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Great car for kids and dogs - I don't worry about spills or messes.

Love that it is an SUV - I like being up off the ground. It's easy to get my kids in and out of without having to be bent down or squatting. I also love that the back is tough plastic so it is easy to clean out without worrying about ruining carpet. I wish it was more tech friendly - given it is older, but I wish I had a satellite radio and even perhaps remote start - would be helpful with kiddos.

- Annell M

It is the perfect size and height for the road.

My vehicle is over 10 years old and I have not endured significant or costly issues. Other than preventative maintenance regarding any vehicle in oil changes, filter changes, light replacements, brakes changed, etc, my vehicle is great. I have endured two accidents which required repair, however as mentioned before I love my vehicle and would purchase a brand new model if I could afford it.

- Jennifer Z

The Nissan xterra is a yes!

I have had this vehicle since 2009 and it is still going strong! I absolutely love my car!! I was sad to find out its been discontinued. It does not have the greatest gas mileage, but for an SUV it's not bad. It does great on dirt roads with all wheels on. I have only upgraded the tires and battery 1 time since purchasing. Definitely 1 of my favorites.

- Heather P

Best SUV and SO dependable

I have only had one major problem in the ten years I've had my Xterra. It broke down but my brother fixed the problem in one weekend. I've changed the battery and tires a few times. It drives great, and it's roomy and comfortable. I never want another vehicle. I love that I can drive a lot of people and still have a large back for storage and luggage.

- Tammy J

Good, Reliable family vehicle

My Xterra has been very reliable. It has only had one leak from a heater hose which I diagnosed and repaired myself in about 30 minutes. The gas mileage isn't great at about 18 MPG but it is a larger vehicle. It safely and comfortably fits me, my wife, and two children. Tires can be expensive but that can be said for any SUV or light truck.

- Nate H

Very spacious, excellent for travel.

My xterra has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. It's been very low cost to maintain and low on maintenance. The only issue I have had is the price of gas. It's not quite as gas economical as I would prefer but the overall package is worth the extra fuel cost. I love my xterra and I would definitely buy another one.

- J S

It is a black xterra with dark tinted windows.

The Nissan xterra is a pretty good choice. It is roomy for 5 people. It is pretty much reliable. The gas mileage is decent which also means that the mileage on the vehicle is also decent. Once a cylinder dies in the battery it can still start but can be a bit of a hassle. The prices for a new battery are somewhat decent.

- Sabrina G

The engine is pretty reliable with light maintenance and will go as far as a non 4x4 car will go

This car has great performance and will go and stop relatively easy. It is an excellent car to go up hill. The back seat feels a bit like a padded bench though. The car is up high but doesn't feel like it has a high center of gravity. There is good head room and with the seats down can hold quite a bit in it.

- Jake S

HI miles, low maintenance, rugged reliable vehicle.

I have had this vehicle for 10 years so far I have put in $1000 in service after was paid off. I am going to have to replace the timing belt soon, that will be about $2000. It is very comfortable reliable and an awesome vehicle to own and drive. Truly very low maintenance considering how many years I have had it.

- Kelly K

The 4WD is great. We drove it to az. From pa over 4000 miles not one issue.

I really had no issues with my vehicle. Only thing that I don't like is the car is totally manual. You have to manually lock all doors and roll the windows down. It came without running boards so I have a little trouble getting in it but I manage. It's been a great vehicle to go to our cabin and the 4WD is great.

- Tammy M

This car is a tank. I have been in 4 wrecks in it and only had minimal body repair.

The only problems I have with my Xterra are the lack of AUX cord and the lack of sunroof. I wish I could play more than just the radio and CDs but I am thinking about getting a custom radio or adding in an AUX cord to the current radio. The sunroof there’s nothing I can do about because of the roof rack.

- Angela V

Solid and ready work, but sassy and fun Xterra.

I have had this thing since 2009 or 2010 and I love it. The back hatch does not stay up by itself and I have gone through numerous sets of tires but I am still very pleased with it. I have put lots of miles on it. One thing I like is that I can feel sporty and rugged but nothing too masculine (I am a gal).

- Lauren M

Xterra-Why it's been a great car for me the past 4 years

I've had my car for 4 years now and haven't had any major issues at all. I've been in a couple wrecks however my car has hardly ever taken a scratch. Its protective and fun to drive. It's a great car for a family or new driver. It also has very comfortable seating and tons of space in the trunk.

- Lauren W

It is a larger vehicle. Comfortable seats and lots of space.

My tires are nice and pretty new though I often hydroplane. The seating is folds down very exquisitely. The trunk is very spacious. The steering wheel has a great grip. The brakes are phenomenal. The transmission shifts smoothly. The engine works great! I would never give up my car!

- Nicole F

Great SUV for Work and for Play

I like that it sits higher than some SUVs but not too high. I like the 4WD feature and that has come in handy for icy roads, I felt much safer driving in this vehicle. It has lots of room for passengers and cargo. It does eat up a lot of gas but has been very good mechanically.

- Jamie M

This vehicle handles very well, especially in harsh weather conditions!

I have had my vehicle for about a year now. It is amazing and very reliable. It is durable especially in the winter in New York! It has about 194, 000 miles and still runs amazing. Very little problems with it the past year. Comfort is amazing. Plenty of room.

- Jessica H

My Xterra crust. It is nice but ready for a new.

Lots of problems with the air conditioning unit and lots of problems of needing a lot of things replaced after it hit certain mileage. Seems to get worse on gas mileage every year and always seems to be overheating. Also the sound system in the car is so bad.

- Andrew T

Nissan xterra is the perfect vehicle for around town or to take off road.

A very reliable SUV that has many capabilities and is quite easy to maintain. It drives exceedingly well and is a comfortable ride. Its cargo capacity is large and it can tow up to 5000 pounds. With the provided roof rack extra cargo can easily be carried.

- David C

I love my car as much as i loved it when i first got it 9 years ago.

I like the height of the vehicle, the look of it, the trunk space, and how it moves on the road. I do not like the width, as i wish i could fit three car seats in the backseat, or for two and have space for someone to sit in the back as well.

- Kristin D

Endurance, it is built incredibly well and lasts a long time with regular maintenance

This is my second Xterra. The only complaint I have is there are a few blind spots in the vehicle. Other than that the vehicle is perfect. I have over 100,000 miles on it and know I can go at least another 100,000 with few repairs

- Kelsi M

Nissan Xterra 2008 Customer Recommendation

It is reliable and has held up well past the usual 100,000 mileage rate (with regular oil changes). It has also protected my roommate in a passenger-side vehicle T-bone that would have hurt her had it been a smaller car.

- Ryleigh H

Equinox is a sturdy car that runs well.

I like everything about my vehicle. It has comfortable back seating for my child. The back seat can fold to the ground for carrying large items inside. I also like that it has the top carrying rail for additional cargo.

- Elizabeth F

It is a good compromise between big SUV and a car.

I love that it is an SUV without being huge. I still get decent gas mileage. It also has a huge cargo space. I like that it is tall and sits off the ground. The backseat is not super comfortable for adults.

- Ashley S

Highly dependable and comfortable, safe to drive.

Very dependable and comfortable, , this is my second one purchased both new. Currently I have over 150k and had no problems. It handles good and is very spacious would recommend to a friend.

- Mike G

I like being up off the ground and can see well out of front and back windows.

Like that it is easy to drive - rugged without being "too" rugged. Interiors are easily cleaned. Wish it got a little better gas mileage but it is really heavy so I know that plays into it.

- A M

Not the best as mileage or comfortable ride, but the dependability can't be beat.

I purchased it new in 2008. I have put 153,000 miles on it. Other than normal maintenance items, the only thing I've ever had to do was buy a new radiator. Can't beat the dependability.

- joe M

The roof liner comes off all at once, so have thumbtacks on hand.

I dislike how the plastic bumper faded a lot and the roof liner has fallen down. I like the shape and performance of the vehicle and how it is high off the ground and can go off-road.

- Anna H

That It's been paid for over the last 8 years and I'm closing in on 200,000 mile.

It's been super-reliable, It's an actual SUV and not a generic crossover. Only complaint is the tire pressure system is always lighting up although there is no issue.

- Wyatt T

The car gets really bad gas mileage.

The car squeaks, and gets terrible gas mileage though it is great for hauling stuff or in bad road conditions, nice to drive as well with being far off the ground.

- Hana R

It is reliable. It is very user friendly.

It is easy to get in & out of the vehicle. It is easy to navigate. I have had very few mechanical issues.... The only feature I was unable to get is a sun roof..

- Diane D

It's a great SUV with plenty of trunk space and allows you to see well on the road.

I love that it's a narrow SUV and sits up high. I wish that there was more room in back seat for passengers. I also wish there was an AC vent in the back seat.

- Gwen L

Four door black interior/exterior SUV that is great for Colorado mountains.

Very comfortable, features have been added in over the years. Gas mileage is better than expected, incredibly durable, never had any serious issues. Very safe.

- Mackenzie M

Had issue with transmission so keep an eye on that.

Never had any problems with it until this year. And problem was easy to fix. Great to drive, compact but plenty of space for groceries. Also fits 5 people.

- ClAudia G

Overall very nice car, reliable and safe

Easy to drive, automatic, over 10 years old had little to no issues, extremely reliable, fun car, great storm speakers, lots of room in back

- Samn B

Wonder to drive - buy this car.

This car is a pleasure to drive and wonderfully gets you where you need to go. I have been driving it for 10 years and couldn't be happier.

- J Y

It is a great van and I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Great power; able to go as fast as I want. Handles & corners well. Great for road tripping on mountain roads. Responsive. Large cargo room.

- Melissa B

Spacious and comfortable ride.

Great in bad weather, especially snow. It is very roomy and can load a lot of stuff in it. It is bad on gas and is expensive to fill up.

- Anna E

Great vehicle. Very poor paint job on the hood.

Dependable, comfortable, runs great. Paint job is not the best. Paint on hood is coming off. Noticed the same problem on many Nissans.

- Gloria O

Good, bad and ugly of my car over the years

Had many issues with the maintenance of this vehicle over the years. When it works it's great due to the size and interior durability.

- Ruby L

I like that it has a lot of storage space both inside the car as well as on top.

I love this vehicle. Not only is it spacious, it makes me feel safe to drive it! The gas mileage is not great. Does well off-road!

- Andrew D

It's awesome and I've owned 2 of them.

Off road. SUV. 4 x 4. Leather heated seats. Bluetooth. Cargo rack. Great stereo system. Handles well. Lots of room and cargo space.

- Chris S

It is a reliable enough car. It drives well. Kind of top heavy.

I like the space the car has to carry stuff. I wish the back seat was roomier. It is hard to fit three adults in the back.

- Gregory G

it is a 4x4 and does not get stuck in sand and snow alike.

I love to drive this truck,it is comfortable.It fits our lifestyle.We can travel anywhere in comfort with are animals.

- kathy r

Made of steel not fiberglass like most vehicles today

This vehicle is extremely strong i feel safe when driving it. The thing i dislike is that it is not good on gas

- Tensi L

That I take care of it and that my kids are first priority & safety of vehicle.

Big for the kids but not big enough and recently started decreasing drastically on gas mileage for no reason.

- Jennifer K

It's super roomy and is used as my office for part of the year

It's big, roomy, drives nicely. My only complaints are that the VDC and slip light keeps turning on and off.

- Salenna C

Xterra’s are very sporty and rugged!

I have no problems with my vehicle at all! I love it so much! It looks very nice and rides very well!

- Taylor H

Rear wheel drive is good for towing.

I like the towing capacity and so far the life expectancy. Minimal legroom in the back seat though.

- Tony M

It is a sport utility vehicle and affordable. Also has lots of storage.

I love the way it handles. It is the perfect height. It is sporty enough for the everyday driving.

- Elaine M

the dependability can't be beat.

bought it in 2008 new. Put 153,000 miles on it with nothing but regular maintenance done on it.

- joe B

my car is reliable and safe.

my car is big enough to carry my dogs with me. it gets good gas mileage. i love the color.

- jolene c

Its dependable. Easy to park, good gas mileage. I love it.

It has 140000 miles and I've only had to change the oil and buy tires.

- LeeAnna M

Liked it at first, fun to drive and nice to see over other cars. But now regretting the size, especially with parking spaces getting smaller and smaller in the lots.

It doesn't have a sleek look but it's very reliable and dependable.

- Ann M

It's a kid car for me. It's dirty and full of toys

Love the SUV dislike that it is now too small for me with children

- Sharon K

It's been very reliable and has never let me down.

Love my car. It is a mountain goat. Gas mileage is bad, though.

- Alberta n

it's not good on gas and is expensive to fill it up

very dependable, great in bad weather or rocky terrain

- Annah E