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My Nissan Xterra experience.

I would recommend the Nissan Xterra to anyone wanting a sporty vehicle that is also useful in so many ways. My husband and I were campers. He pulled the camper and I pulled the 18 ft bass boat. The six cylinders gave it the power to back down and back up with the boat down long boat ramps into rivers. I have also used it to pull a 14 ft trailer loaded with different things. It is 19 years old this year and has had the belts replaced and two air conditioner hoses. No other repairs on it the whole time I have owned it. I did the maintenance when it was time to do it and I am sure it has helped to make it last so well. If I was buying a new vehicle it would be an Xterra.

- Karen C

Xterra, we wouldn't be here without you!

The only issues we've encountered are those of wear and tear to the vehicle. Example: there was a small oil leak around the engine due to gaskets being worn down, but it was caught with our preventive maintenance. Our xterra has well over 125,000 miles and has proven to be a safe and reliable vehicle since day 1 and we hope to continue to use it for many more years. The height is perfect even when we have local small flooding, we do not worry like other people in shorter SUVs.

- Valerie G

Handles well, All terrain,

My Xterra has plenty of cargo space. It is comfortable driving. It has plenty of legroom. My adult boys fit without a problem. They are over six feet 230 pounds. It is normally just me and my two dogs in it. The only issue I have with it is the design of the back seat doors. The way the door is shaped makes it very difficult for the dogs to get in and out. I maintain my truck so I have had no issues mechanically with it.

- Shawn M

Xterra rock and roll and are a good vehicle.

This is the second one I have purchased. I love that it is dependable and save but I hate that it is a bad guzzling machine. I love sitting higher than I do in a car. I love that it is a tank. I hate that this is the base model because my other was nicer. These go more miles than other American made cars, and the feeling of safety is much better than in plastic cars.

- Sharon S

My vehicle is junk and would not buy another

The vehicle breaks down all the time and it's always major expensive repairs. I am hoping to get rid of it and buy something more reliable to drive. It drives smooth and the ride is comfortable they are just not well made vehicles in my opinion. It has a nice rack on top and has some room for hauling things but hate the vehicle

- Rita C

Great vehicle but has crummy gas mileage.

I love the way my Nissan Xterra drives. It's an incredibly smooth ride and it handles like a dream. My only complaints about the vehicle itself are the gas mileage (last time I checked, I was only getting 16 mpg) and the back seat can be difficult to get in and out of if you are not careful.

- Rachel W

Good car for someone who likes utility vehicles and have hard winters!

It's a great car for winter because it has 4 wheel drive. It's not particularly good for children or people who have a hard time getting up into the car because its higher off the ground. We haven't had any major problems considering its an older car. All in all it is a reliable vehicle.

- Leah B

I was in a 3 car accident recently and I had the least amount of damage.

Love the vehicle! It looks super sporty but drives very smooth! I can go off-road and still feel like I am in a luxury vehicle. It feels very high off the ground, which makes me feel safer when driving. The back seats, are higher than the front, almost like stadium seating.

- Catherine V

The Xterra is a great all around 4 wheel drive vehicle.

The only problem I have had with my Xterra is the window sometimes gets stuck and will not open after it rains. Other than that, the only other issue I have is that it is not good on gas but that was a given when I purchased the vehicle. It is a great vehicle otherwise.

- Carrie C

Great vehicle for a family. It is great to carry things.

I love my vehicle. There are a few things that I would change. I would change the lights to automatic. I would like to know how many miles to empty. I like how the back folds down into two stages. I like the space and size of the vehicle. Overall it is a great SUV.

- Allison H

Love My Xterra, handles great!

No problems with this truck at all, drives amazing and is easy to maintain! Handles well and is gas friendly for its size. Mine is 10 years old and Still drives great. Perfect for a small family or someone who wants to off road. 4 wheel drive so lots of power.

- Naomi W

It drives well. My car has a lot of space to carry things in.

I love my car because it is my favorite color. My car has seat in the back that let down in two different way to carry stuff. My complaint would be that my car lights do not turn on and off by themselves.

- Allison L

It is very reliable and mechanically sound.

I have not had any major issues with the car. Recently, my driver side window has been getting stuck and the motor needs to be replaced. Besides that, I like the car, but it could be a little more roomy.

- Carrie G

It handles well off road and in the mountains. I don't even need to turn on 4wd unless it gets really rough.

I like the way it looks and how it handles off road. My complains are how easily it scratches and several cheap plastic pieces were used, also would have been nice to have A/C vents for the back seats.

- Bee L

It's an off-road vehicle that does well in the city too.

I like that it does well in the mountains, snow and off-road. I love the color and design look of it. Biggest dislike in the interior plastic is cheap and gets scratches and scuffs easily.

- Me D

Do normal preventive maintenance on your vehicle and it will treat you well.

I have had no issues with my Xterra. Change the oil every 5000 miles and it has run like a charm. The suspension is a little hard in cold weather, but that is my only issue with it.

- Alan J

Best SUV! Comfortable and very reliable!

My Nissan has been extremely reliable and I have enjoyed driving it. It is just the perfect size and it is very comfortable ride. Would highly recommend to friends and family.

- Jordan I

Nissan Xterra: One of the best SUVs around

My Nissan Xterra is reliable and fun to drive. It rarely needs work, and I can usually perform any maintenance myself. These cars are cheap to work on, and drive like a dream

- Julia P

Very reliable and perfect for hauling or for a family.

Perfect size - not too small or too large.. Comfortable and roomy.. Good gas mileage for an SUV.. Sporty and trendy looking.. Very usable - has plenty of cargo space.

- Vicki K

Xterra Does well off roading

The gas mileage could be better but it does pretty well off roading. When it snows you'll need snow tires because the 4 wheel drive can't always be depended on.

- MIchelle S

If you have difficulty getting in and out of vehicles, this is a great car to have.

The car is just the right height to make it easy to get in and out of. It is a good size for comfortable riding. It is full size but still easy to park.

- Linda H

love my xterra! It could be a bit bigger on the inside and i would wish for better gas mileage. It has never let us down! I would buy another one if i could.

it can be a little small inside, but the 4x4 has never failed to get us where we wanted to go. we took it cross country 3 times with no problems!

- Denise O

It is very smooth to drive.

This vehicle is extremely comfortable. Runs smoothly. I had it for over 3 years and never had any mechanical problems. It is very dependable.

- Belle F

It is smaller, but it is heavy duty. It also is customizable.

It is a Nissan Xterra. I purposely looked at many dealerships in order to find this exact vehicle. I live that it is a sport like SUV.

- Michael C

The back seat lets down in two different part so you can haul things that are tall without it turning over.

I love my xterra because it is my favorite color. My xterra has space to haul somethings inside. I have not complaints about my car.

- Allison H

Suv, with an amazing radio but no air conditioning in the back

I love how big it is but it doesn't have air conditioning in the back.it's a very nice car. The radio is amazing

- Heather F

Love it's space and capabilities. Very versatile. Great fit for our active lifestyle.

It's a great vehicle for outdoor adventures and activities.

- Jessica M