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My Xterra - Safe, Reliable, Comfortable!

This is easily the best vehicle I've ever owned. It is so comfortable, drives wonderfully, and looks awesome too! I have had very few problems with it. In the years I've had it (about 3), I've had to replace a lot of the coolant system (do to a deep freeze, not due to a problem with the vehicle. I have replaced the transmission, as it was slipping. This occurred when I was close to 200k miles. I chose to replace it due to the connections I have. I have had no other problems beyond regular maintenance. I have also been rear-ended twice while in this vehicle. Once was on the interstate. Not only was I safe, but there wasn't even a scratch on my car!

- Lexie S

Xterra truck wonderful and reliable

I bought this truck 9 months ago with about 149,000 miles. It now has about 154,000 miles on it. Only had one problem besides a couple minor things. Even though it was never a real problem nor was it noticeable, the transmission had to be rebuilt. Also had to replace the clutch from normal wear. It was the first time it was replaced. Very reliable and has amazing off road capabilities. Poor gas mileage though. I only get an average of 13-15 mpg depending on how and where I drive. Other Xterras tend to do better I think. It is also a little sluggish. Also I am 6'5' and I fit just fine in the driver's seat.

- Ashley M

2000 Nissan Xterra, best SUV ever!

I drive a 2000 Nissan Xterra. It is a v6 and it is 4 wheel drive. My Xterra has almost 260000 miles on it and I have only had two issues with it since I purchased it. I have replaced both o2 sensors. The only upgrades I had to do was to put in an aftermarket radio and add a towing package to it. I love this SUV. Seats are comfortable and well made. I do not regret buying this SUV.

- Jennifer S

2000 dark blue Nissan xterra that has lasted driver well over 6 years.

This car is amazing it has lasted me over 6 years and has had very few mechanical problems. It is very reliable in snow and ice as well as shine. I love this vehicle and I feel very safe driving it regardless of the weather conditions. It is a bit of a gas guzzler but I feel that my personal safety and the reliability of this vehicle make the extra gas expenses worth it.

- Amanda K

Comfort and reliable, fun to drive.

It performs very well. The best part of it is performance is in the winter. It performs well in the mountains. I bought it brand new and it has lasted 18 years, it is very reliable. It has stadium seating in the back, so whoever sits in the back can see out. It has a roomy cargo area and the seats lay down for extra cargo. My dogs love the ride, too.

- Karin H

Super solid, super reliable!

Absolutely no issues with my 2000 Nissan Xterra! Bought from a reliable dealer, regular upkeep maintained, still have every record of every service, repair, oil change, etc. Bought used in 2014, put ~60,000 miles in 5 years. Only real problem is the cruise control stopped working about a year ago, but I don't really use it. Love my Xterra!

- Robert H

Reliable in the winter, the 4x4 feature is great.

Vehicle is cheap to fix. Not many problems, very durable. 4x4 drive is a great thing to have if you live in a state where the winter months get rough. Gas mileage could be better, but newer models probably have better gas mileage than older models. Spacious all around. Big trunk that can be made bigger by putting the back seats down.

- Rebecca G

A great vehicle to get through crazy blizzards!

Love the space. 4 wheel drive is AMAZING! I got through some bad Minnesota blizzards with EASE! Somehow the step up bar fell off easily. Also has a power steering issue. And my air conditioning does not work and I have no idea why. The car is comfortable to drive. I wish that the sunroof opened more.

- Chelsea F

Compact low end SUV. No frills, when it works, it does alright.

It does what it is supposed to do, however, it regularly has small problems. About once a year I have to replace a component. The AC compressor, brake booster, distributor (about every 2 years) it just seems like a poorly manufactured car. I love Nissan's and will buy another, but not another xterra

- Barry T

Nissan Xterra comes stock with roof rack and roof basket

Currently my 2000 Nissan Xterra has high mileage but has been maintained oil very well and does not overheat the only current problem I'm facing right now is the AC compressor is currently going out. Other than that it is an amazing SUV. It is very spacious comfortable and very smooth driving.

- Zachary G

Fun getting there rainy days and rainy nights are nothing to worry about.

I am fairly tall and I love having to climb into the xterra. Drives great in the snow, got to use the 4wd this winter too the hills of Seattle like a champ. Only thing is it uses a lot of gas, or maybe it just seems like it since I was used to a smaller car's gas mileage. Love the look.

- Margaret P

A headache from hell that won't go away.

The car performance has went downhill. I just want to throw the whole thing away. If is not one problem after the next pertaining to coolant leak. At first is was a hose and now it is an intake gasket. I am currently in search of a new car soon. I would never buy from this brand again.

- Nicole T

Fast. Reliable. Built tough. Quiet.

The SUV has a v6 in it. 4 door all wheel drive. Power windows and locks. Aftermarket stereo and stock speakers. The Nissan is white in color. It has a 4 Wheel brake disc setup. Has really bad response time when it comes to acceleration. It's got a stock exhaust system single pipe DOHC

- Derek J

My 18 year old car and how I love it.

It's a 18yr old car so there are some issues but I love how reliable it is its 325000 miles and still starts every time, the main issue I have at the moment is the power steering fluid has been leaking other then that the car is running strong, I to drive in this car I love it.

- Joel R

It's a really great car to have.

It's great on gas. It rides smooth. Parts for it are not to high. The suits are comfortable. Has a good stereo system. Has 3rd row seats. Plenty of room so everyone is comfortable. Holds curves great. And has a spare tire under it. Three different sets of tires will fit it.

- Brandy E

I enjoy the moon roof. It seems outdated but it�s an interesting feature.

I love my car! It has enough space for a big family plus extra space for groceries or activities. This car is perfect for a family outing or longer journeys. This is also a great SUV to take through the mud!! If you have animals such a big dogs this is a great car as well!

- Jordan K

My Nissan Xterra and why I love it.

My vehicle is a good car it has been rock solid since day one. It has low miles for a older model. I have seen models of this car run forever if taken care of. I will surely look into buying another one. It is roomy however I would like air conditioner vents in the back '.

- Angelina S

That it's actually a good car very dependable great for travelling

Car is dependable has small oil leak good trany may need new bushings maybe tired ends rear main seal new tires paint on door right side passenger and rear passenger left side painting front fender front bumper and body of front need repair replace the hood or repair

- Ferdinand A

This SUV is reliable and fuel efficient

Common problems with this vehicle include the knock sensors, and the ABS. It could use a rear camera, as there are a couple of blind spots. Otherwise, it has a smooth and quiet ride. It has very comfortable seats and lots of room. This vehicle is very fuel efficient.

- Katie G

Nissan: a reliable vehicle

Nissan Xterra is very reliable. I have driven it for over 17 years and very minor problems. I also have over 200,000 miles on my vehicle and still runs great. I can definitely say that this is truly a reliable vehicle. I would definitely purchase this vehicle again.

- Chris M

The X-Terra beast ready for any ruff obstacle on the off-road.

Good vehicle love it and great gas mileage take me anywhere v6 motor top for hauling bike and camping supplies have had a little problems not much. Lot of inside space for passengers. Good on terrain trails hills stuff like that good hunting SUV I very reliable.

- Joshua C

Xterra review of space and comfort.

The Xterra is a great car. Comfortable to drive with stadium back seating. Wide enough for 2 car seats and a skinner adult in the back. Lots of legroom and trunk room. Very reliable. Enough to make me feel safe without feeling like I am driving a monster truck.

- Sarah O

I love my 5 speed manual Nissan xterra

The vehicle is a decent vehicle. Gas mileage could be a lot better. I replaced a slave cylinder, brakes, shocks and normal things since I've had it. I love that its a 5 speed manual transmission. I wish there were more trunk room and more space in the back.

- Stacey C

My Nissan is amazing. It runs well for as old as it is.

Needs a new timing belt. Has front end damage from previous accidents. Needs new headlights. Runs very well. Pretty expensive to put gas in it all the time where it is a 6 cylinder. Oil changes are also expensive since it is an older car and has many miles.

- Star E

Great off road vehicle. Not great on gas mileage in town. Highway is ok

Engine blew a head gasket at 200k miles, replaced it with a motor from Japan. Besides that no problems besides basic wear and tare. Excellent 4x4 vehicle, which is why I replaced the motor. Great transmission, no clutch problems. All electrical works fine.

- Pascal B

My car has good gas mileage.

It drives nicely. Oil has to be changed from time to time. Seats are comfortable with soft cushion. Gas mileage is reliable. Still some cigarette smell from the previous owners. The drink holder stores my drink comfortably without falling to the floor.

- Jacob W

It handles well. And the gas mileage is not terrible at all.

I love the way my car feels. I've made so many memories in it. I've hardly had to put any work into it. It is reliable. I feel very safe in my xterra. My only complaint is that it has some funky blind spots.

- Katie-raines L

Great vehicle for playing in the mountains!

I have loved my Nissan xterra. I have many memories with it! I hate to have to give it up! It has 188 thousand miles on it, and is still running. I have climbed many mountains with it.

- Dee Ann D

They last a long time and keep.. Their value.

I like the 4wd, the height of being in an SUV. I like how much I am able to fit inside too. I do not like the issues I have had to endure since purchasing the vehicle last year.

- Ariel F

Has been a daily driver, very reliable vehicle with little maintenance...

6 cylinder, manual trans [what my wife insisted in getting], she was principal driver for first 5 years, have gone 'off roading' & used during some construction projects.

- Jacky Y

It struggles to go up hills and will stop on you and turn off

my black nissan xterra, has performed well throughout the years however, it has issues going up hill. And now the engine has been failing and turns off once in awhile

- Berenice C

It is durable and can handle any weather.

My car is very reliable; I hardly have any problems to say it so old it is still in good condition I love that it is spacious enough for my children and I.

- Patrice L

It is a very dependable vehicle. It goes anywhere that I ask it to with no problems.

My vehicle is great. It has no problems to note. It is great for on-road and off-road. Either way you have a great ride! Acceleration is lagged.

- Matthew C

That the car is mine and no one eases, and that everyone deserves their spot on the road.

It gets me from point A to Point B. I wish the interior was nicer and more comfortable. It is a little bigger than I'd like my vehicle to be.

- Kelli I

I love the fact that is fuel efficient.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. It handles wonderful. Its smooth riding. My vehicle is a 5 speed which is excellent on gas mileage.

- Christina M

That it is red and is a big size vehicle.

That car is a good size however it is not dependable and have been looking for something else. Just wish it wouldn't give a lot of issues.

- L T

It has 4 wheel drive and has movie players in the back.

It has cloth covered seats which I love.It is blue and has a bit of chipped paint. The engine was recently replaced by its previous owner.

- Philip J

This car is top of the line in engineering quality. It was built to last.

The Xterra is a beast. Not the greatest on gas mileage. It is a very dependable vehicle though. Anywhere that I ask it to go...it goes.

- Matthew C

Engine and transmission do not last. They both started going at the same time even though vehicle was maintained properly

This vehicle is a gas hog! It had slow pick up and go and the electrical system goes in and out. Fuses blow for no apparent reason.

- Amanda H

A lot of room to haul anything and is very dependable.

Uses a lot more gas than most cars. The motor is also loud compared to most cars the sound system that came in the car is awful.

- Amanda H

It is very spacious and great for winter when. The roads get rough.

It is very comfortable and gets me were I need to go. The space is great. The body last pretty well without rusting to fast.

- Sierra P

Roof rack and moonroof, amazing.

It's got plenty of room for me and my kids. Good on gas. I like the way it is set up. I like the roof rack and moonroof.

- Lauren G

It is a xterra so its sporty.

It has small issue and some cosmetic issues that are also small mainly has issue with overheating and it sucks gas.

- Christy D

How to change a tire. How to put gas in it. And how to change the oil.

I like it for the 4wd capability. I like the car itself. I just do not like the seats due to my back issues.

- Tonya H

Plenty of space and it's tough looking

Love my vehicle and don't hardly have any trouble out if it, just cosmetic issues mainly on the outside

- Christy D

Overall I think it is a good truck, for work and leisure.

I like that it has a lot of room. I like the good gas mileage. I love that it fits my family perfectly.

- Jackie D

very stable can go over anything

great ground clearance 4 wheel drive lots of space to carry stuff

- Walter G