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Excellent vehicle with great aspect from the affordability.

The car is wonderful! The backseat is very spacious, which I found unusual, the trunk deep and the reliability is fantastic. I change the oil every 5 thousand miles and it works like a charm. The seats aren't leather which is really nice. The turning radius potential of the car is amazing, the mileage is about 38 miles per gallon and the shocks are decent. Although once you surpass 80 miles per hour, the shocks start to lose their touch. When I say lose their touch, I don't mean an unbearable ride. More so, the noise is rather loud and very noticeable. The vibrations of the vehicle as a whole increase dramatically. Of course, I'm no car expert so I just tested it on my mothers 2018 Equinox. After riding in that car hitting 90 miles per hour, there is a noticeable difference in shock performance. With all that being said, the performance and vehicle itself are the real bang for their buck. I got the vehicle just north of 10.5k back in 2016. It was a much needed purchase for a commuting college kid working part time. I'd recommend practice in a parking lot driving if your not used to a short clutch. Perhaps I am biased moving from a 98' Dodge pick up to this Nissan Versa. I'd also recommend not spilling food on the seats. There porous design of the seats isn't very friendly. They don't seem to retain sweat from stinky clothes though! Lastly, I'd recommend not using the Bluetooth in the vehicle. You're more than welcome to if you want, but its super strange and just connects randomly.

- Jacob R

The car is lightweight so you have to be careful of losing traction on the road.

This car is small but the truck is a hatchback and is quite roomie! The gears shift fine and I have been driving it everyday, sometimes up to 100 miles a day. My car is colored black so the heat traps in the car, but the ac system cools down the car completely in less than 10 minutes. The interior is nice and sleek with plenty of legroom in the front and back seats. One of the best features that I enjoy is the double glove compartments on the passengers side for more storage. Overall it is a very nice car. My only complaint I would have is that there is no check oil light indicating it being time to change your oil, so you have to manually check it every so often. Also when it rains outside and there are puddles on the highway, this car is easy to hydroplane. There have been a few instances where my car has lost traction with the road, but all you have to do is slow down to a comfortable speed which is honestly the safest way to do things. Also another thing to consider is that a smaller car such as mine is definitely easier to destroy in a car accident, but also it is small enough to avoid collisions. I have avoided reckless drivers almost hitting me primarily because the car is narrower and can weave in and out quick enough.

- Lindsey C

2016 NISSAN VERSA - Excellent city car. Not for mountain climbing.

This car has EXCELLENT gas mileage. However, the acceleration is not nearly as good. My Nissan gets me safely on and off the highway every day, but takes a bit longer to get up to 60-70 MPH compared to others. The car itself performs well and has been reliable from day one. The interior is designed well and spacious for such a small car. There is only one armrest for the driver up front, which can be annoying for passengers. Or annoying for drivers with obnoxious passengers who try and steal it. However it does allow for more space in the middle console. My husky mix loves the roomy back seat, and the trunk is spacious enough for large grocery runs and small furniture items. The seats are easy to clean and durable. Overall this vehicle does amazing for a smaller sized car. It is awesome for driving and parking in the city. On hilly roads and dirt paths, this vehicle does struggle. It makes the journey just fine, but you can tell it is chugging harder than usual. It is NOT a vehicle I would recommend for anyone who lives in very steep areas. Living in the city, I would recommend this vehicle to anyone in search of a reliable commuter with good gas mileage.

- MacKenzie M

Odometer feature tells gas mileage per gallon, temp, how many miles left per gas.

I have purchased a 2016 Nissan Versa colored blue. It is a very great car good on gas. I wish there was more counsel space for your stuff in the middle between the driver and passenger seat. There is on the odometer area where you can check car mileage and how many miles left in your car and even temperature. The car has blue tube for your phone to talk and make calls. Even on the steering wheel you can answer when connected to your car's Bluetooth but it does not connect for music to listen off your phone which I would have loved. The car does have an AUX cord area and USB port and a car Charger port. It is quite roomy in the back seat. There is a lot of legroom and good size trunk. There is no navigation system or back up camera. The car is very simple and easy which is why I purchase the vehicle. I am a single mother and if it breaks down I need to afford to fix it or pay for it to get fix. I don't need all that fancy computer system. Overall it is a very efficient good little car great on gas easy to maintained and nice looking too. I will continue to be a Nissan owner in even in the future.

- Elizabeth R

My bold, beautiful, baby blue versa note.

My versa note fits me perfectly. The seats are very comfy, whether I am whizzing through town or on a long trek. The storage space is unbelievable for such a small car. Everyone is always shocked at how much it can carry. The combination of the rear roof spoiler and the bold blue color means that I never lose my car in a parking lot. I was worried about the safety rating, but that was tested early on. Another vehicle swerved into my lane and ran me off the road. My beautiful baby blue was dented and scratched from headlight to taillight and I couldn't open the driver's side door. I was a little sore for a few days, but suffered no other issues. My car recovered quickly as well. The shop was able to restore her to almost like new. The other driver's vehicle was totaled as the wheel was pushed into the engine.

- Rebecca Y

Has a great Bluetooth system.

I am very satisfied with my 2016 Nissan Versa. It is a sedan so it can carry at least 4 passengers then the driver, it runs good have never had any problems with it. This is not a fat car but it is a car to travel in the city it gets the job done. Gas mileage is fair I am not spending over 20 every 2 weeks for gas so I am happy with that. Interior is nice, manual not stick electric windows and great ac. Makes for more than a enough room and has good amount of trunk space I have taken this car and back to many trips and never gave me a problem once nor did I fear anything would have happened I felt safe and so has anyone else that has drove with me, very happy with the vehicle strongly recommend, plus it is not too much money if your on a lower budget and want a newer reliable safe car.

- Brandon B

Small car great for city driving with impressive cargo space.

This is an impressive little car, great for city driving! I do some long highway driving as well, which is usually no problem unless you hit a strong tailwind, at which point the car shakes around a bit in a slightly intimidating way. That said, I haven't had any real problems! It is definitely not good for off road driving, however. The storage space is great, with the hatchback and fold down seats, you can fit an impressive amount of cargo in the back! Your groceries will fit no problem, even without folding down the seats, and I have fit as many as 3-4 large storage bins with room for more! The back seats have an impressive amount of legroom, which is especially nice if you ever anticipate driving with adults in the back! I also love the backup camera!

- Holly B

Sleek and beautiful, my best choice.

Despite being a compact car it is really roomy. I have no complaints about space, in the front, back, or trunk. Bluetooth and AUX do not work the best and it is kinda fiddly but still works. It is very reliable and there are no problems with it is exterior or interior look. Very comfortable to drive and not difficult to maneuver. All of it is features including the mirror changing and radio work extremely well. Would recommend buying this car for it is sleek exterior. Have gotten many compliments about this car and people enjoy riding in my car. No major issues besides a few radio and AUX cord issues but the speakers and sound works beautifully no matter how long they've been on. One of the best cars I have driven.

- Jane E

This was a great first car for me.

I really love my car. Some great things about it is the space. It is enough space for me and others if they want to join. The car drives smooth on the road and I haven't had any big mechanical problems. I like all the features on the steering wheel. It makes it easy when I am driving. . One thing that I had a problem with is the tires. My tire light always came on even if there weren't any problems. I also had to get new tires once I hit 30,000 miles. I also didn't like that the only way to get into my car was through the drivers side. There was no lock even on the passenger side. I can deal with manual locks and windows; however, in my next car, I do not want to deal with that.

- Lauren C

Spacious and dependable car with great mileage. Great car for kids or grandkids.

I have had my vehicle for 6 months and I love it. It gets great gas mileage and handles great in the rain. The trunk is very spacious. The back seat is also very spacious and can accommodate three adults very comfortably. If you have children or grandchildren this sedan is very easy to get car seats in and out. It can fit three car seats. The back seats fold down allowing you to access the trunk so that you can put extra large products in the back to the trunk. The cruise control makes it great for traveling long distance. The front seats recline all the way back so you can take a nap. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for good gas mileage and dependability.

- Veronica S

Compact comfort in extreme heat

The leg room in the car is really nice and it feels really spacious (at least from the driver's seat!). Nice trunk space and the back seats fold down for more room. I also like the Bluetooth feature so I can call someone without picking up my phone. One complaint I have is when I was driving to Ohio, we were going up and down large 'hills' and about 2 hours into the trip my air conditioning stopped working. After passing St. Louis and getting back on level ground, it began working again. I took it in to get checked out and they (the Nissan repair men) couldn't find anything wrong with it. Other than that, it's been a great car.

- Ashley Z

Small compatible vehicle with great gas mileage and smooth driving.

Some people might not like my vehicle because it is small. But you can move the seats down and create a lot of cargo space. The doors are all manual locks and windows are roll windows but the car has great gas mileage. I only have to fill up my tank about once or twice a month and even a full tank only costs about $25, which is dirt cheap. Since my car is small, it can fit in small spaces and it isn't any trouble finding a parking spot. The driving is very smooth and the air conditioning words very fast and powerful. Even for a small car it has very nice speakers and bass. It is overall one of the best cars I have ever driven.

- Logan S

2016 Versa note sport. Great care but could have sturdier features.

My Nissan Versa note replaced a hybrid vehicle. Understandably the note does not meet the gas mileage I got in the hybrid. I do mostly around town driving and get approximately 35-36 mpg. Overall it has good pickup, is comfortable although a lumbar support would be nice since I have a bad lower back area. The safety features are good, with additional turn signals and lighting in places like the side view mirrors and rear window. My only issue is the handles on the rear seats that lower the seats seem very weak / cheap and it feels like they will break off each time I have to lower the rear seats.

- Jan R

Economic transportation. Under 12000 good on gas and reliable transportation.

I like the gas mileage I can fill up once every 10 days. I also like the economical maintenance on my car. It is a great car for one or two people. I also like I can put the back seat down to move things I took my granddaughter to college and was able to pack 3 suitcases and boxes and a few others things. What I do not like about my car is the pick up on the highway the engine seems to work extra hard when I am driving about 70-75 miles a hour. The heating/air conditioning has a few issues not to serious but it is noticeable. For an economy car it is a reliable form of transportation.

- Sandra P

Great gas mileage & basic transportation.

The versa has great gas mileage. The acceleration is horribly slow. The car sounds like it is about to blow up when you try to accelerate quickly. The air conditioner and heater work great. The versa feature bare-minimum technology. My Bluetooth does not pick up my voice and callers have difficulty hearing me. The driver's seat is comfortable for short trips around town, but becomes uncomfortable after 2 hours. The radio is crappy. The USB connection comes and goes with no consistency. The versa would be a great car for a teenager or someone who only desires basic transportation.

- Catherine B

Low posy indicator on dashboard I love.

No problems, has backup camera, Sirius radio, voice control, controls on the steering wheel for volume, changing stations, and Bluetooth for connecting devices. Also has a feature that alerts the driver if the air pressure is low in any of the four tires and when you inflate the tire that is low it lets you know its ok to drive. Good tires, I live in central New York where we get a lot of snow and the car handles very well in snowy conditions. I get about 38 miles per gallon so gas mileage is very good and this car has a high safety rating plus the seats are very comfortable.

- Gerald W

2016 Nissan Versa: extremely reliable car with horrible spacing.

The vehicle is very reliable. It is slightly small inside, so it is not very good if you have multiple people inside frequently or have multiple kids. The trunk space is also small and the backseat does not let down so you cannot access it that way. It is very good on gas. It survived water on the inside from hurricane Harvey and is still running smoothly a year later. Cons: still has roll up windows. Has Bluetooth, but it has basic features. Have to lock the door individually. Seats do not push back very far, so it can be uncomfortable if you are taller.

- Summer D

Not much wrong with this car.

I am very comfortable in this car. I am a bit short so sometimes I feel like I am not sitting up high enough. Im feel good in this vehicle. I like my side arm rest because it rises and lowers so if you need to lean over you can raise it. The trunk is not really big enough. It is shaped funny so that you cannot not very large items and the seats do not lay down so a broom will not even fit. You have to stand it up in the back floorboard. It is hard to change the cabin filter so you cannot really do it yourself aota it is expensive.

- Elizabeth C

Small dependable car that will get you where you want.

If you are looking for something to get you to and fro with no problems, this is a nice car. It does not use a lot of gas. It comes with hands free setup. That is a bonus. It is a small car so it does not have much power. So if you are a person that likes your car to take off once you hit the gas, this is not the car for you. The one thing that bothers me the most about this small car is that I feel like the wind is going to blow it off the highway. You can sit up to 3 people in the backseats and it has a lot of trunk space.

- Qiana A

The one thing is my car is great for trips, normally on the freeway we get between 39-44 miles per gallon.

things i love about my car great gas mileage, comfortable chairs the Bluetooth radio and phone, able to put the seat belts in the slots when seats are down so they do not get messed up or tangled, the roomy back trunk. Some of the things i hate no light for radiator in case it overheats, only one arm rest for the driver, nothing for passenger and they lean over to use it. the a/c heater vents none in the back so your freezing in the front and sweating in the back during the summer and reverse that in the winter.

- Wilma G

It is a great sized car, with great performance for Its size and price.

I really like the hatchback option of the note as opposed to a trunk. It is so convenient. It is really added to by the fact that the back seats fold down allowing for the entire back areA to Be transformed into an area that can be used for hauling things, etc. The car itself drives like a dream, and the amenities like the backup camera and Bluetooth capabilities are wonderful. It also has XM radio capabilities with a subscription which is nice. Overall, it is a great car for it is size and price range.

- Valerie R

It is a new car, old features!

The car is really good on gas. Very reliable and does not take much to fill up. It is an older model on the inside so I still have roll up windows and individual locks. It is a smaller car so it is not very comfortable for taller people because the seats do not go back very far. Not really made for riding multiple people around a lot. Trunk space is also pretty small, and there is no access from the backseat. Also no arm rest or middle console. Radio is also an older model so the Bluetooth is pointless.

- Summer D

Hands free option to make phone calls with your car.

My car is a smooth ride. Although it is not all done up with gadgets, it gets you from point A to point B safely and without issue. It has a hands free feature to ensure I don't talk on the phone, but you can only make phone calls with this feature so it is not 100% effective. The interior is comfortable, quite roomy for a compact vehicle. Great on gas mileage and fun to drive so you don't even worry about how far you've gone! Other than what it is a basic model, nothing fancy or special.

- Caitlin M

Good compact car for a daily driver and mom.

My Nissan Versa is a nice little car. Lots of legroom in the back for a compact car. The seats are also very comfortable for a compact car. The car gets very good gas mileage. The only problems I have with the car is when I try to shift (mine is a manual transmission) into reverse, it doesn't always work the first try. Also, the back seat is pretty narrow. It is uncomfortable to sit 3 across or sit next to a child safety seat. Other than those two things I really like my Nissan Versa.

- Anna M

I like the controls that allow you to see what your average speed is.

I like the tremendous gas mileage that you can achieve. When I go 60 mph using the cruise control on the highway, I get 41 miles to the gallon. The car handles nicely going around curves, however, the acceleration is strained at times. The defrost system in the car is less than adequate, even when it is crank all the way on the highest setting, it struggles to keep the windows clear. Sometime I have to open one of my windows to get more air movement across the window.

- Gary R

Amazing red Nissan Versa that gets great gas mileage.

I have had issues with the power train and the hands off phone system since I have bought it. I love the seats they are super comfy and the trunk is super large. I can not be happier with gas mileage! Other than the one powertrain issue I had the car is great. It gets up to highway speed really quickly and does fairly well in the snow. I love the car overall and am very happy that I bought it. I enjoy that the radio controls are on my steering wheel as well.

- Kaitlyn B

Nissan Versa 2016: Great for a first car. Easy to drive, comfortable, and safe

The vehicle is small, affordable, reliable, and the gas intake/mileage is amazing. If you want to save money on gas, I suggest this vehicle. The only downside to this vehicle is that it's the basic model, which can always be modified at your expense later. So the basic model comes with roll-up windows, a basic radio system, and the typical key ignition. It's pretty comfortable and stylish but very easy to wreck if you ever experience a car accident.

- Destiny D

Red 2016 Nissan Versa sedan.

It is a red 2016 Nissan Versa sedan. I bought it certified pre-owned after finding it on Carfax. It had around 41, 000 miles on it. I like it because it has a lot of legroom, has a black interior, and I can easily plug my iPhone in to listen to music via USB. It is a great first car for a young adult like myself. I had a $10, 000 budget and it came to just under that number after taxes and fees. The car itself was said to be around $7, 500.

- Emily J

Backup lights are exceptionally bright and let you see what's behind.

Poor performance--weak engine but that is the trade-off for good gas mileage. Reliability is good. No major problems--just periodic required maintenance like oil changes etc. Lack of temperature gauge is somewhat anxiety producing and there's no outside door lock on passenger side so if you have to let a passenger into your locked car you have to do it from the inside. Manual hand cranked windows are a plus in my opinion--more trouble-free.

- Greg R

Dependable little car to pass down to my daughter.

I have had no problems with the vehicle thus far. Nice little ride. It is great on gas and mileage. Easy for me to work on if needed such as changing oil and air filter. I enjoy being able to play my iPhone with iTunes and can change music on the steering wheel. Probably the only problem with it would be at times a song on my iPhone is playing but no sound from speakers unless I unplug USB cord and plug it in again then the sound returns.

- David A

This car is reliable and is great on gas but not a great idea for tall person.

It's too low to the ground. I have a hard time getting out. Also, my legs are long and the seats do not let back far enough. There is also no middle counsel for me to items. The doors and windows are manual which can be very frustrating. The radio is not Bluetooth capable so I have buy auxiliary cords to play music apps on my phone. I do not have a rear window windshield wiper and on the days when it's raining driving can be a hassle.

- Brittany B

The color of my Nissan is "java. " I think it is a beautiful shade.

My Nissan versa is a very standard reliable car. It is fairly cheap on gas and drives smoothly. The seats are comfortable for the most part. I have the most basic model so the windows roll up manually. The heat and air work just fine. It is pretty easy to find shops to do maintenance at a reasonable price. Nissan is a Japanese car company so that is something to keep in mind. Nissan seems to be a very popular and reliable car company.

- Ashlyn A

A seemingly small car full of big things (spacious interior).

Although the Nissan Versa may seem to be small on the outside, I love the reactions I get from friends and family I give rides to of how spacious it actually is on the inside! Also, whenever I have to stop at an incline or on hills, it does a good job without rolling back too quickly - it can hold itself. If I had any complaint, it would be the lack of the hand holds at the top of the window, there is only one available in the front.

- Rheanne Jade G

Seals come off too easily but the car runs great!

My vehicle does not have any issues so far besides the fact that the seals on the vehicle for the windshield and door were not sealed correctly and have already come off and they always pop off. We have had to super glue the seal for the windshield but other than that the vehicle runs great and I really like it. The only reason for me wanting a new car is we have 2 children and need more space. I do also wish the car had Bluetooth.

- Amina I

I think the main great thing about my car is the great gasoline mileage it gets.

My car gets great gas mileage. It is easy to park. It is relatively comfortable- I say relatively comfortable because my husband who is 6 foot tall thinks it is not as comfortable for someone his size. It has a GPS device, has am/FM, Sirius is optional. My car has a seat warmer that can be turned on or off. The car has seat warmers on both the drivers and passengers size. My car is a hatchback. It has ample room to put groceries.

- Robin A

The highlight of my car is that it is great on gas. $20.00 will fill it up.

It is to small. I have a rollator and I have a hard time getting it in the trunk. But it is good on gas. And easy to find parking spaces especially when you live in my area. I really do not have any problems with the car. Its reliability is great I have had it for three years and the battery is still the same, as far as comfort and features it comfortable, but there's not a lot of features, kind of standards for it to be a 2016.

- Linda T

Spacious for a small car.

Although I have only had just a month with the car, I'd like to point the pros and cons I have noticed. Exterior: small and cute. It has four doors and a real small wing. Interior: dark grey seats, nice radio sound, power windows and locks and plenty of room in the glove compartment. The trunk is fairly big to be such a small car. It runs smoothly. Breaks are awesome and so is the acceleration. The car does my vibrate or shake.

- Sapphire Z

Simple and economical. There is a lot of space in the back seat and trunk.

I bought my car used. It was a rental car and once it hit 30,000 miles, they sold it. I bought it for about $8,000 and for a fairly new car with low mileage, it has definitely been worth it. I am a college student and I needed something simple. The 2016 Nissan Versa SV is a very simple car, nothing fancy but also extremely reliable. It has been a year and a half since I bought my car and I have not had any issues with it.

- Cadi E

Reliable and gets the job done.

I originally bought the vehicle pre owned so there were some features about it that I didn't like but were not at fault of the make and model. Although, I would say it's a rather small car but essentially gets the job done. Another downfall is that there is no armrest for the passenger side and there is no console in between the driver and the passenger side. Other than that, it's great on gas, comfortable, and reliable.

- Mia P

Good basic car but could have more features.

The car speeds up slowly. There could be more features like playing your music with Bluetooth. Some basics are missing like arm rests on both sides. However size is good. Gas lasts. It has not had any problems. It comes with basics like calls by Bluetooth, steering wheel control, USB port to charge. The trunk is quite big for the car size, back seats have ample space for legs. Generally a good car with good performance.

- Ana M

Great mileage, overall decent car.

My car does not have auto windows so that is a pain and I could really use a few extra features like a backup camera and stuff like that but for overall performance I have little to complain about. It gets good mileage and one time I had a screw in my tire it told me I had to check tire pressure. I took it and had it fixed immediately. Overall a great car. Just not very advanced in technology as I would like in a car.

- Alicia C

Nissan Versa note hatchback with good cargo space.

My vehicle gets good gas mileage and has had no performance issues. I like having Bluetooth capability in my car as it not only allows me to listen to music from my phone but I can also easily accept incoming calls from a touch point on the steering wheel. The storage capacity is surprisingly large and I can transport a lot of things with the seats down. . Another surprising feature is how roomy it feels once inside.

- Renee B

Easy to drive. We can elevate our driving seat up.

I like my car, it is roomy, comfortable.My only concern is that it feels very lightweight, if I am stopped in an intersection for left turn and another vehicle pass by straight, my car really wiggles. So it seems not very safe and reliable. The trunk is just a little bit small as compared to other sedan. I like the feature that we can flat the backseat and can carry a big item to home from the store like televisions.

- Aliya K

My nicely designed vehicle.

I consider my vehicle very practical it has all the features that are needed. No big technology but is very comfortable and practical with enough space for carrying even a wheelchair when I am traveling with my mom that is disabled, shopping bags and luggages. Fit up to 5 people very comfortable. Easy to drive and manage. It has a beautiful blue metallic color that shines under the sun. Just the right car for me!!

- Sonia C

Small Nissan, perfect for a first car, not the best car if you have kids.

Problems: Gas, I have to fill up every 2 weeks. Space, not a lot of space inside at all. Performance: average, nothing extraordinary. Gets me to where I need to go. Reliability: pretty reliable, hasn't broke down on me yet. Comfort, is decent actually. Features: no touch screen radio, back up camera, backseat a/c, navigation. None of that. However. The seat material and color is the best if you have young kids!

- Sarah M

Great little no frills car.

The Versa is a great little car for what it is. Acceleration could be a little more responsive. But it isn't a performance car, so you can't expect too much from it. The braking system is interesting. When I come to a complete stop and let off a little a on the pedal, then put pressure back on the pedal. It feels as if there is free play or slack, in other words there is no resistance from the braking system.

- Jason H

2016 Nissan versa note sv hatchback, great for 4 person family or first car.

My versa note is great on gas, comfortable, and reliable. I have two children that fit comfortably, one with a car seat. Plenty of room with hatchback for groceries and such. Works well in long distance trips to visit family. Bluetooth is handy as my daily commute is about an hour. The position of the ac vents really work for me as they can move into multiple different positions to direct air flow.

- Rachel H

It�s a perfect first car for a teenager or a great car for a senior citizen.

I bought the car brand new and have loved everything about it since I've gotten it. I have an infant and it can be a little crampy at times but other than that it's an amazing car. Even with the cramping, the seats are extremely comfortable and trunk is somewhat spacious. Performance wise, the cars 'get up' has slowed a bit down but I'm at 83,000 miles already. So I'm sure it's just with old age

- Jade S

2016 Nissan versa note (kinda small and quirky but reliable).

I really like the gas mileage of the car and the way it runs. I do not like that I have no buttons to roll up the windows or to lock the door. It is fairly comfortable but slightly smaller than I'd like but it is decent. The Bluetooth could be a little better and let me connect my phone to listen to my music easier. It does have an AUX cord though. The Bluetooth does support phone calls.

- Eric S

This vehicle has all the room in the world for a small car! I love it

My vehicle is extremely reliable. I recommend it for a first car for teens, or college students. I get great mileage on it, about 30-35 miles per gallon. It's comfortable to sit in, both front and back seats. I have had not technical issues with my car as it is newer. It also is easy to park anywhere because of its small size. Even though it is small, it is still roomy in the back.

- Julia C

This car runs well and handles well and doesn't use too much gas

It's a sweet car that drives much better than my previous vehicle. It it decently reliable, and is starting to rattle despite only being three years old, but I haven't had a problem with it yet. The fuel economy is good, although it could be better. It accelerates sluggishly because the engine isn't very strong. My next car won't be the same make and model, but I still love it.

- Jocelyn K

The Nissan Versa is great for local travels.

My vehicle is a good local car for doctor's appt, shopping, and running other errands. It is a very reliable car good on gas. When you take the car on the highway that is where you running into problems. When on the highway you can only drive 60 to 70 miles per hour, that is the performance of this car. If you travel much you have to watch your tires and check for oil changes.

- Laverne A

It has a backup camera and hands free Bluetooth option on the steering wheel.

This car is perfect for me. It's a great little commuter car with awesome gas mileage. The inside is actually more spacious than I was expecting, and while I do have some upgrades such as Bluetooth and a backup camera that make it feel nicer, it's really nothing too fancy. In the 3 years I've had this car, I haven't had any major issues to deal with, just general maintenance.

- Kaitlin K

Put the parking brake on, for hills.

I have a 2016 Nissan versa. I bought it preowned with 34, 000 miles on it. I have had no problems with it thus far. It is comfortable to me, however I am a 5 foot one woman. Whenever there are passengers over 6ft they tend to feel a little cramped. I would suggest this car for a first time female buyer because of the small amount of legroom. It starts every time, no glitches.

- Kai C

The camera on the back of the car when in reverse.

I like everything pretty much its great on gas it's comfortable driving and for a smaller car, its very roomie I travel a lot so this definitely works for me... I have 4 dogs that believe it or not they fit one of them being a black lab... I love the reverse feature where a screen come on the radio and you can see on both sides and directly behind when backing out of places.

- Kelly G

Nissan, a quality product I trust.

I love the Nissan products, they are well made and reliable. I love the stirring, it makes me fill more in control. I have owned three other Nissans over the years and have enjoyed all of them. I need a car that get great gas mileage and which is very important to me. The interior is also very good quality. The seats are ergonomically designed and have great lumbar support.

- Tim L

Performance and Features Of My Nissan Versa

I feel it was not a real expensive car. The AC really cools the car down fast. The inside is nice and there is plenty of legroom. I love my double glove compartment. It does not take a lot of gas. Sometimes when it rains it will hydroplane but I just have to slow down. I have no oil check light to come on so I have to stay up on that but I feel it is a very reliable care.

- twyla T

The 2016 Nissan versa is a great, reliable vehicle, with large trunk space.

My vehicle is reliable and performed well on a recent long road trip. I have not had to worry about it breaking down. In recent snow, it automatically switched to antiskid features. The trunk space is generous, and I can fit large items in the back folding the back seats down. I am really happy with my purchase. It is the safest, most reliable car I have ever owned.

- Sherry K

This car is cute sporty but has the space tendentious of a minivan!

My car is so spacious and comfortable to be in it is like a minivan but is cute a sporty looking without the mini van look. My at drives great and the ac and heater operate amazingly. I would definitely recommend my vehicle to anyone who needs space and comfortable along with style and flexibility. The speakers work great also in the car. Overall I cannot complain.

- Jackie B

The music from Pandora is so easy to connect to. The GPS feature is great.

I hate how slow it is. On the freeway I really worry about switching lanes. I floor my car all the time which wastes gas. Other than that love it. Easy to maneuver, great on gas. The cameras are food. The highest heated seat is weird. It turns off after every 2 minutes or so. They told me that is how it is. All versa notes do that. Other than that it's a good car.

- Martha B

Nissan 2016 notes about the versa note.

Comfortable bucket seats, beautiful interior. It is a hatchback with fold down rear seat. Great wheel covers and it is a white car. Beautiful on outside.. Good on gas mileage. Problem with seat belt, it does not always automatically go back when I have to leave the vehicle. Also cooling /heating system sometimes takes long on extreme weather days to get going.

- Donna D

This car is very spacious and comfortable especially when traveling.

The performance on this vehicle is amazing. It drives smoothly, visible areas all around the car when driving. I never have a problem seeing out any window or mirror in my car. This car is spacious and comfortable it is like owning a van but in a compact car. The air conditioner and heater is amazing. And I love the Bluetooth connect option in my car.

- Jackie B

What I like about my Versa. I love the color interior and the mileage.

I have not have any problems with my car. It reliable and it is very comfortable for traveling. I enjoy driving my car it is food on gas. I get real good mileage on the highway. Should I choose to buy a new car it will be another Nissan. I would recommend Nissan to my family and friends to purchase their next car cause they will give you a good deal.

- Dejuan F

Nissan Versa is the best!

I love this car! I bought it unexpectedly after an accident 2 years ago and I am so glad I chose this! Outside of typical routine maintenance, I haven't had any issues. I commute a lot for work, so I am always on the go, and living in the dc metro area, in a lot of traffic - however, I feel very safe in my Versa when traveling from client to client.

- Bonnie L

Nissan versa 2016 is a great car to have!

The 2016 Nissan versa is a good car because it is small but has a lot of storage on the inside with the double glove compartments. The ac works great, and it is very easy to drive. My only concern is that it is very light weight and can hydroplane easily when on the highway when it is raining and the roads are wet. Overall it is a great starter car.

- Lindsey C

Good little vehicle for older people or if you're looking for a conservative car.

I am more of a truck or sports car person so this car doesn't really fit me but since my job is so far I needed something good on gas and this car is perfect for that. The overall car is very nice and very reliable but if I didn't have to rush to pick a car I would of got something that was more my style. I feel like this car is for older people.

- Nicole C

A great car for a great price

Being an automatic, it doesn't always shift when I think it does, but I haven't had any real problems. I love the backup camera and the controls on the steering wheel make the use of radio easy. I don't like how you cannot input information on GPS while driving as a passenger could easily input the information but the car does not allow this.

- Donna B

My car has a manual transmission and loves to Go!!

I own a white 2016 manual transmission Nissan versa. I love the car so much. It drives well and I have only had one problem with it. It's only problem is it can't seem To keep its oil. We keep refilling it But can't find any leaks and it's not burning it. We have to fill the oil completely at least once every two weeks. It gets old fast.

- Joshua S

The Nissan Versa is a nice dependable car that is good on gas mileage.

My Versa is very dependable and compact. It is a great gas saver and has a really neat "Nissan" imprint inside the door that lights up at night. I like the Bluetooth feature as well so I can driver hands free, however, I do miss using a key fob to unlock my doors and I hate having to roll up my windows by hand instead of electronically.

- Nina J

Is cheap, comfortable and meets the basics. It takes you from point A to point B without problems, is economic is gas and good fit for a low budget.

Is a good and cheap option to go from a point A to a point B. The maintenance issues are only related with tires. It's really low in performance but this car is for basic transportation. Is pretty roomy and comfortable, the features are really basic but enough to make the trip. Gas mileage is not bad (above average) but could be better.

- Marco A

Easy, great gas mileage ride that looks sleek and comes in great colors!

It gets great gas mileage. It is roomier on the inside than other cars around the same type and size. Lots of cargo space in the back. Drives smoothly and has lots of viewing with a wide front window. It comes in a bunch of bright vibrant colors. I was in an accident with a previous versa and I loved it so much I bought another one.

- Dee R

it's a great little car overall. Quick from the start.

noise when braking. It's a one change shifter. Very light. Quick little car. Its small inside. Power windows and has a hatchback type door. it's a 4 door. Very economic. Good gas mileage. Nice car for the price. Very affordable. Came with Sirius radio for 6 months free. Has cruise control and other extras. Quiet engine. Rides great.

- jose D

Great economy vehicle for a tight budget!

Great handling, relative smooth ride (it is a smaller car). Comfortable interior, great audio system, love the Bluetooth integration. Gas mileage is excellent (much better at <60mph. ). It's bare bones on the extra features (no power windows/seats, things like that - nothing essential but definitely noted the absence thereof. ).

- Terry W

2016 Nissan Versa Note is a reliable car with great gas mileage.

This car is really great on gas as I average about 41 MPG. I really love the style of the car. It isn't too big to where I feel I can't fit through tight spaces but not to small either. I really love having the Bluetooth option as my last car didn't have it. I haven't had any problems with it in the 1.5 years I've been driving it.

- Gigi S

2016 Nissan Versa. This car makes a really good starter car.

I like this car. It's basic but reliable. Feels a little too light when driving on the freeway. The car has no blind spots. Gas mileage is good. Great car for running errands. I would not recommend it as a car for long distance travel. This car does have a Bluetooth feature and it is easy to use and I can hear very clearly.

- Tracey H

The Touchscreen Interface

I love my 2016 Nissan Versa SL. The features in this vehicle is honestly just amazing from the touchscreen interface to the Sirius XM Radio. I think the car is perfection for a trip to the beach or maybe out of town. Also this car is great for everyday needs. It's a small car but they always say big things come in small packages.

- Kyle G

Versa ain't going to hurt yah

The Nissan a great first car it's only 10,000 which make purchasing or leasing fairly easy. I own my versa for 2 years know and everything still runs like new, only problems I had was the tires seems like every set of tire I got they'll leak air slowly. But all and all I love my versa and would trade it in only for another versa

- reggie J

It is a tough little car.

This vehicle has been extremely reliable since day one. It even started when it was -22 below, and gets around in the snow extremely well considering it is a small car. If I had anything to complain about, since it is a small car, there is not a ton of room. Otherwise, this car is reliable and the maintenance very reasonable.

- Carla J

The 2016 Nissan versa is meh!

The fan went out after 15k miles. Seems quality may be low on the parts. Also the engine is very slow, but it does make up for it in gas mileage. It is also not super comfortable. Bumps are the worst! To go along with the a/c, I live in Louisiana and the air does not blow very cold. In 95+ degree heat it just cannot kept up.

- Josh B

Nissan versa makes a cute starter car for a teen

pretty reliable, no problems yet. it's a kind of small car especially in the back seats but it's cute. Everything seems to work pretty great haven't had to get anything replaced yet. I love the radio and how big the trunk is. also love the bright red of the car. It runs very well even when you're almost completely out of gas

- Montana J

My characterizing potentials.

My car is the number one material thing that I own, it is what I use and consider my main supporting factor in how I get back and forth to anywhere that I need to go in my day to day life. It also is what I consider to be my personal style, what people could look at to define the kind of person that I consider myself to be.

- Ryan F

It's an all around great car.

It's good for a small family. It's great on gas I get about 43 miles a gallon highway. It has a lot a features such as rear back up camera. Several spots for phone charging. Easy to get around. Great car if you like smaller ones it's a hatchback which is convenient for shopping bags. Back seats fold down for extra storage.

- Elaine D

Sour I bought a lemon of a car.

Bad brakes, easily pushed by the wind, not good in the snow, car is narrow so it is uncomfortable for 3 people in the backseat, low gas warning is too last minute, air conditioner and heat are poor. Battery died after 2 years and car stalls often. When the car turns it feels like it will flip over if I do not drive slow.

- Felicia T

A budget friendly, mid-size sedan perfect for families

It is a reliable, affordable midsize car. It has a good amount of trunk space and legroom' making it ideal for families. It has very good braking and acceleration. The only complaint is that the sound system is less than desirable. The Nissan Versa has a good overall value and is economical. Good for families on a budget

- Isabel J

Nissan Versa: notably better performance.

Ever since I got this car I have been unbelievable satisfied. The gas mileage is great, I can fit into smaller parking spaces, and it is so cheap to fill up. As a college student, it is great to have a car that is so reliable and affordable. It is smaller, but I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to trade in.

- Jessica C

The Nissan Versa. Reliable, reasonable, and excellent.

Good on gas, drive pretty okay but the Bluetooth for your mobile phone is terrible. Low maintenance. Okay space for it size . Overall pretty good for city travel. Pretty reliable and price is excellent value for a college grad.Car insurance is pretty reasonable also(depending on the drive). I would recommend this car

- Sean B

Great Starter Car For The Thrifty!

The versa is small. We have no power locks or windows. But the car is great a great cheap starter car. It also has wonderful gas mileage! I would highly recommend for first time car buyers. Another downfall is the lack of back seat space. I can only imagine how hard it would be to fit a car seat inside and out of it.

- Katy P

Overall Decent car for the price

Engine does not have much power, I have to be extra careful when merging into traffic. It's good on gas. Easy to park in small spaces. Wish it had a few more compartments to store things in. Only real storage is the glove compartment and even that is a little on the small side. But overall a decent car for the price.

- Nancy M

An overall great car for the price, even with the basic model

So far, the performance has been good overall. I got a factory model, so it does have manual windows and locks. The only downside is no cruise control, but that is available along with power window/locks if you go one price point higher. The car gets great gas mileage and I rarely spend more than $25 to fill it up.

- Amanda V

Nissan versa is a very efficient car to own and operate

It's simple, gas efficient, nice color, nice air conditioning and the brakes are easy. The reliability is great I haven't had any type of inconvenience with the car breaking down. Having a gas leak. Etc. The performance is overall great as well. The car has ran incredibly smooth for the amount of time I have had it

- Lisa V

It is a reasonably priced vehicle.

Performs alright, have had not major issues with it in the year that I have owned this vehicle, gas mileage is not wonderful, only 36 mi/gal on highway, less around town. I feel many of the interior features are made cheaply and if not handled gently will just break off such as the control to lower the rear seats.

- Janice R

2016 Nissan Versa SV: great if you like to drive, but that's about it

The vehicle is fantastic for mileage, it's great on gas, and a very comfortable ride. Only problem is that for a 2016 vehicle, it's pretty bare on features. No back up cam, no lane departure warnings, or blind spot detection, etc. For a daily driver, it gets the job done. But the cabin leaves a lot to be desired

- John E

The only drawbacks are the manual doors, windows, &amp; lone door lock.

Has been very reliable &amp; has not had any problems yet. Mostly used in the city, but handles well on highway as well. Of the few things I have issues with are manual windows &amp; doors &amp; only 1 door lock on driver front door-this can be very inconvenient.Otherwise, it has been a great car for the money.

- jack C

A half a tank can last you about a week when traveling from point a to point b

It has great performance. Perfect speed. Love at brakes definitely assistants with speed control. It's a very reliable vehicles. Gets me from point a to point b. Very comfortable seating. Very spacious. Sometimes in the sun the car can get really hot. The aux cord and Bluetooth setting for phone is amazing

- Lydia Y

Nissan versa is the best car around

I absolutely love my Nissan versa. It drives very smooth Lee on the road you know when it gets bumpy and handles surprisingly well in the snow in the rain. It's a smooth sea and the sound on the radio is very good too. I've had it a few years and it hasn't broken down in anyway yet so that's a good thing

- Patrick D

I like my Nissan versa note.

It is very reliable. It gets average gas mileage (25 mpg). It looks good. It has a lot of space, hatchback, 4 doors, comfy seats. Good radio. Outlets for charging stuff. 2 glove boxes, auto windows. Average power. Drives okay in snow. Heater is a bit slow to heat up. I really like it. T of room.

- Ann R

The versa note: the big, little car.

The versa note is a very compact hatchback, so I can park it anywhere, but it is very spacious inside. I often joke that it is like a Tardis. My only complaint is that it is not very powerful, so it is not great on the highway, but a majority of my driving is in town and it is very comfortable for that.

- Amanda O

Amazing smaller car that will fit your needs

I flipped my car onto its side. I was not hurt at all. I'm looking into trading my car in just because I need more space due to the fact that my family is growing in size. I love all the features my car has from the hands free talking to the backup camera. It has been an amazing car while I've had it.

- Mindy H

Gas saving children’s toy.

Faulty tire pressure sensor, no power whatsoever, bad speakers, rough riding. I bought the car strictly to build credit, and now that I have, I no longer want it. Overall it is a good commuting vehicle, with fantastic gas mileage. But driving this car is like driving a battery powered children’s car.

- Katie H

The Versa Nissan notebook is the most amazing small car available today.

Driving to Kentucky I get 53 miles to the gallon. Around town 31 miles to gallon. It fits in small spaces. I have had no problems in my almost 3 years I have had it. Love the color. It is outside all winter and always started. The air conditioning is truly amazing. I am forever having to turn it down.

- Colleen W

Compact but spacious, basic but nicely done

The car is nice enough to drive around, very quiet engine, does not need much attention besides regular, cruise control makes it good for long trips, Bluetooth calls easily taken via steering wheel, volume up/down on steering wheel, compact but spacious on the inside. Good speed but lower acceleration

- Jorge B

Bought the basic model but even with that it is a really nice first/cheap car.

The gas mileage is not all that great, only get like 20 around town and 30 on the highway. Was told when I got it that it would get 35 mph around town. It has amazing reliability, has gotten me through three years of driving it without a problem. It is comfortable and roomy in the front and back seat.

- Gabby C

Dependability and service I get from local dealer.

I like that my vehicle has aircon and heater, it is a newish model (2016) and that it is an automatic. I like that there's a radio and CD player as well. I do not like that there's no gps built into the car and it is not compatible with my phone so I can play music from my phone to my car's speakers.

- Rhea Anne M

My Very Reliable Nissan Versa

It's only issue is the scratching of paint near the left headlight. Other than that it's been super reliable in its performance for how much we use it in a day. Between me working and my mother in law working it holds its own. We were even able to use it to travel outside of the state. Excellent car!

- Solomon G

Overall, I like the car. It is a pretty good car.

The only real problems that I have had is with the cooling system. It has two cooling fans, so your price doubles when you have to buy a replacement fan for it. Also when the cooling fans are not putting out enough amps and you have to replace them, your a/c does not work when you are sitting ideal.

- Shelly A

Best car I have ever owned.

I have had this car for three years and it's yet to give me any problems. It has plenty of room for the kids and big trips. I love that we never have to worry about breaking down or being uncomfortable. It is reliable and it looks great. Hopefully we will be able to pass it down to one of our kids.

- Ashley D

It�s a nice size for a small girl like myself

It doesn't look nice and has sounds. It wasn't my first choice. I only chose this one because of my options. This is not my dream car but I had to get it because it was my only choice due to credit. It makes loud noise when the car is on but I took it to the garage and they said there's no problems

- Amira A

Fun car to drive. Easy on gas.

The car has good reliability, very dependable, it is comfortable to sit in and drive, things I do not like is the vehicle is too light, body is very thin which make it very difficult to drive at high speed without feeling like being blown all over the road. You cannot stay behind a tractor trailer.

- Dan H

My review of the 2016 Nissan Versa

We've had no problems with the car in the few years we've had it. It's been through a lot being driving in NYC. It's reliable and performs well. I don't consider it very comfortable, though. And there aren't very many features. I think it's a very basic model. I just think it's a very boring car.

- Kathy T

Car has lots of room considering the size.

The car is very roomy considering the car is small. I do wish the car had automatic locks cause it would make things a lot easier. The only issue we have had is our windshield has a crack in it and we are not sure how it happened. No mechanical issues so far. We do need new tires after 40k miles.

- Jamie S

Nissan Versa Equals Versatility

Puredrive, meaning it is fuel efficient. MPG is 35 on the stress and 40 on the highway. Very comfortable interior. Spacious back seat. No center area. Bluetooth compatibility. USB and AUX cable ports. Total of 6 cup holders. Lots of trunk space with storage area for jack and tire changing tools.

- Jessica G

It's nothing fancy, but it will get you where you need to go.

It's dependable, reliable transportation for us. The gas mileage is great and helps us keep our gas costs down. We purposefully bought a stripped down model - it is a manual transmission, has crank windows, and it pretty much just a way to get from here to there without any bells and whistles.

- Barbara R

Nissan versa '16 vanity or vroom.

It is a wonderfully smooth ride and shift seamlessly. It even growls like a sports car. Which makes me laugh because of the 1.6 engine size. I have had no problems with this car even though it was previously a fleet vehicle. The only thing I do not like is a spare key has to purchased at Nissan.

- Yvonne M

Easy to drive and great runabout for errands & outings.

Loved the baby blue color of my 2015 Nissan note. Liked the car so much when it had 80, 000 miles I traded it in for a 2016. Good gas mileage & performance. Never had a problem. The only negative thing I have to say about this vehicle is the small gas tank requires stops for gas every few days!

- Kay T

Nissan versa note is a reliable vehicle.

My Nissan versa note has great gas mileage and so far, I have had no major mechanical issues with it. There has been issues with the tire pressure sensors when there's been a change in temperature outside. The vehicle has been reliable however and ultimately, I am happy with my purchase of it.

- Ann K

Great little car not so great stereo.

I just wish it had a bit more powerful engine and it was convertible the performance is fine and it handles well. Steers very smooth and corners fine. The stereo is not meant to go very loud it get tiny when you crank it up. The gas mileage is between 28-36 mpg depending on you driving habits.

- Pat C

Great comfortable ride with good gas mileage.

It is a great car. Plenty of legroom, good gas mileage. It is very reliable. The radio is clear sounding. Seats are comfortable. Ac works really well. It has the basic features. I have to hand roll the windows up and down but I don't mind that. You do have to be careful if it is really windy.

- Victoria H

We love our versa because it is very reliable. It is very good on gas/mileage.

So far we have no problems without versa. It is very dependable and gets us where we need to go. It is a 4-door car and it is very easy to load stuff in the back so it is easier to unload when its raining. The trunk is very spacious so that makes it easier for bigger loads to be brought home.

- Teresa L

Am 80 years old and the car is a good fit for me.

I have had very few minor problems. I like the reliability of the car. Just get in and go. The car is good for long rides because of the comfort built in. It's also good for short hops because it's easy to park and get in and out of. The car will most likely out live me as I am 80 years old.

- Donald F

Great little car that saves on gas

Easy to drive, great for parking in small spaces. Handles well on the road. Great on gas savings averages 36 mpg. My car has automatic door lock, it locks shortly after I turn off car. Never have to worry if I remember to lock my car. Phone Bluetooth works okay. Defrosting windows not great.

- Laurie L

Nissan Versa is Reliable and Great Commuter Car

I love my Nissan Versa. It gets great gas mileage, has a great look, and is really comfortable for road trips. We use it as a commuter car but also take it on trips because of the great gas mileage. We love our car and would recommend this vehicle to anyone needing a reliable commuter car!

- Lindsey R

Very reliable starter car.

There have not been any performance issues. Our model is very basic, no power windows, no power locks. No alarm system. Despite it is lack of bells and whistles, it is a very reliable car. Fuel efficient, quiet, and smooth on the road. I would definitely recommend it as a starter vehicle.

- Amber M

Great for single life and family life.

Having two Nissans in the house is great one being a manual and one automatic. Very similar to each other great on gas very comfy roomy and sporty yet great for family. Both are four doors giving a lot of access to back seat. Air bag equipped and great safety ratings makes us feel safer.

- Michelle P

My Nissan versa is small and compact but drives well.

My car drives smooth. Haven't had any problems with it so far. It gets great gas mileage. I have basic interior but enjoy its comfort. It might be compact but has plenty of cab and trunk space. The vehicle is very light and wind blows it around. Factory radio and speakers needs upgrade.

- Leanne H

Car is not that good of a car but is cost efficient.

Not enough horsepower. Not fast enough. Weak exterior. Gas efficient. Not enough rear space. When I lay down the seats it still will not lend to necessary space. The steering mechanism is not easy enough to control the car. Does not have armrest glove box. Not enough internal storage.

- Ruby S

Nice reliable roomy car, perfect first car

I've only had this car for 3 months, but it's reliable it hasn't given me any serious problems yet. The AC works well. I wish it had automatic locks and windows. The seats are comfortable, my kids have enough room in the back even when my boyfriend is in the front they still have room.

- Ray L

My 2016 Nissan versa note is proving itself to be a very reliable vehicle.

I purchased my Nissan versa note in July of this year. It is a 2016 so, it is not " new " per se. . But, I haven't had any problems with it mechanically and the I have been very happy with it is performance so far. It has a rear camera which makes backing up / out of somewhere easier.

- Stephanie K

The color is great though and the drive is very smooth.

Sleek, not very roomie, great driving style, love the comfort ability, and trunk space, hate that it is manual locks and windows, but other than that it is a great car, wish it had more room for the back seat so I could fit car seats comfortably, and had power door locks and windows.

- Kelly P

It handles really well. It is compact yet spacious.

I like the tech features in my vehicle and the interior styling. It is a cute car though I wish it was a little bigger except for the insanely large glove box which is useless. I also can't seem to get the windshield clean no matter what. Other than that, a very reliable, zippy car.

- Gisele R

Slow to start quick to stop, simple design.

Vehicle has slow acceleration and quick stopping speeds. Simple design does not allow for additional computer functions such as fluid monitoring. The display does not function in extreme heat. Center console is small. Driver seat has the only arm rest, the passenger seat is without.

- Cass H

Nissan Versa Note is very reliable and comfortable.

The Nissan Versa Note is roomy. It works well. It has a backup camera, and shows the outside temperature. It has bucket seats and fold down rear seats. The seats are comfortable, We've had our vehicle two year and we haven't had any mechanical problems with it. It's very reliable.

- Karen M

It is spacious and gas saving.

The vehicle is very reliable, strong yet some parts are falling apart in the car. This vehicle does not waste gas quickly. Makes a few sounds when pressed on the gas. Runs great still after these years. Vehicle is very wide and spacious. People in the back seat have lots of legroom.

- Sarah R

2016 Nissan versa, light grey. Cheap on gas, and just enough space for 4 people.

My car is very small, tires slide when driving in the rain, car moves side to side from the wind. The car is light grey, black interior, good on gas, small for 2 people. Came from auto giant. My car is a 2016 Nissan versa. The car is used to get to and from work and pick up the kids

- chanel H

Best reliable and affordable vehicle you can get for less than 12000 dollars.

The vehicle is very reliable. I been driving it for two years and I haven't had any mechanical problems. Mileage is amazing (approximately 38 miles per gallon). The vehicle interior is simple but spacious. The maintenance is really inexpensive. Best value for the money you can get.

- Carlos R

It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive.

My 2016 Nissan Versa Note is the best car I've ever driven. It gets great gas mileage in town and on the highway. I've never experienced any major mechanical issues, and it is very safe. I've been rear ended a couple of times, and there has been no damage to myself or the vehicle.

- Sean C

The Nissan Versa provides great bang for your buck

I like the low cost, good mileage, and control via steering and brakes. The acceleration isn't great, but I'm not concerned about that. The engine harness was likely soy-based, so rodents probably chewed it and forced me to replace it at high cost. That's really my only complaint.

- Zak K

Great gas mileage, small car vehicle

The Nissan versa is awesome it has great gas mileage and I have yet to have a problem with it. The only thing is if you are a person of height.. it's going to get a little cramped as the seat does not go back as much I would like for it to. It's a fantastic car and I do recommend

- Andrew A

Real driver review of 2016 Nissan versa sv.

It rides smooth and is good for long trips. Good gas mileage and has great ac. Good car for new drivers. Does have some outside noise issues. Is lower to the ground. Makes great you turns. Handles nicely. Good workhorse car. Does need to have some minor issues. Over all good car.

- Jennifer R

The car gets great gas mileage and is really dependable.

The car has basic features. There is not anything to special on the car, but it does get great gas mileage. It is extremely reliable. It is a great car for college students that must commute to school and back home. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy a new car.

- Dawson L

Overall Great Car for a price that�s not too high

There aren't really any problems with the vehicle. I wish it was a little more spacious. The performance is great. It is really great on gas. I save more money on gas than I did with past vehicles. It's a very reliable vehicle. I haven't had any car trouble since it was bought.

- dar C

Some info about Nissan versa.

Nissan versa is a great car for a couple or a small family. It has 4 doors and a hatchback opening to the cargo area, which has a removable cover. Seats are comfortable in passenger area. Cupholders are a bit inconvenient to use. Versa is a small comfortable vehicle, low price.

- Sylvia S

The car that lasts forever

Very reliable. I freaking love it. I could not have chosen a better car. Nissan did a great job with making the car and I haven't had any problems with it. If I had a chance to choose all over again I'd choose this car. My next car will also be a stick shift just like this one.

- Xavier Y

Silver Sedan, Automatic, easy to drive and park anywhere

It's a great car! It's very reliable and extremely comfortable. It's great on gas mileage, very efficient, we use it for all our road trips. I haven't had any problems with it to date. It's perfect for students or anyone with a long commute to work. I'd recommend it to anyone!

- Paisley B

If your a family of 5 the car is way too small! The car is just small in general!

I like the Nav system, and backup camera the front end make of the car. I dislike how small it is, the cup holders small makes my drinks spill everywhere. The nav system freezes a lot. Sometimes I drive without the radio. I have to turn the car off and back on for it to reset.

- Adrianna H

New Car Old Features 2016

I love the veh it's just the features aren't all that great to be a 2016. Radio is outdated and windows or locks aren't automatic and no console. Good with gas though. Runs good air works great. Like I said the car itself is a good car just doesn't come with the best features.

- Ja S

Trunk release creates havoc.

Trunk releases almost daily which causes many issues. Performs well and is reliable. I went across country with pets and it was comfortable and had no problems. Great gas mileage! Small and economical however not big enough to handle lots of snow and ice. Car is low to ground.

- Shelley K

Nissan Versa is a reliable vehicle.

The car runs great but it's just not the car I want. No problems and it is very reliable. Gas mileage is good. The car does not come with a lot of bells and whistles but it does come equipped with Bluetooth. The only thing that I really dislike is the windows are not powered.

- Milly G

This vehicle is very comfortable and has a lot of space in it.

I have not had any issues with my car. It drives smoothly and is quiet on the roads. It is very comfortable. There is Bluetooth and input for an auxiliary cord. It also has a great air conditioner system inside. There are no blind spots so the windows are clear on each side.

- Melody W

Great car for the price range!

This car is perfect for a city dweller. It's compact and can fit into spaces most cars cannot. It has a lot of pep to it and runs great. I wish it came with leather seats! The cloth on this model is a little on the thin side. Otherwise, it's a great car for this price range.

- Kristen H

Compact car that is spacious on the inside.

My car is wonderful. It gets me to where I need to be and more. It is very spacious. It's very good on gas. It does have a 10 gallon tank on it for gas. Great family car. Has a rear view backup camera so you can see behind you when you reverse. All around a great car.

- Crystal W

Fun and efficient vehicle!

Great miles per gallon, roomy interior, and good little engine. Easily cleaned interior. Basic features make driving this vehicle very easy. Fits 5 comfortably with room to move. Body of the 2016 is similar to the Sentra, so an attractive car too. Plenty of trunk space too.

- Dean M

Low on gas, good mileage, Bluetooth, maintenance are low. Power manual windows.

I like my car very reliable good on gas. Small neat and compact. I would recommend this car to anybody. Good to travel. Not too big or Not too little. Good on mileage and very low maintenance. Not expensive for the care of the car. This car is good for a teenager as well.

- Kimberly M

Beautiful white 2016 Nissan versa worth buying!

Personally I love the Nissan versa. I have been driving this car for about 2 years now and I bought it second hand from a local dealer. Apart from the mileage thee has not really been any problems with. It has a very classy look almost luxurious. Worth buying in my opinion.

- Maya K

Into Nissan Versa. Do like the look of the front headlights and also the back.

You cannot see the instrument panel such a how fast, mileage, time, gas because the color is red. . The car is reliable, always starts, is two years old and no problems. This car has comfortable seats and the back seat have enough leg room. The trunk space could be larger.

- Susan S

Bluetooth added in model. Great.

My car is a stick shift. The problem is whenever you want to unlock back doors it is not automated. You must do everything in this car manually. There is a trunk release however. There are no special features for windows, must roll down by hand. A very reliable basic car.

- Haley P

Inside of the car and how the dashboard looks and the area that holds cups.

It is a four-door car it is black it rides very smoothly it is comfortable has good air conditioning good heat it gets good gas mileage it is a good size not too big and too small I guess you call it midsize and I am glad we put this kind of car and reliable and good car.

- Wendy E

It is a nice color green and blue Nissan.

It have low mile in my car, but I a small car, it works really good, but it dent fast when I into car accident, but it goes really slow but it perfect for me, it a small car for me. When I first got it, it was driving smooth it have perfect tires and I have a nice color.

- Amber H

Very gas efficient low maintenance car.

It is a low maintenance car, very gas efficient, wider passenger space as compared to Corolla. Strong aircon, nice color and easy to drive. The sound system is fine, nice interior, with powerful headlight so it is not a problem driving at night, lastly I like the style.

- Gerry G

Problems of my Nissan versa.

The biggest problem I am having is keeping air in my tires. I am not sure when I am supposed to get my oil changed. I wished I got better gas mileage. It is so easy to damage the USB port. The siding on the back door has came a loose. The ceiling can be stained easily.

- Wanda A

A great reliable vehicle at a great price.

I've had the Nissan Versa for about 6 years and have not had any major issues. It's pretty comfortable, and has been super reliable which has been helpful since I'm working and going to school. I have already put 82000 miles on it, and doesn't need any big repairs yet!

- Lauren R

Great car for a good price

It is a small but comfortable car. Great on gas, just has a small tank. Drives well but not extremely quiet. Had for 3 years, bought it off the lot and probably spend around $1000 to maintain it thus far. Has Bluetooth speaker for phone calls, which is very convenient.

- Abby R

Very roomy car for a small car, with great gas mileage.

I am very pleased with my Nissan 2016 Versa note. For its small size, it is very roomy inside as well as the back seat area. It has very good gas mileage, and is easy to drive around. It has a small gas tank (holds about 10 gallons), but having good mileage is a plus.

- Vicky R

Not electric, but very reliable and comfortable.

It is not electric so you have to manually roll down the windows and lock and unlock the doors which seems very outdated to me, but it is very reliable I drive about 6 hours a day getting back and forth to work and it still runs very well after two years of heavy use.

- Sandra D

Great gas saver that is roomy on the inside and stylish on the outside.

Great on gas but does not have a lot of power. It takes time to build up speed but once you get out on the open highway it is ok. To be a small car it is roomy on the inside and can comfortably seat 5. Also has Wi-Fi which is a great feature. The trunk is also roomy.

- Kathy B

It was named the cheapest car of 2016.

My car is okay. It is has great gas mileage and is small which is good for parking. My complaints however, are that it is slow on it's 0 to 60 and it is so cheaply built. It dents really easily and probably isn't the safest but it was cheap so that is to be expected.

- Blake C

The best affordable transportation.

2016 Nissan Versa is very reliable. Gas saver. I have Bluetooth , cruise control and etc. I use it for traveling, which my cruise on highway is smooth. I really love this car and the best part is pricing is affordable. Even the service jobs are quick and affordable.

- Karen D

Small, easy to handle, reliable, and worth the price

My car is small and easy to maneuver yet has a very spacious trunk. I got the basic model so it has manual locks and windows which sucks. But it is very reliable and has great gas mileage. Mine also has Bluetooth to talk on the phone but not to listen to your music.

- Darian J

That it is very reliable and great on gas saving. I love it for the miles it got before its time to pump gas into it and also the features it comes with.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I drive it to school, picking up my kids from school, Shopping, Going out to just enjoy a drive and this car has been through it all with me. I have not been let down by it ever since I have bought it. I am happy with this car.

- cua y

It is very cheaply made on the interior it runs nice and gets good mileage.

My versa gets good gas mileage, however i am not happy with the interior it is very cheaply made and the usb for my radio was broke when i bought it and the doors weather stripping fell off within 4 months and i had to glue them back on and it is barely 2 years old.

- Heidi T

Nissan versa 2016 - good family car.

It rides great, gets good gas mileage. It has good space. It doesn't have power locks or windows which I do not like. I have had it 3 years and nothing major has been wrong with it. Seats are comfortable for the most part. Has an auxiliary outlet for phone hook up.

- Samantha D

Small but very handy. I fell in love with the vehicle in no time at all.

I have no complaints or problems with this vehicle. Love the mpg and how it fits anywhere. Backup camera is also very convenient. Comes ready to pair with apple devices and Sirius XM ready. Trunk space and back seat are very spacious and perfect for long drives.

- Victor V

Great working car; good gas mileage.

I have had the car for a year and works great. Good on gas. Looks good. I have had no problems. Still has low mileage. Very comfy. Lots of legroom. Love the color. Have had to replace tires but other than that it is doing good. Plan to have it for years to come.

- Beverly S

Reliable, comfortable, roomy.

My vehicle is comfortable and has plenty of room for such a small car. The mileage is great. It does take a bit longer to accelerate than other cars I have driven, but overall I am very satisfied and would recommend. I have yet to have an issue with performance.

- Alyssa P

Cheap, but good quality. Able to fit in almost any parking shot.

I love it. It is a good car for an extreme cheap price. There are not a lot of cars that one can get with 0 miles at $11,000. It is comfortable and even have Bluetooth. It is a small car with a nice size truck and I am able to travel across the world with it!

- Kristin G

Nissan Versa Note: Surprisingly Comfortable

My car is superb! Its spacious and very comfortable despite the fact that its a smaller vehicle. There is plenty of legroom in both the front and back seats, and even though the trunk is not the biggest, it's surprisingly roomy for the size of the vehicle.

- James W

Good car great gas saver very comfortable.

The car is easy to drive very comfortable has new technologies is easy on gas mileage very dependable has great legroom and trunk space is ideal for grocery shopping car is very compact and real easy to drive great car to get you place to place great comfort.

- Christina P

Great on gas mileage and not expensive to maintain. Very reliable vehicle.

It is not great at going up hills or rugged terrain but other than it is great. It is great on gas mileage and it is a lot roomier than you would expect. The seats lay down to be able to transport bigger things. To fill the gas tank up it is under 30 dollars.

- Ashley N

It is dependable, but does require premium fuel. Which is pricy.

My vehicle is simple and runs well. Moreover, I enjoy my vehicle because it has Bluetooth. Now as for what I dislike about my vehicle I do not actually have any complaints. I appreciate my car, it gets me around and then some and I am very appreciative of it.

- Mandi P

Great mpg rate although smaller than expected.

Great mpg, low emissions and fun to drive. Not too great as growing family vehicle as it does not have a lot of space. While the interior is comfortable the seats could be made with a stronger material. My small family includes an infant and two larger dogs.

- Sara S

Great car. Would definitely rate the car in total a 4/5. Recommended.

It is all manual. That is the only thing I dislike. Everything else about the car is very nice. It runs well, hits bumps very smoothly. I would rate this car maybe a 4/5. If the car had power windows, a decent size radio, it would be a better rating from me.

- Veronica F

Nice car with a couple annoying flaws.

It is a nice looking car, it drives well and it gets good gas mileage. The biggest problems are the auto-lock system being sporadic and the sensitivity of the button on the key fob that opens the trunk as it happens often and in undesirable times and places.

- Brandon W

Overall great specs and performance!

Compact but roomy. Good for tall people. Great for drifting. Easy to work on/modify. Fun to drive on dirt roads and gentle offroading. Gas is amazing as long as you drive like a normal person. Not meant for speed. Cant haul trailers. Brakes reasonably well.

- Jey T

Good with the bad: the little luxuries we're used to.

Great gas mileage, plenty of room for milling about town with the family. Its basic, but still good for what we need. I do not like that the windows are manual, as well as the locks. And the only lock outside the car to open the doors is on the driver door.

- Amanda M

Versa note covers all bases for me.

I like the Nissan versa note for the following reasons: it has good gas mileage, it accommodates my daughter's wheelchair, has adequate room for a small hatchback, nice style, and a good price. I chose to not have power windows or locks to keep costs down.

- Mary L

Silver glam! Everyone compliments it is look.

Comfortable seating, fits me like a glove. Great on mileage. Sporty with a spoiler! Get lots of compliments on its look, too. My daughter can drive it easily also. Gets where I need to go with quick acceleration. Fits nicely in my small home parking space.

- Cheryl R

Nissan versa great on gas.

The Nissan versa is very dependable and has great city and highway gas mileage. It is comfortable for long car rides and has high tech features. The low tire pressure sensors let you know when your tire is low on air to alert you that you may have a leak.

- Sierra H

2016 Nissan versa se review

I like my primary vehicle. It's fairly current it has a low amount of miles on it and it is comfortable to drive. I just think it's too compact for me to drive because my feet cramp up a lot while driving. I love the cruise control feature and my wheels.

- Devin T

It gets very good gas mileage!

I like that it feels safe and has a full car length camera which makes it safer when when backing out of a parking spot. It has upgraded keyless entry and automatic lock system. I don't like that is was very expensive to get any of the cool new upgrades.

- Ashley W

Wonderful, reliable vehicle!

This car not only has amazing gas mileage, spacious and comfortable interior, but also a modern and compact design with wonderful safety and Bluetooth features. I love my car and it has been one of my most reliable vehicles I have personally ever owned.

- Marissa M

Compact but spacious family car

2016 Nissan Versa is a small, basic but capable vehicle that handles/accelerates well and offers generous interior space compared to its size but the trade off is smaller truck space and is very compact under the hood. Great vehicle for family day trips

- Dylan M

You cruise down the road talking on the phone and your eyes are on the road.

I love my car. I am having a issue with the passenger side airbag sensor. Otherwise everything works good. I have the basic model but it does have a/c, radio with CD player, the Bluetooth telephone, cruise control and other features. It was a great buy.

- Blair S

The car comes in many different colors

I currently own a Nissan versa, year 2018. It's great on gas. I get about 30 Miles per gallon and it costs about 20 dollars to fill up the car. The car comes in many different colors and is very reliable. The only downfall is that it is extremely slow.

- Lindsay R

Light little car that handles well and is dependable

My car is a very basic model that gets me from Point A to Point B reliably. I like the good gas mileage and it is an easy car to drive. I dislike the road noise when driving on the interstate. My main complaint is that the sound system is very lacking.

- Jonathan L

Very reliable good on gas

Car is very good on gas everything. Is up to date radio is great, vehicle is very reliable, just need more spacing in vehicle no specific lights in the dashboard, runs very good, touch screen radio, push start, only have one key currently paying notes

- Natasha R

Hatchback wreckage but reliable car.

It is a hatchback. Has automatic windows, locks, light, etc. Has black interior. Had a stock radio now has an aftermarket deck. Has black exterior. Has a small dent on the back right side. Has a crack on the left of the drivers side of the windshield.

- Savannah I

I love the great gas mileage!

Great mileage and fairly smooth ride, but a bit loud on the freeway. Not a high-end car at I but bought it for the price and mileage. Only issues so far are the weather stripping on the passenger side back door came off and the trunk latch came loose.

- Dee E

Love the smooth ride, turning capacity, and acceleration.

I drive a manual transmission and I absolutely love it! Handles great, very reliable, and great on gas mileage. Bluetooth capability makes it safe for hands-free calling, navigation and using music apps while driving. Terrific value for a quality car!

- Margaret P

It is a comfortable car with enough space to get you by.

I like that it is reliable and fast. It is got enough room and gets good gas mileage. It does not have automatic doors so it gets frustrating trying to lock or roll down windows. I also cannot get my phone hooked up to it so i cannot drive hands-free.

- Alex S

Be careful if using the brakes at the last minute - they work very well and might jostle you or the passengers

I hate the orange lighting on the dashboard. I like that when I fill up, a number appears that tells me how far I can go on the gas. I don't like the braking system which was a selling point but I did not know what the salesperson was talking about.

- Karen O

An awesome family vehicle.

It has very comfortable seats. It is spacious. It has a DVD player with built in backup camera. It did not come equipped with a roof rack for long trips. It is a smooth ride. It is really good at handling curves. Overall it is an excellent family car.

- Spring S

I appreciate the good gas mileage, saves money, especially on a long road trip.

The versa note is a very comfortable car. There is some leg room problems if you are 6 feet or over. The car handles well on highway driving and in the rain and snow. It holds 3 persons comfortably in the back seat. It is very good on gas mileage.

- Linda L

Reliability and very gas economy.

I like it I haven't no problems with it. Is a small car but is very comfortable for me, the only problem is that is not a car that runs to fast, is very strong and reliable. Just give the maintenance regularly and you will have a car for a while.

- Rosario S

Dependable transportation

Good gas mileage, very reliable. I started driving it when my daughter got another vehicle. It is more compact and basic than my precious car but reliable transportation with good gas mileage, which greatly benefits me since I have a long commute

- Gina B

That it is very spacious on the insider.

I love my black nissan versa note. I love that is very roomy on the inside and can fit a lot of items like my surfboard and for camping. The only thing I do not like is that it gets dirty very quickly. A day after I wash it it seems dirty again.

- Adrian s

Versa is a great first car for a teen or single person. Affordable and reliable.

It was bought when our vehicle broke down and needed a car as soon as possible. It's great in gas. It has been reliable. Not the best heating/AC. When my teen gets his license will become his car. Too small for a family of 4 but a good car.

- Lea K

How many miles per gallon I get and how easy it is to park.

I like the idea of getting more miles per gallon than I got in my Escalade. I love the size and that I can wash it myself and not needing a step stool to get to the roof. It has a back up camera which I love and I can charge my phone in car .

- Jennie C

It is a base model which means the driver must know how to drives stick shift.

My vehicle is a base model--stick shift, crank-up windows, manual locks, etc. I have very few complaints with this vehicle. It gets great gas mileage drives very well. The seats being cloth would be my only complaint as they get dirty easily.

- Hannah D

Nissan versa definitely worth the money.

I love this car. I only drive this when I am renting through enterprise. Never feel anything on the road and we always specifically ask for this Nissan versa when we are going a long distance. Excellent car and would definitely recommend it.

- Maureen B

That it still has old-fashioned features in a new model.

I like the fact that it doesn't have the conveniences of a lot of the modern cars out here today. I love rolling my own windows up and down. I love seeing that my own doors are locked on my own. At this point, I don't have any complaints.

- Avis G

It's safe and has a pretty good engine. The airbags work great.

I had a 2009 nissan versa and 'upgraded' to a 2016 nissan versa and the interior design is absolutely terrible. I wish I hadn't picked this model again because it isn't a functional design at all. The engine and safety features are good.

- christina p

It's a great car with great ga mileage and is great for taking on long trips

I love how the car gets great gas mileage and is super comfortable to sit in. Also I love how I can bring the seats down when I'm moving boxes around. The only thing I dislike about the car is I wish the sound system was a bit better.

- elise P

The Nissan versa is, a good dependable car.

Very reliable car. It is good on gas. It is comfortable. I love how smooth the engine is. The air conditioner works great as does the power windows locks and anti theft system. This car has been perfect and is everything I need.

- Anna A

it is good on gas. very economical and user friendly. has a Bluetooth in it

i like my car because it is fuel efficient. it is low on gas and it keeps me in my daily routine. i dislike it sometime because it does not have a touch screen and always a reverse detector as some models of the same year does

- Dee A

Good gas mileage between 39 and 40.

I love the MPG I get almost 40. What I hate is that the gasket for the back door comes off every time someone gets in and out of the back seat. And that on hot days my radio is a blank screen for the first 45 min in the car.

- Armand H

Its small only fits about 4 people.

What I like about my vehicle it is good on gas and my car payments are reasonable. What I do not like about the vehicle is in the rain and stormy weather you have to drive slow. Because the car seems like it might tip over.

- Laverne W

This vehicle is good for non modern day people who want a newer vehicle.

The vehicle does not have the personal features i'd like. Manual windows, the back seat can only fit two car seats with no room in the middle seat, no armrest, drinks cannot be tall since the holders are under the radio.

- Jacqueline T

Compact and great on gas.

It's a great car for traveling good on gas really reliable transportation rides smooth pretty small car so not to good as a family vehicle but the performance is great I highly recommend this vehicle for everyday use.

- Amber H

The Little Versa That Could

This is a generally ok car. It's small in size but great on gas mileage. I can travel through state lines on one tank of gas. It does all it can with 4 cylinders and has a great take off. On a scale of 1-10, solid 7.

- Ellise M

It's not worth it. Don't buy this car. It has a price of what a better car would be.

I liked that it was nice, small, gas efficient. Then it started to break down have had like 4 repairs in 2 years. 3 of those repairs are the same parts but different sides of the car. I want to say I got a lemon car.

- Ana H

Awesome car, minimal storage space

My car is awesome. It gets really good gas mileage, which is nice because my family lives four hours away, so when we want to visit it's not a scary financial commitment. My biggest issue is the lack of trunk space.

- Dani M

Reliable and stylish on a budget. I have had no problems in the 1.5 years I've had it.

I bought my car used from Hertz and I have had no problems so far. I have had it for around 1.5 years and it is perfect. I love the style and how it feels to drive. The backup cameras make it even better. Great car.

- Britney D

It's very top heavy with small tires. No fast sharp turns.

The tires could be larger and more durable. It is very top heavy and easy to roll. The reverse camera is a great feature and satellite radio. Very large trunk which is great. Seats are very comfortable and flexible.

- Phillip P

The great fuel mileage. getting about 34 miles to the gallon.

I like the fuel mileage I get with it. It does not have a lot of power. It does have plenty of options for being a base model. My car insurance rates are lower because of it being a 4 door sedan and a base model.

- Richard F

It is very fuel efficient and spacious inside. I like the location of the instrument panel too its very easy to read.

It is different my old minivan, but it is comfortable and it gets really good gas mileage. The trunk space is bigger than I expected it to be too and as a family car, with a young child that is important to me.

- Susannah M

It is great for commuting.

It is compact and easy to drive. Get great gas mileage. It fits a lot of stuff in the back with the seats down. No automatic lights and the plastic in the cabin sort of cheapens the feel but I love it anyway.

- Emily K

My Nissan versa notes gets approximately 40 miles to the gallon of gasoline.

I love this car because it is easy to drive and gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable. It is also very easy to park because of its size. I really don't dislike anything about this car. No complaints.

- John G

Only have to change oil every six months

My Nissan gets good mileage and needs oil change every 6 months it's quite and easy to operate has ability to receive calls without distracting your drive has protective coating and never has to be polished

- William B

Great commuter car with good gas mileage and modern features

I like that my car gets good gas mileage because I commute 5 days a week. I love the Bluetooth feature and the written notification on the dash by the gas gauge. I wish the trunk space was a little larger.

- Elena Y

There is only 1 key lock on the drivers door. I wish it had one on the passenger side as well.

I have a 2016 Nissan versa. I do really love my car. I have had problems with the tires and it seems I need brakes and rotors more often then I would like. I also would like if it got better gas mileage

- Krissie D

The gas mileage I get is great.

I do not like the display - too hard to see! I like how all the controls are within reach. I do like the color blue and the style. I like that it works overtime I want it to. It has not needed repair.

- Susan D

It is nice compact care that has a roomy trunk and also reliable.

It is really comfortable even though it is a small car, it is pretty roomy in the trunk which I love. It is very reliable, so far the only problems I have encountered were my tires and a dead battery.

- Valerie R

Great gas mileage and roomy interior.

We wanted a vehicle with good mileage because we travel a lot to visit grandkids. The versa gets great gas mileage. The versa has the most interior room of any small cars and is comfortable to drive.

- Mark E

Dark blue 2016 Nissan versa.

Some problems I have is that there's no built-in GPS, and my phone (an lg) isn't compatible with the model to allow me to listen to my music through my phone. It performs well. Very smooth ride.

- Ray John M

It's a good starter car, but that is it. Only 106 horsepower you cannot do much.

Engine makes a lot of noise and car is just falling apart after just 2 years. It does have good gas mileage and a cheap car, but they could have done better in some areas to make it worth it.

- Isaiah D

Small and great miles per gallon.

It is a great vehicle. I am a small woman so it is perfect for me. My husband is not small though so he is not as much of a fan as I am. It is better gas mileage though than his truck by far.

- Ashley M

It gets good gas mileage even around town.

I enjoy driving the versa, because it is not real big, however it's not tiny. It is roomy enough for my kids and I to get around town and still get the groceries home.It also rides smoothly.

- Linda G

Small but feisty! Easy to do 3 point turns and maneuver in and out of difficult parking spaces.

The car is nice but not big enough to carry much in. The trunk is small so it would be nice if the backseat could fold down and you could slide things in further. Plus a hitch would be nice!

- Tami L

Just follow recommended maintenance schedule.

Love the economy. 35mpg around town and 40+ mpg over the road. Very roomy back seat. My only concern is that the air conditioning does not reach backseat for quite a while when hot outside.

- Gladys C

The most important thing to know is its reliable and fast

No problems from my car really its been getting me from point A to point B in a flash. I love my car so much I even named the car. Even though its my first this is my most favorite already.

- Kharey A

My car is great on mileage. A round trip I 600 miles used 3/4th of a tank.

The front seats could be better spaced. . Passenger and driver tend to bump shoulders when putting on seat belts. Add a tray to hold extra keys and cellphone. Acceleration tends to be slow.

- Sharon H

Make sure you know that the Versa Note doesn't have cruise control or electric locks and windows. Gas mileage is great, though!

We love the hatchback and the gas mileage. We bought it used and didn't realize it was the Versa Note and it didn't have cruise control or electric locks and windows. That we don't like!

- Marilyn R

It's a very very safe car, and Nissan has great warranties and great customer service.

My car is very economical, has great gas mileage and is very sturdy. The only thing I don't like about it is it's very noisy and kind of dated on the inside. It's a great first car though!

- Josie J

Gas mileage is amazing, i get about 25-30 mpg with my versa

it's a great car really. I beat the hell out of it and it still keeps on a going. I even lived out of it with 2 people at one point so if space is a concern, trust me you can figure it out

- evan B

2016 Nissan Versa with no issues

The Nissan Versa that I bought is very good on gas, Has a usb plug in for my smart phone, hands free calling, AC and heat and a radio. I have had the car for almost a year with no issues.

- Elena H

Car is very cute and tiny

I haven't really had any real problems with my vehicle. I can only say that my main dislike is the fact that this car is so small. It runs smoothly, but I can't wait to get a bigger car.

- Latousha S

it is a safe and reliable car. very affordable it is very good on gas

it's a reliable car that is good on gas. I wish it had more features like built in gps . The moulding on the inside of the back passenger doors keep coming out and that is not very good

- tom c

It gets great gas mileage on the road and on the highway.

I like the fact that it is easy to drive, easy to maintain, and gets good gas mileage. I would like to have an all wheel drive now that I live in colorado, however, it is not necessary.

- Robin A

Multiple features that allow for ease when it comes to day to day life!

Great car! Easy to drive, great gas mileage, tons of space and storage. Fits up to five passengers comfortably and has great features including Bluetooth, hands free calling and text!

- Marilyn L

A versatile car that gets great gas mileage.

My Nissan Versa Note gets great gas mileage and is fun to drive. I can cram two adults, 2 teens, luggage for all plus a cooler comfortably. I love this car so much that we own 2.

- Cassie D

The fact that it is a very reliable vehicle, gives great mileage per gallon.

It is a great car for a small sedan, economic, comfortable, it runs very well believe it or not, gives a great mileage, I will totally advise getting on if you are an uber driver.

- Adrian L

It is a very smooth ride. The seats are comfortable.

I have had the car for one year and it rides smoothly. It is a comfortable size for someone who doesn't want to drive an SUV or large vehicle. The backseat and trunk are roomy.

- Ellen S

People should know that despite the outer size my car has more interior space than many others It's size.

My car is small but roomy on the inside. It has good gas mileage and no problems so far. If it had a little less road noise it would be perfect. So far I have no complaints.

- Lynda F

Great model for families!!

No issues except that the doors and windows, other controls, are not manual. I love the car it is very roomy, and everyone says they wish they'd known because they love it too!

- Daisy O

How amazing it is on gas. I do not have to spend much on gas or taking road trips.

There is only one arm rest, so the passenger does not get one. Smaller trunk but I like that the backseat has more room. There’s no room for my purse in the front of the car.

- Ariel F

It is at great condition car. The space is good.

The smoothness of the car and the interior is good for me. The thing I dislike is when going to stop you need to stop ahead of time because it does not stop all the way early.

- Lance A

That is standard and that I love it.

Comfortable, gas saver, air conditioner. I do not like that the windows are not automatic, that it does not have rear camera and that I cannot connect my music via Bluetooth.

- J R

Our little 2016 Nissan Versa car is a very economical car as far as gas usage is concerned.

Our car is a small car. It is a 4 cylinder. I is also a Hatchback. We like all of these tings about it. There is nothing that we dislike about it and have no complaints.

- Teresa F

Great family car for everyday travel

a little slow in pick-up. it gets great gas value though. it is sporty and roomy plenty of room for the kids. it has a great big trunk! overall i think it is great value!

- christine s

Great gas mileage, very efficient. You can go a long way on a full tank.

LOVE the gas mileage. 41 mpg on the highway. Very roomy for a compact car. Fun to drive. The transmission is a bit different than what I'm used to (CVT transmission)

- Harry H

That it gets good mileage.

I like the mileage. I do not like the noise and the hard seats. I also do not like the way that the paint started to chip the day that I drove it out of the dealership.

- De F

It is fuel efficient and will save you money in gas.

I really like the size and features of the Nissan versa. I also like the gas mileage. One dislike I have is how long it takes Nissan to send part to auto repair stores.

- Kate F

No driving in extreme weather.

I love my car. Electric windows and a nice radio, the performance is awesome and it has the best gas mileage. The only thing I would change is to add a Bluetooth radio.

- Rebecca E

The gas is so CHEAP! I literally put in twenty dollars to fill up every time.

I have had no problems with this car since i have bought it. I have traveled over 500 miles more then once and it it still in good shape. I get GREAT gas mileage, too.

- Matria H

This car is incredibly reliable, despite her size.

I wish she was a little bigger, because a bit more storage space is also nice. She's got great gas mileage, too, even though I'm trying to reduce my carbon footprint.


It is an affordable, convenient and efficient small car.

I love my car, it is/has everything I need at the moment. It uses gas very efficiently, has enough space for my small family and needs just It's regular maintenance.

- Vanessa P

They should know that even though I am a small car, it does not mean to take up the whole road and give me very little of the road.

I like how small and compact it is. I am a small person as it is, so it makes driving easy for me at the moment. However, some of the corners have awful blind spots.

- Lauryn V

It is a fast easy going car.

It is a great car drives right it is very comfortable it is manual so that kinda sucks and it is not very roomy but other than that it is an extremely good vehicle.

- Kelly P

The legroom for the front and backseat is incredible. My 6 foot father-in-law sits in the back comfortably.

I love my Nissan Versa Note hatchback. I can grab my umbrella from inside the car so I don't get wet. I get great gas mileage, and have had no problems with it.

- Marc M

Nissan versa is very reliable and great on gas.

The rear camera sometimes glitches but does come in handy. Great on gas only cost about 20-30 bucks to fill up the tank. Overall the car provides a smooth drive.

- Erica J

It's a great car for those with long commutes.

My car is simply a basic vehicle for getting me from Point A to Point B. I love the fuel economy and handling. However, it does sometimes feel a little cramped.

- Kevin W

Great versatility and value. Amazing car for wherever you are in your life.

The Nissan Versa has been a reliable and amazing car! It is surprisingly large on the inside. This Versa is my second and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Raven B

It has excellent gas mileage but doesn't have cruise control

I love it except that it is the Versa Note that does not have cruise control or electric windows and locks. It is the hatchback which we also especially like.

- Marilyn D

The car is very sluggish when taking off. Make sure there is plenty of room between you and other vehicles.

I like the gas mileage 34 MPG. The vehicle is easy to park at the mall. I dislike the road noise when traveling. It's the loudest of any vehicle i've owned.

- Robert H

The price dropped 50% as soon as I drove it off the lot.

It is noisy while driving. It makes sounds like whistle. The paint started to chip immediately. The price dropped 50% as soon as I drove it off the lot.

- Delois F

Great gas mileage. Comfortable ride. Plenty of storage room.

I love the gas mileage. It drives great and has power everything. Back-up camera, and bluetooth. Can answer my phone from a button on my steering wheel.

- Deb F

It's very good on mileage and gas. It also can accommodate 5 people.

Good on gas, very reliable, good size and color. Very easy to keep clean. Good on mileage. Very roomy on the inside. I wish my windows was a little tinted.

- Julia H

It gets me where I need to go, its cute and gets great gas mileage

It is exactly what I was looking to buy. Small, great gas mileage, comfortable. I wish it had a bit more pick up, but even the inside space is surprising

- Susan J

It gets good gas mileage and only takes $25 to fill it up.

The main thing I like about my car is gas mileage. And I like that fact that it is smaller. I also like the fact that my car looks good the way I have it.

- Terry H

Good things come in small packages! don't overlook this small but mighty car

My car is sporty with a well thought out interior. The best feature has to be its small size which makes parking very easy 35 mpg also a huge advantage

- susan l

Great gas mileage. Car fills up on less than $30. I only have to get gas every 2-3 weeks.

I purchased this car used about 9 months ago. No problems so far. Great gas mileage, comfortable, and most importantly gets me from Point A to Point B.

- Sheri G

There is nothing really interesting about this vehicle, it's just a plain one.

It is a really good vehicle. I wish it would come with a back up camera. And Wi-Fi for the car. Bluetooth should work with music not just phone calls.

- Christy P

Perfect first car for all ages.

The air conditioning is the greatest. It runs extremely well as in gas and I have not had any issues with the vehicle other than the air conditioner.

- Ashley F

It has amazing gas mileage, which is very important due to high gas prices.

I love the roominess of my hatchback. I love the amazing gas mileage. It is a super dependable car that is great for every day commuting and travel.

- Abigail H

That the car drives smoothly but the hood design is on the high side.

I like that it is pretty reliable. I don't like that the hood design is so high and that some of the electrical features seem to have some quirks.

- David G

Nissan Versa is a great car for people who travel a lot

The versa has great gas mileage. It's a little small but ok for traveling to and from work. The basic model does not have very many extra options.

- Michelle C

Black Nissan versa 2016 great on gas

This car is really good on gas and I never have any problems out of it so far. It's lights are bright and helps a lot since I can't see at night.

- Jessica B

It is great on gas and great for traveling.

The vehicle is a garage kept vehicle. It is up to date on all inspections, oil changes and all. There has never been any problems, nor accidents.

- Nicole J

Blue, hatchback 4-doors car

reasonable gas and easy to drive. Seats are comfortable and easy to adjust the seats. Low mileage, safe gas, good performance, no problem at all

- Sonia H

Excellent mileage, and inexpensive

Gets great mileage, is simple and inexpensive to operate. Would like a working USB port though. I love the manual locks, keys are cheap to make.

- Ilya D

That is very good on gas and that there are three people fit in the back.

I don't like that the locks aren't automatic. I do like that the car very good on gas I feel like the car is fairly small I wish it was bigger.

- Ana C

Good little car for your small family.

There are no huge problems I have with the car. It is comfortable and has a good design. I like that there are ups charger ports in it as well.

- Victoria B

Quality and price is very good would buy again, if I need another car.

I really like this car. Have no problems with it. Not in the market for a new car right now. If I were I would probably buy the same car again.

- Mary V

It is lightweight, but runs smoothly. Has more room in it than you would think.

Sometimes it can be too light weight. It is easily pushed around by strong winds or in passing of bigger cars. Other than that I enjoy the car.

- Dominique W

It's easy to speed, but cruise control works amazing.

Good on gas. Small but very roomy. Reliability is fantastic. Has Bluetooth stereo, a cigarette lighter port, a USB port, and an auxiliary port.

- Melanie T

It is good with gas mileage and you can fit a lot in the back.

I like the hatchback style. I like the gas mileage. I do not like how small the gas tank is. I like the back up camera and Bluetooth features.

- Vicky W

Small but reliable and good on gas.

Good on gas and has been very reliable. Small and not much trunk space for traveling; however the hatchback allows for a little extra space.

- Courtney H

I like that the car is Easy to park and has great features

Love how big and bright the speedometer is. I like that it tells me how many miles I have left till I need gas. I like the Bluetooth feature

- Rebecca H

Knave is reliable and plucky. He gets me where I need to go

I love my nissan. It drives well, and is a perfect size for me. The only thing I would change is that I would like power locks and windows.

- Stephanie B

I believe the best factor about the car is that it is fuel efficient.

I like that the automobile was fairly inexpensive. I dislike that my vehicle is the base model without keyless entry or electric windows.

- Joshua C

It is great on gas and hadn't had any major problems.

My car is good on gas mileage. It has been reliable in all kinds of situations and weather. It has only been in for routine maintenance.

- Lisa M