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The Nissan Xterra 2001 is a yellow vehicle that my parents bought for me.

I really love my Xterra. It is mostly because it is yellow, which is my favorite color, but also because it is so spacious. At first, I felt really cramped in the front seat, but as I learned how to sit properly without my knee touching the steering wheel, it worked just fine. I love that the trunk is so large -- that makes it perfect for road trips. My only problem is the mileage. Driving just the fifteen miles home from work takes way too much gas, and I really hate that.

- Ashley T

2001 xterra and still going strong.

I love my Nissan xterra. It has been a very good road car. I have over 200,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. I have had my timing chain or timing belt replaced but only minor repairs needed. And I have loved again my xterra because it has held up well, I still like to ride in the xterra. Now the xterra is not a quiet ride because it is a 2001 but it is a good ride.

- Dorothy H

Nissan Xterra good overall vehicle that is reliable.

Car performance is ok for the present time and it was excellent in the bringing when it was purchased brand new. Over the years problems did occur like multiple code associated with the engine light for issues like knock sensor and coolant sensor. Vehicle is reliable not much issues. Don't like the drive feeling is not smooth as driving a sedan.

- Mohammad R

High quality SUV makes an impression.

My car has been extremely reliable for years. I have always done the normal maintenance and once a year add an extra maintenance to my schedule like changing the transmission fluid. I only have one issue and that is the major timing belt squeaks often. I have tried belt dressing to moisten the belt but no help. Otherwise I am keeping the car.

- Wayne H

That it only seats 5 people.

Well first it is an SUV to start with and it has 2 seats in front and long 3 seater in back and in the very back has very spacious room to put lots of groceries or whatnots, not so bad on the gas mileage either, rides pretty decent and handles the same, has 2-disk CD player with 2 USB ports ( cig lighters) and many other things.

- Edna M

total happiness for my xterra

this vehicle has been with me for over ten years and can't be matched for its reliability. the only problems I have had are normal wear and tear, i.e. brakes, tires, belts etc. I an a big guy and the space inside is perfect for me. this vehicle is also 4 wheel drive and eats up every weather condition wisconsin can hand out.

- john b

2001 Nissan Xterra se 4x4 experience.

Had it since 2001 brand new, 0 miles. Love it till this day. Its super reliable, going on 17 years strong now. As long as you are consistent on your maintenance then everything will be fine. Its 4x4 so no worries when it snows. This is my ride to die would not trade it at all. I would by another car but still have this one.

- Mute C

Nissan Xterra performance.

Everything is good, except for the gas mileage. It costs about 40 dollars almost every week to pay for gas. Other than that, it is a reliable vehicle and is very comfortable for being as old as it is. It turns well, and has good giddy up. The only thing wrong at this point, is the air conditioner is slowly fading.

- Kara E

Comfort excellent roomy space my vehicle drives terrific.

My vehicle drives terrific and my features are just what I wanted. My vehicle is very reliable and takes me where I'd like to go. My car is spacious roomy and I like that. My vehicle is very comfortable I can relax and focus. While taking a excellent and great ride, because my car drives on the road real good.

- Nicole A

Cost effective, easy manageable.

I have lots of mileage on this vehicle but I haven't had any major problems with it. Runs properly, starts properly and burns little gas. . I have had it three years with proper oil and spark plug changes. It is a good vehicle. The mileage is high, its dependable.

- Charles K

2001 Nissan automatic Xterra

Overall this vehicle has been reliable and a great mode of transportation for my trips from my home in the mountains to my university. Only problems I have had are wear and tear issues due to age like needing to replace the shocks and leaf springs

- Dylan G

Only 19 miles a gallon. I was wanting a car that was easy on gas but.

No problems! Bought at a used car lot. My first car. Paid for with my own money. Scared and expected to get a car that has problems. Purchased in February 2017, I have had it for over a year and a half and she’s treated me so well.

- Alexis E

This vehicle will last for many years. My car is 17 years old with many miles but has not failed me yet.

I really love how the vehicle is dependable and study it has stood the test of time. I do not like that they are not making this model any longer because if they could make an updated version of this vehicle I would purchase it.

- Dawn H

Sporty without being to sporty and very easy to drive. Perfect for taking camping or just riding around town in. Love the durability of the Xterra.

I love my Xterra. It is very comfy and easy to drive. The size is perfect for me and I prefer driving it to the Toyota Tundra due to maneuverability. It is a 2001 model and I have experienced very few problems mechanically.

- Carol G

I love my 2001 Nissan Xterra

I like my car. It feels safe, and it's big and unique. I do have problems with my breaks due to the weight of the car, but it's ok because the amount of trunk and seat space makes it worth it.

- Marissa M

The tera is a great SUV all the way around. It looks amazing,

Very reliable SUV, comfortable seats, lots of room, good gas mileage. Great for road trips, shopping, skiing, camping and I have fun driving it to work. Handles well in the rain and snow.

- Terry C

That it is horrible in snow and very bad gas Mileage

I like the amount of room in the suv. Big trunk large back seat with plenty of legroom. Doesn't do well on gas. Easily blown around. Not sure if it's just my tires but horrible in snow.

- Nicole B

It drives smooth and I feel safe when driving it.

Seating is very comfortable. Features a CD player, which is nice for older cars. My main complaint is the manual sunroof. The seals have worn over time and it leaks when it rains.

- Amanda M

My car is getting too old

It's just getting old. The color is fading and it has a lot of miles on it. The interior is getting shabby but other than that the car runs fine

- Jamie P

That is comfortable, but feel unstable in the road.

I like my vehicle because is very comfortable, runs like new and I also like the color. What I do not like about it is that feel insecure.

- Sheila A

It is a easy ride, no hot rodding.

Very reliable good gas mileage. Great for long or short road trips. I have no complaints. Rubs good there have been no major problems.

- Michelle H

It's a great dependable car

It has been so good to me. never broke down and I've had such bad luck and experiences with cars before. I want a newer version.

- Loren B

Great gas mileage and comfortable to sit in.

I love my terra. I would recommend buying one. It's a great comfortable vehicle to drive and ride in. Great gas mileage.

- Debra G

How many mileage per gallon it has

I like it because you can put a lot of stuff in the back and you can fold down the seat. The gas mileage is very good.

- Lonnie Z

It's got a 6 inch lift kit that looks good

I love my car it runs great its great on gas. It's just up in age and starting to fall apart. Transmission messes up

- Marissa H

This car is very dependable and durable.

I love how big my xterra is. I went from a two door sedan to a 4 door SUV! I can take it off-road which I love!

- Amber W

I just love everything about this SUV

This is my dream vehicle! I love the size, and durability. It can go anywhere, in snow, it doesn't matter!

- ray l

I had it for several years now and it has not broken down yet

It takes me anywhere and doesn't use up a lot of gas but I need more room in my car for family

- Yeni B

My car is very well made. It makes me feel like I own the road, because it sits up so high.

It's very Reliable. It has lasted a long time with very little repairs. Decent on gas.

- Vanessa B

It is pretty good vehicle.

It gets me from point A to point B. Good gas mileage. Low maintenance. easy to drive.

- Benny S

Very reliable vehicle. Good on gas. Very reliable for weather conditions.

Has been a very reliable vehicle. Runs very good. Good vehicle for the weather.

- Kim B

It handles really well and I like that it has 4wd. I can sleep in the back when I'm camping by Folsom all the seats down.

The rack covers the sun roof? You gotta pick one or the other no can have both

- kris H

My Nissan is a good reliable vehicle. It always starts and has never broken down

Great vehicle like 4 wheel drive. Nothing I don't like really

- Anne S

It needs proper maintenance, if not the mechanics expenses will be overwhelming.

If given proper maintenance, it's a reliable vehicle.

- Ariana P

It's extremely reliable. We can take it out trail riding in the woods with no issues and have some fun. But then we can travel for hours and be able to depend on it.

That it is a reliable, fun vehicle to drive around.

- Teresa S