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Sleek and smooth stylish car with pep

This car is great for family and single people. It has amazing gas mileage and a stylish look. I have had this car for two years and there is only two things I don't like about it. No sunroof, every car I have ever owned before this one has had one so I'm spoiled. The most annoying however is the fact that the light housings are hard to get to. I am used to going to the store to buy bulbs and just swapping them out in the parking lot. Sadly with this car the body is built around the housings, for example when both of my headlight bulbs went out I was required to take the vehicle to the dealer because the tire well and part of the fender had to me removed to install new bulbs. This cost me almost $200 in parts and labor when if the housings were like every other car it would have cost me $42! I'm used to sports cars and six cylinder engines. This car has some pep for a 4 cylinder. It satisfies the need for speed and the need for a smooth ride. I suggest this car.

- Jennifer F

Subaru Legacy- great safety, shoddy molding

Overall, I love my Subaru Legacy. The handling is tight, the safety features are numerous, and I have never felt worried about its performance, even on long trips. I have had to have my tires aligned but other than that I have had no problems with its reliability. Overall the car is comfortable to ride in. The special features that I care about are its safety and handling features, which come in handy in a place with as much rain as we have. The only issue I have with it is that the internal molding is not very durable. I have had to pop the side door molding on the driver side back into place a few times. It can also be loud when driving at higher speeds. All in all it's a fantastic car, especially for a safety minded mom.

- Catherine S

To be bold and safe at the same time.

I get wonderful gas mileage with my vehicle. When I am going down hill I can use my paddle to downshift instead of having to put a lot of wear and tear on my breaks. When I need extra speed to past someone I can use the paddles to go fast quicker. I love having my chose to drive manually or automatic. My kids have plenty of room in the back seat. With all the safe features I feel safe to know me and my kids will always make it to wherever we go.

- Carla A

The one most important thing everyone should know about my car is that it rides well. I feel safe in my car, I feel like it's a safe ride, it drives well, and that is the most important thing for me in a vehicle: that it's safe.

I really like the gas mileage that my car gets: approximately 23 miles to the gallon. I really enjoy that it can go from 0 to 60 in about 6 seconds. I like how smooth the ride is and how it feels like it glides whenever it turns. The only thing I dislike about it is the fact that it is not up to date with technology. I'm not able to hook up my iPod or iPhone to the computer to play my music or use GPS. So, that's the only thing I dislike.

- Derek Y

The enduring Subaru. Lives forever.

I love my Subaru and have been driving them probably for 40 years. They are solid and dependable. They drive in literally every kind of weather. My old house had a driveway that was a steep hill. I could always make it up. They really are like little warhorses. I keep them for about 200. 000 miles. I have been in a couple of fender benders in them and my kids have always been safe.

- Barbara O

I love my Subaru. If you need a reliable vehicle, please consider a Subaru.

I love my Subaru legacy sedan. For my next vehicle I would like a Subaru outback station wagon. I have never had a reliability problem with my car. It gets great gas mileage, especially longer trips. City mileage is not too bad. It is a comfortable car. The one feature I do not really need is the positive/negative gas mileage gauge. But it is a handy feature for some I imagine.

- Crystal M

My 2012 Subaru Legacy, a Review of My Car (Aeneas).

Sometimes the windshield wipers aren't silent when wiping, and occasionally the gears seem to get stuck when advancing from a lower gear, but the car always feels in control, the steering wheel controls well too; I can feel the road with my steering wheel. The sound system is also amazing. I've had this car for about 30K miles and I've never had any major issue with it.

- Cameron K

Great sedan with multiple customizations they are well worth the cost.

I love my subaru legacy. The car gets great gas Mileage and has stuck with me for several years now. I have taken it on many cross state trips and enjoyed the many luxury features such as cruise control and the heated seats. Maintenance has been minimal and the most I have had to change on it in the first 100k miles was brakes and the battery.

- Luke W

It has the right amount of power but also gets really good gas mileage

My Subaru Legacy has been a wonderful car. It performs really well gives me the speed and power I need. It is a very comfortable car with leather and heated driver and passenger seats, roomy, Bluetooth stereo, paddle shifters, overall it has been a very reliable car no major issues just the normal oil change, new tires and tune ups

- Josh F

Great comfort and family car.

I bought this car with 11 miles on it. Since day 1 I have absolutely loved it. I am a mom with 2 kids under 5 and it is been the perfect car for us. Other than the couple recalls on it, I haven't had any major issues with it. I drive a lot and it seems my car goes through oil pretty quick because of that.

- Melissa J

Love my Legacy! Great manual driving!

I've had not one issue with my car. It's a six speed manual and I absolutely love it! She's totally reliable, great for long distance drives, handles like a dream in snow & ice. The boot is extra roomy, and as a 5 seater, it's still comfortable with three in the back. Would definitely buy again!

- Tracy C

A great little car that will surprise you with its abilities!

Overall, it's a really solid car. It's been very reliable, not having any breakdowns over a year and a half and 30,000 miles. The only downfall I've seen is the degradation of the suspension bushings. Otherwise, it handles well, especially in poor road conditions such as snow and ice.

- Ethan W

When you love your Subaru it will love you back.

It has brought me through many blizzards, rainstorms, and windstorms without a scratch. Aside from routine oil and tire changes I have not needed much work in the 7 years I have owned my car. I plan to purchase another Subaru within the next 2 years only because of my growing family.

- Steve B

Great car, couple of downfalls

I love my Legacy! Although there are a couple of downfalls. The first one is that the car is too light. It is an all-wheel drive. However, it slides on ice super easily. You need to go 10 mph or slower. Once it hit 100k miles, everything went wrong and cost around $5k to fix.

- Kayla T

2012 Subaru Legacy - reliability at its best!

It is reliable and I have only had to do routine maintenance aside from having to have my exhaust repaired due to rust caused by Maine winters. There is a lot of road/engine noise and the ride is not always the smoothest, but the reliability makes up for that in my book.

- Luca T

Safe reliable vehicle perfect for young drivers

very reliable and safe not very fast, has all the basic features power steering, windows heated seats etc cloth interior pearl white in color 4 cylinder has a very high safety rating. Four door sedan very comfortable seats adjust 4 ways has a safety latch in the trunk

- Jessica B

Fun Subaru legacy with comfort and reliability.

It drives well and gets good gas mileage. The moon roof is fun. Buckets seats w/ heat make it nice in the winter. I have no problems with any maintenance. The car has not cost a lot to maintain. The cvt transmission and paddle shifters can also be fun to drive.

- Tom K

Reliability on point all around.

Very reliable and comfortable. The windshield wiper settings are odd, they go from barely there to fast. Not really a medium. Seat moves easily and comfortably. The seats have two different heating elements, it would only be better if they also had cooling.

- Chelsea A

Car is reliable and has great performance. The interior is comfortable.

Rarely has had any problems, most annoying thing is changing the headlights. Apparently, you have to take the bumper off to replace lights. The car drives great and is reliable. It's comfortable and spacious. I would highly recommend this car to a friend

- Jada E

Family car disguised as a luxury vehicle.

The 2012 Subaru Legacy is an extremely smooth ride. The interior is sleek and luxurious. The sound system is phenomenal! It feels like I am right in front of the band!! I get great gas mileage. Handles wet roads like a dream. Fits 5 adults no problem!

- Angela A

It is a very reliable car.

This is the most reliable car I have ever owned. It is safe in the snow. The backseat is roomy for passengers and gets decent gas mileage. The only drawback I have is when there is snow on the trunk and you open it the snow falls in the trunk.

- Sheila W

An amazing overall value, with outstanding handling and fuel efficiency for an AWD.

I love that I haven't had to do any maintenance beyond oil changes in the five years I've owned it. I also love how smooth the ride is and the handling. My only small complaint is that it lacks oomph when trying to pass on highways .

- Jeremy L

It is safe, reliable, and does extremely well in inclement weather

I like the heated seats, the reliability, and handling. It is good in inclement weather. I do not like that it is sometimes slow to accelerate and tends to slow down on hills or mountains. It gets excellent gas mileage

- Kristen C

Its comfortable on a long drive and has heated seats. Can bluetooth more than one phone

Love the radio it's clear when loud. Love the fact that it has bluetooth. Love the fact that my phone hooks up to car radio. Hate the trunk that it has exposed radio wires and speakers afraid to put stuff too high

- Larry C

Safe and in control Subaru.

It is very reliable in all weather. It has 4 wheel drive so traction is good as well. Legacy can feel a little big at times. Also the safety rating is the best I have seen compared to other car companies.

- Frank V

Reliable - you never have to worry about the car, which puts you at ease.

I love the reliability and style of my car. My only complaint is the engine size, but the car does come with larger engines. This is my second Legacy, and I will definitely get another Subaru Legacy.

- Amber G

It is a fun car to drive that is safe and reliable.

I bought the car used 1 year ago and have really enjoyed driving the car. It handles well, gets good gas mileage and has a nice look. I have not had any problems with the car.

- Jim J

Safety. Had great safety rating, sturdy dependable car/ brand.

I love it. I bought it brand new. It's now 6 years old with 42,000 miles. Minimal issues. Runs well. Easy to maintain. My 2 year old will probably drive it when she turns 16!

- Kerrin P

Subaru's are reliable and can be driven forever!

I like the safety features and how it drives in all kinds of weather. I like the look of the Legacy. It is roomy enough for trips and for carrying big things like furniture.

- Susan Z

It's a good car but it's small and can easily be overlooked by other larger vehicles

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage. It's very comfortable to drive and all the controls are intuitive. I wish it had a manual transmission but not really anything else

- Daniel M

One of the most important things about my car is that there is plenty of room in it.

I love how much room is in my car. I also am happy that I purchased an AWD vehicle. When shopping for cars, it was one of the few that my husband could actually fit into.

- Cherie V

The trunk is very spacious and the car has a nice fuel mileage.

I like how it drives and how it handles. I also like where the seat is, I prefer to sit higher in a car. However, I just do not like that it does not have seat warmers.

- Megan S

Would recommend the Subaru to anyone.

The legacy is very good in the snow. It was also quite affordable to purchase as well as to maintain. Very comfortable to ride in. Fuel economy is better than expected.

- Nick R

Why I Love my Subaru Legacy

I love how this car drives. It is a very smooth and has easy mobility. However the car feels fast when driving it so I feel i'm going 25 when i'm actually going 40

- Daiquan T

It is safe and reliable and comfortable. Drives nicely as well

It has seat warmers, a sunroof and is very comfortable. The engine is pretty good as well. It is gas efficient and the air conditioning works great as well

- Cathy H

It's good for the environment and it runs great on the road.

I wanted a car that kept me safe and had great mileage. It was a conversation about gas is great and road tripping in the car is great. I also the color!

- Jessica F

Great in the snow! I feel safe driving my car. People say that it seems like a luxury car.

I love my car, but the headlight bulbs burn out a lot and are really hard to change. So it is pricey to take the car to have this done by someone else.

- Pam A

This car is the most reliable vehicle I have owned.

This vehicle has had absolutely zero maintenance problems. It performs well in the rain and snow. The heated cloth seats were a nice surprise!

- Stephanie P

Great for winter driving has four wheel drive in a sedan

Very dependable and reliable. Great in winter weather and snowy conditions. Sturdy. Not speedy. Traction is amazing in the northern winters.

- Stefani S

Subaru Legacy is reliable!

I like my vehicle because it has AWD. I need that for the roads that I drive on in the winter. Many times I would get stuck without AWD.

- Terri S

It drives smoothly. And it looks classy.

Love the size and comfort. Love the safety features including the all weather package. Wish it had better mileage but it is not horrible.

- Sara C

Reliable and fun car that you won't regret

This car is fantastic. Only problem is stuff on the inside will fall apart sometimes. But runs great and no major problems whatsoever.

- Noah E

Very reliable and easy to drive.

It is very dependable. It is in perfect condition. It is way too expensive for the car that it is. No real complaints other than cost.

- Betsy B

It is a van, so only buy it if you have a lot of people you need to transport.

I like that it is a AWD car. I like that it is very reliable and maintenance is relatively low. I dislike that my radio has broken.

- Kenneth C

It's fun to drive on country roads.

Good car. Fuel efficient for the model year. Handles well. Do not really like the seats. Driving stick in traffic can be annoying.

- Andrew C

It is a very reliable, very safe car. You can be secure in having your family in the car.

I really like the feel of the ride. The interior is comfortable. The gas mileage is great. And the car has been very dependable.

- Marcie a

The color is golden brown.

I love my vehicle because it is all wheel drive. It's a good gas car. It is very reliable. It is gets me where I need to go.

- Joanne P

It is a dependable car that provides great value for the price

I like the dependability of my vehicle. It is safe and drives well in all weather conditions. Good gas mileage and features

- Bill P

All-wheel drive and easy to operate.

I love the Subaru experience. I am on my third Subaru and will buy a fourth. I want and need all wheel drive in my area.

- John T

I'd emphasize the reliability. I purchased the car in 2013, and it has not required a repair beyond standard maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotation.

I like the all wheel drive feature and reliability. If I'd change one thing immediately, I'd ask for a larger interior.

- Ryan Y

subaru legacy is spacious, safe, and comfortable to drive.

i love my subaru - it handles beautifully in snow and rain, and its one of the safest vehicles on the market right now.


The Subaru legacy is a low maintenance car.

Reliable, low maintenance, great four wheel drive, good gas mileage, comfortable, easy to drive, looks brand new.

- Susan H

That the wiring is make from plant based materials and can attract small rodents to chew on the wiring in your car.

I purchased my car in 2015 and have had no issues with it. It is reliable, great in the snow, and comfortable.

- Maria M

How dependable Subaru is: it's a great brand! Everyone in my family has one

Like: All wheel drive, dependability, low maintenance Dislike: Wish it was bigger (next car would be an suv)

- Annie P

I feel safe in this car. It handles well in bad weather.

The biggest problem is with the trunk hatch. If you do not get snow off and open it, the snow gets in trunk.

- Sheila R

The one thing I tell people about it is how great it is in the snow.

My car is very reliable. It is great on gas mileage. Very safe to drive in the winter with all wheel drive.

- Eric G

This is a reliable and functional car that will do basic very well.

I like that my vehicle is reliable and gets decent gas mileage. I dislike that it's not much fun to drive.

- Travis C

Subaru gets you where you want to go better than any other car. It has all wheel drive and it can go anyplace you want to drive it.

My Legacy is smart looking. It is fast and easy on the gas. It is comfortable and easy to drive.

- john s

it has been very dependable

It Is fun to drive it very comfortable it has limited power and maintenance is expensive

- Alex F

extremely reliable car and that handles all road conditions with ease

It drives well and is very reliable. It handles snow and ice extremely well. I love it!

- Susan L

It is extremely reliable and everyone in the family loves it.

I like the way it drives. I like its comfort. I like its gas mileage and 4 wheel drive.

- Jen Y

Great performance, low maintenance, safe is all weather conditions

Smooth ride, great acceleration, stylish. Fun to drive, low maintenance. No complaints

- Diane G

It is the most reliable car that you will ever drive

I like It's reliability, I like that it has good mileage. I like It's synthetic oil.

- Connor E

Amazing car that is good on gas and roomy

I like that it can go off road. I like how it is good on gas. I like that it is roomy

- Maria G

It is a very safe car. It made the the top ten list of safe cars.

Love the style, the size, the SAFETY factor. It is a very comfortable car to drive.

- carol s

Difficult to change headlights - must be accessed through fender wells. Remote starter option shuts car off when any door is opened.

Plan on having headlights installed by a garage, as room to access bulbs is limited

- tADD g

We chose Subaru because of great things that friends & family have said about the brand.

I like that it is very reliable and comfortable. I don't have any complaints.

- Jessica C

It's dependable and goes great in all types of weather

I love it's dependability. It's a great size. It goes great in the winter.

- Denise B

Very happy with it ... you can't beat having AWD for the price!

AWD is standard in all Subarus... a must for anyone in the colder states!

- Leigh R

I like that it is a smaller car. It is reliable and gets good gas mileage. It's got heated seats which is amazing during winter.

Its small, gets good mileage and it overall very reliable and a good car!

- Erin J

That it's the best car in the world. It's from Japan.

I enjoy that it drives well, but hate that it doesn't come with a manuel

- Ashley S

My Subaru Legacy is reliable.

It is a good vehicle. Good gas mileage. Not too big or too small.

- Beverly D

This car is very comfortable with leather seat. The front seats are heated. Has a sunroof. The car is bluetooth enabled. It is an automatic, but can move to manual and uses gear toggling on the steering wheel.

It is an all wheel drive vehicle and glides easily down the road.

- Dawn G

Very safe driving in weather conditions

Good performance. Stylish. Safety in different weather conditions

- Jay S

it's very comfy to sit and drive in. And a very good handling car

I love the feel of the ride and the look of the body

- michelle g

Love my car, great vehicle to drive. Not to small, not to large. Very well built.

Very safe car to drive Hugs the road. Good on gas.

- Judy M

Good family car or for anyone.

- Jess P