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Scion tC has some pitfalls but ultimately is a reliable ride

The Scion tC is a five-seat compact hatchback coupe. The back seats pull down in order to get more "trunk" space if needed. It drives very smooth yet low to the ground. Drivers must be careful or else may easily damage the bottom of the front end. Although the Scion tC is classified as a compact car, it provides ample legroom, especially for those riding in the back. However, there is limited head room for tall drivers/passengers. It has a predictable reliability. Overall, the Scion tC is a respectable choice for a compact coupe.

- Michelle W

Awesome little car with great gas mileage

My Scion is awesome! I've owned SUV most of my life so going to a small 2 door compact car was a shock but it's pretty awesome. I absolutely love the two sunroofs! I wish the back one opened like the front one does. The strep is great gets loud and has a terrific base. The car is also really good on gas, I drive about 150 miles a day and I use about 1/2 a tank. My car has an excessive fuel vapor code in the engine but other than that no problems I think it's an overall good car.

- Colleen M

Why I love my 2009 Scion tc

I love my 2009 Scion tC. The only problem I seem to have with it is it eats up my oil. My car gets me to and from with no problems. For the most part, it's roomy. I am also short so that might be why. What I love most about my scion tc is the double sunroof. Only one opens, but having 2 makes it so much brighter inside. Another cool feature is that the whole top of my car is glass. I like it because it makes my car look like an expensive sports car.

- Rachel V

The scion tc is a great gas efficient comfortable sports car.

The scion tc is very gas efficient, very sporty. It has such a great performance I love how I can pull the roof back and get some fresh air on a hot day and feel the breeze on the highway. It's very spacious if you need some passengers in the back seat plus you can put the seats down in the back if you ever need to carry extra stuff in the trunk. The handling is great the brakes are super smooth and the acceleration is amazing on that thing.

- Christian B

My vehicle is a good gas saver

My car runs well, but sometimes it is a little unstable. In other words, since it is a small car, it moves a lot. I like it a lot though. I like Scions, I like how they look from the outside and the inside. I have not have any major problems with my car. I try to do the maintenance correctly. This type of cars are nice and convenient if you are single because they do not have a lot of space. The inside is small.

- Moses F

Scion tC: Toyota Reliability in a Compact Sporty Package

It's a comfortable little car, with great performance and the reliability that is expected with a Toyota. My child enjoys the reclining rear seats on road trips, and for a two door car it can haul a surprising amount! The sound system is geared for heavier bass, and the gas mileage could be better, but overall it is a fun car to drive without being too powerful or cantankerous.

- Elliot R

I'm a single female with no kids so it�s the perfect size for me.

I have luckily had no mechanical issues with my car. It's dependable and perfect for my needs. I like the sporty look and the sound system. The only issue I've had was the driver side visor would not stay up, I replaced that and all is well. It is convenient that the back seats fold down for extra trunk space as well, I like in Florida so this is good for beach days.

- Krystal R

TONS of space in the backseat/trunk.

This vehicle is awesome overall! A few problems that I have noticed is the engine tends to vibrant pretty intensely, the handle to open the hatchback has completely ripped off, my gas cap has lost the ability to completely seal, and every so often my sunroof doesn't want to close all the way. Other than these problems, I actually really do love this car!

- Allison C

Overall The car is in great condition it has the best family ever

The tire goes flat more often. The performance is more slower compared to the Toyota Supra, which is crazy. It's very comfortable for being a small hatchback car. In general I love this car. It has over 161 horsepower, many people like to drive tcs has a regular daily driver, but in my case I pimped me out to make it faster. It's very reliable

- Henry G

I LOVE the hatchback, great place to keep pillows and blankets inside.

Cons: The gas mileage is pretty crappy, a full tank lasts me 5 days...and as far as comfort goes..the way the chairs are shaped really put a number on my back, causing me some back pain. Pros: The speed on the car is amazing I can hit 45 mph in seconds, the cruise control is nice and at first was a little difficult to figure out.

- Kayla V

Scion TC is a great reliable car!

The Scion tic is reliable and comfortable. As long as you take car of the car it will take care of you in the long run. Its back seats are a lot roomy than you can expect for a two door car. Great cargo space. Also with safety the car is excellent. I was in a roll over with a previous Scion tic and left the scene without a scratch.

- Tammy R

Compact yet has its' quirks.

The lease for my car was very affordable. However, the breaks on the car had to be changed 3 times for the 9 years that I have had it. Most of the time when its raining or snowing the car has trouble with the performance. It is very comfortable to drive in and has some of the most compact yet spacious interiors I have seen.

- Jessie R

It's very customizable and for a stock car with a small engine it's fun and fast to drive not to mention it got the top rated compact car many years in a row for safety!

I love the body style of the car, the sporty look. Love the extra hatchback room and back seats fold down for even more storage. Me and my husband love to do aftermarket stuff on our cars and this car has many many aftermarket options! The main reason we love this car is because it drives incredible! It's a blast to drive!

- Darlene K

I still love my car and keep hoping it will keep running for a long time.

Only had a couple problem so far it the light that says my tires are low, but they aren't. Also the handle on the truck broke so I got a new one and put it on myself. When I bought the car they put on new tires and forgot to put sensors back in. It's a two-door. I love my car it was one of my dream cars when I was younger.

- Shannon E

The best car I have ever owned.

It is the fastest car I have ever owned, the sound system is stock and it is so loud, even for being almost a 10 year old car. I love the dual sun/moon roof, and there's a ridiculous amount of trunk space. I also have two toddlers and fit their car seats in perfectly with plenty of legroom for everyone.

- Rebecca L

Purple Scion Tc, an amazing car with great MPG

Overall my vehicle is great. Its reliable and very fun to drive. It drives smooth when maintained properly and the double sunroofs are a great bonus. I love the bass in the audio system, and the comfort of the chairs. Mine is a manual so it's fun to cruise around in the streets with as well.

- Ryan C

Scion TC great car for all needs

I have no major issues. It has been a reliable vehicle for me since purchasing in 2012. I like the roominess for a 2 door. Laying down the seats also gives a lot of room for transporting items. I would definitely purchase another vehicle in this line once I am ready to buy again.

- Joshua C

Great daily driver with good gas mileage

Great gas mileage. Very good reliability. Very basic features, power windows, cruise control, aux input, and keyless entry. Trunk hatch is not well made. Will break during normal use. Cloth seats. Small backseat not great for adults but children will fit just fine.

- Christopher V

This car is cheaply made. It is not children friendly and is geared towards teen.

The bucket seats are uncomfortable. You have to be a short person to drive this car the rooftop is really low. You can feel everything on the road while driving. I think the inside is cheaply made and so is the outside. I don't like how only one sunroof is automatic.

- Erica S

Scion is owned by Toyota so, although many people think Scion isn't a good maker since they are a small name, I want people to give the brand a chance. For me, my scion has lasted me much longer than a car normally should and as far as I can tell, It works and is as reliable as a Toyota.

My vehicle isn't the most practical car for me anymore being that I'm a mother now and a coupe is difficult but, my car is a workhorse. It is extremely reliable and has never given me any trouble. I'll be sad to see it go when I get a new car.

- Gabriella R

There is some vibration from the door and engine bay. This is actually pretty normal from other TC owners which I have talked to.

Solid reliable car and low maintenance cost compared with a domestic. Definitely a Toyota. Good design with a lot of trunk space from being a hatchback. Glass roof is awesome if you want some sun. Could be better on gas and have more power.

- Chien P

It is great for day to day driving, but not great for long drives.

I like that my car is small, but also has a nice amount of space for groceries, luggage, etc. It handles quite well and has a decent amount of power. My only negative complaint is that it is not comfortable for long drives.

- Lisa L

The bumper seemed like it was basically a piece of plastic and the trunk sticks first thing in the morning and can be hard to open.

It has enough zip to navigate rush hour and the stereo connects well to mobile devices. It's not very comfortable to drive long distances, though, because the seat doesn't accommodate curvy women.

- Charlotte S

It seems to be well made and reliable

It is a reliable car and is comfortable to drive. I don't particularly like the hatchback and the back seat is only big enough for the dog. I'll get something else when I'm ready for a new car

- Christine K

The doors are very heavy.

I love that it's compact. I like having a sunroof and moonroof. I dislike that the trunk is small. I like how it drives. I like that the backseat is spacious for a coupe.

- Nicole S

Save, reliable, spacious, comfortably, fast.

Scion tC is a very safe and reliable car. Fast car, great on gas, spacious seating for a 2 door sports car. Never had an major problems. I love my Scion tC!

- Selam A

It's tiny, easy to maintain

My vehicle is Black it's a coupe ,when it's hot outside the top glass will get hot and will make the inside hot. It reliable it takes me where I need to be

- Delia P

My car is mainly seems to be for a teenager not for parents.

It is too small for my family and I cannot take everyone with me. The good thing is it is good on gas and gets me where I need to go.

- Michelle R

It is very reliable. Has a Toyota Camry engine.

Runs great, the drive is not as smooth as I want to be. Never gave me any problems. Just have to keep up with routine maintenance.

- Ashley B

Great for highways. Cruises nicely with reasonable fuel consumption

Lovely design. Good road holding. Ride is a bit noisy. Poor reversing vision. Powerful. Seating a bit low for senior drivers

- Bill E

This car is designed for people without children if you have one choose something else.

I dislike that it is low to the ground and the tires always seem to run out of air. I love the fact that it has a skylight.

- lily M

It sounds amazing when driving. It is very smooth.

I do not like how low it is but it still drives beautifully. It is very roomy in the back. The trunk is also very nice.

- Roxanne R

They should know that it gets great gas mileage so if you're looking for a money conscientious car this one is great

I do not like that my car is not very fast.. if you're trying to speed up it takes a min. and it's also kinda small

- Tiffany L

It gets great gas mileage.

I like that it is dependable and has been a great auto. I hate that is it so small and I do not have a lot of room.

- Linda J

I love that it is a gas saver I can fill up the car with 40 dollars here in ca.

Saves gas, sport car, love the radio and GPS. I don't like that the part where you open the back trunk fell off.

- Mari G

It has a good sound system. It's made by Toyota so it has a good reputation

I like the size because its small and I'm small. I wish it accelerated faster. I really like the sound system

- Abby S

It is burgundy two door coupe.

Comfort is 3/5. The wheels are to small. The wheel gap is to big. It has very good sound system installed.

- Jens A

It's a very reliable car, that gets good gas mileage.

This car has been well maintained. The car is clean inside and out. It's a nice ride and drives well.

- Michael K

It has pretty comfortable seats

It has a very nice design, with a nice color. Is pretty reliable and comfortable

- Luis h