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Toyota made cars are great cars to own. Built to last with minimal issues

I really like my car because it's good on gas, compact, and I don't have to worry about squeezing a big car into a parking space. It's a good car for someone who is young and doesn't have any kids and you want a sporty look, while being economical at the same time. The one thing that I don't like is that there is no way to pop the trunk or the hatch from the inside, the lever broke easily and now it's hard to open, it sits too low to the ground and with that means you will feel every little bump and pothole. When I do get another car, I will keep my Scion because it would be a great car to drive to and from work, but I would invest in a mid-sized sedan or SUV for future purchases.

- Erica L

Great car for single people!

The scion is a great compact car for new drivers. It is very sensitive to the touch, and easily responsive to the drivers movements. The car is comfortable but it is very compact. It has a small backseat which would not be comfortable for backseat drivers. It is a good car for single people, or the widowed. Works well for young people. But it is not a family size car. Very reliable car, I drive 80 miles on the highway at least 2-3 times a week and the car easily endures the driving. My scion has around 100, 000 miles and still works incredibly well. Would recommend.

- Marcia F

Very great first car or great used car purchase for a new driver or teenager.

This was my first and only car. It has been extremely reliable. Little to no issues as far as maintenance. I recommend regular tire rotations as the car is low profile and the front wheel drive causes the front tires to wear faster than the back if not regularly rotated. Cosmetically the piece on the trunk hatch did crack and break off and I know this is a common issue for this year and model in particular. This was very cheap and easy to replace. I know this model no longer exists brand new but I fully recommend as a great used car purchase.

- Ashley V

Scion TC - Our Travel Car

The only problem we have had with this car is there was a crack in the gas can and it was a relatively inexpensive fix. The problem was found when we failed the emissions test. Besides the one problem, our car has been good to us. It rides smooth and has plenty of room for us. We like the trunk space as we use the car to travel a lot. We also like that the car gets much better gas mileage out on the highway for this same reason. Where we live has a lot of stop and go traffic so the gas mileage often tends to be on the lower side.

- Alexa S

Looks great. And cool lol.

Some scion tics may have many performance parts available (sometimes dependent on the trim level). Out of the pool of available performance parts, we have narrowed down to the best parts available. The basic idea of performance parts is to optimize your scion tic's chassis and engine to operate at its fullest potential. In regards to engine performance, the parts you can get for your engine range from something basic like a cold air intake to a more complex system such as a turbo kit or supercharger kit.

- Jacky C

My Scion tC is overall the perfect start out car because its trustworthy, comfortable, and durable.

I have had my Scion tC for five years now and have not experienced any seriously expensive problems. The performance is great and very reliable. It's a little car, but spacious inside with the sunroof and moonroof feature. I like to dropped down my back seats and let my dogs ride with me so it's animal friendly. The fabric of the interior is easy to get stains and/or animal hair out of. The fabric is stretchy so it molds to you once you sit.

- Raimey J

Scion tc: it has two sunroofs, one that opens and one that does not.

My scion tc has a very smooth ride and is very reliable. It has 110,00 miles and has shown no signs of any issues. The double sunroof and sound system are nice additions of luxury. The car performs like a low end sports car. Handles well through the co mountain roads. A stick shift would be more suitable than the automatic transmission. The automatic transmission is not perfect, but not any worse than any other car in the same class.

- Matt D

Sporty, stylish, sleek vehicle.

My black scion tc is a two door coupe. It is a 2008 and has a spoiler. The double sunroof makes the car look very chic. The overall look is very sporty. I haven't had many issues with the car only the bumper cracked. Obtaining a scion was difficult however, because many young people race them. Most of the cars had been in an accident or had damage. I would have to ask for the car fax at each dealership.

- Nicole P

Money pit that comes with age.

Seems to drive smooth but slowly showing signs of age. Certain components slowly failing, and a lot of replacements of parts. Recently replaced battery, bad alternator, and now need to replace brakes and rotors. Slowly becoming a money pit. Interior is fairly comfortable. Entertainment is average, would like better sound and control on receiver.

- Kyler S

Double sunroof is a plus!

Car seats are really comfortable and there's a surprising amount of legroom in the back for as small as the car is. The only thing that I would say is a negative is that looking over my left shoulder to merge, you really have to be careful cause the back window is small and you have to check a few angles to make sure you're clear to merge over.

- Ky A

This car is a great gas saver.

I love that my vehicle is great on gas, it has been very reliable and I have not had any problems with it. This is a great first car or a great car for two people. I also enjoy that we are able to fold the back seats in case we need more trunk space. I would Recommend the Scion Tc for someone who is looking for a low maintenance reliable car.

- Arlene H

A personalized scion with aluminum alloy wheels.

Car style is within my taste, outside aesthetics are nice. Inside is feeling outdated, especially the entertainment panel. Seating is comfortable, materials are average. Front visibility is great, but visibility for reversing is not so great with I think goes for most 2 door car. Trunk space is great when you put down the rear seats.

- Daniel H

08 Scion Tc: an ode to petroleum

It has a oil burning issue due to bad pistons. There was a recall but my vehicle barely passed the parameters needed to not get it fixed. It's a pain to have to add a quart of oil every one thousand miles. If it wasn't for the fuel economy I would just drive my old muscle car instead. Other than that it's a pretty decent little car.

- Stephen L

The 2008 Scion tC Review.

The Scion tC is a pretty standard car. With proper maintenance, this could be a day to day, reliable vehicle. Since my model is 2008, the most advanced technology is really has is having an AUX and iPod input in the center console. There's a cigarette lighter port, two doors, it's a hatchback. Seats 5, pretty basic car

- Alyssa M

2008 scion tc in good condition.

It will be 10 yrs. This November since I have owned my 2008 scion tc. I have never had any problems with my vehicle. The reason is that I always take my car whenever it's time for its maintenance check-up or whatever the problem is. The only thing I have had replaced is the tires more than once, brakes front and back.

- Patricia H

Smooth ride but loud as hell.

My car is starting to be too loud. It rattles and it has engine issues. On the bright side, the clutch and transmission are in excellent condition regardless of the mileage. The clutch range is very short which makes shifting much easier. The biggest downside is not being a six gear transmission.

- Jaime H

Perhaps the smoothest on the market!

Not to touch on the gas but it is definitely a smooth ride no matter where you are going. I have never had any problems with it & the gas mileage is superb! I love the AC in this car, it works excellent on hot sunny days. All in all a well rounded vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Austin A

Definitely buy one. The very reliable car

I absolutely love the vehicle, but one thing is it seems to need brakes brake pads and rotors replaced. This is the only thing I do not like about the car. Other than that, the car rides good handles good. Very reliable car. It never failed to start on me. In my opinion it is a good car

- Janice K

Poor motor design, Toyota failed with this one

Easy going ride, however full of mechanical issue. The 2AZ-FE motor is possibly one of the most poorly designed motors in Toyota's history. Has a very extensive background for burning oil constantly. Have had the motor already rebuilt after 101k miles on the vehicle. Absolutely a joke.

- fatty b

Scion TC - 6 years of ownership review

Seats are quite low. No problems beyond general maintenance. Not a good car for a family. 2 person car. Plenty of room in the back for belongings. Not a great road trip car due to uncomfortable seats. Great gas mileage. Toyota engine so it will last for years if taken care of.

- Dylan W

Tinted and painted rims black.

Not many problems with the vehicle, the performance on it is not bad and it's really reliable because scion is still made by Toyota and those cars are reliable. The comfort is pretty good, and I have a subwoofer, new radio, moonroof, cold air intake and other cool things on it.

- Samantha L

Scion tc breakable back hatch piece.

The back hatch piece is easily breakable and there was a recall for it. Unfortunately my piece broke after the recall so I had to order a new piece and fix it all myself. The car has been reliable every time and this was the only occurrence where I have had any issue with it.

- Jordan K

Great sound system and impressive for stock car

Very comfortable and reliable car. No major issues. I'm the third owner and it drives like new. Gas mileage is great. Although its stock, the sound system is amazing and the car picks up pretty quick. Toyota did a great job with this car. I would definitely buy another one.

- Crystal H

My favorite thing about my car is the hatchback, which makes it nice and sporty.

My car is reliable, safe, looks sporty. The only issue I have with the vehicle is that is burns so much oil in between oil changes. This is a common issue with this model. I burn almost a quart of oil per 1000 miles. Needless to say, I do have to check my oil quite a bit.

- Bailey G

You should always know how many miles are on your car.

I love the look of my car, and it is a comfortable car to drive. I just think it is too small, and wish it had upgraded features like Bluetooth and backup cameras. It is nothing against my car, but I would like a newer model SUV with Bluetooth and heated leather seats.

- Taylor A

Love my 08 scion Tc. It's perfect.

It's perfect. It's completely reliable, comfortable. Spacious even for a 2 door. Great on gas. Automatic, moonroof. Manual transmission. Stock stereo is great. Drives smoothly. Handles great. I love it. Especially for an 08. Interior is black. Looks sleek

- Heather G

The Scion tc is a good car and here's why.

It is a good car. I have not had it for that long. I actually bought it used at 154, 000 miles since I move to another state recently. But the reason that I decided to buy it is because Scion is owned by Toyota and the Scion tic has the same motor as a Toyota Camry.

- J T

The car can be fun to drive and the vehicle is not very convenient.

The suspension in this car poor. I can feel each pump on the road. The cars lack of traction control can make it harder to drive and is less safe. The a and c posts create poor vision out back and sides. The interior feels juvenile. The gas mileage is poor as well.

- J S

The best car ever! Not only does it look amazing it drives like it too!

I love everything about my car. It is great travel which I do a lot with two young boys. It is great on gas and maintenance on labor and parts a far more inexpensive than other cars. I plan on purchasing another in a few years and handing this one down to my son.

- Cassie B

Love this thing! So reliable. Like a 2 door sporty Camry

I love how reliable this car has been. It has almost 170k miles and it still runs great. The only maintenance needed is the usual oil, breaks, and filters. I have noticed the car does short fuses easily if you're not careful. I noticed this changing out my lights

- Erin M

Small but spacious car you�ll love

I've had my car for three years and I've had no problems with it. I've just had like a flat tire. It's a nice car and perfect for small people. It's a two door car that seats 5 people. The trunk is pretty spacious. It has multiple plugins to charge phones.

- Liz G

It is a well equipped low priced car, with sporty pretentious but neither luxurious nor spartan.

I like the powerful and responsive engine, the comfortable seats, and roomy interior. The glass roof allows the interior to get hot in the summer and there is no remote opening of the rear hatch, and it cannot be locked and unlocked with the key.

- Lawrence S

Nothing really as it is a very clean and nice standard coupe.

That I like a the look of the 1st gen tC and wish it was rather RWD than FWD. Nothing really to dislike about it, as It's been good to me. I'm possibly looking to go for the new Toyota coupe

- Drew A

It is definitely not a family car. More suited for a single person with no kids.

It is a two door car and I have two kids in car seats. The back seat is super small and very tight. I have also had to replace my trunk handle twice because it breaks so easily.

- Karla R

You have the ability to put the back seats down for extra space.

Love the size, maneuverability, color, and interior. Love the moon and sun roof combo. Love the hatchback..... Dislike how often I have to do maintenance..

- Marley S

It looks cool. It is an attractive car that you won't be ashamed to drive.

I like how cool it looks. I don't like that it doesn't get very good mileage per gallon, or that it seems to eat oil (but that might be because it's old).

- Cole F

It runs very well and is very reliable

I dislike that it's only a two door car, because the doors are very wide and open up. I like the car itself. It's very nice, and runs smoothly.

- Christina P

It runs great for being 10 years old.

It has been a great daily driver for the past 5 years. Little no issues with this other than routine maintenance. Would recommend it to others.

- Toni F

I am not entirely sure. It has good gas mileage and it is really reliable.

I like the majority of my vehicle. The only thing I do not like is how you can feel every bump and it feeling like it is tearing up your car.

- Mackenzie C

It's only a 2 door vehicle and there isn't much space inside the car.

I like how the vehicle handles and its smoothness. It seems to burn oil quite a bit though. Not as good on gas as I would like in a vehicle

- Nick S

It's okay, but a pain in the butt to maintain

Car is okay. Only issue is after a certain amount of miles the engine eats oil like crazy. This past year have had many issues with the car

- Alexa T

It is a compact car with great gas mileage and it is fun to drive!

My car has been very dependable. It gets great gas mileage. I love the sunroof and the radio station change button on the steering wheel.

- Lisa W

Scion TC: sleek and reliable

Vehicle runs well and has favorable gas mileage, Automatic transmission can give some issues gearing up, but otherwise sleek and reliable

- Dylan R

Quality and reliability throughout.

The size is too small and sometimes it is a rough and loud ride. I do like the look and body of the car as well as Toyota brand xara.

- Danielle M

Great gas mileage but not alot of leg room inside the car.

I love my scion Tc. I get great gas mileage and the ride is smooth. The only thing I dislike is the lack of room inside the vehicle.

- Brittany G

Its reliable and never gives me any problems.

I like that my car was affordable but is still reliable. Very roomy for a 2 door car as well. Love the overall look of the car too.

- Maggie A

I love the sporty look of my Scion! It still looks great to me 10 years later!!!!

I have had no problems with my Scion. It has 214,000 miles and is still going strong! Hope it makes it till at least 314,000!!!

- Amy E

It's mine and it's played off. It is very functional for my lifestyle. It is enjoyable to drive and, when new, was a attractive vehicle

Like it's a limited edition, safe, good gas mileage. Set up in a style that I enjoy. Wish it had a built in backup camera.

- Richard J

The gas mileage is great.

The only thing that I do not like about this car is the dashboard design. The speedometer should be on the drivers side.

- Roger D

Scion TC - Most reliable compact car

My vehicle has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever had. It gets incredible gas mileage and looks sporty as well.

- Joe B

Sunroof and moonroof too!?

Drives very smooth, radio system is easy to use, seats are comfortable, and the car has a sunroof and a moonroof.

- Vanessa C

It is a fun car to drive, whether it is from home to work or for leisure.

Like the torque and handling. Like the size. Dislike the lack of 5th gear. Dislike the interior trim quality.

- Sheldon W

it's a Scion tC with economic gas, the speakers sound great.

it runs smooth.and is affordable in gas, its a sports car small just for me, I love the moon roof its awesome.

- Nancy M

Great compact car with a lot of power

Very reliable, compact, smooth car The performance is excellent and good on gas. It also has a lot of power.

- Erica M

Spoiler on the back is pretty cool.

The clutch was rough from the start. Shifting is rough (5 speed). The car other than that isn't a bad car.

- Brayden D

My cars a 5 speed and makes driving very fun!

My car is awesome! Very reliable and very little issues over the years. Still have a blast driving it !

- Stacy L