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My scion tc is the best car I have ever had!

When I went out to buy my car, I fell in love with it. Surprisingly 4 years later, I still do. I luckily have not had any problems out of it. The performance is great, it rides smoothly, it is quite comfortable on the inside. The features of the car are easy and straight to the point. The backseat had a ton of leg room, unlike most two door cars with a small backseat. I love my sunroof and moonroof in the car, I can easily put the back seats down for my soccer practices and I have a ton of room for my equipment. This has been my favorite car I have ever had and I definitely highly recommend it!

- Ashley H

If you like to drive a stick shift, this is a fun, comfortable car

This vehicle is very reliable, sturdy and well-built. I have over 100,000 miles on it and it is still running very well. I keep my vehicle very clean, and the trim, paint, and interior are all still pristine. The car is a manual transmission and I enjoy the active driving. The car is sporty but still comfortable, with a tight suspension. The car has a sunroof that opens wide and there is also a solid sunroof for the rear passengers. The seats run the back are comfortable, especially for a compact car. The back is a hatchback and the rear seats fold down to haul large items.

- Sharon A

The best hatchback I have ever came across!

Absolutely love my 2013 Scion tC! I have never had any problems with it. Very spacious, it is a hatchback so there is lots of room. The backseat is very comfortable for a two door car. Gas mileage is very good highway and city wise. Recently moved from Louisiana to downtown Dallas, TX and was able to fit lots of boxes in my car! The moonroof is my most favorite part of my car, but I love the car in its entirety and will keep it even when it is time for me to get a family vehicle.

- Jasmine W

Scion tc - great stereo system/speakers and drives very nice.

I love my scion tc. The speakers are very good and it drives very smooth. I like that it looks sporty and I like that it is a hatchback because it makes the interior of the car larger and gives people who sit in the backseat legroom. I have had to take it in for the check engine light coming on twice but other than that I have had no serious problems with it. I am very satisfied with my car and would definitely buy another scion tc in the future.

- Sabrina S

The sun roof is our favorite part.

The car performs well, though having any repairs done will be an issue as they are no longer making them. It is very comfortable, and driven on a daily basis but has had no major issues over the last few years. The steering responds well, though sometimes it can be a little tough to handle, we have a manual and it generally switches gears well but we also maintain it regularly at the dealership.

- Amber H

The most interesting feature this car has is the sun/moonroof.

I love how sports like yet how simple it is. It can be driven manually or like a stick shift car. There is a sunroof that opens and a moonroof. Although the moonroof does not open, it is pretty cool for anyone who is riding in the back to be able to look at. The biggest downfall of this vehicle is the fact that it has horrible blind spots making it difficult to see on your sides and behind you

- Victoria V

Scion tc 2013: comfortability and reliability.

It is very comfortable to drive, it is low to the ground but not to low where you hit bumps. Turns great and stirs very well. Does not have the best mileage but it is better than a truck that is for sure. It is a nice, affordable, and has all the features you need to have a safe and fun trip. It fits 5 but I'd say it only fits 4 because it is way more comfortable with only 4 passengers.

- Elijah R

It is really good on gas and it doesn't take much to fill it up. I drive it about 40 minutes every day to and from work and I get a whole week's worth of driving before having to refuel

I like that my car is little, but still very spacious. I love that my car is really good on gas. One thing I don't like is that it is only has two doors. I wish I would have thought that through more before I bought it because it is a hassle to get in and out of. I also like that sitting in the back seat I can reach for something in the trunk. I like that it's not completely separate.

- Liliana C

Great car for the money!!

Nice car that is very easy to drive, but fun at the same time. I have owned the car for 3 or 4 years now and it has costed me very little money. Parts seem to be a little more pricey than the more typical cars. Tires can get expensive. I have more good things to say about this car than bad. Overall I would say I like this car and am happy that I bought it.

- Brett R

My trunk lift supports gave out on me and I had to replace them, but I've had the car for 5 years and they gave out in year 4.

My car handles very well. It's sporty without being too sporty. It gets decent gas mileage but still has get up and go unlike other sedan cars. Now that I'm getting older I do wish I had 4 doors instead of a coupe. It is paid off though and I will drive it until it dies. It is easy to upkeep and has been a really reliable car. No issues whatsoever.

- Ashleigh F

Scion tC a great first car

The sound system the car comes with is amazing quality and you can feel the music. It is a very spacious car even though it looks small. The gas mileage is mediocre, but it is not terrible. The engine seems to have issues from time to time and the alignment can be irritating at times. I think it's a great car especially for a first car.

- Sara F

Getting that sporty look at a scion tc . Is a great car.

I really don't have anything bad to say about my scion tc 2013 . I love my car. If you maintenance the car and drive it with always enough gas is good. I never let my car get to low on fuel because that just makes the car drive better . When your going to get a scion as long as you do the correct maintenance it will drive awesome.

- Sarah R

The hatchback makes the car.

I loved my car when I first purchased it. It is sleek and fun. The lower engine cover is easily ripped off and the front bumper is not very secure. The blind spots are everywhere and the gas mileage is very poor. The stereo is great but the comfort of having a two door is not good especially when having kids.

- Virginia J

Great starter car for daily driver!

Great vehicle. Has held up with over 130,000 miles. We just replaced the battery for the first time. This car gets great gas mileage and is reliable. It would be a great starter car or daily driver for someone who has a long daily commute. Very customizable for those that like to customize their vehicles.

- Kaitlyn O

2013 Scion tC Base - Hatchback

The 2013 Scion tC has great acceleration. It is a sporty 2 door hatchback with a good sound system to compliment the atmosphere while driving in the vehicle. It sits low to the ground and is attentive to curves and straightaways. The interior is spacious in both the front and the back of the vehicle.

- Jesse V

Great looks. Body style is very attractive. Amazing sunroof. Great interior.

Stock shocks are not so great. Car is good on gas though. Ride is rough especially on bad roads. Never any engine problems as long as you take care of it. Regular oil changes etc. breaks tend to get used up a lot quicker but that could be human error. Other than that it's a great commuter car.

- Tony C

It has more space and is more comfortable and easy to drive than it looks

I love the size and handling, it has a lot of cargo space. I love the sunroof. The only thing is I have 2 kids and need more seating, and in the summer in Texas it gets very hot inside and takes a while to cool down. I don't like that there is no way to open the rear hatch from the driver seat

- Renee D

For being stock the motor is quite impressive.

Great reliable little sporty looking car great on fuel affordable drives super great lots of room sunroof always comes in handy day or night engine has a lot of horsepower braking system setup is a plus my family loves it. With an all around surround sounds powered by pioneer.

- Brandy H

Exceptional where it counts.

My scion tic is extraordinarily reliable. I love the pioneer sound system and the double wishbone suspension on the back. The interior feels a bit cheap and if the music is loud, some knobs rattle. The sunroof is great but the cover to close it seems flimsy and cheap.

- Alexandria G

It's great on gas mileage and you can customize the look of it to each individual need or desire.

My car was exactly what I was looking for after my not at fault accident 6 years ago. I love the interior and sleek look of the exterior. I have been able to modify it the way I like it and get looks wherever I drive it. It's sad Scion is no longer making vehicles.

- Misty D

Scion tc is a great vehicle.

I have enjoyed my scion tc. It gets great gas mileage and has not had any problems thus far, it has over 130, 000 miles on it and I bought it brand new. I have kept the oil changed every 5, 000 miles. Over all, it is a great vehicle. I just wish it had more room.

- Katie O

Scion tc review from a first car owner.

Good vehicle for the gas mileage. I wish it had more space. My tc has over 120, 000 miles on it and has done well. Great little start up car. Aftermarket parts are very easy to find so you can customize your vehicle. I would purchase again as my first vehicle.

- Katie O

I really love my scion tc.

i have the car since 2013 and only one time give me problems. I was out of my country for 1 year and when i started the car didn't accelerate but the dealer fix it faster. Is very comfortable and spacious. For be 2013 have a modern features.

- Paola N

Regarding safety you may want to shop around as it is almost all glass.

I love manual transmission but really dislike driving my car in traffic. I love that I can fill my tank with 35 dollars but it needs to be filled pretty constantly. It is a low maintenance vehicle and is low cost sports car. I love it.

- First Name E

It is bigger than you think.

Love the gas mileage but not really a fan of having to get a few alignments a year due to road holes etc. I would prefer different floor carpet than what I have. But I do overall like how spacious it is to be a 2-door.

- Lauren T

I learned how to drive stick with this car; it has a special place in my heart

Reliability is what's most important to me and I can really count on my Scion to get me from point A to point B. My TC doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a luxury car but I don't want them.

- Anna F

Love my Scions! Too bad they've been discontinued!

Love the versatility. Wish it had 4 doors. Hatchback is super convenient. Glitch in the manufacturing (loose lever to move passenger seat) makes an annoying rattling noise.

- Candis C

The performance tires were fun but wore out quickly.

My scion tc is very reliable. I have had no problems or major repairs in five years. My model has a roll bar under the hood which really helps when making a sharp turn.

- Paul D

Drives fast, handles ok, overall a pretty decent car

Overall a good car for the price. It has some issues, including the coolant light staying on, it drives like a plastic car and is very loud

- Olivia O

That it is a smooth comfortable ride. Hasn't given me any issues maintenance wise

I like the comfort it give me being a compact car. The stereo it has I love. I really don't have any dislike towards my vehicle

- Nathan M

Tc makes reliable first car.

The scion tc has proven to be a very reliable car for me over these past few years. Very solid through its first 75k miles.

- Michael G

Scion TC is a good car to have

My car is a Scion TC. It is the most reliable car I have ever had. It does not give me any problems whatsoever.

- Bridget W

The most important thing you should know about this car is that is very durable.

This vehicle is extremely comfortable, engine sounds good and it is durable. I have no current complaints.

- Ana M

They no longer make scions and that is because they were poorly built vehicles.

It is made of plastic. It always breaks down. I did not get what I wanted from the dealer.

- Rick I

The car is reliable and runs well on gas. The mileage is good.

I do not have any complaints regarding my car. It's reliable. The gas mileage is good.

- Tonya G