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Classic Car that is Tried and True

My Nissan Xterra has been an extremely reliable car. For a midsize SUV it gets good gas mileage while still being able to haul lots of material. I have moved from NC to TX and driven the trip to and from Texas about 6 or 7 times. The only major problem I have had with my xterra was that I had to replace the alternator in 2014. Now, the car is starting to show its age. The gas sensor has some problems and the check engine light stays on because of the gas sensor, but it runs so well and it's almost 14 years old. I love that it sits high, unlike some midsize SUVs I've ridden in or driven. The seats in the back also fold down, making it easy to carry lots of stuff. My favorite thing about the Xterra is its sporty look and the fact that it's a classic design. I don't think the XTERRA will ever go "out of style."

- Ali C

2005 Nissan Xterra SE decently priced and pretty efficient. In 8 years, only one major repair necessary.

We have had our Nissan Xterra for 8 years no. We had no major issues until last year when the transmission went out and had to be replaced. It has always driven very well, and is a decently sturdy vehicle. There is also plenty of room in the back for my 2 children, with 3rd row seating as an add on option. We have only had to replace tires once since we bought the xterra. It has always passed inspection. Overall, minus having a very expensive repair bill for a new transmission last year, we have definitely got our money's worth. We have also traveled cross-country and up and down the East coast constantly since its purchase. Pretty decent highway mpg as well. Would buy again.

- Whittney R

My vehicle is beautiful and comfortable!

My vehicle is beautiful. I love it; though I have had numerous problems with the engine. The original transmission blew up, and I have had a rebuilt engine put back into it twice now. I have also talked to other friends, family, or colleagues who own this vehicle; they all can attest to not only engine problems, but oil problems too. This car burns through oil quicker than any other car I have had. Other than these two issues; I love that its a manual, and the way it drives. I wish there were more xterras being made that were stick shift!

- Taylor M

It's a true SUV on a truck chassis. Rides like a truck with plenty of storage.

I love my Xterra! She's 13 years old and hardly any problems - other than recurring issues with the catalytic converter. It's been replaced twice and the light it on again. Regular maintenance has kept her running like a beast. Drives closer to a truck, but great to be up so high with more visibility. Never any question about reliability. Sad Nissan is going to ruin the body and bring it back as yet another soccer sedan. Otherwise, would buy the EXACT same one again.

- Penny B

2005 Nissan xterra off road edition is my favorite vehicles that I have owned.

Problems include, passenger window not working, key locks do not work, and CD player does not work. The back seats are hard to get into. I do not like how they are right over the rear wheel well. Makes it very hard to get in and out. I wish they were more open. Performance is wonderful. Very powerful for motor size and it can go anywhere. . Reliability is definitely one of my favorite parts. I would take it anywhere. Comfortable seats for long trips.

- Rebecca S

2005 Nissan Xterra Off Road

I own a 2005 Nissan Xterra Off Road. It is a very comfortable vehicle to own. I have had a few problems with it, mainly oxygen sensors, but it is never nothing big. I recently got a new engine for it since I was pushing 200k miles because I did not want to trade it in for another vehicle! I have upgraded a few features like the radio, tires, rims, etc., to make it to my comfort. It is a very dependable vehicle and I am honestly happy with it.

- Samantha M

Very roomy, smooth and comfortable ride.

I love the large interior size of the 2005 Nissan xterra se. We have plenty of room for our 2 growing boys and our large lab puppy. The interior design is very sleek and easy to keep clean, especially from everyday messes with children. It drives like a champ even with the mileage getting high. Very comfortable and smooth ride. Has added cruise control as a convenience. I would prefer for this trim to also have off road and 4wd.

- Chelsea H

My 2005 Nissan Xterra has wonderful mileage, low maintenance and gas lasts!

I own a 2005 Nissan Xterra! It's a really nice truck to say that I absolutely know nothing about cars and this is my first vehicle. It's a low maintenance vehicle, so there is rarely something wrong with it. The only real problem I've had with this truck with owning it was my driver side window getting stuck, my brakes and my air conditioner! It drives smoothly and has a lot of trunk space! Gas also lasts awhile in my truck!

- Kiara B

I like that the whole back seat let down and the secret compartment

My car is all white. I did not purchase from a dealer, I went with a private seller instead. I absolutely enjoy my vehicle. Since I do have three children, it is roomy in the back and they are not crowded. The only bad thing about my vehicle is that it needs a catalytic converter which I found out was an easy fix. Other than that it is reliable and gets me to where I need to go.

- Allen C

I named her xenia the warrior Xterra!

My Xterra is great for the active lifestyle I live! It is extremely spacious and comfortable to drive in. I have rarely had issues aside from the occasional computer board malfunction, which will indicate that my tire pressure is low or to check my oil level when they are in fact, okay. I also wish that it had a sunroof, but am very pleased with its over all performance!

- Amy R

2005 Nissan xterra; drivers well with great quality features!

I do not have any problems with my vehicle; it is great! Has great gas mileage, very comfortable seats, lots of space-5 seats and a big trunk-along with automatic windows, nice radio, and wonderful ac/heat! The Nissan xterra drives very smoothly, especially while over bumpy roads or hard highways; it does not hurt while going over these road hazards.

- Kell B

My Nissan xterra is great for any terrain.

My 2005 Nissan xterra is a great vehicle. It is large has plenty of space in the back and the back seats come completely out for more room if needed. It is extremely comfortable to ride and drive. Haven't had many problems just had to change spark plugs and the coil packs. Also had an air condition hose break and had to replace.

- Rachel N

Good SUV, not the 2005 through 2008 models though.

I really like the Xterra, however, from the years 2005 through 2008 they have a defect that allows radiator fluid to leak into the transmission which ruins the transmission and requires replacing/rebuilding the tranny. Nissan refuses to acknowledge this defect or do anything to help owners. Otherwise this is a good SUV.

- Mike W

Reliable: we've had our car for over ten years.

We've had this car for over ten years, so it'll last you a long time if you take care of it properly. We've taken the car on a few mountain trips and it has not given us any problems. Recently though, our car battery had to be replaced but is fine now. I am sure we'll have this car around for a few more years to come.

- Madison Y

Fun, but not very well built

the car is comfortable and safe, but small things have broken on it like the center console, power switch, drivers side window, and also the heat shields. Good gas mileage, but is also loud when driving on freeway. Factory radio went out so replaced it with a third party one that sounds better anyways.

- Chelsea T

It�s the off-road edition with a black hood, a rare find.

Outside normal wear and tear, it runs great. It does well for mileage for the size of the vehicle. The 4WD is great during the snow in the winter and has plenty of storage. It also seats 4 passengers comfortably. The air flow for heat/ac works well. And if you want to go off road, it handles great.

- Dylan E

Family reliability with a compact feel.

We love the compact feel of the Xterra and it can handle the mountains well. Its older though but if we get a new car it will be an Xterra most likely. It's not super fancy but I feel safe putting my kids in it. We did just replace the tires and brake pads for winter and expect to have no problems.

- Samantha W

It is not meant for off-roading but it drives like a truck.

It runs great and there are no issues. The gas mileage is not the best but that is expected from an SUV. The engine sounds like it takes a while to warm up when you first start the car but other than that no issues. The tire pressure does go on sometimes but I will be having that looked at soon.

- Michael M

Versatility and reliability of this vehicle.

Xterra has the ability to haul and is built like a truck for multi purpose use. The SUV is very reliable and this is my second xterra would definitely buy again, it definitely has more of a truck feel and lasts longer. I see many xterra still on the road and did not hesitate buying a used one.

- JoAnn B

A cool and stylish looking car.

This is a great car to own. First of all I love the design. Second, it is very comfortable and spacious. I can pack a great amount of luggage in the back. It is also very convenient that the seats can be folded /moved to create more space if needed. I am overall very pleased with this car.

- Sandra K

Xterra: Overall Reliable Vehicle

The Nissan Xterra is comfortable and reliable. Standard features. The lift for the trunk seems to break for many people. Be prepared to buy a new one. Other than that, I have had to do very little maintenance, even though I bought it used. I am overall satisfied with my vehicle purchase.

- Sarah B

Quality car with common flaws.

The Xterra is overall a great car. Some common faults with them include: falling trunk doors, failing window motors, and leaky power steering racks. I haven't had too many issues with my car but they certainly have their flaws. The comfort is great if you do not mind a few rough bumps.

- Hannah M

It is a utility SUV,not a luxury car,but it's still good on along drive.

Good fo canoeing,camping, other outdoor activities. Drive well on the highway and off road. Build on rack, a enclosed place for wet cloths,easy to clean interior. Good gas mileage on highway. One dislike is sometimes hard to see out back window, because of being six four in height.

- Felix S

Great car with awesome features!

Never really any major problems, had an issue where I went to put in into drive and the shifter wouldn't work. Got it fixed in a day and wasn't that expensive. Other than that one issue everything else has been great, love the car for the space for my kids and all of their things!

- Taylor C

Great adventure awaits you.

I love how it handles on all roads, I own horses ad am sometimes driving in adverse conditions on non roads and it is great. Though it is a smooth ride on the highway it is high profile and can be challenging in the wind. I love the cargo space both inside and on the roof.

- Sheri H

Parts are hard to find and too expensive for the year of the vehicle.

I like all the room and storage and good gas mileage for an SUV. I do not like the fact that the parts are expensive to repair, they are hard to find and during that year Nissan made a 2nd generation that some parts could interchange making it diff to repair as well.

- April S

Worth the value, all around great SUV.

Vehicle fits my needs and is very reliable. Service is not too expensive and easy to perform. High clearance is my preference in vehicles and the Xterra is perfect for off roading and in town use. Performs very well, not the best on gas, but is practical for an SUV.

- Jeff A

I like it and want to keep it for many years

The only problem that I have had was with the transmission. Nissan has this issue with certain years and they need to fix the problem. I really like my Nissan and wish that they did not change the body type on the new ones. It black and easy to handle on the road

- Jackie N

I like all the storage space and built in storage.

There is always something wrong with it. I have had radiator issues since I bought it and it rides very rough even after multiple tune ups and replacement parts. My 4WD is always sticking and it eats twice as much gas than it is rated to use. Would not recommend.

- L B

Great vehicle for off road activities

Great car, love using it for off road activities. Really enjoy taking it on our little off road adventures. Very comfortable to ride in. So far no major issues, we bought it second hand and it has really held up nicely. No complaints about this vehicle at all!

- Jack S

4x4 SUV and it's got a 4.0 liter engine and it's just a nice vehicle all around.

I never owned one till now and it's one of the best vehicles I have had. It's got enough room for 5 plus people and has room for cargo if ur a adventurous type. I've had no problems since I got my xterra and I would differently buy another one if I had a chance.

- Joseph S

This vehicle is a fun, great drive.

Transmission is currently out. Otherwise, there has been no problems with this vehicle. It runs and drives great. Was always a joy to drive. It is yellow with bigger off road tires. It is very reliable and is easy to take care of. Easy to do work on if needed.

- Jenna S

Sits high and can run through some badass mud hokes.

I love my truck. The 4 wheel drive is the best and the truck can go through anything. Yesterday my front brake solenoid went out. The only thing that sucks about an 05 is. They no longer just sell that solenoid alone. You have to buy the whole valve body.

- Kelly L

Love that it's good on and off the road

Its a gd drive. But eats up gas. When the gas rates go up. It takes about 45 to fill up and when gas is down it takes about 25 to fill up.. the body paint peels off in the heat here in Arizona. I'm at 160.000 miles and already I replaced pipe underneath

- Faith B

05 Nissan Xterra leaky radiator.

My Nissan Xterra is great. However because of the radiator leaking water into the transmission in my model as well as 06 and 07 it costed me thousands of dollars to fix. Nissan will not recall this issue for whatever reason. Other than that it's great.

- Heather C

I believe I purchased a lemon. I have had problems since the day I purchased it.

I have a lot of problems replacing batteries at least once a year and brand new tires once a year and I barely have 75, 000 miles on it so far. It's not that comfortable nor good on gas. I have had to get a lot of motor work done to it as well.

- Teresa M

Really like the Xterra and plan on driving it until I no longer can.

This is my second Nissan Xterra and the ride from the 2002 to the 2005 was improved greatly. The only major problem I have had was with the transmission. It had to be replaced after 5 years, right after my extended warranty went out.

- James W

Extremely reliable and great in snowy weather conditions.

This car has almost 200,000 miles and I have never had to replace any major parts. It is a great car for the snow and for off-roading. This car has lasted forever and I plan to keep it as long as it will last!

- Roxanne D

Its safe and easy to drive.

Comfortable ride, plenty of storage space. Only complaint would be the back doors are tough for adults that are larger to get in. Love the utility of it. I can pull my small trailer. Not bad on gas for an SUV.

- Holly L

Do regular maintenance on it to keep it a long time.

It has a great style and look to it. I love driving it and it's very easy to park for being a crossover SUV. The gas mileage isn't the best, and my air conditioner has broke. Other than that I love my car.

- Ashton M

Big huge tires and it can ride over any and every thing watch out snow piles.

It runs nice but check engine light is on. Needs new tires some rust on the side doors. Windshield cracked. The inside could use some detailing kind of old but it is a 2005 so pretty much wear and tear.

- Sarah B

Breaks are very touchy but you get used to it.

I really like how well it drives and how reliable it is. I also love how spacious it is in the trunk and in the seats in general. I honestly do not have any complaints about my car. It's pretty awesome.

- Alexandra M

It is an offroad truck and has durable brake pads.

I like the size of my car. I have had many problems with the car and I have had to put some much money into it. I had to replace the transmission and even with warranty I had to pay 2800 out of pocket

- gab r

It is a great car and easy to drive, I will never not own a car that is lacking 4 wheel drive. This car has turned me into a believer that is better to be safe than sorry.

I do not like that it is an SUV body on a car frame. Makes it very scary to drive in high wind or take a turn fast but other than that this is the best car I have ever had in my life!

- Richard S

Great vehicle other than the aggravating quirks. Rattles and check engine light issues.

Love the size and the look. Has quirks that just can't seem to be fixed. Check engine light won't go off. Code displayed is a known issue that is almost impossible to fix.

- Wilfreda W

It's very reliable and sturdy. It has gone through a lot but still drives and looks great!

My xterra has been super reliable with no major issues and has over 200,000 miles! It has gotten me through many snowstorms in the mountains and rides through the desert!

- Allison A

It runs forever, is very capable, has lots of power, and is fun to drive.

Thirteen years strong now, it's easily the best vehicle I've owned. It is rugged, reliable, and will go through any weather. The gas mileage is poor, though.

- David C

Has new jvc radio and speakers, and a brand new amp.

I bought the car with about 80, 000 miles on it. After another 10, 000 the transmission blew. Later learned that it a common problem with Nissan xterras.

- Aaron E

That it has been a great and very dependable vehicle and makes me feel safer when driving in snowy conditions.

I love my vehicle because it sits up high, and makes it easier to see. I like that it is 4 wheel drive. I also like how dependable it has been.

- Sabrina G

Reliable four wheel drive.

Had problems with the fuel pump in the beginning but since that time the car has worked wonderful. Good on gas on long drives. Very reliable.

- Sandra S

My tera. . I like the fact that. Rides very smooth, good on gas,

I have no problems, performance is good, reliability good, comfort excellent and features, cloth seats, heat and ac works well no problems.

- Carol C

I have driven it for 13 years, and it still drives like new. I'll get a new vehicle in the next couple of years, but they don't make this vehicle anymore, I wish they did!

I feel safe in my vehicle. It has lots of cargo space and is fun to drive! It is one of the best built vehicles that I have ever had.

- Victoria H

It is dependable. It is economical. It is easy to drive. In the thirteen years that I have owned this vehicle I have never had any major problems with it.

I like most everything about my vehicle. It is dependable and economical. I don't know of anything that I don't like about my vehicle.

- Elizabeth K

My Nissan Xterra experience.

My car is a midsize SUV that's perfect for a small family vehicle. It's low mileage and drives like a new car. Really good on gas.

- Mark I

Grate SUV as a work utility vehicle. Not ideal for kids/ not design for them but we have made it work.

I have a Nissan xterra it is a manual transmission, drive is good. Four wheel drive. This SUV is vary height off the ground.

- Katie M

it won't last more than 100,000 miles and cant depend on it

My xterra gears fell out and it has been n the shop for multiple things. the windows wont roll up and the top is rusting

- heather a

It is built to last. It's the toughest automobile I have ever owned.

I bought it used. I have never had a problem with it. It's great on gas mileage. OH and did I mention it's fun to drive.

- Tammy M

Reliable, good mileage, nice ride.

I like most everything about my vehicle. It is dependable and economical. I do not know of anything that I do not like.

- Liz K

The best part of it, is its ability to go off-road.

It pretty reliable the only issues I have had are just issues with parts that need to be replaced from being old.

- Kyle R

It does get good gas mileage.

Too much maintenance on the car would like a lower maintenance vehicle. Has some vehicle damage to it.

- Christina F

It is easy and safe to drive i feel good having my family in it.

it is easy to drive, it is safe and has great storage. It doesn't get great gas mileage though

- dawn h

My car has never broke down.It has 2500000 miles and still going strong.

l love my SUV. It's so much room in it.It gets great gas mileage. There isn't any complaints.

- Tamala M

it is reliable and never gives me trouble

it is easy to drive. it is safe and reliable. i do wish it got better gas mileage

- dawn S

My x terra always breaks. My is red. My x terra Its a truck

The most important thing you should know the miles per gallon on you car.

- Charieon S

My car is very reliable. It sits 5 people comfortably. The cd player is stock and broke about 3 years after it was bought. The outside of the car is fading from the sun around the bumper areas. Throughout the years I had minor repairs with the engine. THE AC was also redone.

They should know that it is reliable and it gets average gas mileage.

- Alisa V

The first thing I think is important is that the Nissan Xterra that I am currently driving is not my vehicle, it belongs to a rental agency.

I am not the primary owner of the vehicle. It is a rental. I love it

- Jerade S

I dislike the fact that windows on the back seat down go all the way down.

It is a great vehicle and it gives a smooth drive.

- Jesus V