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I own dodge junk! Air ride suspension EPIC FAIL - Huge Problem!

Problem Trucks any where it gets COLD! If a 4x4 does not work at temperatures lower than -20, you can’t call it a 4x4. My truck litterly started making banging noises when it sunk down so lower that the A frame was pounding on the bumper blocks on the frame, while I was half way to work. Search on this issue. It is happening across Canada and in northern US and Alaska, anywhere it gets below -20. Dodge has no fix and no recall. Yes, they will look at it, estimate it, put the same parts on it that failed before and send it out with you to have it fail again. Of course, it’s lots of money every time. Dealerships love this as you truck is unusable until this is fixed. Dealerships can’t get parts in a timely manor because so many trucks are failing!! This point alone over rides any other possible good points about this truck. Dealership tell unhappy owners to trade them in. They make money at this too and screw over the next poor buyer by selling it again and he has to go through the grief all over again paying out for repairs until he is also fed up and sells it. There are even parts places specializing in air suspension conversion kits to replace the air suspension with conventional springs. It looks to me like this is cheaper than your FIRST repair bill from Dodge. The air compression alone is $2600 not including installation! Don’t have anything to do with these trucks. They are a major fail. Tell everyone one you know how bad these trucks are, so others don’t get sucked in like me. Mine is sitting in the drive way with the fenders down so low to the tires that I can’t even get a clenched fist in between them. No way Dodge gets any more money from me on this swindle, so I guess it sits there till spring and I get aftermarket suspension. This is a sad situation for a 2015 model with only 70,000 km on it. I just checked and even Rock Auto is out of stock on this part. I see that air shocks are about $800 EACH for this truck as well.

- Jay

In 2019 Air Suspension Issues -NO PARTS AVAILABLE

We have a 2015 Ram 1500 purchased a few months ago, loved everything about it until a month or so ago when the air suspension froze and we could not drive the truck. We took it in and they said it's a common problem in cold weather ( we are in Alberta and have had pretty cold weather lately). The said it was fixed, we drove off the lot, and within 5 blocks knew we had to go back, it was not fixed, it froze again while waiting in the lot for us to pick up. The dealership has said they had multiple trucks in for this issue, which has a domino effect of no rental cars being available and giving us a lot of scheduling stress when having to share 1 car for days on end. We ended up the 2nd time getting a rental car at our expense. We had it fixed, and had to take it back again! Now they gave us a courtesy car for the last few days and 2 days ago told us our truck was the last one to be repaired in the Province until MAY due to NO PARTS AVAILABLE ANYWHERE. Today, we were told they had the last 2 parts and the 1st one installed FAILED when put in. So they will be trying the very last available one on our truck tomorrow. The 8 or 9 trucks in their lot right now will have to wait until MAY. They are not driveable. We are now wondering if anyone else had this issue and if so, perhaps this is a class action lawsuit situation? Our feeling is that these air suspensions should be tested for weather and not be failing at an exponential rate. Feel free to contact me at twoturgeons@gmail.com if you have experienced this in Alberta.

- Jill Turgeon

RAM 1500 for Moms of Toddlers

I purchased my RAM 1500 about 2 years ago and am overall satisfied with the vehicle. I am a mom of a toddler and one of the challenges was the size of the backseat. With a rear-facing car seat, the passenger seat has to be moved all the way forward, making it uncomfortable for anyone who rides with me. The other issue I have experienced is a large amount of recalls over the past 2 years. Don't get me wrong, I would rather repair it than let it go unnoticed, but I previously owned a Jeep Liberty for 5 years and had less recalls on it than I have on my RAM. However, when driving, it is a very comfortable ride. Being a 4'4, you would think it would be a little rough, but it rides very smooth. In the 2 years, I have owned this truck, I have not had an issue with any major item in the truck (AC, transmission, engine, etc.). Overall, it does what I need it to do and gets me from place to place comfortably.

- Rebekah H

My Ram 1500 sport is a class act when it comes to pick ups.

I have a Ram 1500 2015. I was really amazed at how well it rides for a pick up it handles like a car. The gas mileage isn't too bad either, I average about 16 miles per gallon. The inside cab has all the updated features that one would like. The GPS screen is big enough to see, my seats are part material and leather the embroidery sewing adds a touch of class to the interior. The gauges are remarkable, you can switch them at a touch of a button their clear and accurate color defines the dash. Stereo is great the sound is clear and like the gauges the stereo can be changed with a push of the button which is conveniently located on the steering column. This truck is a great truck for on or off the road use. I would highly recommend for any use you may need. It is good either for cruising or hauling on the farm.

- Tammy H

Couldn't be happier owning this multi-duty truck.

We moved to a much more rural environment and were going to be needing to take tractors and equipment to service and possibly hauling livestock to and from other farms. We knew we wanted a light/medium duty pickup truck but it was also to be our family/in town vehicle. With 3 kids in car seats, we needed to make sure our truck could handle it is work and family duties. We selected the option for the 6th seat in front. Couldn't be happier with our truck. I feel our family is safe and I never have problems hauling, loading or transporting equipment or dirt or junk to the dump. I honestly do not remember what life was before being a pick up truck owner. I like the Dodge brand. Had Wranglers before and grew up with my parents having Dodge vehicles. Going with Dodge was a no-brainer.

- Tracey S

Best Truck on the Market!

This vehicle has by far been my favorite of any I've owned. It is a very smooth ride comparatively to other pickup trucks. It's very durable and I have had no problems out of it to date (about 87,000 miles on it now). All I've done is regularly scheduled maintenance in accordance with dealership standards and put some tires on it. The one thing I will say in the negatives about this truck is that even with a crew cab, it's a bit of a tight squeeze for more than 3 people to fit in (especially if you're tall). I was involved in one crash in it in which I rear ended another vehicle, and my truck barely had any damage and kept me safe even at interstate speeds. Will definitely buy another one if ever given the opportunity!

- Ryan M

Love my Ram Truck and all of the features.

I really have enjoyed vehicle the 4 yrs that I have owned it. Only problem I've had is slight leak in rear can but easily fixed with gadget on brake light. Very comfortable ride and to drive. A/C seats are an amazing benefit as well as the heated seats. The adjustable foot controller are an excellent feature. Helps make driving safe and comfortable for short and tall. ( Wife loves them). The full cab has space for child seat at a great height ( no bending). Full size dog has plenty of riding room also. Easy to operate touch screen media center is very nice. Auto dim bright headlights and auto wiper features are very nice. Bottom line we have been very happy with this vehicle.

- Kenneth M

For a big truck it rides very good on bumpy roads.

My Ram 1500 SLT Crew Cab is a great truck. It rides very smoothly over bumps and rough roads and the seats are super comfortable as well, so overall giving a great ride. Reliability so far has been good. No problems, except changing the oil, filling the tires up, and basic things that need to be done on a car. It has great power, easily tows our boat or side-by-sides. The only downfall like all trucks is the gas bill after driving a good 400+ miles depending on gas prices has ranged me from $65.00 to $90.00. To me it's worth it, lot more pros for the truck than cons for sure.

- Hannah L

The love of my life. My truck is amazing, beautiful. Perfect.

This is by far the best vehicle I have ever had. It ride smoothly, looks amazing. I have not had any problems with it at all. It may not have all the bells but it rings enough for me. When I was looking for a truck I had three things I wanted. Being a dodge is a given but I wanted Bluetooth, running bars and remote start. The truck came with tinted windows and nice looking wheels. The dealership put the running bars on for me and it came with Bluetooth. I was only left to get the remote start which I did. This was the best thing I have ever bought.

- Terra C

2015 Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi Crew Cab

I have a 2015 Ram 1500 with a 5.7 Hemi engine. I prefer the Hemi engine for its performance. I never have a problem entering a busy highway. The gas mileage is great too. I drive 30 miles each way to and from work. My average is 16-17 miles per gallon. On a 325 mile trip my average was 22 miles per gallon. I tend to have a heavy foot so I think this gas mileage is excellent. The color is silver. I have had the darker colors on previous vehicles. This color doesn't show dirt or rain spots. I am very happy with this truck.

- Patti M

2015 Ram 1500 Lone Star edition!

This truck is everything and more that I was looking for in a vehicle. I've had it almost 2 years and it was used when I bought it but in great condition. I drive a lot of miles and have made several cross country trips in it. It's comfortable on long car rides, it is very reliable, and durable. So far the only issues I've ran into with it was that I had to have a gasket replaced recently and a wheel bearing. Other than that it has been an amazing vehicle and I would recommend it to anyone interested in buying a truck!

- Heather B

2015 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7.liter hemi

My 2015 dodge ram 1500 with the hemi is got to be one of the best driving trucks.the 5.7 liter hemi is one of the best motors on the market it has really got some power. And it has the most leg room in the back seat you sit in for the kids . The only problem I have I don't like the rear end it should of been positive traction . Rear end. I don't like the way it jump and Hope's on this vehicle when yous spinning the wheels. Other then that it is all around the best vehicle

- Joshua L

We love our big blue truck

Dodge Ram 1500, blue, 2-wheel drive, hemi, quad cab. This truck is loaded. Spacious interior great for traveling or even just a long day trip. The backup camera is a great feature that makes maneuvering easy. We travel to the beach frequently, and the truck handles fantastically in the sand. The truck has a receiver for a tow hitch. However, we have not utilized it. With the acceleration power this truck has, I have no doubt that it would handle great under towing pressure.

- Mendy H

Dodge RAM 1500 review by owner.

We own a RAM 1500 Laramie edition and absolutely love the features of it. The heated and cooling seats, heating steering wheel, touch screen display, and navigation are all things our vehicle is equipped with and we are so happy with them. We also have a camper we pull with the pickup and have never had any issues. We had a long box before this new pickup and I would say the only negative about the pickup we currently have is the lack of space in the bed.

- Kay M

This truck is best in class!

Best vehicle I have ever bought! My RAM sport crew cab is very stylish and functional for my needs. The cab is very spacious and fits our entire family without being on top of each other. The features help make it comfortable and fun to drive. The heated and ventilated seats keep me in the right temperature zone no matter the season. The navigation is spot on and easy to follow. The sound system is excellent. The ride is super smooth. One awesome truck!

- Dan S

It is reliable, safe, and spacious. This vehicle is for taller or larger people.

The biggest issue that I have run into is the gas consumption. The vehicle drives great but it will use quite a lot of gas especially on long trips. The performance is great and has a very spacious interior. I have a tall person, and still have plenty of legroom. I have 6 feet 3 inches and can comfortably drive several hours. I have a base model which does not come with the backup camera but the digital dash and radio are very nice features.

- Brandon K

A real hard working pick-up.

Excellent truck but could use better fuel economy. This vehicle is a pleasure to drive and provides a ride that is a comfortable as a car or SUV. It handles the road extremely well. The interior is comfortable and easy to keep clean. The seats are easy to drop down for additional storage when needed. The only real drawback is the fuel mileage. It would be helpful if the company was able to increase fuel mileage in this working vehicle.

- Jackie M

Comfortable and spacious pickup truck

I love how spacious the cab is. The 60/40 fold up seats in the back are perfect for the baby seat on one side and the two dogs on the other. The rear seats also have a panel that fold out to offer a more flat area for the dogs. There are two cubby holes in the floor for baby toy storage and doggy toy storage. I don't like the round knob shifter, I think it's weird but it works fine! Super smooth and comfortable ride.

- Brenda S

No complaints here! My ram truck is a dream to drive.

I love the v8 engine because I get lots of power when I need it. I average about 18 miles per gallon most of the time. I commute to work on back roads, not the interstate. This truck has been very reliable. We have addressed about 3 recalls on this truck since we've owned it, but we didn't have any problems with the recall areas prior to getting them fixed. Regular oil changes and this truck is running like a top.

- Courtney H

I absolutely love my truck. Rides smooth Many features and options to customize!

I have yet to have issues with this vehicle. I love how the back seat is the same size as the front. Moore room and more comfortable than other models. I love the size screen and all the options I have. I do wish that navigation came available on it, but I would have to pay monthly for that option. I also love how the back seats fold up and there are boards that fold out for more room and flat surface for cargo.

- Meghan M

Factory issue, but still love my RAM.

Own a 2015 RAM 1500 that I bought brand new end of 2015. Love the vehicle, but it did have a factory front bumper alignment issue that caused paint to rub off the front bumper where it connected to the body of the vehicle. Had the dealership fix this (was under Chrysler warranty) and it has been fine ever since. This issue aside, I would consider purchasing another RAM in the future.

- Amanda K

The great price makes up for the few shortcomings.

The problems to date are: I had to replace one wheel bearing a around 70, 000 miles and one cracked exhaust manifold a 90, 000 miles. The rear springs are coil springs. I had to add air bags to prevent the truck from squatting when towing my camper. Overall I am pleased as the purchase price was great. The power of the 5. 7 is great! The truck came with a year of satellite radio.

- Leon A

Ram 1500 great truck love all features.

Have not had problems. This is a very reliable truck. Very good gas mileage around town and long distance driving. Has lots of power. For a truck it is very comfortable and lots of room. Very easy maintenance. The back seats are very roomy and plenty of legroom. Has a great a/c unit. Really love how the side mirrors lights up at night so you can see ground also how they go in.

- Bess C

Dodge Ram 1500 gets up and goes!

No problems with my Dodge Ram 1500 other than four recalls. Great gas mileage. Never been in the shop except for the recalls. Love the backup camera, it's really come in handy. The HEMI engine gives my truck a lot of power. There is plenty of legroom in both the front and back seats. I enjoy the Sirius XM radio. The truck is very fast, when you want to pass somebody it goes.

- Cher T

Better priced than Ford or Chevy for the exact same level of reliability.

I have never had a single issue with my Dodge. It gets decent mileage, rides well, quiet. I really wouldn't change anything if I could go back and do it all over again. There is a delay on the Bluetooth for some reason. When we are waiting in the car for my daughter to get out of practice I'll put on a movie and watch it in my car. There's a 1-2 second delay on the sound.

- Ryan B

The backup cam is awesome.

I drive a 2015 Ram 1500. I purchased the truck brand new. The issues that arose first were the back cap light leaked which allowed water to come into the cap of the truck. The second issue encountered was the drive door handle came off when I was opening the door. The dealership I purchased from very quickly fixed both issues and I have had no issues since then.

- Crystal S

Great truck for the family.

The truck has been great. There have been no problems with the operation of the truck. The interior has enough room for my family. I like the fact that three people can sit in the back comfortably. The rear vents are a great help due to the desert heat. The back seats cool down rapidly. The drive is smooth and I enjoy being high above the traffic for visibility.

- Will T

Great vehicle, some mechanical issues.

I like this truck because it is comfortable and the EcoDiesel gets great gas mileage. I have had some equipment issues associated with the shortcuts Chrysler took to avoid some emissions requirements. The largest thing I have had to replace is my EGR Cooler which costs about $2300 for the part only. But, the extended Chrysler warranty covered the cost of repair

- Ak C

My vehicle is mainly used for trips to and from work and the occasional errand for work. It gets from point A to B with no major issues so I can't complain.

I got the vehicle used at 14,500 miles. It rides well and has plenty of power. There seems to be an issue with newer Ram trucks with the exhaust manifold gaskets failing earlier than they should. It my case it was at 30,000 miles. The Steering wheel controls on the left hand side and the horn stopped working due to a spring breaking in the steering column.

- Garrett M

Awesome family truck does well on road trips

The ram is awesome it has heated seats, cooling seats and a heated steering wheel. I love the air bag suspension it rides like a Cadillac! Super roomy fit a car seat in the back with plenty of room. It has everything I've ever wanted. Not to mention the hemi has power that you can feel. And it's comfortable to drive even my wife likes driving it.

- Corey S

A good choice if environmentally friendly but still need a vehicle that hauls.

Early issue with headlamp assembly cracking and allowing water intrusion that dealer would not cover under warranty. Otherwise, the vehicle has been great. Mileage is exceptional for a pickup. Power is what I expected and ride is smooth. I was a little disappointed in the lack of mileage obtained from the factory tires (about 40k).

- Charlie H

Ram trucks are comfortable!

I love my ram! It is super comfortable ride and the cab is very roomy. There is enough space behind the seats to put stuff unlike most regular cab trucks. The ride is not too smooth and the pick up on it is amazing! It is fun to drive. I also like the look of it. The radio is pretty good. The heat and air conditioning work pretty fast.

- christine K

2015 Dodge RAM 1500 is a classic. It is fun to drive with a lot of power.

It runs very smooth. It does not feel like you are in a truck. It has never given me any problems. Very reliable. The seats are very soft so it is very comfortable. It has a great backup camera. It is automatic v8 engine. Very easy to shift into 4 wheel drive. It is blacked out which is an excellent color. It get around 20/25 mpg.

- Karen W

Pros and cons of a 2015 1500 Dodge RAM truck.

The performance is fantastic drives smoothly. I found no problems with my vehicle. The reliability of my truck is really trustworthy and very spacious. It is great for a family vehicle. The only thing is that it takes a lot of gas to fill up. It does not have the latest features such as rear camera and electric adjusting seats.

- Johnny M

I feel very safe when driving it and feel it would stand up to other cars in an accident

It's a good truck - very strong and durable. I like the 4X4 capability and the HEMI feature. One complaint I have is where they put the CD player. You have to life the middle console and then lift the seat area in order to reach the CD player. So you can't change your CDs while you are driving the truck. Very bad design!!!

- AJ A

Great power and handling, not the best gas mileage.

Issue with transmission at 80k miles but was covered under warranty. Otherwise it's a great truck and good for towing. Not the best gas mileage in its class compared to some other models. However there are things you can do to improve the mileage. It comes in a variety of colors and has great power with the hemi engine

- Ashley D

Luxury truck with off-road capabilities

My truck has been very reliable so far. It's a super smooth ride, with lots of features. My favorite is the heated steering wheel and seats. It also has dual climate zones, so the passenger can choose their own temperature. The only problem is the back window has a minor leak due to the seal not being very watertight.

- Shelby T

The value of ram pickup trucks is outstanding. No other manufacture will come close.

Problems to date are as follows. Around 70,000 miles I had to change the passenger side wheel bearing. At around 90,000 miles I had to change the drivers side exhaust manifold. I had to add air bags as the truck has coil springs and squats under a load. The price was outstanding and outweighs the minor issues.

- Leon A

The most interesting detail would be the interior and the pick up speed

My car is a 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie. I like the Truck but I would rank it second to my old Nissan Titan 2005. The Ram has nice pick-up. The interior is great. The only issue I have would be the transmission. I had to have it replaced 1 year into owning it and then just this year had to have it serviced again.

- Ricky K

Dependable and durable for all types of work

Good reliable truck, there has been issues with the exhaust bolts breaking. I was also told the there has been issues where the lifter stick causing the engine to knock. Overall the truck has a lot of power and perhaps to much for the stock tires it comes with. Good mileage on gas, Durable truck bed for hauling

- Martin G

Awesome truck for the cost!

Extremely roomy even in the back seat. Leather interior with heated and cooled seats. Plenty of power with decent mpg for a large V8. Premium sound system with Bluetooth and SD chip capability. The RamBox system is awesome and the primary reason I bought the truck. Have not been disappointed either

- Shelley B

A fantastic pickup for packing around the whole family!

It is a full size, 1/2 ton, 2015 Ram. I have had zero issues with the pickup so far. There has been one recall, but as far as I can tell it hasn't affected my vehicle. It has been a pleasure to drive with great power, a comfortable cockpit, and tons of room for seating and storage in the back seat.

- Aaron C

My red 2015 Dodge Ram 1500.

My truck is great, very reliable. It is got a comfortable interior, nothing fancy since it is just the basic model, but it gets the job done. It has only ever had one problem with the tailgate not locking and randomly dropping but it turned out to be a recall problem and has since been corrected.

- Jacob R

Dodge RAM ecodiesel review - best value money can buy.

The Dodge RAM ecodiesel is the best vehicle I have owned - it gets great fuel mileage, has great towing ratings and is very comfortable and roomy if crew cab. The Laramie is a beautiful trim and I have nothing but good things about this vehicle. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes pickups.

- Morgan C

Very smooth drive- low maintenance

This truck is very smooth. I've had no issues. Only a few recalls but got those easily fixed at no additional cost. This truck hasn't given me any issues. Very low maintenance. I love the smoothness of the ride. The truck sits a little higher which makes it have a natural lift but nothing crazy.

- Sabrina M

Tough truck with manners of a princess

Extremely comfortable, heated seats & steering wheel. Gas mileage is good for the size and power. Sharp looking and drives well. Remote start is a plus especially to cool down the vehicle in the Florida heat. Headlights aren't very bright and mirrors are not power making them hard to adjust.

- Theresa R

The Ram is Great vehicle to own. Hardly have any issues.

The dodge ram 1500 has many Recalls but they fix no charge. I had issues with my transmission valve but again my truck was under warranty. So I didn't have to pay out of pocket which is great. Other than that I never have any issues with it. The ram is a great vehicle to own very well made.

- Morgan W

I love all the features of my truck.

My RAM is reliable, comfortable, and the right size for a growing family. There is not cramped feeling. We purchased it knowing we would be okay as our children grow, we've since added a child, and still feel they have plenty of room. We enjoy the ride, the features, and I love my truck!

- Danielle B

I love my RAM 1500! I love my rear backup camera!

I love my 2015 Dodge RAM 1500! It rides so smooth and the seats are so comfortable! It has a lot of storage space which includes under the seat tables to sit your grocery bags or anything similar on and it also has two ice coolers built in the backseat floor. It has a rear backup camera.

- Stephanie P

Overall this is a great truck.

The truck drives well, interior is quiet and comfortable, handles well in all weather conditions. Have had some issues with gauges flashing or fuses coming loose, also have had a problem where the seal around the gas cap has gone bad which causes the remote start function to disengage.

- Eric S

It is a nice truck, but does not get the best gas mileage.

It is very reliable and sturdy, and is fun to drive. However, the gas mileage is not very good. I do like how it is very spacious and can accommodate many people. Having the bed is also a plus. I also like how it offers a touch screen radio and speaker system in order to play music.

- Isaac H

2015 red RAM review, updated.

I have owned this vehicle for three years and dutifully have it serviced by the dealership and I have no problems with it. It performs and runs beautifully. People admire my RAM because I have updated and added accessories and they think it's new. It is washed and vacuumed weekly.

- Henry F

The durability and guts of a truck with the style and comfort of a car.

My Ram is easy to get in and out of. I drive thousands of miles in comfort. It has an amazing turning radius for a truck and handles like a car. My Ram heats up and cools down quickly depending on weather. The towing capacity has been important as I haul trailers and a waverunner.

- Maureen R

Truck is totally worth it!

My truck is awesome. Never really any problems and the problems that it does have is usually just regular wear and tear or recalls and the dealerships are awesome about recalls and making appointments! The truck alone is big enough for a family and not to pricey for a big truck.

- Katrina R

It isn't just a means of transportation, it is my sanctuary at times, too.

I like that it has 4 wheel drive, so I can get around better during snowstorms. I like that it has anti-lock brakes, so I can stop safer when it is slippery. It also is nice having a good stereo. The air conditioning is great during hot weather. So far, I have no complaints.

- David S

Great on gas. No issues at all.

Absolutely love the ram. Plenty of room in the back for the kids and not bad on highway for gas. Turning capability is a little tight but overall I think it is great. Only thing I wish is that j would have gotten the v8 4 wheel drive. I will definitely stay with the company.

- Mike S

A nicely put together truck that drives great. Looks good inside and out.

No problems so far. Has great finishes. Very good acceleration and strong engine for towing. Everything still works like new. I had a leak in the rear window when I bought the truck but it was promptly fixed. I highly recommend this vehicle. It is still a challenge to park.

- Jimmy A

Ram 1500 Laramie limited EcoDiesel.

Truck is amazing except for the def system. It has caused numerous problems and has been the only major issue. Otherwise gets great mileage and has great features. Air ride suspension is near how it can raise and lower to different heights depending on what your needs are.

- Stephen F

Keys can never be locked in the car

During the first year the back door hinge broke, The radio tuning knob stopped working and the thermostat went. During the second year the cooling fan needed to be replaced. Doesn't have cruise control. The wiper delay only has one setting. Radio reception is horrible

- Frank C

Everything you can love in a truck and more.

It is a great truck and is really comfortable and good on gas. We have not had any issues with it. We have driven it across the state numerous times. I highly recommend a RAM truck. My kids fit wonderfully in the crew cab portion. They have tons of leg room and space.

- Tracy D

I get on average 15 mpg (city).

The 2015 RAM 1500 (5.7 hemi) is a powerful truck. The ride is very smooth and it has a nice interior package (slt). The one problems I have had is the downhill assist feature holding the truck back to much and the Bluetooth module is the stereo went out. (101k miles).

- Jerry M

This truck handles better than any truck I have drove.

Truck drives great and I really like the appearance. Everything is good except I've had a problem with the cruise control could just be mine. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't overall I'm really happy with the truck and would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Lafayette M

The best trucks ever built.

The 5. 7l hemi motor gives plenty of power for those get up and go moments. The touch screen radio with backup camera gives you the luxury feel that everyone wants in the vehicle. I have had 2 Ram trucks over the past 4 years and haven't had a single issue with them.

- Jacob B

I love my tuck and will not drive anything else.

I love to drive my truck it is a 2015 Ram 1500, it is a bit big but I feel safe in it and it is good on gas and I prefer driving my truck over anything else. It is got enough room for the whole family. If I had to get another vehicle I would go and get another truck.

- Rosa López-Madrid L

Buy a Ram and you will not be disappointed.

High riding height, comfortable for everyday driving. Nice pulling power for a v6 engine. Easily affordable versus other car and truck brands. Really great on fuel economy for a full sized truck. Would buy another Ram truck when my current truck gets higher mileage.

- William T

Great truck for the price.

Smooth ride for a big truck. Lots of room. The truck is very reliable. The gas mileage on the highway is great. The price was the best when I was shopping for a truck. The options the truck had for the price I paid were amazing. The truck is a very comfortable ride.

- Roger T

Loving my 2015 ram 1500!!

I really enjoy my 2015 ram 1500 and all of its features. I have unfortunately had four recalls on it already however the dealership has been super helpful and timely with getting the repairs done. The truck is great for hauling and everyday use. Overall very happy.

- Fran K

Ram 1500 what an amazing truck

No problems, love this truck, gets me in and out of anywhere I put it. Powerful V8 Motor is a joy to drive and the fuel mileage is rather impressive to boot. Strong 4x4 system easily operated by shift on the fly electronic buttons conveniently located on the dash.

- Justin W

20015 RAM 1500 ecodiesel. A good truck for a daily driver and light work.

1500 ecodiesel had complete engine failure at 27, 000 miles. RAM replaced engine and I have had no problems since. Great gas mileage and the ride is smooth. Good amenities for the lower end version. Included tow package, tow mirrors, backup camera and bed liner.

- Chris T

Great truck poor turning radius.

There are only a couple of problems with this model truck, the turning radius is very wide not allowing for sharp turns and back seat is small. Overall I love this truck, it is very nice smooth ride and this truck is great on gas even hauling a 3000 lb trailer.

- Jenny T

It gets great fuel mileage for a truck.

I had an issue with the catalytic converter shortly after I had purchased the truck. And there's problems when you go to fill it with fuel it won't be fill if you don't stick it in the fuel hole hard. Other than those to issues it's an all around great vehicle.

- Dustin H

My truck and what I like and use it for.

Long it is long lasting and dependable characteristics that help me in my day to day activity. My vehicle is best for the work and for the family. I would buy it again if I could and always will stay with Dodge. And the low price matching parts from the dealer.

- Brody P

Good gas mileage. Lots of recalls.

Odd gear shifter. The car is nice but overpriced as well. It is dependable. Several recalls at least 4 in a year. I bought the truck 6 months ago and I am already ready to get rid of it. I wouldn't purchase again. I'll go back to Chevy. Poor gear shifting too.

- Lindsay B

Very good vehicle with decent gas mileage

This vehicle is very comfortable and very spacious. Can't complain here! The gas mileage varies but isn't too bad considering it's a truck. We have a white colored truck, which shows every little flaw so it needs washed a lot. We love this truck otherwise.

- Kennedy Y

2015 RAM 1500 quad cab express.

Overall I am really happy with the RAM. The only bad thing is that the exhaust manifold had to be replaced at 54, 000 miles. RAM was wonderful about getting it fix asap. The warranty covered everything for the repairs. Otherwise it has been a great truck.

- Diane F

I have put 30,000 miles on the vehicle and have not had any maintenance problems so far. Gas mileage is pretty decent for a hemi. Cruise control sometimes not activating can be annoying.

The truck handles very smoothly and works good for light loads. Pulls my small camper well but probably would not hold up to something larger. Cruise control sometimes can be finicky and does not want to activate. Gas mileage is roughly 19 miles per hour.

- Shane S

I would not get another Ford or Toyota after driving this truck.

This truck has lots of power. It tows effortlessly and also pushes deep snow without any problems. I have had several recall which were easily taken care of. Very low road noise. Extremely comfortable. I would purchase this truck again without hesitation.

- Bill L

2015 DODGE RAM 1500 Review

I love my Ram. It's the first truck I have ever owned. It's a crew cab, and has plenty of room for my 3 kids even in the car seats. And having a backup camera gives me peace of mind. You might not think of a pickup as a family vehicle, but it totally is.

- Cassandra B

4 Wheel drive, nice interior and exterior, nice color combination.

Is a reliable truck, great ride, nice interior, looks great from the road when you're driving people look twice, silver with a great color for the interior. 4 Wheel drive nice rims has a Hemi engine, has great pickup when needed to pass traffic quickly.

- Linda T

I have a normal four door black truck with leather seats and a screen

I love my truck however I have a few issues with it. The gas mileage is rather low which causes frequent fill ups and the drivers side front tire doesn't retain air pressure as it should. Also the leather seats are misleading. They aren't even heated.

- Spencer F

Ram 1500 hemi, the most powerful truck on the road.

The Ram 1500 is an incredible drive on the road. With the power of the hemi engine, you feel the torque every time you hit the accelerator. The gas mileage is so much better now with the eco drive technology. Very comfortable ride, even on long trips.

- Jon S

Rams are great family vehicles.

This vehicle runs extremely well. Great gas mileage, I can make it to vat from Sc on one full tank. Great space can fit 3 adults and 2 children in car seats comfortably with room for one more. Very sturdy. Great vehicle for families.

- Heaven W

it has a very good engine. very powerful. spacious. drives pretty smooth for a truck, but its still fairly new in only being 3 years old.

my truck is awesome. I like sitting high up in my truck. truck makes me feel safe. I can see the road and other drivers better. truck is comfortable and has space. 4x4 drives well thru the snow. no issues yet with it.

- james S

It takes diesel fuel only and it is safe to drive in the winter.

I like that it has 4 wheel drive and is safe to drive in the winter. I like that it has room to put big stuff in the bed of the truck. I dislike that it takes diesel fuel and it doesn't have enough room inside the cab.

- Sara S

All the safety features it has; front and side airbags,etc.

loaded with high tech; proximity sensors, back up camera, navigator, hands free phone,great mileage for a pickup, power windows and doors, locking tailgate(electronic),Can't think of anything I don't like.

- Joseph W

Dodge Ram is dependable and rugged.

This truck is large enough to haul our 26ft travel trailer. The gas mileage on this truck ranges between 17 mpg and 23 mpg. This truck also has an extended cab so we can travel with our pets and family.

- Allen B

It gets great gas mileage and it is easy to drive.

I love my truck because it fits my kids and is not a minivan, utility purposes, and size.... Dislike: ram (Dodge) notorious for breakdowns/shoddy parts. My 2015 is already rusting. Super disappointing..

- Tiffany F

they last a long time, run good , room and can haul a lot

they are good trucks that last long time....I have one we bought in 2001 that still runs good and then we have this 2015 one which has many new features ..they are roomy ..no complaints on them at all

- Sharon S

It gives you more room than any SUV on the market, more bang for the buck.

I get decent gas mileage. Plenty of room for kids, dogs and luggage when going on a trip. Love the size and color. I do not have any complaints other than I wish I had gotten leather interior.

- Debbie P

Well running, never any issues. American made, so parts are very easy to find.

My vehicle drives very well, has a comfortable ride. It is a bit large so it isn't easy to park when I'm in the city. I like the fact that I can load just about anything into it without issues.

- Hunter C

My truck lets me rely on myself and not on other people.

I like the versatility of having a truck. I can bring stuff home, pull a trailer, and help friends move without having to rent. I dislike the poor gas mileage of my truck driving in the city.

- Jason T

I feel safe and secure in my truck. I think because of the height.

I love my truck, because it has all the bells and whistles on it. Not much I can that I don't like about it. I do wish it had railings on it. Kind of hard to get in and out of at times.

- Kris M

That it is very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

It is reliable.. It is comfortable.. I like the color.. I like the backup camera.. It is hard to maneuver.. It is hard to park.. I do not like the tonneau cover, it makes a lot of noise.

- Tammy M

Great all-around vehicle for family trips, and small work projects.

I like the quad cab, as it allow me the convenience of transporting my family around, and hauling large items from place to place. It's good on fuel, and great in all driving conditions.

- Richard R

The RAM is reliable and will not fail you if you do the recommended maintenance.

I absolutely love my ram. It has never failed me, thus far. The RAM brand is really simple to conduct maintenance on as well adding additional features after initial purchase.

- David R

The safety of a house with the power of a beast.

The car is extremely useful and versatile. Both power and comfy. During a heavy storm, I was stuck in the car and it kept me safe the whole night. Definitely would buy again!

- Joel D

It is paid for and does not require repairs frequently.

I like the ride quality, and the low road noise level. I like the entertainment package and apps with the truck. I dislike the few squeaks I have when opening the doors.

- James H

The most important thing others should know is that it rides smooth and not like a typical truck

I love all the features my vehicle offers, such as the touch screen in the cabin. I also like how it is spacious inside. I wish it got a little bit better gas mileage.

- Cory H

The everything you ever wanted in a truck

Lots of space, very comfortable, durable, smooth ride, safe, strong, powerful. I use it for everything from having 6 people to hauling wood, boats, anything possible.

- Catherine H

dodge 2015 crew cab express with a 5.7 Hemi

I bought this vehicle in may of 2015 and have been very happy with my purchase! 5.7 Hemi has a lot of power and gets very nice gas mileage for a large heavy truck..

- samuel e

The gear shift is on the dash.

It drives great it pulls great. You couldn't ask for a better vehicle. Its strong running. The gear shift is on the dash. It so easy to go over the speed limit.

- Gene M

Definitely buy new as the warranty is really great on these.

I like the power it has. I really enjoy the comfort of the seating. I dislike the bed. The standard bed is too short and I wish I would have gotten a long bed.

- Kyle B

The Ram 1500 handles well and does not feel like a big vehicle.

I love that I sit up high in my truck. I love the handling. It doesn't handle like a large vehicle. It has most of the features I am looking for in a vehicle.

- April F

It is a very reliable and trustworthy brand. I would not choose another brand at this point.

I love the fact that there are so many trim levels to choose from. The Ram brand is very easy to add features and upgrade parts after you make your purchase.

- David R

RAM 1500 Is The Best Truck I Have Driven

It is easy to drive. Not terrible on gas. Super quiet and comfortable on the highway. A lot of power when needing to go and pull a large load. Love my truck!

- Tony A

The gas mileage is terrible but the vehicle is great.

I like the styling of the vehicle. I like the power available when I need it. I like the ability to tow and haul when necessary. I dislike the fuel economy.

- Raymond O

This truck is reliable, has a good load capability and fun to drive.

The truck has been a pleasure to own. Ride is comfortable. Economy is fair. Reliability is there. Good load capability. Easy to maintain. Great warranty.

- Sam H

The ram is a very reliable and comfortable truck especially if one is pulling a trailer. It is a unique truck.

The ram 1500 that i own is a very reliable truck. I love the interior and exterior. It is very comfortable especially when I'm pulling my horse trailer.

- Danny S

Even though bid. I get 19 mpg on highway.

We love the color, and the seat design inside. It has a hemi engine so it can run fast. We are covered lifetime with a warranty optional we purchased.

- James b

It is good on gas mileage.

I like that it sits up higher off the road, has room, and looks good. I dislike that it does not have as many features as a lot of other vehicles.

- Chris M

The most important thing to know is there is plenty of storage space within the car.

I love the space my vehicle provides. It sits high enough that it is easy to see forward however there are alot of blind spots around the vehicle

- Sarah W

I is really big enough for 7 people.

I love it all it is large enough for the whole family. The gas mileage is even decent more than I thought. There are no hates about this vehicle.

- Debi S

I can drive my truck 35 miles each way to work and get great MPG, then haul rocks and wood on the weekend.

It is a smoother ride and decent gas mileage at 22-25 on the highway. There have been a number of recalls but nothing affecting me. good utility

- Bart F

A Big truck look that drives like a luxury car. Luxury and functional

I like that it's a truck that drives like a sedan. I like the look of a truck at sporty Yet rugged. Fuel economy for a large truck is very good

- John M

Its comfortable on long trips.

Easy to drive. Love the heated seats and navigation feature. Used this truck monthly to move and haul things around. Great truck for the money.

- Ashley L

It is a beast of a truck. Lots of power from start to finish.

I like everything about my truck. The only problems is not having some of those luxury options. Leather seats would have been a nice addition.

- Andre D

It's fun to drive but all of them should come with side steps

I love the backup camera and he size of the dash screen. I love the comfortable ride and the better turning radius than the other trucks have.

- Jaime H

The mileage, it gets decent mileage.

One love about it is that is big enough for the whole family and you can't travel with your pets in it and you can hale things in your trunk.

- Brittany M

Sweetness and size, Braun and bold, true power.

Great vehicle. Love the 4x4 for the snow and bad weather. Like sitting up high to see the road better. Feel safe. Smooth ride for a truck.

- Jamie S

It is the longest lasting vehicle in its class in America.

My vehicle performs very well. I have had no problems with my vehicle. It is very comfortable. It has ac and a radio as s well as a hemi.

- Bill L

Excellent gas mileage for a half ton truck. Has great towing capacity and comfortable interior.

2015 Dodge RAM Ecodiesel. Truck has 4 wheel drive. Truck gets great gas mileage. Am able to pull my 26' travel trailer with this truck.

- Hugh G

It is reliable, I have had zero issues as long as I have had it.

In can haul stuff in my truck. I can get to places a normal car can. I like a bigger vehicle. I like knowing I have a dependable vehicle.

- James M

I am super happy with the 2015 Ram 1500.

More responsive than competitors. Love the engine and exhaust sound. The exterior looks awesome. Nicely priced. Do not like the recalls.

- Troy S

Eco diesel is amazing I love my truck.

I drive a 2015 1500 Ram ecodiesel and love it. I get up to 30 miles per gallon and only have to have my oil change every 15, 000 miles.

- Kay H

My Ram is very dependable. Never an issue.

The 4 wheel drive is great, needed up north. Runs well, never let me down. A/c is ice cold. I get compliments on how pretty my Ram is.

- Sharon K

Ram 1500 a comfortable work horse.

This truck is comfortable and has a great ride while still being a workhorse. Has lots of power while still averaging almost 20 mpg.

- Randy C

My review of the 15 Ram 1500

I lover my truck. The seats are very comfy and you feel relaxed in them. One of my main concerns was the lack of a cabin air filter.

- Michael N

Best vehicle on the market!!

Very reliable!! Low maintenance & it has brought lots of joy to our family. Will be saving it for our children to drive as well!!

- Any D

I want people to know how much I love driving it.

I love my pickup because its smooth riding, never breaks down, and I have more luxuries in this vehicle than my moms Cadillac.

- Teresa P

has lots of horsepower and the cab has lots of room

not great mpg , has great horse power and the cab has lots of room plus ride smoothly and outside noise is hardly noticeable

- Gary P

I love it I have not a bit of trouble with it. The in side is set up just right.

I love the ride it is very comfortable to ride in. It has great pickup.My wife likes it because it is up high to see better.

- Frank B

I love this truck it's pretty great

I love the truck it does whatever I want it's fun to drive the only problem I have with it is the fact it uses too much gas

- Daniel E

That it rides smooth for a truck, but the transmission needs work already.

The truck rides pretty smooth but the gas mileage isn't the best. I also wish that the 1500 series was a little bit larger.

- Kimberly A

Others should know that an Altima is a great choice due to its comfortability.

It has great towing ability, it also has 4 door s with spacious seating for 6, and it can haul many things large or small.

- Tammy J

It is a big, strong pick up truck.

I love it. Powerful and the sound system is fantastic. Everything from the bass to the clarity of the music is phenomenal.

- Jake H

Dodge has what you are looking for.

My Dodge is really a dream come true .. I got the color, the interior and Accessories I wanted. Oh yeah , it's Granite.

- Michael D

Very roomy and comfortable for long trips.

Love the gas mileage for a hemi as well as the cabin space. Dislike that it has rust starting to form on hood already.

- Sonya L

how itx drives and handles

it has a smooth ride. it accelerates and tows well for a 6 cylinder. it looks nice. having trouble with touchscreen

- larry N

It rides good looks good and is great on gas.

My truck handles well looks good and is great on gas mileage. Go out and buy a Ram pick up today you won't be sorry.

- Sherry M

Looks nice and built to last and very dependable for sure

I have no problems, its comfortable, has just the right amount of features I want. Rides great.A little high but ok

- vivian r

Best vehicle we have ever bought.

My Honda pilot is the best vehicle I have ever had. Everything about it we love - the room and how easy it drives.

- Holly S

That it is a heavy duty powerful truck that is very reliable.

Love the power of a hemi. Love the fact that it can pull a heavy load. Love that its spacious. Sorry no dislikes.

- Patsy G

If you need a small (but full sized) truck, it does the job.

It suites my needs. It is relatively economical to operate. It has proved to be very reliable and trouble free.

- Jack S

It does get good gas mileage.

It is big and 4 wheel drive. It has plenty of room. I can tow trailers and boats and still get good gas mileage.

- Ashley F

It's a very comfortable and sharp looking truck to drive.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. It rides very nice for a truck. Having a crew cab it's very roomy inside.

- Kim F

It is dependable and gets you where you need to go.

Love my RAM 1500. It rides much nicer than most cars and I can get to work without much trouble when it snows.

- Ruby H

Not a old truck anymore a joy

Love this truck. Excellent gas mileage. Rides like a expensive car. Early issue with fuel pump but was repaired

- Wally W

2015 RAM 1500 HEMI...Has style with a lot of Power!!!!!

Excellent truck that meets my needs. It's comfortable and has style. Handles well and gets good MPG for a V8.

- earl c

It's well built & high quality materials, very nice interior.

No problems to speak of so far. Its roomy, comfortable, powerful & has a lot of nice features like navigation.

- Mike B

It is fun to drive, and is big enough to haul around whatever you need.

I like how big and solid it is. It allows me to carry around whatever I need. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Isaac J

My Ram is eye catching, beautiful, reliable, and costly. Worth every penny/dollar.

Love Love Love!!!!! It's the best truck i have ever owned. Super reliable and the comfort is outstanding.

- Joe G

I wanted a full size pick up when I had my second child. I love that I have plenty of room for my family. I dislike that they don't have the long bed on the crew cab available. I like how I get better gas mileage for a larger truck than I did with my 2004 Ford ranger. I like the 4 wheel drive as I live where we get a decent amount of snow.

I feel safe in my truck. It gets decent gas mileage. You have plenty of room and storage for your family.

- Natalie D

It is arguably the best truck for the money.

I love the technology in the truck. I wish it had a smoother ride. Other than that I have no complaints.

- Dylan M

Much better than Ford or Toyota. I have owned them all.

Best riding full size truck on the road.. Dislike that occasionally it does not start on the first try.

- Bill H

That it drives really nice and it is good to sit up high so that you can see around you.

I love my truck. I like the way it drives. I would like my next truck to have a few more options on it.

- Cassandra H

Not very good gas mileage.

Dependable. Like the way it drives. Like the color. Would like it better if it got better gas mileage.

- Dalton A

It is a very durable vehicle. I just love it. It rides very well.

It's great! I have no problems with it. I was the best decision I made to buy it. I can move with it.

- Lin L

Ram Big Horn, Crew Cab with extras added.

Wonderful trust with exception of gas mileage. Powerful, reliable. Sporty looking with added extras.

- William N

Quality made vehicle, and should last longer than the finance term.

Like the power it has in the engine. Like the storage under back seat. Dislike no step bars.

- Ben S

Reliable truck for all your home needs

like the power and towing. missing features i would like is crew cab with backup camera

- Scott T

It's very reliable. It has four wheel drive and will never get stuck.

It's a nice 4x4 truck with a lift. It rides very smooth. It is white with black rims.

- Tom G

It is well made & reliable.

Love everything about my truck there is nothing to dislike love my truck .

- A R



- Robert H

That it's a truck. Not a car. And that its comfortable

I love my truck. Its comfortable, rides good, and has a touch screen radio

- Kayla C

Ram is one of the most dependable trucks on the Road

Like: size, room, engine, how smooth of ride, the custom options

- Vancey W

It is rugged and looks good. Rides like a luxury car!

Gets me where I need to go and I can haul 5 people plus a load

- Ellen H

My truck has a very comfortable interior and travels well.

I like the comfort. I like the size. I like the options.

- Dan k