran well only ever not operating correctly once, and once the problem was fixed everything it was as if nothing happened. As for performance, don't expect to race as you'd probably lose out to your grandma due to the very slow acceleration. But to me these aren't actually negatives, these are trade-offs. While I may not know much about cars personally I feel as though the car is very adequate for the price. If I could give one word to my experience with this car it would be, dependable. With hardly any maintenance this car has ran about the same since I owned it and shows no sign of slowing down.

Yolanda I

My Nissan Versa, a great commuter car.

Compact car that is easy to drive and park. I like the fact that it gets good gas mileage and makes for a good commuter car. However, it is not the most smooth ride and you can really feel every bump in the road. The seats are fairly comfortable and the fact that it is a hatchback make for a roomier feel when sitting in the back seats. Also, since the car is only a four cylinder engine, which helps the gas mileage, it is a car that does not have much power. And I find it lacking sometimes when I am going uphill and need to merge or change lanes. But that would be my only complaints about the car. The Nissan Versa has served me well for several years now.

Kevin H

The Nissan Versa is very spacious and very comfortable on long road trips.

I have had this vehicle since 2011 and it has treated me very well. I have not had any major problems with the Versa, only routine maintenance. It currently has almost 150k miles on it and is still going strong. I chose to go with the cheapest (cost-wise) version of this vehicle when I first bought it, so the features on it are minimal. For instance, I do not have power locks, power windows, and other bells and whistles. The Versa has been extremely reliable throughout the years and even made it cross country twice! I could not find a better car for the amount I paid for it.

Kimberly H

Great gas mileage and fits a family of four nicely

I've owned my Nissan Versa for 4 years and have had very few issues with it. It gets great gas mileage, holds my family of four easily. The hatch back has tons of storage. I dislike that there is only one lock on the drivers side door. I wish I could unlock the passenger side and back hatch with the key also. I have a malfunction with the back lock and it makes a loud noise. Was already fixed once and 18 months later, same issue. Not worth leaving it at the dealership for another two weeks like before.

Kristi W

2011 Nissan Versa Hatchback: Perfect for this lady and her dog!

The 2011 Nissan Versa is a great car. I've had it for just over a year, and I got it used from a family member. I have done some preventative maintenance on it, but I haven't had any trouble regardless. It runs reliably, it's comfortable and quick, and my dog loves riding in the back. It's surprisingly spacious inside as well, with lots of legroom, and trunk space. I love having a hatchback, as it's so nice to put groceries or camping supplies in and just go. Great car!

Ari H

Nissan dependability and performance.

I was very surprised by the roominess of this car, it appears small looking at it from outside but when one sits inside there's wonderful leg and arm room more than even larger sedans I've ridden in. The gas mileage I get with this car I am very pleased with and for a smaller car it has a fairly good ride. I've always had great satisfaction owning Nissan cars and this one stays true to that without exception. I'd definitely recommend this car to other people.

Cindy M

This car is extremely comfortable.

My car is the love of my life. It is very comfortable for its size, very economical. Recently drove my 75 yr. Old aunt with a 6 wk. Old hip replacement 50 miles to a follow-up dr. Appt. She just went on and on about the comfort of the seat as she had concerns about it. Love the speed, runs nothing like a 4 speed. I have to watch my speed because the car has so much power. Really feel unusually safe in my car considering its small size. Love it!

Betty S

Red 2011 Nissan versa - subpar luxury wise, but gets the job done.

My vehicle is trustworthy and reliable. Even though it does not have the nice amenities of a new car, it gets the job done with low maintenance costs and minimum upkeep! On the inside, the 2011 model definitely feels like it is from 2011, but again, it gets you from point A to point B reliably. The acceleration is sub par as well as the sound system, but there�s an AUX jack to listen to your own music.

Abbey C

2011 Nissan Versa is the perfect car.

The Nissan Versa is good on gas mileage and does not take make to fill up your gas talk. It drives pretty good for the price tag of 11, 000 and it came with 7000 miles on it. This car I perfect for short trips and a few long trips on the beltway. I have not had any issues with the car and I purchased it from enterprise rental car sales in bowie, mg.

Linda L

For a hatchback it actually has a ton of trunk space.

I have never had any issues out of my car. Aside from routine maintenance, I have never had to take it to the shop. The only thing it is missing is an arm rest/console between the front seats but that is more a personal preference than a problem. When it is time to buy another car I'll probably purchase a newer version.

Lauren S

The seats go down easily and give you so much room if you are hauling items!

Ii like the car especially the size. It holds a lot and is easy to expand by putting the seats down. I also love the deep back bins. I don't really have any problems with the car itself. The performance has been good and the service has been little. I have replaced the tires and there have been three recalls for parts.

Bea R

Good in gas mileage strong engine, good transmission, comfortable on the inside.

Since I have that car I did not have any problems with my transportation I buy stuff from people so I drive a lot my car is very reliable I am glad I decide to buy that car is a great car I have a good service from that car I have it since 2012 I only has change oil, tires, brake pads no mayor problems or part change.

Rosa M

It is a small economic vehicle that I consider good for a single woman.

It runs great. Have not had to spend money on anything other than typical maintenance (I. E. Oil changes, tune ups, a new battery, and new tires) in the 5 years I have had it. Great on gas! I have never spent more than $25 for a fill-up. My only issue is it is too small to be a “family car”.

Antoinette S

Dependable, great gas mileage, makes a very nice family car.

Nissan versa is a very dependable car, it's easy to maintain and has proved to have good gas mileage, easy to carry large items do to the back seats fold down, seats up to 5 people comfortably, tires are good standard size for to travel on the highway, has cruise control on the steering column.

Lillian H

Nissan versa - great little car.

The car has had a couple of manufacturer recalls aside from that it has not been any trouble. I like the car it is cute, comfortable and has good gas mileage. The car is small so you can use compact parking. I have driven it halfway across the country before on vacation and it did very well.

Mandy D

Best little car ever in the whole world!

I love my vehicle. Seriously, it has as much room as a truck. Looks small on the outside but feels big on I side. Very easy to handle, easy parking. I love the shift in the floor and seats are very comfortable. This car has very good gas mileage and lots of speed for a 4 cylinder. Love it!

Betty M

Spacious and fuel efficient.

The vehicle is very compact and fits anywhere. It is extremely great on mileage and gassing it up completely is very cheap and efficient. The car is very small on the outside but very roomy and spacious on the inside. It has a very sleek design and comes in a variety of colors and models.

David R

My car is a Nissan Versa and is compact drives well.

I would say nothing is wrong with car and it has been fine people like driving it rides nice good for trips good on gas everyone loves the car good on gas everyone has good time driving it nice compact car good travel car most people want to drive it and always drives good great on gas.

Cathy J

It is small and compact, yet still spacious for single family drivers.

Very reliable with great bad mileage. Very sturdy in tough environments and rides smoothly. Very few mechanical problems and features agree easy to use. Seating is comfortable and fits 4 comfortably. Trump space is adequate. Drivers heavy in snow. Would recommend for affordable car.

Margaret H

Smooth riding roomy car with a quiet engine.

The car drives smoothly, it took me awhile to like the car because I didn't choose the car I had a 2012 Hyundai accent but its total loss after the accident. I actually liked the Hyundai better and I chose the car. Overall the Nissan is quiet, smooth, roomy inside and kind of fast.

Shelly H

No claustrophobia with this car.

Driving a Nissan Versa is comfortable. The windshield view is wider than most small cars, and it doesn't make me feel claustrophobic because the roof is tall. The passenger seats are also comfortable and have more space than other small cars. My car gets awesome gas mileage.

Becky S

Great car for go getters and travelers.

Ii like that it saves on gas I wish I would have gotten a more modern model. Comfortable car and moves great. I have no problems yet. I maintain it well and I just wish I had more features I got the basic model. Great to go on vacation with save great gas on the highway.

Larry F

To versa or not to versa that is the question.

My car runs well. I just wish I had better gas mileage for my car. My ac unit works best when it is on the freeway but other than that it has been very reliable. I like the size of the car and overall features. My car is the most basic version but the stereo is decent.

Katie B

Nissan Versa, I call it my mom car.

I like my car, it is small and convenient. The only problem I have had was an exhaust leak which I got fixed. But over the years I have gotten oil changes, new exhaust, tires, brakes, and whatever I may have needed due to normal wear and rare. Overall good car to have.

Julie O

It has decent legroom and cargo space for a small car.

It is compact, yet I can fit quite a bit in the back. I like that it's dependable and drives easy, has decent gas mileage. I am worried that it may not last too long, as friends of mine with Versas about the same age have had major issues like with the transmission.

laura s

Great on gas. Not for families.

It is a really great car if you have to travel for work. Great on gas. Not suitable for a family. The maintenance is low. It is hard to change the spark plugs. Trunk is roomy. No arm rest. All in all it is suitable for a work car or a teenager just learning to drive.

Kim J

Decent car for the price.

A car of many factory recalls-not sure if it is the make or model. Love the hatchback and spacious trunk area with fold down seats. Drives nicely. Honestly not my first choice in cars or my favorite but it works to get me where I need to go. Decent car for the money.

Beth S

Everything can fit in it.

It's a wonderful small car that you can fit everything into. It's like a clown car. Great on gas. Hatchback is a must. Very dependable. No major issues. Has some get up and go for a small 4 cylinder. It has tons of room in the backseat 5 for passengers of all sizes.

Amanda G

Would not recommend to buy.

Has hardly any power, very cheaply made, and this particular year and model has a permanent squeal in reverse that is not able to be fixed. Most positive thing is that it takes you from point A to point B and has fairly decent gas mileage. Would not recommend.

Melissa B

It is easy-handling and economical on gas.

My car is roomy and handles easily. I love the larger back window of the hatchback and especially the rear window wiper. It drives well on snow, and the air conditioner works great. It is not as powerful as larger cars, but great for parking in tight places!

Lucy P

Great vehicle and I highly recommend.

Love it no issues to complain about. It is comfortable and handles well on the road, local driving and highway. If you keep up with routine maintenance you will have zero issues. Highly recommend this make/model. My only wish would be for a different color.

Lori C

Gas mileage in traveling is wonderful.

My Nissan versa is wonderful its small and mighty. It is wonderful on gas, I love to travel going south, I travel to north Carolina from Delaware and I only use one tank of gas to make it to north Carolina. Just a smooth ride. A sleek sedan family car.

Sophia D

Small but very comfortable car.

I have this wonderful vehicle since 2011 is great in mileages never have a mayor problem with it I only has to change oil, brakes, no other problem is very comfortable I am a big man I weight 320 pounds and I do not have any problems fitting on my car.

Martinez R

Small, reliable, but do not get the basic model.

My vehicle is small. I am ready to get a bigger vehicle. I like that it only takes me $20 to fill up, but I do not like that my gas runs out easily if I take long trips. My engine is big. My car is ultimately reliable. I like the hatchback that I have.

Porsche H

The Nissan Versa is a compact yet spacious and dependable vehicle.

I like how roomy my car is for the overall size that it is. I like how it gets somewhat good gas mileage and works well. My only complaints are that the car doesn't accelerate very well. It also doesn't have power locking doors and power roll windows.

Victor R

I am the only person that is allowed to drive my car. Don't even think of borrowing or using it.

My vehicle is used only to go on short drives around town not more than 100 miles away. My car is a stripped down version with no high grade electronics or even a remote type key. It is a four cylinder, automatic transmission, gas engine vehicle.

Jesse L

Nissan versa hatchback fits a lot of junk in the trunk!

The space in the hatchback is incredibly convenient, and deceptively bigger than you think it is. I have moved my whole life across the country in it 3 times. I have also had times where I have made bets and won on whether things would fit in it!

Lindsay T

Remote key, can lock or unlock from inside of home.

I love my vehicle. The size is perfect for small family, seats 5 comfortable. Save on gas, power windows, cruise control, hatchback, back seats lay down for more room for hauling. Air conditioning, rear window washers, CD player, am, & FM radio.

Sheila M

The car is very light and is a bit tricky to handle in the wind/snow.

The car is very reliable. Have had it for 4 years now and only had 1 major issue. Very good with fuel efficiency. I would recommend this car to anyone. Only negative I have with the car is that it is very light so wind/snow is a bit tricky.

Danielle K

It is important to know that the versa has good gas mileage.

The 2011 Nissan versa has been amazing. I purchased this car used and it has been great. The steering is not always good, I have to get it realigned often. The tire light is always on. But other than that it has been a great first car.

Mak J

It is a great, small, fuel efficient vehicle that has a decent amount of power and a good amount of cargo space.

I absolutely love the compact size of the car, it is very easy to park in tight spots. It also has a good amount of cargo room. My only complaints are that it lacks audio controls on the steering wheel and only has one 12V outlet.

Jeremy G

It is the most reliable car we have ever had.

The versa is a small car that gets great gas mileage. It has been reliable since we bought it brand new. We added a rack on top for our kayak, and the only issue is that we wish it had more kick when we first get on the interstate.

Piper J J

It's a compact hatchback but it has lots of room to haul stuff

I love that it's compact but I can still haul a lot of stuff in it. I wish it had Bluetooth because with the newer iPhone it's difficult to play my music. For as many years as I've had it the maintenance required has been minimal.

Holly E

It is a real money saver and can fit a lot.

I like that my Nissan versa gets great gas mileage, has enough space to load large items and has cheap and easy repairs and maintenance. I do not like that the radio is not updated and does not have power locks or keyless start.

Jasmin W

My car is great on gas and never given me any issues.

I love that my vehicle is very economical when it comes to fuel. I have never had any mechanical issues with my vehicle. It is small enough to park easily yet enough room for comfort. I have nothing negative to say about my car.

Geisha O

Overall a decent commuter vehicle.

My vehicle has been for the most part reliable. It has performed fairly well and has decent gas mileage but not as good as it should. The handling is very good in fair weather however declines rapidly in inclement weather.

Aaron L

It is very easy to maintain since it is the base model.

I like that it gets decent gas mileage and that it is easy to drive. I do not like that it does not have much power and is on the small side. But, for its size, the hatchback makes it seem a bit more roomy than it looks.

Kevin H

It was not designed for winter but seems to hold up over time.

I dislike that it is low to the ground. It is also very difficult to drive in the snow and feels like you have no control over it when moisture is on the ground. I do like that it is smaller so it's easier to park.

kerri m

It gets great mileage, is very reliable, and you will feel safe driving it.

It is very reliable in many aspects. Fuel efficiency is amazing on both roads and highways. I feel very safe inside of it and while driving it. It also has a compact exterior however it is very spacious inside.

Stellar S

I am not helping you move with it.

I love my car it gets great gas mileage. It drives great. It has been very reliable I have owned my car for eight years and have had no problems. All I have had to do is regular maintenance. It is a great car.

Susan F

I would say the good gas mileage.

My car is great because it gets really good gas mileage. It is small, too, which I like. Despite its size, the hatchback and backseat are spacious. It had some trouble on hills but that is my only complaint.

Christina L

The most important thing about my car is that it is reliable and fuel efficient.

I like my car because it is fuel efficient, low maintenance cost, and it has all the features that I need and want in a car right now. My only dislike about my car is that I wish it were slightly bigger.

Katrina W

I love the car but it is not well designed for really hot climate.

The air-conditioning system is weak, not enough air output. The car runs and drives great and has killer gas mileage per gallon. It is small in the driver's seat but ok for someone slim and under 6'2".

Jon B

Reliable vehicle. Great gas mileage. Just lacking the get up and go.

Pretty reliable car. Great on gas but definitely lacking in power. I have to say that is probably my only complaint about this car. It takes too long to speed up. Definitely missing that get up and go

Jarrod C

This is a great gas saver and recommend as a work car.

I like that it is great on gas, I only spend $20 a week. I like that it is a great work car. I also like that it is spacious on the inside. The down side to this car is that it is not my dream car.

Ana R

Nissan Versa Good Reliable Car

A decent vehicle for someone that is not looking for anything fancy or expensive. I have a hatchback which looks compact from the outside but is spacious within. Not a lot of power but reliable.

Nicolle M

The amount of times I have to fill up my tank. It takes a lot of driving for me to run out of gas.

I love my vehicle. It gets me around to where I need to be and is great on gas. I do have a simple model so I would like to have automatic locks as well as a console in between the front seats.

Jenna W

The car is great on gas mileage.

My car is great on gas. It is compact. It is energy efficient. It is low maintenance. It is long lasting. I dislike how it is not fast. It lacks up to date features like GPS, tinted glass, etc.

Non Y

The most important thing is I can transport my family easily and it is good on gas mileage

I love the compact size of the vehicle but the spacious inside. I like the wide all around view dashboard and ability to see all around the vehicle when driving. I do not have any complaints!

Melissa B

It still runs with over 200k on it but did have to replace the CVT transmission.

I was not happy when I found out about all of the issues with the CVT transmissions and got to replace mine at only 120000 miles. It is good on gas mileage. Not a lot of comfort features.

jay f

It is basic from here to there transportation not for open road

It is a good looking car. It is economical to drive. It is very rough riding and uncomfortable to sit in for a long period of time. Not good out on the road but very good for local drive.

Dean T

Worthwhile, vehicle in style.

Great gas, does not break down, has good internal features. I recommend buying, breaks still work after 2 years. Barely put water and it last so long, 30 miles to gallon. Buy one asap.

Terrence W

Great gas mileage is the thing that I have found most important

The vehicle gets great gas mileage and has been very reliable. I like the size which makes it easy to drive. I wish that the style was a bit different, maybe something more modern.

Chante D

It is great on gas but the inside cannot withstand the wear and tear I put on it. Everything is fragile and falling apart.

I like the compact size of my vehicle. I was sad to learn about Nissan's recall because of the airbags. When I bought this car, it was consumer reports top safety rated car.

Ashley T

Great mileage, little upkeep, but hubcaps fall off easily.

The speed takes a while to excel. I like the forgivability of the steering wheel, makes for an easy drive. The car is very light so that makes driving difficult in the wind.

Lily R

It is good on gas and never really have any mechanical issues with it.

I like that it is good on has and it's the right size for my family however I do not like that it does not have an adequate amount of trunk space when I need to do shopping

Lizette D

Its gas friendly 20$ fills it up, which I thing is awesome.

We have had the car since 2012 and never really had problems just pads and rotors. We did have to change the window knobs and it was super cheap. I really think It's great.

Roxanne C

My car has always been in the most important moments in my life.

It is a great small family sized vehicle that can be easily driven. It has great mileage and I would highly recommend it to the average beginner family or college student.

Elizabeth W

Nissan Versa, absolutely dreadful.

I liked the Nissan Versa at first but then it's continuously had problems since 60,000 miles. It's a great starter car but it is not great for long distances or long term.

Jessica N

I need to replace the front tires for my next inspection.

I like the cold AC and radio. I also like the rear fold down seats. The pick-up isn't bad either. However, it doesn't get as good gas mileage as my previous vehicle.

David C

It's safe to drive, compact and versatile.

It's a hatchback, never gives me problems, does not consume too much gasoline. It's a great car that allows for large cargo space, but It's small enough to be economic.

jane s

It is affordable both in cost and mpg.

The motor for the ac is very loud. Although I like the affordability of this car it is seems cheaply built in some aspects. It is also very high off the ground.

Sarah H

This car has been reliable and roomy while still being compact.

The hatchback model is great. It feels roomy and can fit a lot of stuff. It performs great. The only issue I have had is with the headlights going out quickly.

Christina F

The vehicle is small but is spacious at the same time. I've have it for several years and not had any mechanical problems.

the vehicle has a very spacious trunk. I do not like that the vehicle plastic pieces are not very well attached. also it is not very spacious in the back seat.

Nancy A

The important most important thing is my car saves a lot on gas.

I like my car because it is reliable. I dislike the iPod jack portal. I like amount of gas the car saves. I dislike the sun visors. I dislike the heat sensor.

Jasmine H

good town car and for the frugal. good for cities, paved roads, and parking in small spaces. easy to drive, good features with tire flat function, etc.

great mileage. no engine or mechanic problems. easy to drive and park. but too small. not good for country roads. not enough power going up slippery slope.

Mari F

Roomy Trunk for the versa

Vehicle is very basic with not too many features. The trunk is very roomy for a small car. Driving is not that bad. They did have recalls for the airbags.

Mary V

That I love it, it's stylish, good on gas, easy to drive and has plenty of room for being a small car.

I love my car because it is just the right size for me. It is easy for me to handle and is good on gas. The hatch back is easy for me to my packages in.

Diane T

It's good for an economy car. It has good gas mileage.

I like that it's gas efficient. I like that it runs well and it's easy to park because it's small. You can't fit a lot in the trunk for traveling though.

Kristen F

Most importantly it has awesome gas mileage, comfy seats, and lots of room.

I love that my vehicle has great gas mileage. Also that it is roomy in both the front and back seats. Lastly I love that it is the perfect size for me.

Kayla M

It's very dependable and economical fun to drive a great car to own

I love the gas mileage I get from it and it has a lot of pep for a four cylinder it's fun to drive. When we have kids with us there's not enough room

Paul L

Nissan versa is a great car.

The Nissan versa is a great car. It is roomy and performs really well. I like how compact it is but at the same time is very spacious on the inside.

Katie H

Reliable and valuable Nissan versa

For the price this vehicle is reliable and valuable. The only problem I have had with it is my air conditioning stopped working after 100,000miles

Kati S

Solid, economical runner that gets you where you need to go.

It is economical - gets good gas mileage. It's a small vehicle so is easy to drive. However, the size makes it a bit shaky when it's really windy.

Don F

It has chain and not timing belt, and that makes the car less prone to damage the radiator and the motor if it heats up.

I love that is a very reliable car and I feel safe in it. It's working perfectly and the only maintenance is oil and spark plugs change thus far.

Eneida M

Keyless entry, compact, saves on gas.

Reliable, saves on gas, compact, keyless starter. I do not like the dash reader, I cannot tell if the car is overheating, or neutral temperature.

Jasmine H

It's very basic, crank windows, no power locks or side mirrors.

I like how well the a/c works. I like how roomy it is. I like how compact it is also. It also has very good gas mileage, which is always a plus.

Phillip S

I have had it for 7 years and have had no issue only the recall.

Small compact car with good mileage. Is comfortable for my family. However a recall was made and Nissan has not been able to address issue.

Mariana D

That it is a good value for the price.

It is a great city car. It is easy to parallel park and I'm not worried about it getting damaged. I dislike the lack of speed up ability.

Katie M

Nissan Versa Review / Economical

Great economical and reliable car. Doesn't have much speed but is great for in-town driving. Wouldn't recommend for long distance travel.

Karian P

Great gas miles per gallon, very dependable.

I do not drive. I have Parkinson's, my wife owns the Nissan and does all of the driving, I have trimbers in my hands, in also in my feet.

Paul D

2011 Nissan Versa pros and cons

Lots of interior space for a small car Paint chips too easily Driver's side door handle broke when the car was only a couple of years old

Angela B

The hatchback makes the car easy to drive because it is smaller.

No major issues. Bumper falls off sometimes from screws being loose. Back windshield wiper fluid works on and off and battery died once.

Nicole S

Hear say about transmission going out.

I dislike the interior.. I like the gas mileage.. I dislike the engine size.. I dislike the color.. I have no other likes or dislikes..

Teresa G

good gas mileage and other than the transmission hasn't had any other issues.

We had multiple issues with what is called the cvt transmission. come to find out, they are not very good and we had to replace ours.

lindsey l

It is dependable and will be a sustainable ride for many years.

I like that it is compact and also reliable. It looks suite my personality. The interior has everything I need to ride comfortably.

Ashleigh M

It is easy on gas, unlike other trucks.

I love the gas mileage and the size. But I dislike the very old dashboard and internal components and how low to the ground it is.

Samantha N

Reliable and good gas mileage.

Small and easy to drive. Excellent gas mileage and very easy to maintain. Nissan is a very good company that makes reliable cars.

Amy C

The car is good on gas very comfy. Good to travel in the car.

I really do not have a problem with my car the only thing I dislike is my windshield wiper cleaner. I do not have any complaints.

Cathy L

It is very dependable, little outlay for upkeep except. Regular maintenance.

Dislike: no cruise control, no automatic locks. Like: mpg, headroom, size for cargo, quiet, easy to drive, small turning ratio.

Ann M

It's practical and accommodating. Although it lacks sophistication, it gets the job done.

My car is easy to park. My truck is small yet compact to accommodate my lifestyle. The car is practical with a strong engine.

Stacy P

It is reliable and good on fuel not a over the road car

It is very uncomfortable, very rough riding. cheap reliable transportation to work or about town no good for the road trip.

dean k

That it is small and not pointed towards families.

We like that it is good on gas. We dislike that it is getting increasingly small with a toddler. We hope to get a new one.

Katrina K

Easy to drive and very reliable car.

Easy to drive. Very reliable. Small but holds lots of cargo. Gas mileage is not as much as I was anticipating it would be.

Linda A

It's color and size fits my personality.

I like the cobalt blue color. It is very compact and easy to maneuver through small spaces. I wish it accelerated faster.

Macy A

It still runs and I have paid it off in full. I hope it lasts a few more years.

It has been very reliable. It has over 160K miles and still going strong. It accelerates slowly, but gas mileage is good.

Jeff W

Good gas mileage. It had very good pickup.

I like my car because it dependable. It is a 4 door hatchback. I wish it was a manual shift, I wish it had a sunroof.

Laurie M

It rides smooth and is very good looking.

It runs very smooth. It is very comfortable. Ac works. It is barely used. It is an amazing car with nice wheels.

Kenny B

Its very quiet and good on gas, also it has a lot of room in the car.

Its very small, smaller than the Hyundai accent. I just bought the car so I am still getting use to everything.

Shelly H

Reliable and comfortable car

Weird clicking sound when turning the wheel. It is slow to accelerate but very reliable and good on gas mileage

Madison P

Safety. Controllability on wet roads. Roominess. Reliability.

I love the style, size, & color of my vehicle. I like that it is low maintenance. I do not have any complaints.

Christina M

It is a great little family car.

It gets great gas mileage. I dislike that it's not very good for hauling loads. I wish it were a little larger.

Jessica S

I think the safe is important

the car is good for me send the kids to school or go shopping. but it is kind of small. i want to change a SUV

frances c

Still a good one after 7 years

I love it for the most part. Had it for 7 years. Not happy with the tire sensor, had to replace it few times.

Gene L

The Nissan Versa hatchback is both economical and comfortable

I love the space in my car, I can easily transport things I need to. I wish it was rated better for safety.

Susan L

My car take me everywhere with love.

Very good performance. I never had major problems with it. The only thing I have to replace is the battery.

eddy d

There is plenty of room inside for an entire family.

I like the shape and size, it drives well. I do not like how the paint rusts, and the hatch back is broken.

Kristen E

The car has been extreme reliable and has needed no major work.

No problems, just had recall repairs done. It is not as roomy as I would like. It has been very reliable.

Jessica S

It is a very gas efficient car, compact and a great car for first time drivers

It was previously owned and was crashed so occasionally it gives me issues but other than that great car

Caroline S

It is small but is very dependable and economical.

Good Mpg Smooth ride Very dependable I did have a recall on the air bags, the only negative I have

Tommy A

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that for a small car you can put a lot of stuff in the trunk!

I love the gas mileage that it gets. The trunk space is amazing! Wish it had better acceleration.

David S

I have the most basic version, so I really dislike that it doesn't have cruise control or automatic locks. I have also gotten into a few accidents so it is kind of banged up. However, it has been SUPER reliable and I really haven't had to spend a lot of money for ongoing maintenance.

It is reliable! You will not have to worry about it breaking down or replacing expensive parts.

Jamie R

Great gas mileage on the freeway and in the city. Comfort and Safety at it's best!

Runs great with excellent gas mileage. It is a bit small on the inside, but still comfortable.

Tamara T

This little car is great on gas! Great for commuting

I like the size. It's good on gas. I wish it was tinted. The latch in the hatch breaks easily.

Beth W

I love that my car has low gas mileage, but it is still very roomy for my family. I love how well my car handles the rode. The only thing I wish my car were a manual instead of an automatic.

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has low gas mileage.

Allison W

It's great on gas and easy to handle in tight spaces.

It's easy to handle and great on gas. I don't like that the air takes a while to start.

Jessica L

My car gets really good miles to the gallon

I like my car cause it gets good gas mileage. And it's easy to drive. No complaints

Jeff B

It rides nice and has lots of room. It drives better than some I've head.

It rides nice. Nothing series has been wrong. It has lots of room. No complaints.

Cathy T

Saves on gas. Has a lot of room for the family and groceries

It saves me on gas and it is fun to drive. I love to drive it to work and back

Tyler M

It gets great gas mileage.

Lots of recalls. Air pressure sensor is faulty. Rides smooth. Good on gas.

Beth V

It gets great gas mileage. It is roomy and does good on Highway

It isn't Bluetooth capable. Does Not have heated seats or a rear camera.

Augie H

it has been working for the last 4 years

it gets me where i am suppose to get, the car could get some new items

isabel o

It is good to drive long distance, it is economic.

It is a good car. I can trust on it, I think is a very good deal.

Rosario M

wear & tear, issues with muffler rusting off, wheel alignment issues, had to replace ball and joint thing

it is a hatchback so super easy to park and fit into small spaces

Isabel P



Sally H

It has great gas mileage. It's very sleek looking, it's very cute. It's very low to the ground though.

It's compact. I don't like how the AC is working lately

Elyse C

Economical. Good gas mileage and was affordable price wise

Handles well and is perfect size for me. No complaints

Jane H

I like it because it has great gas mileage and is comfy and cute. I don't like that it isn't my dream car. It also is harder to find car parts or fix it

It is reliable and has more room than you may think.

Jessica N

It is reliable. No major problems in the more than 7 years I've owned it.

It is small and reliable. It is cute but not flashy.

Erin S

I like how many miles per gallon i get. i don't like the leg space in the back as we are a tall family. For the most part our car has had no major issues. The only other issue i have is changing the turn signal lights. there is no way to get to them without taking it to a mechanic

It has great gas mileage and is a very reliable car

Lisa H

It's dependable and easy to drive

Very dependable, easy to drive, good gas mileage

Jackie D

I hate the color of it. blah!

nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing

Kim C

Is very gasoline saver and easy for parking

It's too small so i can't carry more people

Ayde R